Feb 28 Eliot York
make me smile
like huh yeah
   a smile forms in corners of-

  impromptu. You-
we say as
the self is
in the
quiet glow
of a passion
I know you saw it-
                      the flicker
    the key in the ignition
we're off
We drive into the sea to think
if only
in the
heat of-
  life constantly
dog rolls on
Life is
      the desire to dance
  and doing it.
Eliot York Jun 2017
that i've been reading your poetry
(on the new front page)

I ******* love
your words; your worlds;
it's like i'm,
    there. right there,
with you.

you see, i didn't do what you do--
         write my story aloud
--when i was fifteen, or even twenty-two

just an inch off the ground
                        i confided in clouds
stayed lost (was a puff too proud)

that was then, sure, but even today
   (it's 11:11, now)
putting any of it down
committing to this word, not that
this sentiment,
      not that
this meaning
       (and not simultaneously that)
              is walking through fire

and so, for leading the way
           let me just say,
                       i love you

and please,
don't ever stop.
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