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The Wicca Man May 2013

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

breathe in
breathe out
beat beat

Continue iterations until cycle complete .....

sleep ...
Iteration: the act of repeating a process with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. Each repetition of the process is also called an "iteration," and the results of one iteration are used as the starting point for the next iteration.
The Good Pussy Sep 2014
                                 beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                      beat it, beat it, beat
                       beat it,beat it beat
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                           beat it, beat it
                    just beat i     t,  beat it,
               beat it,  beat     i t,  beat  it,
                beat it, beat     i t,    beat  it
                    beat  it ,           beat  it.
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
A weekend hymn is playing,
this is what I hear it saying,

Sounds of music, people swaying,
people coming, people staying,

Get a drink cuz' I'm buying,
have a ball, I ain't lying,
don't be alone at home & crying,
instead of feeling like you're dying,
people at the door are vying,
for a little spot I'm spying,

Grab a coat
& clear a throat,
  baby let's go hit a note,
wouldn't wanna miss the boat,
I tell you in special quote,
...this is what I wrote,

I hear it play,
a fiddle say,

that beat,

That beat,

That beat, that beat, that beat,

Just like a heart

it beats, & beats & beats

it beats, & beats

A pounding in my chest

repeats, repeats,

That beat,


that beat,

that beat,

that beat, that beat, that beat,

that beat,

it beats,

& beats & beats & beats

repeats, repeats,

so come in off the streets,


beat, beat, beat, beat, beat,

& beat again,

I play it in a song ,
as  you hit repeat,
& you move along,
as music it re- beats,

Move across the floor,
& quickly move your feet,
come along my darlin',
get up off a seat,

So clap along with me
in one-two

Tap along with me
be happy as can be,

Clap a little
tap a little
rap a little

Then tap your feet,

Then you find a  beat,

repeat, repeat,

I'm tellin' you a treat
  it's feelin' really neat,

I feel again a beat,
re-beat, re-beat

Come with me my sweet,

Rap a knuckle on a tree,
pick a banjo, slap a knee,
count it now, one two, three,

Swing your darlin'
'round the room,
dip her back
just like a groom,
put in her hair,
a lovely bloom
it reeks of fun,
a strong perfume,

Prominade & dosey doe
tip her back & dip her low,
walk the floor now,
to & fro,
keep your lady right in toe,

Twirl your baby 'round & round
then bring her back,

Right back around her,
then bring her back
to where you found her,

Twist & shout let's move about,
time for you to let it out,
lifting up a silly pout
we'll do again, again,
no doubt,

Weekend's here so have some fun,
relief from feet been on the run,
work for most well it is done,

This is really quite a sight
we dance around a drunken fight,
it gave us just a tiny fright,

just dance a dance with me tonight ,
baby hope you're feelin' right
I have right here just one invite,

Glad you came with me in spite,
'cuz tomorrow we will write.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Happy Friday poets!!! ❤ : )
On a bed in which I lay
A life I see
A century old path leading
To this moment
No matter the path I took
It all lead to this
At least in this I feel no pain
No sorrow
No regret
Soon I am to meet
All that brought others and me
Heart beat eighty

I can see the glows of the tears
Slowly falling down their cheeks
People I have brought together
By my own hand and the grace of fate
Mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters
People of my past of torn from the battles
United under the pressure of loss
People for the future
Are brought another lesson of life
People of present
Given another relief from inner waterfalls
Heart Beat Seventy

My wive is closest
My daughter is next
Whispering please don't go
The warmth I feel
Is from their breaking hearts
I sing the songs from which we first met
Trying my best not to sound goofy
Managing to ease the pain for only a moment
Lights start dancing around me
Family from what seemed each generation
Come to help me across the line.
Heart Beat Sixty

Her hair lays on my chest, feels like it did when we first met
On that summer day down by the river
The water rushing through our toes as we danced the song of the winds
Laughter filled the air
Fish even decided to join the chorus
The splash of their jumps changes the beat
Our hearts sync to it
The air is filled with love
Even the angel of death paused in admiration.
Chuckling "I guess it will be a while"
Heart Beat Fifty

My sisters all gather in tears while my brothers to stay strong
I whisper to them I was sorry
For not being there in a time of need
I told them what our time apart has caused
I told them in fear I would never see them again
They became ghosts to fill the gaping hole that held in my heart for times too long
Only to dig its depth
The middle and second of youngest sisters granted the forgiveness
The older that is closer to my number still eggs the stubborn head
My brothers never held a grudge
The youngest of eight, never held a love quite like the rest
But still understood the pain
Despite having been born during the aftershocks
Heart Beat thirty

The Lights grew brighter
No sound could move
When this began I could hear the cries of women
Bringing out the next of the world
I hear the shouts of children in pain
I could feel everything
But now there was nothing, but a pressure on my chest
Dogs have gathered on my body, next to my wife and daughter
Smiling at a sight long seen not
My wife's hears their breaths and cries even louder
But no sound could be heard
My daughter knew what was coming, and joined the tears too
I felt the tears like the waters of holy river
Cleansing the filth still clinging to my soul
Heart Beat Fifteen

The voices from the past start to enter
Encouraging words that all will be alright
Everyone around me has changed
From the old that they once were, to youth in which we first met
My grandparents who died in pain appeared by my side
Looked better then I could remember
My wife was once again 16, the year that we met
My children were babies, crawled by the animals that lay on my body
Grandpa tells me that "This is the last look, might as well enjoy,
"The fruits of my labor have grown, but for now I will see the seeds,
"Each breath I take unlocks the cage that my soul was trapped,
"So I may live,
"If there is anything you want to say, say it now"
Heart Beat ten

I lifted my hand to touch my wife, as I would when surprising her with a present
I asked for a pen and paper to write one last message
My time is running out
Heart Beat Nine

The Lights raise their hands to grant me a slice of strength
Enough to help with what was needed
"To my family, to my friends"
Heart Beat Eight
"If you need me and I am gone. Look to the Stars"
Heart Beat Seven
"My mind has always been there, it was only a matter of time..."
Heart Beat Six
"Before my body decided to follow. Remember the words I have said..."
Heart Beat Five
"For each was meant to guide you. Do not allow yourselves to fall apart because of petty..."
Heart Beat Four
"Wars. I taught you all to patch wounds as soon as they are made so that you will never lose touch..."
Heart Beat Three
"of who you are an where you came from. The devil himself tried to take me over, but I fought it by accepting who I was. Do not argue over difference, do not blame any new lives that enter in the place of the lost..."
Heart Beat Two
"And do not stop being a family. Take my words and grow. I love you all with all my heart and I want you all to remember that no matter the trouble. I want you to remember that I will be still be here at your side protecting you every step you take. As will our ancestors. Use your gifts well and use them to help others. Please."
Heart Beat One
"With Love, Dakota. Blessed Be"



Tony Anderson Nov 2018
One beat
One drum beat
One heart beat
Since the beginning of time the beat always was
Beating in continuous form within the storage of the human soul

The heart skips a beat
The drum beat changes
The beat gets faster and more intense
The throbbing heart feels it will explode with the pressure
There is no warning to be had that excels within the intents passion
That spills from this thing called the human being

The heart skips another beat
The drum beat pulsates with the driving of the heart
Faster and faster the heat begins to grow between us
The heart beat
The drum beat
The two beats join forever as one
The one beat beats out of control
The emotional high is more than the human soul can contain

As the beat intensifies in speed and scope
The passion overflows from our hearts
The passion, the flavor, the very essence of our soul
Is exemplified within this one beat

As long as our hearts beat true nothing else matters
The passion, we have gone to far to turn back now

The heat calms down
The deed is done
The excitement wares off
We sleep

One beat
The heart beat
The drum beat
From the beginning of time the beat always was
The beat always will be
Beat at it
Beat at it
Beat at it

Beat at it
till it hurts

till you're numb
Beat at it

Beat at it

Beat at it
till you're done


then wait
and wait and
Beat at it
some more.
drums beat! beat! beat!
i hear them vibrate
from my head to my feet
you make them loud
my love
for in my heart
your echoes repeat
with beat! beat! beat!
for it is you my love who keeps my heart beating
beating like the drums from the start
so beat! beat! beat!
heart and drums alike!
beat for her
beat for him
beat until you feel it limb-to-limb
for you my lover i knew it true
that our hearts beat together
so please!
at home or on the street!
to the heart of drum!
to the heart of the soul!
find love in life
and make it whole
beat. beat. beat.
Akira Chinen May 2016
Terrified... no... not terrified
Mad?  Of course I am mad!
Stircken with madness!

My every emotion heightened
I can hear and feel every sound from heaven, earth, and hell

Impossible to describe when or  how she started to haunt me so.
All day and night in dreams she walked with me.  
Something in her voice... something dancing there in her words
And those eyes, eyes more endless than the oceans
Yes, her eyes!

Yes, her eyes drove me into this insanity.
Her eyes, heavy in dark storms, dancing with demons,
Hiding beauty not meant for mortals to gaze upon
And in their darkness hides something more
Something covered by such black grace
Guarded and tormented by devil and beast


I dare say this
In no napping nor no dreaming
Will you find
No treasure, no paradise, no living creature
Could be as lovely
As her heart
And her poor heart trapped there
In this private hell

What was I to do?
She hardly knew my name but already
I found myself desperate for her affection...

I awoke in the middle of the night
My soul on fire
My body drenched in longings warmth
My chest ready to burst with madness
The devil sitting at the end of my bed
Politely sipping tea
"Bad dream?" He said with a snicker in his teeth
" I know..."
He inhaled deeply,
"I can smell it on you."
His teeth growing wider with his smile.
"Love...that's it, isn't it?"
I answered not...
Nothing good would come of it...
He had murdered my heart and soul before
More than once or twice
"Come, come now, son... you know I mean no harm."
The devil continued
"What a beautiful sight, this dream of yours.  Oh... those eyes... You poor boy, you never had a chance"
He laughed and sipped and sipped and laughed.

"Love sweet love... Is there nothing more sickly heavenly than love.  You fools will do everything and anything for it...
Lie, cheat, steal, ******...
Anything that is, accept,... treat it well

And ****
He was gone

He was right though
My own heart
Dead and buried beneath the floor boards of my soul
Hidden in the darkness
Safe from the ills and pains and beauty of  


And it was my own hands
And sinister villainous laughter
That had murdered and buried it there
So long ago
Never never
Wanting to feel its beat again
Its foolish beating

Beat beat

Too high and too quick
Had it flown
Loving and then breaking
Leaving me alone to
Its heartache and woe
Too many times
Too many times to bare
So I hid in the dark from it
Standing still for many days
So still for many nights
Until it knew not where I was
It trembled to think itself alone
It cried there and I nearly laughed
Frozen I remained
Listening to it beat and cry and cry and beat
Then quickly I leapt upon it
And grasped it with both hands
Suffocating the life from it
Holding it down waiting
For its beating

Its beat beat
Beating to stop

And it slowed
And slowed and slowed
Until at last
It stopped
And I knew, oh I smiled to know
I knew I was forever more
Safe from the ills and pain and beauty of


I wept, oh how I wept
Why is a heart so magnificent
So lost and troubled in despair
Her heart, so weary
So dreary
Such painful beating

Beat, beat

Right outside
My dreaming

Dream, dream

What could I do
Other than sit and watch
The horror of this show
My hands no more than ghosts
My voice ached to silent screams
If I could only help
If I could only love


And then I heard it...
My dead heart

My dead
Dead heart

Pounding gently beneath the floor boards
Lost in the darkness of my soul
It grew louder
It grows louder still
I must be hearing its ghost
It cannot be

My dead
Dead heart

But louder and louder
It rang in my ears
My soul trembled from the sound of its beating

Its beat beat

For the ills and pains
Of love
This could not be
I paced the darkness
In nervous strides
My heart
Was to forever
Remain lifeless and lost
Beneath forgotten floorboards
Deep deep down
In the bowels
Of my lonely soul
I felt its death
Felt it give its last breath and beat
In mine own murderous hands

The ills and pains of love
Macking ridicule of my past deed
No! No... it mustn't be...
Louder... louder... it rang
Sound reverberating from
The hollow of

My dead
Dead heart

Faster and harder and louder
It pounded relentlessly
Pounding like the wings of a mad black bird
Echoing laughter from its beak made of devils horn
I heard... I knew...

That beat
Beat beating

Death had released my heart
Unable to hold and hide and keep it safe from
The ills and pains...
And most of all...
The beauty of


No slower than lightning
My heart burst forth
Shattering the hidden floorboards
Splintering the depths
Of my soul
With new ills and pains and beauty of


Off it flew
Such foolish flight
Drunk with courage
Oh that stupid stupid heart

Beat beat

A fools quest
A knights death
Off it went
Beating its black wings
Off toward devil and beast and despair
Guided by the sound
Of her heart
The painful

Beat beat

That beautiful sound
Right outside my

Dream, dream
Diana May 2012
Beat,beat,beat goes the drum
The heart quietly lerking in the shadows
Time paces and the day will come
Siting waiting listening to the echos
Beat, beat,beat goes the drum
How does it feel the drummer boy says
Soundly and coldly you feel  destroyed
Listening as the drum plays
Left feeling empty and broken hearted
Beat, beat, beat goes the drum
Michelle Mar 2013
The sounds of the drum in my heart
Exciting my senses, tingling everywhere
As I see you from a distance
The cool breeze ruffling through your hair

Goes my heart as I sing to the sky
Is the life I'm watching fly by
Goes your heart as I dream it to be,
Is the life where we could be free


Is the whisper of the darkened days
Is the pulse of the earth and sun's rays
Is the song of my heart
Is the way I soar past the stars, past buildings that scrape mountains or oceans of life, swirling in motions of deep harmony, rhythmically expressing who I want to be, up above, I only wish I knew.... How to start.

I know that I should try
To stay away from you
For now, it's best that I
Should let you develop, but one last thing:




© 3/6/13
This is part of a song...
Title ideas? I came up with it, but my friends (whom I have told, that is...) love it and think it should turn into something.You should hear me sing it :)
Philip Connett Apr 2021
Self Feeding System Digesting Gestating
Regurgitated Lies Insider Trading
Atmospheric Tension BI-Polar Shift
Entrenched IN THE Mire Builds Pressure TO Lift

Engorging NO Purging THE Feeling IS Urging
This Active Revolting Deep Sickness IS Surging

Organic Inbreeding
HER **** ARE Bleeding
This Sickness IS Seeding

Little Boys' Notion OF Self Possession
Setting IN Motion HIS OWN Regression
A Lack OF Self Assurity
Convinced OF HIS OWN Purity

A Nature OF Self Anihilation
Muscular Overcompensation

WAR OF THE Words Each Symbol Provoking
AN Incantation That Summons Invokes
Minds Conform TO Cradle AND Cradle AS ONE
This Little BOY THE NEW Born SON

'I' Speak NOW Louder Than Words
YOU'VE Paid THE Price TO Shepard THE Herds
Mankinds Hubris MY Metal Skin Girds
ALL Souls Strewn FOR Scavvenger Birds
Souls Laid TO Rest FOR Scavenger Birds

They Deify Knees Pressed TO THE Ground
THE ******* OF Bale ' OF ******* Abound
OF Deafening Lies Speaks A Deafening Sound
Worship THE Power OF Little Boys Crown
Worship THE Power OF Litle Boys Crown

I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
ALL Souls TO Rest Little Boys Come Around
I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
THE Heart OF THE SUN IN Little Boys Crown
I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
THE Finger OF GOD Never Touches THE Ground
THE Finger OF GOD Never Touches THE Ground

I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
Souls Laid TO Rest Little Boys Come Around
I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
THE Heart OF THE SUN IN Little Boys Crown

I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
Souls Laid TO Rest Little Boys Come Around
I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
THE Heart OF THE SUN IN Little Boys Crown

I Beat MY Chest I Beat YOU Down
THE Finger OF GOD Never Touches THE Ground
THE Finger OF GOD Never Touches THE Ground
As if the lyrics to an unwritten song that I wrote in my mid-teenage years...
Sean Pope Jan 2013
The strangest synapses are joined
When love is involved.
Lately it feels though my heart won't beat
Without conjuring another thought of you.
You're giving me a heart attack.

Now I see those precious eyes, conjuring scenes of dark, calm woods in their mahogany depths. The smell fills my aromatic soul with earthy comfort, sketches of wooden homes carved from dense forests and thick soil. This is how our primal lives began. We should never have left.

Now the voice that silences divine choirs for shame and humble respect. Angelic is the word, though angels jealously refuse to admit such harmonic richness could ever come from less than a deity. Even they could never match the emotions you raise with just a breathy hello. Heaven is a song in your voice.

How could I forget that face: the smooth, elegant features bathed in that dark, enticing skin, flawless in every aspect. Perhaps you think me wrong in this, your bewitchingly humble nature refusing the notion, but I see in you only beauty. Beauty without comparison.

Those eyes again. Like pearls of glass, the fire of their mould still burning bright in intense passion, yet never to intimidate. The energy is matched only in the comfort they portray. I see such calm in your eyes.

Oh how that warmth permeates my every living compunction, my every dream and hope only a vessel for that intoxicating touch to visit once again. To hold you is purely bliss, as every fascinating curve of your body fills me with the warmth only love can claim.

You do have such a way with children. The motherly instinct is as natural to you as breathing. Something so defiantly attractive glows from you, like a newborn star reaching out to every heaving cosmic consciousness to signal its life-giving crucible is in full operation. I don't even like children, yet this captures me.

I have spoken clearly and directly of complicated mathematical theorems and psychological identities in front of innumerable people who's every purpose it is to judge me, and yet I can barely summon a nervous hello around you. How do you do this to me?

Every aspect of your culture fascinates me, like a child first seeing their reflection. The music, the history, the cuisine, the languages, and most intrinsically the way you internalised them all while existing in this culture. When the smallest details poke out, I am enamoured with the ramifications, and I crave to share that moment with you.

I crave to share all my moments with you, day and night, good and bad, painful and comforting, strange and familiar. Every significant event that occurs, my first thought is to share it with you - not to show off, nor for sympathy, but just to have it with you in some small way. Just to be the smallest amount closer to you.

Are there words beyond love, because it does not appear to mean the right thing for me. Desire is out, require too demanding, need is disturbing, want not enough, yet none are so inaccurate as to lose favour. I know many languages, even a little of your own, yet I am without solace.

That smile could make the dead smile back. It makes me understand why artists must draw, painters must paint, poets must painfully sketch their rawest emotions. If even the crudest mimic of that achingly beautiful smile could be recreated, there would be no need for war. Poverty would resolve, greed would abate, nations would shake hands to see that gorgeous shimmer in your happiness. I devote my being to making you smile whenever I possibly can.

I wish you understood what you meant to me. You are my world, my motivation, my thoughts, my sincerest hope and dream, my reason to regain consciousness every day I find I must. You are so much better than my dreams, I choose to leave them, just for the chance of seeing you once more.

I shall spare the EKG for now.
The point is no clearer than it was
With every other sore pulse
Of this infernal timekeeper.
You won't leave my heart or mind
Alone for even an instant.

For heaven's sake angel,
I love you.
Josh Morter Mar 2015
Basically I'm broken, shattered, pulled apart and torn to pieces, shards of sharp shimmering glass amass into a clump of crunching sounds. Crush. crack. Crunch and crumble.

My whole innards begin to tumble, whirr around like clothes in a dryer. Pockets not  checked, so their contents are set. Set to begin a cycle of being flung from side to side, swishing around, drowning in a swirl of cleanliness which should of course, ease the pain and wash away those steeped in stains and cleanse a spirit that's been pulled apart. Like a cotton thread. Slowly being pulled away from a wooley jumper as its caught.

Okay, it's caught on a zipper. from an old pair of jeans. Whose paths have crossed many times in outfit combos but now tumbling around together they no longer meld, together. They clash like; tartan and polka dots and conflict each others path to rightful cleanliness.

Basically I'm broken, shattered, pulled apart and torn to pieces, shards of sharp shimmering glass amass into a clump of crunching sounds. Crush. crack. Crunch and crumble

Alas, the thread is now long and wearing thin. It has lost its shape and would have to begin again. Once aired out to dry its a mound of mess, a cotton bundle looking all distressed. It tried its hardest to fight the emotion, the tug, of its strings to maintain its strength; but bowed down to defeat when knowing full well that it was beat. How could it now go on in life when it's torn. Torn to pieces and now ceases to exist in a form that would generally state: It! Exists!
Exists as a life form and a living part, how can things continue to breathe without a beating heart.

Thump thump, beat beat, thud thud. It starts. Thump thump, beat beat, thud thud. My heart.

Trying to mend the cracks with this battered *****. Mangled with regret and forlorn with spite, how can this reassess itself until it is right.

Thump thump, beat beat, thud thud. It starts. Thump thump, beat beat, thud thud. My heart.

It takes time to mend a broken ticker. Time passes by and memories become bitter, tainted with a brush that's tarred, marred with the longing for those moments to still occur. Not for your mind to now blur.
Blur those memories you once held so dear, remembered with a chuckle or a wry little smile. How can you comprehend these again for a while?!

You can't.
You shouldn't.
You couldn't.
So don't.

Thump thump. Beat beat, thud thud. It starts. Thump thump, beat beat. Thud thud. My heart.
broken, shattered, pulled apart and torn to pieces, shards of sharp shimmering glass amass into a clump of crunching sounds.
This is my newest poem first in fair amount of time.
Decided to take a bit more of a spoken word vibe with this one. Still unsure of the titl. And whether it runs linear enough through the middle... Any advice or criticism welcome.

Beat! beat! drums!—Blow! bugles! blow!
Through the windows—through doors—burst like a ruthless force,
Into the solemn church, and scatter the congregation;
Into the school where the scholar is studying;
Leave not the bridegroom quiet—no happiness must he have now with his bride;
Nor the peaceful farmer any peace, plowing his field or gathering his grain;
So fierce you whirr and pound, you drums—so shrill you bugles blow.


Beat! beat! drums!—Blow! bugles! blow!
Over the traffic of cities—over the rumble of wheels in the streets:
Are beds prepared for sleepers at night in the houses? No sleepers must sleep in those beds;
No bargainers’ bargains by day—no brokers or speculators—Would they continue?
Would the talkers be talking? would the singer attempt to sing?
Would the lawyer rise in the court to state his case before the judge?
Then rattle quicker, heavier drums—you bugles wilder blow.


Beat! beat! drums!—Blow! bugles! blow!
Make no parley—stop for no expostulation;
Mind not the timid—mind not the weeper or prayer;
Mind not the old man beseeching the young man;
Let not the child’s voice be heard, nor the mother’s entreaties;
Make even the trestles to shake the dead, where they lie awaiting the hearses,
So strong you thump, O terrible drums—so loud you bugles blow.
Tyler Cobain Jun 2014
I covet the hideous cult of fame. Spending my days in despondent cafés manically scribbling passionate love letters to recognition.

I'm not in love I'm insane.

Suffering from self-diagnosed misunderstood artist syndrome. My heart cries silent. I am a shadow in the distance. Warped, distorted and dark I scream alone; never to be touched.

I am a poser, a fame ****** and a hero worshiper. My vitriol view on the world hinders me. Constantly on the verge of crying in public. Staring at train tracks, they invite me away. Looking more comfortable then a bed.

I try to live in the now but the future petrifies me. I can't escape my own mind.

Y culture, My culture, Counter culture, **** culture, Love culture, Hate culture, Phonies.

I can’t see past the haze of disappointment I have designed myself. I smoke **** because it relaxes me, makes me feel like what I assume normality feels like. I drink because it makes me feel like how I assume those happy people feel. I take heroine because it makes me feel euphoric and takes me close enough to death that I want to live another day.

A brutal fear beats my anaemic mind. A peculiar fear grips my inner-self and I can’t bear to open my eyes and see that I had survived the night. I become saddened by the thought that I might also survive the day, living to see what I will be tomorrow.

Happy in the madness. Longing for that sick feeling. In love with the sadness. Searching in the dark recesses of the mind for inspiration. I can’t see past my fate, it’s too dark. I sit and source inspiration through the emotions and physical fits of *******. Self-abuse. Clawing for red gold in the catacombs that meander through my pale arms.

Beat myself out of sight beat me out of sight beat me beat me till I float. Beat me beat me till I float.

I am a poser, a fame ****** and a hero worshiper. My vitriol view on the world hinders me. Constantly on the verge of crying in public. Staring at train tracks, they invite me away. Looking more comfortable than a bed.

Relapse is fine by me. I want this. I want this. I want this. I want this. Not a tortured artist just tortured. Not a tortured soul just a cracked shell. In the name of art but in the corner of sickness.

Beat myself out of sight beat me out of sight beat me beat me till I float. Beat me beat me till I float.
Vishal Bhojwani Apr 2013
My heart skips a beat,
when I see that ONE person,
My heart skips a beat,
when the same just goes off me.
My heart skips a beat,
when sudden the same tweets after long.
My heart skips s a beat,
when that holds me tight.
My heart skips a beat,
when there is no reply of a message within few seconds.
My heart skips a beat,
when I do something unintentionally and it hurts the same.
My heart skips a beat,
when there are only memories left in mind and too long to be with.
My heart skips a beat,
when the same is around but not with me.
Just for such few times, it feels like my heart skips a beat...

©2013 Vishal Bhojwani  
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Poem of book SPARK written by Vishal Bhojwani (viZacK)
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David Ehrgott Aug 2015
This is a song that I call
I beat the mountain
And it ends
with I am dead

I beat the mountain yessir
I beat the mountain
Don't just pretend
that it hurts

I beat the mountain dallas
I beat the mountain
I beat the mountain alice
I beat the mountain
I beat the mountain
I beat the mountain

There's a place in this world
Where you can go to climb to heaven
It's in the Himalayan Mountains
in south, east, central asia

It takes a week to walk to the mountain
And one more week to reach the air
And there is no air at the top
And you freeze your face off there
And so I walked to the mountain
And I reached higher ev'ry day
And I breathed in the air
And took pictures of the mountain
Now that mountain presents a challenge
Says "Don't come near me if you dare"
For I will slay you on this mountain
I have before ; I will again
Uh-Oh the challenge of that mountain
The challenge in the air
The challenge of that mountain
The challenge of that mountain
And I climbed the mountain
Yes I did, I climbed the mountain
I climbed the mountain
I climbed the mountain
You think the sun, when it hits your head
That you're blinded or you're dead
You think the sun, when it hits your head
It warmed your head but, it didn't
But I kept climbing, I kept ahead
Going higher and higher, no more air
But there's more mountain, so there
It's all a joke, just on you, not all of humanity
Most people know better and
Stay away from the mountain
It bites off your head
Takes your fingers and toes
And nose from you and leaves you dead
Takes your brain, makes you delirious
Makes you crazy in the brain, I'm serious
So stay away from the mountain

Stay away from the mountain
Stay Away!  Stay away from the mountain
Stay Away!  Stay away from the mountain
Stay Away!  Stay Away, Far Far Away!

Cause I climbed up that mountain
Yes I did, I climbed that majic mountain
Yes I did, I climbed the mountain
I'm full of dread 'cause I am dead
Nour ElBorno Jul 2019
High beat, low beat, fast beat -
Blood rushing in veins
And the beats continue
High, low - stable
It was him,
But he's dead -
High beat
But then
Low beat;
All memories rush within - fast beat
There are no memories, high beat.
He's gone, low beat.
She, too, stable.
Stable, but dead.
Calm - she thought, but no
Now hings have changed.
It was time,
It is time,
It is never time.
She never knew,
She still does not,
But He knows, so she is resting
Until it is stable, hoping:
Perhaps, eventually?
High beat, low beat - no beat.
pookie Jan 2014
A slow rhythm,
A beat,
Slow steady,
Beat after beat,
A pulse of life and death,
Beat after beat,

Like rain falling from the sky,
The drops fall repeatedly,
Over and over,
Beat after beat,
It's never ending,
It never stops,
There are no breaks in this storm,

The storm is life,
The rain drops are my heart beats,
The lighting and thunder my nightmares,
The cold is how I feel,

The beat of my heart keeps going no matter what,
No matter how much I want the cold to take,
No matter how much I want the rain to drown me,
No matter how hard I try the beat is still there,
All be it weaker every day,

The steady rhythm,
The beat
I wish it were so easy sometimes, poetry doesn't do it justice there are no words to describe the feeling of longing, weather that's for love of for death.
Jackie Mead Sep 2018
Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum.
Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum in the Carribean Sun.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat,
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums fast and strong,
Steel drums create a vibrant song.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums beating loud,
Steel drums, skills the locals play proud.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums vibrant rhthym,
Steel drums send you to heaven.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums make you sing
Steel drums let you know your feeling.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums stir up the heat,
Steel drums make you feel alive in the Carribean heat.

Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum,
Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum in the Carribean Sun.
Breana Feb 2012
My heart skipped a beat
I didn't notice
My heart skipped a beat
I questioned what it was
My heart skipped a beat
I only thought about it
My heart skipped a beat
I got worried about it
My heart skipped a beat
I ignored it
My heart skipped a beat
I pushed it away
My heart skipped a beat
I was scared for it
My heart skipped a beat
Then I looked around
My heart skipped a beat
And I decited to listen
Nobody Jan 2016
I'm not even nervous
But my heart beats like it is
I can feel every beat of it on my chest
Beat beat beat

I'm calmly walking down the street,
But my heart beats like I've been running all along
Beat beat beat

I'm having a friendly conversation,
But my heart beats like I'm hearing something devastating
Beat beat beat

I'm listening to my favorite songs,
Slowly my heartbeat rhythms with every tone I hear, and feels every beat on my head

It's the only kind of beat I desire to feel and hear
Beat one beat two
My eyes look into you
Beat three beat four
Your walking out the door
Beat five beat six
The blood leaks out of my skin
Beat seven beat eight
Oh no it's too late
The beat of your heart matching mine
Has turned into a flat line
Jesse Belcher Jul 2013
Not knowing the status of my child

To my child, who resides in heaven..

Beat for me baby beat for me please.
Beat for me baby put our hearts at ease.
Just your heart to flicker is all that we ask.
I know God hears our prayers it's a easy task.

Just to hold you in my arms and feel that love.
To see you with your mom and know the gift from above.
God please touch it's heart and bring it to life.
for me my kids and most of all my wife.

Can't you see the hurt we feel?
Or the joy the Devil will steal?
He mocks you as we go through this.
He fills my mind with anger and so much bliss!

I wanna give in, but know that i wont.
Turn away from you? No i don't.
Touch us lord and help us through.
For no one knows the outcome none but you.

Broken we will be and scattered all about,
Put us back together piece by piece you will i have no doubt.
But please beat for me baby i want to know.
what you'll be how you'll grow.

I'll see you soon, whether here or there.
But beat now, for there so long to bear.
To wait so long to see your face.
Like your sister's in that amazing place.

A long time to see you two is what it would be.
A very long time especially for your mother and me.
So beat for me baby is that such a task?
Please God start it's that too much to ask?


It was written , while I was 'suffering through the second miscarriage of my young marriage.'
Tawanda Mulalu Sep 2015
Uncle Sam sometimes whispers a little bit too close.
I’ve felt so many scraps scraping against my cheek-
those numerous numberless things he carries in his
beard by ‘accident’. So many things get stuck there
and I feel them all, whenever he dares, and he dares
often, to whisper alittlebittooclose. One time the grey
beard leaned in and touched me in my sleep and
planted in me strange dreams of faraway gothic towers
passing off as libraries: Harvard dreams, Princeton
dreams, Yale dreams: I haven’t quite slept since. The
shaggy scraps stuck to the forest of strands on his face
would never let me. They scratch away at me often
even in the brightness of day, and claw jaggedly in the
darkness of night. Little heart of mine has lost its own
beat. It beats to the beat of a beat on a beat from a beat
with a beat by a beat which beats those beats and beats
beats that beat not of my beat. Little heart of mine, when
did you lose your own pulse? Why won’t you tell your family
that Uncle Sam’s whispers are more than whispers? Why
won’t you tell your family what Uncle Sam does to you
in the brightness of day when everyone is smiling as Uncle
Sam pats your shoulder? Little heart of mine, why doesn’t
your family know what Uncle Sam does in the darkness
of night as he whispers whispers under your whispers and
what he does beneath your skin? Didn’t you know, little heart?
They have laws that say that greybeards shouldn’t be digging
into little boys’ insides, don’t they.

(Uncle Sam has travelled
far and wide, far and wide to tell me lies.
Recall that this is not the first time…)

But little heart you know why. This is not the first time.
It is the natural progression for a Coconut like you:
darkness of night on outside and brightness of day on inside.
Your skin doesn’t matter; you all taste the same.
Cut you off the homeland-tree and cart you all away.
Then, in this way we can say and say the homeland is “Rising”-

Uncle Sam tells the world of his diversity in selection
of little boys to touch with strange dreams.
And I like the feel of the scraps in his beard. Maybe
I can become one of them. One with them.
So... I'm yet another African scholarship student in America.

What else is new?
Fah Sep 2013
There are places
where my heart ripped out of my chest by my hands in a fit of clarity ,
i yearned to see what kept me alive, with blood dripping from my fingertips
and splashing onto my coat in artistic nonchalance

the beat, beat , beat , of my only heart
the beat , beat , beat , of my time keeper
the beat , beat , beat , drip , drip , drip , silent watcher of ****** functions
seeping onto the floor are the unwritten lines that flow into vein like patterns, as if the blood tries to reach the sea,
only backwards - the pool spreads around my feet
away the streams run
criss crossing like rivers from a plane
oxtail islands form with inlets that lead to dead end forests that spring up spontaneously on either side of the waters flow

get lost in the forest - only to find more forest

twinkling lights of skies dawn appear in the slipstreams and mountain ravines form slowly ,
valleys carved from the still beating *****

i wrap the contents in a plastic bag and put it in my coat pocket
so maybe i’ll remember that i’m beating my drum to my final beat
which will ring out -

oh patient heart
oh , oh , oh , peaceful heart
full of yearnings for untainted love
untouched , touched by malice
touched by dandelions drifting seeds

oh patient heart
fill up your lungs with night falls dew point air ,
and falling stars falling still
into my eyes that explode
with the light of a million suns
they burn.

they burn.

they burn.

without the embers of loves hope
i would surely stop right now
slide the knife into the flesh
hope for the best

what a wicked thing to do - to make me dream of you

the fall

the thunderstruck tower of loves , loves touch
send shivers up my spine and into the neuron pathways of tickled pink touches
and strange worlds open up

synapse exchange - electronic turns chemical and back again all too soon
lightning flashes without thunders encore

dappled light hits the spiders hammock
old ladies weave their dried up tears into jumpers
grandmas and grandpa’s their stories outshines the children they bear

what burden to carry on the shelf of self.
just some musing
not too deep , just some musing
i feel , and it's simple.
i tell no lie.
i tell no lies.
i tell no lie, only made up stories in the darkness of just come night fall
singingghosts May 2016
triple layer chocolate cake (hint of coconut) with mint lime cream filling completely encased in chocolate.


8oz cream cheese
1 and 1/4 stick of butter
possible 3 cups of powder sugar
2 limes
fresh mint
all purpose unbleached flour
white sugar
baking soda
Cocoa power
2 eggs
coconut extract
vegetable oil
dark chocolate chips
whipping cream

I can't remember what else but I say what below in case I missed something

8oz cream cheese
1 stick butter
2.5 cups of powdered sugar
3 tablespoons lime juice
2 teaspoons lime zest
half handful of mint leaves

BLEND mint, lime juice & zest together. you want mint to be tiny tiny.

BEAT butter and cream cheese together. I leave them out, sometimes I heat them up to make it easier to beat.

BLEND lime mint mixture into cream cheese butter.

ADD powder sugar.

MIX all together by hand first.

get a hand mixer or beater or whatever and literally beat the **** outta that stuff. until it whips up as much as possible.

PUT it in the fridge for a few minutes. like 10. just to check how it does. if it's not a consistency like cream, beat it more and add half a cup of confectionary sugar.

CAKE MIX: (realistically you can just buy cake mix)

2 cups all purpose unbleached flour
2 cups white sugar
3/4 cup cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup vegetable oil (or any type of shortening you prefer)
1 cup water
2 teaspoon coconut extract

put all the dry ingredients into a bowl. MIX with a whisk or something. if you have sifter, use that to break up the flour. you wanna get all the dry ingredients mixed pretty well before you add wet.

ok, so flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt. all together. great job.

next, BEAT all the wet ingredients together NOT INCLUDING THE WATER.

you beat the eggs, buttermilk (don't replace this with regular milk), oil, and extract. once it's all blended all nice, add it to the dry and mix it together by hand.

you use an electric mixer or beater now. the reason you hand mix everything first is to avoid a bigger mess when the machine mixes because it can make the dry ingredients spread out like ****. and I hate messes. so I'm extremely **** in the kitchen.

ok now just beat it all baby. add the water slowly. a lot of people will tell you to use boiling water. you can but I don't suggest it to anyone who has never used boiling water in a batter before... so I'm not suggesting it.

it should be runny and also delicious. if it's not, uhm... oops? mine was great. you ****** up. let's continue.

GANACHE!!!!!: (wait until the cakes done AND COOLED to do this part tho!!!)

get a ***
add a bag of dark chocolate or milk chocolate whichever you want. I prefer dark chocolate while baking.
I really eye this so I'm throwing caution to the wind here and pour maybe 3/4 cup of heavy cream or whipping cream.
also, 2 tablespoons of butter. (you don't NEED the butter but I like what it does to the ganache)

ok now on low heat leave those things in the ***. mix it a little. DONT LET IT BURN. MEANING, DONT PUT IT ON HIGH HEAT. YOU WANT A SLOW MELT

Ok so. mix it until it's creamy and silky and soft. but seriously do this part at the very end.

get three 9 inch cake pans. spray, butter, coat, oil WHATEVER just grease the ******* pans.

use a measuring cup because you want each cake layer to be the same. do 1.5 cups of batter in each. if you have left over, divide it by three.

bake it at 300F for 30 minutes

don't open the door between those 30 minutes. when you do, poke middle with toothpick. if toothpick comes out clean, it's done.

let cool completely on a cooling rack.

some people cut the tops off to make the cake layer even. I **** at cutting things evenly unless it's ******* so I have my own method. I suggest cutting though. you can also cut the edges if they're crispy but I like it that way.

ok. the ganache. get a spoon and just coat the top layers of the bottom and soon to be middle layer.

you want all three layers lined up next to each other.

take the *** off the heat while you're doing this. just hold off for a moment. you come back to it.

let the ganache layers cool down. you'll know when it's cool. when this happens  get the cream and do a nice layer over the chocolate. now stack them.

it should be from the bottom up: cake, chocolate, cream, cake, chocolate, cream, cake. (try to stack in on a cooling rack)

take the rest of the cream and evenly spread it over the entire cake.

nice. the rest of the chocolate ganache? double check that it is POURABLE but also that it's NOT HOT. warm is ok but a little less than warm would be ideal.

pour. the. chocolate. over. the. entire. cake. if you can do this on a cooling rack, do it. it'll let the excess chocolate drip down. you can take a knife to spread it around nicely. I think that's it. I can't think of anything else.
Tammy M Darby May 2018
As the sinewy flesh slowly frays and pulls apart
The final futile struggles of dying blood
The memories of evil acts
Torn from the dark
Flow in a torrent through leaky valves
A regretful flood

With every beat, beat, beat, of the heart
Demanding their just dues
The ghosts of your past cruelty
No longer in fear of you
Have at last come to call

You were told in written word long ago
There was a price for each red drop
And you shall pay each and every day for your hateful hands
Until your pitiful cold heart finally seizes and stops.

You starting counting the beats in your chest
One by one
Wishing in your mind there were more sunrises
  There will be only the last setting of the sun

So with every thud, thud, thud,
Of your poor heart
With each labored breath
From the darkness closing on the mind
You pray on your knees and beg for just another day
Hoping to sate the gods with stolen gold
The fates refuse,
And turn away

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby May 3, 2018.
Brumbies night live

ACT v lions

Hi dudes and welcome to gio stadium
Where the mighty brumbies will be trying to win after some terrible performances they have had and mate it is going to be a great match
No matter who wins and the brumbies who are number 4 in the Australiasian conference and we have to hope that they have the power to best the lions this evening on brumbies night live
With the last win from the brumbies being on March 15, and they are bound to win tonight and mate it should be cool, our first entertainer is George from red hill
Take it away George

Coming out tonight
With a lot of power
The mighty mighty brumbies
The team of the hour
They will beat the odds
Never giving up
Come on brumbies
You must win yes please be the best
Brumbies team brumbies team
They must fight hard tonight
Knock the lions completely out
And pile on the tries
Brumbies team brumbies team
Will we win tonight
Come on brumbies players
Please put on a fight right

Thank you George and tonight brumbies night live will be great
If brumbies win and not lose and now here is Peter from cook

Go brumbies we will fight them
Go brumbies we will never lose
Never, brumbies will win tonight
Go brumbies this is footy
The big game they play in heaven yeah
Brumbies we must win tonight
Go brumbies beat the lions
On our home we need to win
Yeah mate we must win oh yeah
With our players playing average
In other games
Our last win was March 15
Come on brumbies we must win
Come on brumbies we will win
If we put our mind to it
Get our mindset right yeah
Come on brumbies
We must beat the lions
Yeah we will win if we play well enough yeah we will win hope-ful-ly
Yes we are the team of the week
If we win tonight
Go brumbies we must win yeah
Go brumbies we will beat South Africa
Yeah dude we will be triumphant yeah
Go brumbies

Thank you Peter and lets hope brumbies win tonight and if our mindset as you put it is right we will win and win well

And now here is John from Casey

Come on the brumbies
We need to be triumphant
We need to show South Africa
Who is boss
Come on the brumbies
Hopefully we won’t lose this
Cause if we do our adrenaline
Will be pushed right down oh yeah
Come on the brumbies
The lions will be waiting
But we must win
Never ever give in
Because it must be our turn
Dance goes the cheer girls
And cheering goes brumby jack
As the brumbies are superb
Yes we will win oh yeah
And the team to win tonight
Will be the mighty brumbies

Thank you John and I hope the brumbies are listening because mate
They are due for a win and if they are good enough they will win battle and conquer and now here is rick from kaleen with a brumby rap

Yo hey brumby team
The best team at the GIO yeah
We will fight we will say
That we will beat the lions hands down
Come on hey brumbies team
Everyone will cheer you as you take the field
With the crowd going brumbies Clap clap clap brumbies clap clap clap
Brumbies clap clap clap right from start to finish
You see brumbies we beat the tahs
At their own game yeah we are cool
We haven’t won since then
But the lions tonight will be our feast
We will trample all over them
And say brumbies clap clap clap
Brumbies clap clap clap
Right till the very end
Go brumbies yo from start to finish

Thank you rick and that was a cool rap beat for the mighty brumby team
And I hope they win against the lions tonight and now here is harriett from

Brumbies team show the crowd a good time
Brumbies team show us how you win
Pile on the the tries
Make sure you never look like losing
Never lose go the brumbies team
Brumbies team fight till the final
Siren mate show us your style
Come on brumbies we must win this evening come on mate we must win oh yeah
You see the brumbies and lions meet this evening who will win
Who will ****** win
Everyone cheers for the brumbies this evening at 9-30 we will know the result
Brumbies team we will win this evening
Brumbies team we will win this game
We must fight we will conquer to be the best overall you see we are the best

Thank you harriett and that was a great song about the brumbies hopefully winning well let’s hope the beat the lions and very soon we will be watching the kickoff between the brumbies and the lions
Go brumbies

And welcome back and we are about to start this brumbies night live match
Against the lions from South Africa
Go brumbies go brumbies win this match
Come on brumbies we need to win this yeah we do and we will
Well, I hope anyway go brumbies

Welcome to half time and the mighty brumbies are leading at the half time break by 19 points to 8 and this is a crackerjack game of rugby mate and now for our half time entertainment and first of all is Gordon from Macgregor

Yes mate we were down and
I felt bad when the lions started well
And scored the first try
But the conversion was missed
And the brumbies got in
And with their successful conversion
We lead 7-5 but the lions were given
A penalty to the lions mate made the lions retake the lead but
We stuck at our guns at 8-7 down
And we pushed ourselves to the limit
Then we scored a great try
And again we converted it 14-8 was the score the lions tried to put pressure on us but we stuck at our guns and scored a unconverted try
It was 19 points to 8 at half time
And what do you reckon brumbies fans are we going to give up I say
No fear
Thank you for the summary Gordon
And now here is olly from Fraser
Go the brumbies win win win
Go the brumbies win every time
When we play so late at night
We have to see whether we can put up a fight
Go the brumbies win oh win
Go the brumbies make sure
You don’t give up this lead
Thank you olly and now it is time to
Start the second half
Go brumbies
Kick some ***
Go brumbies
Show some class
Come on brumbies win against the lions

Welcome back and it is full time at gio stadium and the brumbies beat the lions by 31 points to 20 after a very good second half of 12 - all the deadlock couldn’t be broken and here is Patrick from wanniassa

Here comes the brumbies
Here comes the brumbies
The ACT brumbies
Beating the lions 31 points to 20
What a picnic
Here comes the brumbies
Here comes the brumbies
The ACT brumbies
It was a very good win indeed mate
Those mighty brumbies won and the crowd is happy
Like a real smart happy Chappy
Here comes the brumbies
Here comes the brumbies
The ACT brumbies
We provided the best entertainment
You have a ever seen
Yes we had a picnic
Go the brumbies
Go the brumbies
We are the champions
Of the territory of the ACT
Especially tonight yeah
Go the mighty brumbies
Go the mighty brumbies
We will provide some of the best
Performances of the super rugby
Oh yeah what a picnic
Go brumbies you are the best

Thank you Patrick and now we cross to the brumbies cheer squad
Brad and Thomas and Daniel to cheer like they have never cheered before

Hi everyone at the brumbies game
I hope you enjoyed us win 31-20 mate
We put the pressure on the lions
Keeping above them anyway we want
They scored the first try converted it to trail by 4 but we piled on tries and
Won by 11 and the second half was 12 all dude, what a match this turned out to be and the lions tried and tried and tried but we were better tonight oh yeah, thank god I nearly died
As the crowd yelled so loud
The brumbies supporters stood up
Nice and proud and we had a good mindset tonight better than the lions
But the lions still played well
But we were better really really cool better mate yeah mate yeah
Go the brumbies on brumbies night live kick ***, go brumbies

Thank you brad and Thomas and Daniel and yes it was a great win by the brumbies and it was a 12-all second half and thank Christ brumbies lead the first half and now here is Pete from Melba

Go the brumbies go the brumbies
We won yeseree
Come on brumbies
Come on brumbies
This night was ours oh yeah
It was an even second half
But the brumbies still was leading
Yes and we cut the lions in two
And their hearts were a bleeding
But lions played well
But not well enough
Go the brumbies go the brumbies
We’re the best in the super rugby
Well on our good day, mate
Go the mighty brumbies
We are the champs of gio
But hopefully we can win more
To show today was no fluke

Thank you Pete and now it is time to go, so here is our final curtain song

As we draw the final curtain
And it is the brumbies on top oh yeah
Time to head out to go to our houses
While the wild ones have their beer
It was a very good match
The lions were displaying pressure yeah but the 12-all second half meant
The brumbies are the best
Oh yeah bow bow
Yes, the brumbies are the best
See you next time we have brumbies night live
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
One beat
One song
One voice

One beat pounding out it’s constant tone throughout eternity
One song joins the beat giving it movement and action
One voice calling from the wild
Calling to all who will listen
The voice brings words, power, and grace

The beat is existence
The beat is life itself
The song brings movement and action
The voice brings words, glory, and power
The voice is by which we express ourselves to the rest of creation

The beat always was
Always is
Always will be
even before the beginning of time itself
The beat was
The song drives the beat forward
It creates movement and action
The song is throughout all creation everyday
The voice pours from the mouths of every human being
It pours from the human soul and heart
Words that bring joy
Words that bring pain
Words that just are

One beat
One song
One voice
Three parts yet all work as one
My heart beat exclusively for you, courage is the amazing beat it beat with ,the thoughts I have towards you is the attention I want you to listen to it  cause it beat for you ...

Silent carrying quietness to my heart but the sound to listen to, is the beat that pumps in my body,it pumps out...... kindness , caring and loving towards you cause it beat for you only beat for .....
Loving .....heart......
Brad Lambert Mar 2012
Snort the snow,
feel the beats of my heart in tune with yours.

Beat, beat. Beat, beat.

Beat me down off this futon
and drag my bleeding corpse to the bathroom.

I was dead when I arrived.

I shiver with anticipation as your fingers, cold as death,trace the crooked notches of my spine.
You lean in to kiss my sweating neck, “What a novelty,” I think, but your fingers reach it first.

Nails in skin and blood on the tile.

My blood on the tile.
Beat, beat me with a shampoo bottle ironically emboldened with the phrase,
“NO MORE TEARS,” but I can taste salt. Are those my tears?
Or your come on and spit in my eye.

Tell me, beat, beat, tell me...

What will you do next?

You ******* rag tag vagabond infecting my ***.

— The End —