Madhumita Apr 2014
Every day now my mind grows weary,
Shards of broken dreams wound me daily.
Caught in a web of endless expectations,
All I can do is quietly daydream;
Plan every step of my grand escape,
Even if I only do it to get through the day.
NaPoWriMo Day #16
Poetry form : Acrostic
AllAtOnce Dec 2014
I don't want to fall asleep and see your face
Because that may be my only escape
Because songs make me cry
And when you laugh so do I
So I don't want your kisses in my dreams
I'd give anything to escape this feeling.
jamie Apr 2014
we want to escape
this cold, cruel world
and all that lies within;

the fears, the judging
the hearts we cannot mend.

but how, we ask, how?
how do we get this peace?
and the closest thing to escaping it seems,
is sleep.

- j.m.d.
NewAgeOfAnarchy Jan 2015
Death is my escape from the cruel reality, which  I'm force to live in
2015 copyright Michael Cross
Karina Putri Apr 2015
My life is an escape plan
I run through this
Bored with the walls and the rules
Tired being scared of punishment
Starved with freedom
I won't look back, won't come back
Riley Lavender Nov 2014
i want to move to a big city
and be anonymous
for a little while
diana Jan 2015
i found my sweet escape
when i'm with you.

i found my sweet escape
when i dream about
how much the sun loves
the moon.

but unfortunately,
my sweet escape didn't think
the same.

my sweet escape didn't think
of me nor did it dream
about our love.

my sweet escape doesn't exist.
WistfulHope Nov 2014
I am the pencil
writing on the blank page
that you can easily ignore
or erase

I am a pencil
trying to write on skin
no damage done unless
I press deep

I am just pencil
because I am expected
to make mistakes
you don't keep

I am not a pencil
for then I could not die
or end my life in
I am floating in nothingness.
Sy Lilang Jul 2014
Alila syang sakal
Tila nasa hawlang nasa labas ng sinapupunan
Naghihikahos sya
Humihingi ng tulong.

Tinawag ko si Tatay
Pagkat ako'y manikin
Wala sa ulirat
Habang sya'y nasa piit ni Kamatayan.

Pilit syang pumipiglas
Sa pira-pirasong tabla
Nakaririndi ang tinig
Hindi marunong kumalma.

Tayo'y nilalang na may isip
May katinuan
Hindi kailangang pumiglas
At panay ang laban.

Minsan, kahinaa'y malalasap
Ba't hindi huminto?
Hindi ito pagsuko, kaibigan
Ito'y paghihintay
Paghihithit ng lakas
Na kahit saglit
Ang buhay ay mahingahang muli.
Naiinis ako kay Teddy (ang Tuta naming mukhang Teddy Bear, malaki ang mata na parang si Keropi), pilit na papasok sa bahay at kaawa-awang maiipit. Buti na lang andyan si Papa, buhay pa siya haha.
Dhaye Margaux Feb 2015
There are many ways to escape
I have tried them all-
I walked out of the door
I tried to run out of the gate
I passed through the fence
I dreamed
I fantasized

Why I am still here?
More faith....
Sanam ojha Nov 2015
I am running  to catch my own smile
That escape from the time  we separate
When my smile follow your steps
and you hide it under your feet !!!
RazanSidErani Feb 2015
I've planned my escape
Long before you've made your move
I see the light now
And I'm moving towards it
My checkmate in sight
I'm gonna leave and you'll be left behind
Keep bidding and keep planning
I've already made my dismise.
© RazanRinaldi
Poieinbroidery Nov 2014
My mind isn't big enough for an escape
My mind, I am trapped in a disadvantage

Usually my mind is as big as the universe
But my mind, is discourage

My mind, my mind, holding on to courage
Making my way to uncover

Another path of undiscovered
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