Patricia May 2015
Not fast
I'm not quick enough.
I sediment
an impediment
to the betterment of...

part of a larger piece, but this is the only part i liked
a work in progress
Ashley Somebody Nov 2014
It's that cold, small lump
Lying in my stomach here
Keeping me away.
I wish I had the guts to
I wish I had bravery.
Suzy Hazelwood Dec 2014
If I told you
my secrets
would you
hold them close?
Or would you
scatter them wide?

I keep your secrets
please keep mine
Fame Leanne King Jun 2014
Further my mind goes, than I believed it could fathom
Fathoms below even the deceased dreams chasm
Impassionately growing through and between atoms
To learn
There is no whole truth in solely words
Blindfolded, if your mind isn't where the memory occurs
So it's sure
We'll never understand more than we're capable to confer
And it doesn't mean, you can't relate to the way I toss n' turn
In my sleep
That it isn't the same color we bleed
Or that we aren't perhaps equally 'deep'
Just that we hold some nature of privacy in our thoughts, from any other's gaze
Did I mention it was books of seperate authors, though we're on the same page?
What I wish to relate today
Is I have been changing to date
I'm breaking, down just like anyone else
Draining my health
Enslaved by the chase of wealth
Smiling while we're high, but we'll retreat to our personal hells
The honesty is, I'm scared to delve into myself
Because I know where my truth gets ugly, and has no glamour
Not the 30 second commercial version of what it's like living with cancer
It's habits, actions and manner
Looming over my pride
Leaving a weakness in my stride
Making me feel tired before I've tried
Laurent Apr 2015
In this night you sink,
You wait for an answer,
which will not come any more.
How far are you gonna take
this strange carousel,
You turn around aimlessly.
Love is a spell,
created by mortals,
Don't forget,
You are alive.
And It is time to shine.
PrttyBrd Nov 2014
It turned cold quickly
Almost skipping Autumn
Reluctant to wear a jacket
Or a hat, or gloves
Too distant for my arms
To keep him warm against my chest
He said he never wore a scarf
But if he did, he would go Dr. Who style
I had to laugh as i looked up the reference
Fifteen feet of mismatched stripes
Maybe not the stripes, he said
I happened upon a huge skein of yarn
It felt like a warm blanket in the oddest,
Most interesting colors
Manly, neutral, and perfect for Fall
So i crocheted a scarf and pictured him warm
The pattern in those colors was a mess
I chuckled at why they would make such an ugly pattern
I crocheted every stitch with love
Through arthritic hands that felt no pain
I crocheted a scarf, stopping only when it dragged the floor when i put it on
Two feet short, but ridiculously long
I bordered it in shades of green to match
Not realizing it was variegated into Brown's and maroons along the way
But it matched the odd mix of colors
And finally made it almost pretty to me
I covered myself in perfume
And put it around my neck
As I turned I caught a glimpse in the mirror
It wasn't a horrible amalgamation of hideous colors
It was camouflage, with a matching border
I laughed so hard, and felt so bad
My hillbilly in camouflage
Wearing a scarf way too long
Maybe he would hate it
Maybe he won't wear it
I knew better
So, I packed up his bag of gifts
And sent it to the frozen mountains
He never wore a scarf
He opened it and put it on
It smells like You, he said in blssful remembrances
It's definitely camouflage, he laughed
It's perfect baby, I'll wear it whenever it's cold
And in the picture he sent
I saw its beauty
It wasn't in the patterns of crisscrossing colors
It wasn't in the accidental way
The border perfectly complimented the body
It wasn't in the fact that he would be able
To wrap himself up in me to stay warm
It was in that picture
It was the joy that filled his smile
It was in his eyes that danced in love
It was in the fact that he believes
Because i made it, it's perfect
Yes, i accidentally crocheted a thirteen foot camouflage scarf
And he loves that I can keep him warm.
Brett Palmero Nov 2016
It's always me
That does the all of it
Whether or not I agree
I have to commit

I can't be second best
It's not an option
To be like the rest
After all the exhaustion

So I choose to keep going
Despite how hard it may be
Punches I'll keep throwing
Until I'm free
Sarah Mar 2016
Love is simple.
          Either it is true. Or not.
Love is simple.
         Either you love somebody. Or not.
Love is simple.
         Either somebody loves you. Or not.
Love is simple.
         Either you feel it. Or not.
Love is simple.
          People not.
The only complicated part of love, are the people, which are involved. Sometimes we just have to remind us, that it could be so easy. If we let it flow. ♥
개자닌 Oct 2016
Just stay calm and act normal.
Always reminding myself when I'm talking to you.
Just like when I chat.
Just talk like I normally do.
That moment when he started to open up first and you're like like smiling but inside of you feels like something is going to blow xD
Vanessa Oct 2014
I knew the day would come.
My heart swelled and shattered
Like glass off of my ribcage,
It was nothing but dust now.
In an instant my heart became soluble.
Without warning,
my heart was inevitably yours once more.
I wanted you to never come back
I hoped you would make your home in Boston.
My delicate heart was not ready for you so soon
And I was not ready to give my heart away.
Especially to you.
But she ran from me,
Slipped through the cracks in my rib cage
and ran straight for you.

So here I am still sitting in silence
Still replaying impracticable situations
That will never become reality.
My heart is long gone now,
She always ran faster than my head.
With a mind of her own,
I am now heartless
Eva Crown Jul 2016
i say keep your memories
treasure them
both good and bad
they capture a specific moment in your life
a specific feeling
you can go back and look on them
and think
"how emotional i was"
or consider
"how happy i was"
you never experience
the same version of an emotion twice
so keep your memories,
and treasure
those screenshots of life you experience.
I feel as though many people want to forget certain memories, and I don't necessarily wholly agree with those people.
Dougie Simps Sep 2013
I’m about to take ya back in time
A heartless little boy with a beautiful mind
A diamond in the rough, society been trying to find
Gives his mama a hard time but she the reason why he grind
Never worries about stress…PSH, sorry for lying
A place in action, they all constantly ask him, “Why you write with so much vigor? So much passion?”
Try to unmask him, but he locked like Rikers
He’s not selfish with his thoughts
He’s just a silent writer.  
Who puts his words on the line, but writes like he’s fine…
If simplicity is a crime
Put him down for a lifetime
Talking sunsets, no regrets, kinda mindset
Can look at a beautiful woman and not only think sex, weight on his shoulders but heart beat works the pecks
Yearning for future earnings
Drive to be New York Cities next
Even at best, puts everything into one quest…gives everything his all and not an EFFORT…less (haha)
He’s use to the people just sleeping on him. DEAR GOD! The lord just beating on him
Cause he aint went to church in…lord who knows?
He just sips for the highs and makes music on the low,
Red light, Green light, Dougie, it’s time to go!
Ya seconds to fame started about an hour ago
You need to cut the bad habits if you want ya flower to grow,
Stay humble in your journey, that’s good for your soul,
Ya never too old to make a new goal, just remember life if a highway and we all gotta pay the toll.
Spreading love with each verse, even if haters start to curse
Cause they best efforts can’t compete with you at your worst,
No reason for bragging, in they face laughin…use they words as motivation, hard work is everlasting (echo out)
-Dougie Simps #LostLoveWriter
OLD Kanye beat
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