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Pieces of me
thrown away
like trash
Never consulted
Never asked
The direct result
of another’s conviction
or more commonly seen
from blind ambition

The fix is in
But no invitation
for me,
former me
or forever me
and all of my imitations
beset by my

Forwardly I lean
step in between
lines upon lines
can’t be seen
Falling ill
Now trapped by
its machine
And from my vein;
My blood I spill

A still surface
with sticky sheen
amber tones
from which
I glean
a reason
What it might mean
A hunger
can not be filled

Nothing but lies
giving me chills
A shell
with values
not instilled
it’s dread
Their words
I’m fed
to fill my head

My outer skin
Its layer
Not to attacks
No single act
or prayer
could patch
and fill it in
A hole
that’s black
is my first sin

A game
in which
no way to win
and no ending
once it
With opened eyes
begin to see
The dorsal fins
surrounding me

Head starts
to spin
What could have been?
It doesn't matter
in the end
there's nothing
here for me
A demon-like reality

Where what you seek
Placed at your feet
The icing; sweet
Choices; not three
Have cake or eat
One choice not two
But want to eat
and have it too

All efforts
to retrieve the treat;
An outcome that
ends in defeat
A princess swept
off of her feat
But this feature
a creature
Spirit of
a soulless seeker

Deceitful speaker
he’ll eat ya
Offers pain
Can’t heal;
life drained
Then reaching out
to use
but with each ring
hope further wanes

An answered call
done just in time
The chills
running all down my spine
Stand tall
just like Douglas-fir pine
With racing thoughts
filling my mind
I will be saved
Free from it all
God must exist
No time to stall
In battle
may fall
but no man's ever left behind

Only to find
With said spent dime
A dynamite kind of answer
A type
that might
cause strife
Can't plan for
Needed answer
like cancer
New chance to live
Worldly romancer
On planet Earth
A tiny dancer

A romantic thought
to think
fight fought
Instead a sinking ship
just dropped
This life?
If could
an ‘OUT’
would opt
No more
can take
Just make
it stop
Written: April 17, 2018

All rights reserved.
Caged In My Mind Oct 2018
There was a time
Where I was in love
But you never knew
Cause you left me

That was two years ago
but it honestly feels like forever
I miss you so much
I wish you hadn’t left

I do know though
That no matter how hard I try
You would still leave
And never come back

You said you’d always be here
But then where are you now?
Out with your friends
Laughing like we used to?

The memories of us
Are still fresh in my head
Almost like it was just yesterday
That we made them together

Your laugh I swear I still hear
But we’re not even near each other
Your smile I remember so well
Almost as if it’s a brand on my brain

Your voice stuck in my head
Almost like an annoying song
Can’t get it out
It won’t ever go away

When you told me to go
My heart broke into a million pieces
You then told me to follow it
But which piece do I follow?
Sorry this is long I just kinda kept going, but I couldn’t cut it because this kinda gets out what I need it to

October 22, 2018
Hartaz Kaur Sep 2018
She seems pretty *****
Yes she does
Something odd
Something peculiar

Is it in her insouciance
Is it in her audacity
Is it in her pirouettes
Spun with such vivacity

Is it in her defiance
Is it in her nonrepentance
Is it in her reveling so free
A form full of glee

Sometimes impetuous
All times ingenuous
Aflame with passion
An immersive intoxication

Cracking down on this mystery
A perplexing dichotomy
Let's remove the misfitting pieces
In sync with commonplace notions

Alas what dismantling of a girl
at peace with her pieces
What uprooting of a girl
at home in her body
Napolis Nov 2018
Still water
at the
of a
Pacific ocean

of you
in my
in the

I can imagine
I hear you
carried in
to me
on a
a salt-kissed

and I
sit for
a moment
and smile.

I always

it is
a giving
thing that
you do.

your gentle
of truth
and innocence.

I can always
feel it
there in
you eyes...

you are

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lmnsinner Aug 2018
he gulps me into peaces

led to his bed.
eyes kissed and asked to
come and go to where I
dream and imagine
but do not think.  

he gulps me into pieces.  
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god.  

and when he sees I am at last
in peaceful,  

god could but desires not to answer
all who call out to him.

thus the human invented:
an imperfect messenger,
a version of his image
that answers you in
pieces of peace,
as best as a
human can.
Chloe Elizabeth Oct 2016
When you're involved with someone, you slowly collect these little pieces of their life. The 40 minute break that they have between their classes on Tuesdays. The amount of sugar that they like in their coffee. The time that they wake up for work on Monday mornings. The side of the bed that they prefer to sleep on. And then this day comes when everything comes to an end. However, these little pieces stay with you. You feel so incredibly empty while you drown in the fragments of their day-to-day life. Suddenly, you find yourself wandering around aimlessly for 40 minutes on Tuesday afternoons. You don't put sugar in your coffee anymore. You sleep in on Monday mornings. You lay in the center of your Queen-sized bed. You float around in this uncomfortable space between the life you lived before and the life you shared with this person and their little pieces. You float here for a while as you try and get back to a life that is all yours again. A life that is familiar and forever different. And you know that this will happen time and time again, you will repeat this agonizing process of building up and tearing down and rebuilding until that one day, where nothing comes to an end.
LexiSully Jan 2016
There's something about the ever-moving sea,
Whose shimmering waves brighten every face,
Whose calming sounds bring joy to every ear that hears

There's something about the forever changing beach,
Whose soft sand holds treasures from the deep blue,
Whose sparkling granules clump together to create vast castles

There's something about the ongoing sky,
Whose blue tints are home to the warm, shining sun,
Whose colors magnify themselves onto the gorgeous sea

So look upon this picture and smile,
Because each figure is a piece of a puzzle,
Forming a complex but brilliant masterpiece.
Napolis Nov 2018
Sitting there

you are

a perfect

balance of


and silence


like low tides

kissing over

a southern
sloped beach at


no motion

wasted or

taken for


only a

promise that

the next


will be your


your eyes

keeping secrets

deep that no

heart could

ever forget,

like a broken

window long

past the


when the

stone was



you embrace

all of world

in your
young years and

the world


all of

you back,

with glee

and open


for I too

have seen you

at the

window still.

and now

I like

the sunset sea,

can think of

nothing less.
yellowpotato Oct 2018
First, you fall in love
Then you fall to pieces.
From summer Bloom to autumn Malibu Nights :( x
Many things feign importance-
Discern them.
april Apr 2016
why do i feel like every time we share pieces of ourselves to each other; i lose a little bit of myself, knowing that i will never get the whole of you because part of you is with her and i can never accept the fact that while she's more, i am less; she's effable, i'm ineffable; she's deserving, and i'm hurting. but honey, we wouldn't be here if she deserves you. she wouldn't hurt you if she deserves you. i am trying though. so i can finally say that i'm the one who deserves you now. i deserve the whole of your existence because in my hands, you will never get hurt, love.

so give me all of you and i'd give you all of me. maybe that's enough to get me by everyday that i am with y o u.
// to the guy who's stuck with me right now...
Karijinbba Oct 2018
Sadly I compare part of my life experiences to a wild CAGED Cheetah's wasted life
Think, for a moment, of a
cheetah, a sleek, beautiful animal, one of the fastest on earth, which roams freely on the savannas of Africa.
In its natural habitat, it is a magnificent animal, almost a work of art, unsurpassed in speed or grace by any other animal.
Now, think of a cheetah that has been captured and thrown into a miserable cage in a zoo.
or smoggled to another country
( like I was.)
It has lost its original grace and beauty, and is put on display for our amusement even sold
(like I was by a nun.)

We see only the broken spirit of the cheetah in the cage, not its original power and elegance.

like my life's experiences
the cheetah can be compared to the laws of physics, which are beautiful in their natural setting.
The natural habitat of the laws of physics is a higher-dimensional space-time.
However, we can only measure the laws of physics when they have been broken and placed on display like in a cage, which is our three-dimensional laboratory.
Likewise people who ventured
to come close to me could only see the pieces of me like
seeing the cheetah
when its grace and beauty have been stripped away
This too is true of many of us doesn't it?
What binds us to space-time is our purest mass, which prevents us from flying at the speed of light, when time stops and space loses meaning,
and no need to worry
if one day our sun will grow bigger burning all before it dies  because all this has been happening to my sun's life metaphorically speaking
men and women made sure I feel the end before I ran out of time.
All my life I sought for one single friend and I was lucky to find only one whom I was condemned to love more than I loved myself deeply enough to let him go.
The biggest mystery in my life was to have sacrificed my love life loving and surrendering all treasures to an unprovoqued undeserved irate ****
slandering many an enemy  
both near and far
both male and female.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved.
(Do not repost thank you)
Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all??
True love never dies no matter who benefits from it or who reciprocates
or not very few love unconditionally like I sincearly do. One thing is for sure I never want to be born to be a loser ever again
As God is my witness in my Gone with my wind kind of traggic life I will never surrender whats mine to another woman or man.
as true Love is worth fighting for
em Jul 2015
this life was just
a stepping stone
one her way to bigger dreams

her grip upon time
was lose
as the future
lay in
her palm

focused solely
on the hope
that she was
going far,
her eyes fixed,
on the horizon
and her heart painted
in the stars

but darling,
she couldn't
have told me
all the colors in
a smile,
as she never
laid her
head down
to rest
for awhile.

baby girl
when you
grow older,
know the
colors of
this world
show me the
red of anger
and the
vibrant hues
of joy.

spend a lifetime
gazing at the earth
beneath your feet,
you'll find little
pieces of heaven
grass blades
of the present.
the rhyming is kinda all over the place but it the only piece that has escaped from the prison of writers block.
Invisible Nov 2018
I'm a Pisces, so, here's me:

1. My heart is as cold as ice.
2. I fool people into thinking that they know so much about me, when in reality, they only know a fraction.
3. I'm afraid they'll devour me, so I devour myself.
4. I'm the saddest person, but I smile the brightest.
5. I'll never accept being second best for someone.
6. I'll either tell you exactly what I think, or stay silent.
7. I'll forgive, but never forget.
8. I want to escape reality, it's a gift and a curse.
9. Never underestimate me. I'm more than you think.
10. I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim.

I'm not who everyone thinks I am.
There's more to me than meets the eye.
Here's a Pisces in pieces.
I'm a Proud Pisces. Don't know if this is true for every other Pisces, but it is for me.
By the way, Pinterest helped a lot with the creation of this poem.
Jackie G Jul 2018
Some say life is like a box of chocolates.
I say life is like a PUZZLE
You and I
Are the pieces
If one piece is missing the picture is incomplete
Making things(relationships,disappointments,let downs,set backs,loss) a little harder to solve
who would think
a piece so small
could make such a difference
Or a
we need you
it is time to get into your position
To figure out what part you are or where you belong
because you matter
you are a piece to the puzzle.
This was inspired by me just thinking of the world we live in today & how people are separated and unwilling to help and judging because they are strong in a area where someone else may be weak. We all play a part and my weakness can be your strengths and vice versa. With that being said there's no need to push on someone like they don't fit because we all do!!! we all have purpose!!!
Mike Hauser Oct 2018
I leave little pieces of me
As I move along the way
From the thin of my perfection
To the thick of my mistakes

Where they tell the story of me
My daily escapades
From my moments of glory
To the white flags that I wave

Collecting pieces of me
Like butterflies pinned in frame
A silence to the beauty
That almost got away

Little pieces of me
I either lost or gave
Anyways they're free
Do with them as you may
Napolis Nov 2018
And in
I find

there is
a magician
in your
that performs

and as
your hair
your face,


so all
of the

as you

and the
that are
you ,


way to

and under
this Capricorn

I confide
to nomad

and every one
and everything
that is
in the
or ever

and like a

I whisper

your name
up into
the night.



and I


Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
I love you to pieces.
All of you being my favorite.
After a long day, I look forward to seeing you.
Being around you.
I constantly loose myself in your eyes.
Every moment with you a blessing.
Whether it's early in the morning
Or late at night.
I love every moment.
My chocolate peanut butter craving starts and ends with you.
I can't help but smile.
Thankful that your not wrapped in tin foil.
A moment of trust easily accessible.
By far the greatest gift I could ever receive.
I accept all of you.
Delectable pieces poured into my hands.
Sensually sharing hidden parts of ourselves.
Every inch uncovered beneath coated chocolate.
Creamy peanut butter.
Soon melted away by tastes desire.
It's practical to see why I have to call in sick.
Spending all my time with you.
Your taste still on my lips.
Stomach still aching.
My chocolate peanut butter craving.
Thank you for being you
Napolis Nov 2018
You steal
my breath
away with
the unconditional
giving of
the smile
your eyes.

the dancing
of warmth
each breath
that you

and I
lie forever

your eyes
your smile.

they lift
me up
to you.

where my
will only
know your

and the

and my

at this
at this

are more

to me

than I ever


you are the

poems inside

me that

I now know

have always

Napolis Nov 2018
There  is
the door
that opens
in you,

and in
these 50

may I
find it.

and if
God truly
does make
just right.

I know
he did
with you.

and in
the captions
of your day
you write
me in

the moon
and sun.

your heart
and your

your breathing
and your

your sunshine
and your

and though
in that

I would
be old.

and you
would be

I would

be happy

for a
to hold

you there..
Madeline Killeen May 2017
I am glad you
Have her now
She must fit
Better, I think
Her hands in yours,
Your bodies
Wrapped together.
We never fit,
We were
Two puzzle pieces
That look as if
They belong, and
You try, you try to
Force them to bend and
Fit together,
But you can’t.
Maybe I was too big,
Or you to sharp,
We almost fit.
I hope she does,
I hope she is your
Missing puzzle piece
Napolis Oct 2018
Lost in the
deep end of
your Auburn

unable to
catch my
breath nor
wanting too.

so many
and sheltered
that move
across your
eyes mesmerize
this moment
unlike anything
else I have
ever known.

hearing your
voice next
to me
I feel
like  a
fat calico
cat with
my belly
being rubbed
over and
over to
my hearts

and the
beauty of
you is
in a
falling star,

it is
in this
moment that
rises up
to embrace

the calling
of wonder
and the
simple smile
that blesses
your face.

and in
this moment
I am
a child.

I am
a child

with you.
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