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...is the perplexity of the five...

...in the

* Animal Cell?
Cné Feb 2017
I take up the gauntlet
Wrestling you, word and rhyme.
Posturing my play afforded,
For a mental good time.

Tatting for ***
This-ing for that
Battling your wit
Prose-ing a chat.

No way to win,
Enticing it may be.
The towel I throw in
You will always beat me!
A challenge TF
if the soul is a temple,
and the body is a home:
please be mindful when you enter,
and leave your shoes at the door.

AIA Feb 2016
It was the last ache,
It was the last cry,
the last teardrop,
the last love.
It was the last pain that I will feel.
the feeling's gone.
Or so I thought.
I just thought it was the last night that I will feel the pain.
Steve Nov 2013
From a little family of three,
My mum my dad and me.
Hangs a broken little branch
From an ancient old tree,
Whose whispered little promise
From their mammies knee,
Sends a tiny little ripple
Across a ripple-less sea.

A wounded little face
Steps back from the race.
A frozen little smile,
Stands aside from the chase.
A breathless little pause,
A stinging little tear,
A desperate little prayer,
Begs the lord to be near.
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