TheEndofForever Jan 2015
Mirror, mirror on the wall
When's my turn to finally fall?
Craig Harrison Sep 2014
He didn't need to die to be a ghost
for years he walked these hallways, going unnoticed
he was like a blur to those who passed him
teachers couldn't remember him
No parents to speak of, one day they just never came back.

Average student, never pushing himself
never showing up on anybody's radar
going unnoticed, going unseen
no friends to speak of, no one knew he existed

He was surrounded by hundreds of people
but lived his life not seen
no one saw his tears
no one saw his art
he went unnoticed until the day he died.

Police found him
he couldn't take it anymore
ended it all
he spent his life unnoticed
but he was a brilliant artist
his art was seen
hanging up in some amazing galleries
everyone now knows his name.
Jessica Feb 2015
I've never written a happy poem.
I've tried, and stopped.
It always felt fake, cheesy.
I've come to realize that I do not need to express the things that make me happy in order to write a happy poem.
I do not need to make metaphors for the joys in life.
I have joys.
I know this.
I have yet to write a happy poem.
But I feel happy.
LjMark Apr 2015
Born a boy...
Baseball, music, skateboards...
Puberty comes and goes...
Suicidal thoughts...
The only answer to stop the pain...
Too scared to follow through...
18 and life, my body is a prison...
My body breaks mirrors...
Dysphoria, a word never heard...
Lost, never knowing why...
Alcohol finds me...
The perfect medication...
I laugh, I live...
It hides all the pain...
Year after year...
It's all i know..
There's still something inside...
Something pushing...
Calling, wanting to get out...
It got to be too much...
Then eighteen months ago...
The pain got too much...
My liver was destroyed...
I thought it was the end...
I met a person...
Heard the word transgender...
Some others took me...
Taught me, cared for me...
One day the light came on...
After all these years of tears...
The answer was so simple...
All the pieces fit perfectly...
I was transgender, and never knew...
Now I'm free...
Im so happy for the first time to be me...
I'm transgender..!
My life story.
Shi Em Mar 2015
gone are those times that you spent nights
crying on an empty bed;

gone are those times where the demons took
over your head;

gone are those moments because finally you
realize and see;

that gone is that sadness and finally it's time
for moving on sweet serendipity.
Sean G Jun 2014
We laid eye to eye,

a thousand thoughts raging through my head.

Should I?

I'd been waiting for so long

to finally do it.

Will I?

I'd been building up the courage

to finally do it.

Can I?

I'd tried to read you and see

if you were finally ready.

Am I?

I hadn't thought about it

before my lips finally neared yours.

I will.

And I finally did.
HIV was transmitted from chimpanzees to humans,
Eating chimp meat in Africa they thrived,
Most not realizing the sanctity they destroyed,
And chimps got it from mangabey meat,
New SIV+SIV gave HIV at the lethal end for humans.
SIV: Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Part of my M.Tech Animal Biotechnology studies.

My HP Poem #931
©Atul Kaushal
Madisen Kuhn May 2013
i spent a lot of time
searching for affection
in shallow spaces

i gave people bits of me
they didn’t deserve
and i let myself be hurt,
because i thought
that’s what i deserved

but once i let go
of trying to shove puzzle pieces
in places that did not fit,
once i let go of all the hate
i secretly had stored in the
gashes that decorate my heart

i met you
Samantha Dietz Feb 2016
She started living for herself, finally, after years of doing what everyone else wanted.
She quit her job and her makeup routine, finally letting that beautiful face of hers breath.
She started writing more, inspiration finally found it's way back to her veins.
She was reborn, like a phoenix from ashes, and finally figured out how to be alive again.
Jamie Feb 2015
It's taken a long time
But I'm finally there.
I wanted to find another you,
But I know it's better that I don't

I know that we might happen one day,
But I am not going to wait anymore.
I can't be patient for any longer,
However I will forever adore you.
Tatiana Feb 2013
It's over,
Well almost over.
Bug-a-boo is safe,
We have full custody.
It's a huge weight,
That's been taken off my shoulders,
But im still worried,
About my niece.
I don't know if we will ever,
Gain custody of her as well.
But I guess you have to win the battles,
Before you win the war,
and were closer than ever,
To making these kid's lives,
Mute Nov 2015
My Heart Picks Up
Every time I See Him.
All I Have To Do
Is See If He Likes Me.
I'm So Nervous,
But I'm Excited.
I finally have a crush!!!!
Winter Silk Jul 2014
Physics:                                                         ­      Love:
        It's not the fall that kills                          It's not falling in love that kills
             The fall is actually                                          The fall is actually
                 exhilarating                                                     ­    thrilling
                 invigorating                                                     ­ intoxicating  
                 breathtaking                                                     ­  vitalizing
         it's when you've finally                                    it's when you've finally
               hit the ground                                                  reached the end
                that kills you                                                     that kills you.
if there's one thing I've learned from physics that can be poetic...
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