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...is the perplexity of the five...

...in the

Animal Cell?
Lana Feb 26
I have accepted the heart you held in my hand.
I wished to fit it with my own.

But in the process, you kept deliberately cutting my fingers

Was I going too fast? Possibly.
Were my pieces too small? Possibly.
Were the edges too sharp? Possibly.

And yet, I continue to clutch at your shards with ****** palms.
I can't let you go, even if you hurt.
I accepted your heart, and I can't go back on my word.

I will, one day, form a beautiful stained glass portrait of you and I.

No matter how many ounces I bleed, I'll attempt to complete this work of art.
And yet, I ended up shattering more of my own pieces to try and fit them in with yours
Yours, whose pieces weren't meant to fit mine at all
William Keckler Dec 2014
To go through a door -
which is all you can do -
with thought.

And yet - this is how
you think you were born -
if you are clumsy of thought -

only if -
you believe your mother
a simple door.

She is not.
There is a dog called morality,
Beaten, as he is, on his path,
For his master is another thing,
A thing, that defies, all math…
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