Randi E Feb 2015
Little pieces of you flow through my veins among the plasma and blood cells. Bits of you bump into molecules of oxygen and they smile. My heart loves you. It pumps you through my ventricles and asks my body not to filter any of you out. My brain sends out constant oxytocin in your presence and my hippocampus keeps memories of your touch within easy reach. My body loves you just as much as I do.
Adele Aug 2014
Maybe if I step on
enough flowers
or break
I just might forget
I'm made of broken parts
my fave piece </3
Adam Aug 2014
We are each born
A box full of pieces
But as the years pass
We are faultily rearranged
Jammed into wrong spaces
Lost under the couch
And as the years pass
We look less of what we were
And now more of who we are

Luckily, unlike puzzles
Our pieces can be replaced
Our cut outs can be reshaped
And even if we are misplaced
Someone will put you back together
Everyone changes, however we don't fade, even feeling nonexistent. We are probably just hiding in the couch.
Do you realize how lucky you are?
You two have your problems
But you fit together
Like what one is lacking is made up by the other
Some force their love like mismatched puzzle pieces
But you are lucky
You fit
We do not stick together.
Two pieces of a puzzle and I am the missing piece.
But you are already entertwined, you do not realize I am the
Missing Piece.
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
The perfect sets of skin had found their way
To each other and then they began to touch
They didn't really have that much to say
But they intently loved each other very much

Their sounds of sweet love were being screamed
And they instantly melted into just one
This sex was better than any ever dreamed
It went on for hours before it was done

He looked at her and she began to cry
And then she had a fit of vicious sneezes
And now you know that this was why
Her orgasm was broken into pieces
Katie Nicole Oct 2014
your heart breaks in two
mine is crushed by its pieces
let's start rebuilding
Marta Rampini Oct 2014
you held my hand
and showed me
the pieces of my heart
you never picked up
leena May 2014
oh dear..you are so hard to love
but i will fucking love every little shitty piece of you...
Adrianna Aarons Dec 2014
You can look at a puzzle
for hours and hours
and try to fit the pieces together
the way they should be,
but then you're gonna see a space
smack dab in the middle,
and you won't be able to find the piece
to complete the picture.
You and I have all the pieces,
we just chose the wrong time
to figure out the puzzle.
The amateur poet Nov 2012
An eternal hunting ground
Of memories
Fresh with the day's discoveries
Thrown all around
Buried in the depths
Only when being orgnaized
Are the puzzle pieces found.
A fragment here
A shard there
Broken dreams hidden in the mysterious shroud of
Splattered blue
Only when the messy discard of thoughts is organized
Can the door to the future
Be formed
From misellaneous thoughts
Collectively pointing down the right path
Murphy Mar 2013
Puzzle pieces laid out flat,
Why don't they fit like the
Dried up canals on our palms
Used to fit?

Maybe the persistent mist has
Given up -
Decided to land
On the Sunflowers

The only Puzzle I touched,
Hard plastic between
Long fingers.
Cold, Complicated, Confused.

Shock my brainwaves into
Reality -
With the warmth of

Trace the blades of my shoulders
With your electric paintbrushes,
Creating a masterpiece in me
That is craving
To come to life.

Show me where the pieces
Spoon and weave together
In the perfect harmony
Of our voices.

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