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Regan Sep 8
I have been attracted to you for a while
but didn’t think you felt the same.
but infact you might even like me more.
you think i’m beautiful and special indeed.
you’ve trapped me in your heart and blue eyes
you tell me you were to shy to tell me,
but i was too shy to tell you.
do you love me?
do I love you?
do you love me afterall?
you say things that make me blush.
and tell me what i want to hear.
you call me baby and your love.
things really did work out, didn’t they.
i finally get you and you get me.
i guess you love me after all.
thank you, you.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Have you ever felt like a child in the dark?
Where the whispers become thunder and the gods pound in your heart?
There's no sense in trying to quiet the storm
All that can be done is to embrace it with both arms

I feel like a traveller stumbling on a chest
Filled with something familiar but I can't quite place it yet
I found a picture lying in the dirt
As my mind was turned on by the velvet colored shirt

Some time ago, when my hair reached my eyes
I recall a quick visit that seemed to disappear and die
No matter how hard I try to remember
I can't come up with reasons I gave up that cold September

Now, as time's gone by, and things have changed
Like the inflections of my voice and memories estranged
I hear a voice from many Septembers ago
Like a harmony so rich that I can't wait to know
moon Oct 5
it feels like it's all come to an end with me.
thank you for loving me and showing me how beautiful this world is.
for i remember the first time seeing you,
meeting you
and how i thought someone could be That perfect.
for i remember love in this house,
festive seasons and all i could smell is my mothers perfume when i felt like i could hug her for universes.
for i remember all the moments i had like These,
so low i couldn't feel any of that anymore.
so i say goodbye, most likely.
***, don't worry
i received your messages over the span of these years and i get it now,
please save a room up there with my name on it.
j, i'm coming to see you now.
i should have never made that promise last december.
i'm coming to see you now.
friends, thank you for loving me even when i could barely use the four muscles in my face needed to smile at you to simply say
good morning.
i'm sorry.
i'm sorry for getting worse all these years,
i couldn't be the person you needed me to be and
i'm sorry.
oh i'm sorry for coming into your life with the impression that i'd still be here after we all turned --.
but i'm leaving now,
i will join stars now,
and be at peace now.
thank you for loving me.
i feel extremely low
writerReader Aug 6
It is time to do something
I am ready to begin
My life is not a race
It is a slow and lovely stroll
I can do this now
I know I can
I am ready to take the keys
I am ready to take the wheel.
CAM Feb 14
It's been a while.
Since I wrote a poem.
But not since I wrote about you.

I write about you all the time.
Every once in a while,
I forget why.

Then I remember why.
I remember you,
Or I see a picture.

I see your blond hair.
Your blue eyes.
You're the reason I have a type.

I think of your adventure,
And your shyness,
And your varying range of emotion.

I think of all these
Random memories,
Floating around in my head.

Like ping pong.
And capture the flag.
Like long flaring lights and computer bags.

Like fire escapes,
And hiding under tables,
Like missing you in winter with eyelashes like a fable.

Like long walks in the dark,
And hidden dark handkerchiefs with white polka dots.
Like plaid checkered jackets, even when it's hot.

Like cargo shorts and a white fedora.
Gathering under the arch like it's an agora.
Hiding that handkerchief between the flora.

***, I miss you more and more.
Months til I see you,
I'm down to only a few before.

I almost can't wait,
It makes me feel sad.
The fact that I'd leave,
Just like that.

Just so I could see you again.

It's Valentine's Day
And I'm here without you.
And I wish more than anything,
For that to not be true.
Argh. Oh. Now I'm a pirate.
So update: I recommended this site to the person this is about and now I'm terrified of him reading it.
Alexis Irvine Aug 21
One day soon, when he takes the gun and shoots
He will put up his hands, walk away and blame you.
You will scream, bleed, yell out and
The blood will drip down your forehead, drizzle into your eye.
You’ll see red, you’ll be blinded, he’ll tell you it is your fault
But this is where tip 3 will reveal the true assault;

Don’t follow him, don’t question him, don’t even ask why
Just run to the ocean, and wash out your eye.
The salt will sting, and the sand may burn, but the blood will soon clear
And soon, you will learn-

that the gun was there all along,
he simply left things unsaid
But you are stronger now,
You survived a gun to your head.
Love blinds you gals. You are always better off without the guy who hurts you. ALWAYS <3
Saw something wish I didn't see,
too late now, its already
consuming me
Shrugged for a moment,
wanted to get mad but laughed
a little instead
Tears rolled down my
burning cheeks
All I could utter was, "Why?"
a hundred times
My chest felt heavy,
as my heart struggled to
keep a steady beat

Though, I choose not to ask you
anything about it
Maybe I'm tripping or
maybe just a coward
Guess I'm even more scared
of the answer you might give
Cause its way too heavy,
I'm scared I might snap
in a second
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