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Alyssa Underwood Dec 2015
grace on a birch branch
a pair of silky redbreasts
among red buds of spring
no worry about tomorrow
for *** feeds them today
and clothes them as kings
Nassif Younes Mar 2016
My first girlrfiend -
A conventional girlfriend -
Left me
For a circle.
She said it was just more well rounded
Than I was.

My second girlfriend -
A political girlfriend -
Left me
For an equilateral triangle.
She said it had a better grasp
Of equality than I did
And it had the points
To prove it.

My third girlfriend -
A spiritual girlfriend -
Left me
For a dodecahedron.
She said she couldn't help but feel intrigued
By the number of different sides
There were to it.

Maybe they were all being obtuse
Or maybe
I just really need
To shape up.
Kiui Sep 19
When will I realize that I wasn't the main character of a movie
That I have to make myself feel alright with a cup of smoothie

When will I realize I'm not a supporting character of a tv series
That I'm only important when people have queries

When will I realize I'm not a scenery nor a sound effect

When will I realize that I'm only a credit scene
The unattractive, full of words, boring, credit scene
The scene people will never pay any attention to
The scene where words are so small, you don't hear me crying
The scene where people say, "thank you for making this show"
But never really remember the names

When will I learn to love myself as a credit
When will I learn to accept that a credit is just as important
Even though I'm boring, unattractive and unwanted
Dondaycee Jul 20
After I graduated, I thought about two things,
I’m certified, I am now apart of “the people”,
All I have to do is make a choice and I’ll find success,
Gave it my best, “no test?”; I had to teach,
No stress, I had to be,
The O next to the V,
The ego; “which is me”
V+V=4, it’s a six thing; you know love without the zeas,
But with the zeal; well; Overcoming Variables was never a test,
-Or a problem; I speak geometry, I took 2D, made it 3D, and that was simultaneously; how could I not be the best…
(What is a, reiteration?)
Two lovers, Zodiac signs,
Balanced is equivalent to love,
Be here, focus on now,
Now look up the meaning of dove…
If you think linear, you saw the O next to the V,
If you think like me, you saw the six steps in between,
I had to put my ego beside me or else I couldn’t teach,
That only happened because I met a woman who was a reflection of me,
It literally was a zodiac thing, that type of thing sparked protection with/in me;
There’s no uncertainty in my reality; I’m certainly certain,
I don’t see nature Changing,
I see people Loopin,
“Why” the (people) Shooting;
Their mind: This isn’t Workin;
Knowing for a fact; the solution occurs during the attempt; in working,
(Cliff Swallow); People Symbolism;
Outcome, United is; if chirping…
Well… I’m just saying (it) worked,
Because I no longer have belief; I’m a knower,
I mastered Mind, no need to grow up,
Please don’t say –“show us the-”-because the waves not for us,
If for is four, I’m removing it; not us;
Notice; Not Only That, Us…
It’s time to meditate,
Breathe and wait;
Losing all my words; like I had no say,
I’ve been a wave cause I flow with waaaves,
Change is who I am… I’ll reiterate;
By 7th grade,
I was late,
Happiness was mad; I had to elevate,
When I graduate (-ed),
Thought: “I couldn’t make “it””
Happiness was sad; that’s why I elevated,
Didn’t have a voice; that’s why I hesitated,
Now I have no voice because I -
Liam hopson Sep 6

Marya123 Aug 2017
It's been two years since I fell down
Into a storm within my ground.
It's been two years since I tasted ****
Staying mute while I wanted to yell.
It's been two years since I revealed it all
Cowering low when I couldn't stand tall.
It's been two years since I was strong
With everything I knew being wrong.

Now that I stand on my own two feet
Will construction ever be complete?
Now that I'm starting to smile once more
Will they ever heal, the wounds that were sore?
Now that I'm learning to walk again
Henceforth, will I be spared more pain?
Now that I know there's much to see
Will I fulfill my own Destiny?
Peter Balkus Apr 27
Rest in peace
people forced to learn
how to goodbye the whole life
in one day.
Lauren M Sep 28
Faintly, faintly, I’m beginning to hear you.
“Teacher” is what I call you, and what you are to me.
“Teach me.” No matter where I may be
my identity will apparently always be
“The Student” and I, like an actor given a role,
play it.

Quietly, a pair of eyes gaze sponge-like
at your catalogue of lessons,
trying to erase the body —
— which is too loud, too needy,
too everything —
and try not to let you be drowned out
by my dreams, my ideas, my expectations.
What are you saying now?

Something about… my own powerlessness?
Not the throngs of swans and the songs of the dawn?
Instead, prolonged wrongs and the dawning sense
that I don’t belong here?

No! No, that can’t be the lesson.
I am too natural, too sky-edged.
I’m too much the daughter of moss,
too akin to the hanging lichen that drapes ghost-like off the trees
and too free, heart up against the sea.
In short, too me.

But this means nothing to you.
I have to go quiet again, stop filling in the blanks
with words and more words. Recalling my role,
I listen for a lesson.

(And this is the first lesson I learn:
“Be Quiet And Listen”)
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