irrelevance10 Sep 2012
I am the shadow you see beside you at night
The distorted, blackened version of yourself
Flickering in and out of alleyways
Not quite a person
Just the manifestation of all that you are trying to hide
Just the agony of being who you are
Everything you don't want the world to see
I am everything you don't want the world to see
Why are you afraid of me?
You run from me
But I am attached to you
We can never be separated
But through the noon sun's light, I can be you
And in total darkness you can be me
Which would you prefer?
Leo Davis Mar 2015
A shadow in the distance
Automobiles pass by
No one notices
As the shadow is gone
Solaces Mar 2015
Without shadow she is..
Because she is the source of this light..
She is the shine, the luster, the last star in my sky..
She is without shadow..
When you find true light
cosmic poet Apr 2014
I can feel the darkness
I can feel my blood embracing the poison
like a lover in the shadows
Joe Cottonwood Jun 2015
Your spirit is a shadow
                made of light

Your spirit is a shadow
        growing longer
                into night

Your spirit is a shadow
        none can capture
                all can see

Your spirit is a shadow
                set free
First published in River Poets Journal: Volume 10, Issue 1

My brother was an old beatnik (I guess I’m an old hippie — only a few years made all the difference). I was my brother’s caretaker for his final seven years, the slow decline of dementia. He was not religious. In fact he was anti-religious. But still I would argue with my brother about spirit. I said we all have a spirit that lives on after we die. He wasn’t buying it and kept challenging me: “What is spirit? What do you mean?”  I told him your spirit is like a shadow except instead of darkness it is made of light. As the sunset neared on his life, I could sense his spirit growing larger. He denied it to the end and I love him for that. After my brother’s passing, years went by before I could write about it. When I was ready, this poem sprang up. You could chisel it on my tombstone (and please do).
Maggie Emmett Nov 2014
Moonlight swimming
bodies of shadow
wet skin-bright cloth
My Shot poems are modern forms of Haiku
rxsemary Jul 2014
Just because someone looks happy doesn't mean they are because even a white rose has a black shadow.
Md May 2014
I lost my shadow, it got taken away.
There's no more sunshine
I pushed it away.
I took my shadow, there's not much to say.
I lost my sunshine, I pushed it away.
Andrea Fann Aug 2014
There is a hidden part

A part that is playing hide and

A part that we don't dare

A Shadow that stays within us
Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
The distant source of light
Brings out the shadow of you-
A Reflection of you
Following you everywhere
A replica of your inner self
Brought out by the light
Which embodies the soul
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Look into my atomic shadow.
In my purple and reds.

Drop in my subsonic dream.
In my orange and greens.

Walk in my sidewalk shoes.
In my midnight blacks.

Look at my shadows.
Drop in my dreams.
Walk in my shoes.

See my darkness.
Audrey Apr 2014
Live in the shadows
And flee from the sun,
An army of rebels
Marching as one.
Mingle your voice
With the other outcasts,
Your single goal
Is to simply outlast.
Melody W Nov 2012
you are the biting bullet
piercing flesh through and through
destructive force, invoking vicodin

I am the terrible anxiety
squeezed into milliseconds
before the pain actually hits

you are the flashy headlines
the promise of change,
spotlight on tragedy and love;
tragic, lovely intersection of both

I am the humble footnotes
extending my feeble hand upward
like a moth drawn to its demise
and yet -

*you cannot live without me, can you?
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