Sanam ojha Nov 2015
I am running  to catch my own smile
That escape from the time  we separate
When my smile follow your steps
and you hide it under your feet !!!
Kat Aug 2015
Isn’t physically quick or agile.

Disappears in libraries.

Has been known to dissolve into the physical pages of books.

Is good at tucking herself into the stacks and retreating to reading nooks.

Blends in at coffee shops where her voice can be drowned out by the grinding and the steaming.

Can become indistinguishable in the dark of theatres, in the quiet shuffle of art galleries, the finger-snapping of poetry readings, the hum and jostle of the Tube.

Is indistinct. Adept at hiding in plain sight.
Raghu Menon Jul 2015
Patiently he untangles the net
Standing calmly
Brazing the breeze
On the dancing boat
With an oar on its side
Which is cooled by the
Waters of the river..

The sun will set in an hour or so
And he has to finish his catch
Before the dusk
And back to his hut
Where his wife will
Waiting eagerly
To make the dinner
With the fresh catch

Another day
Another catch
The river but
Remains the same
Greeting the fishermen
Who roam the river
With their boats
Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015
I’d kissed neon once before;
It scolded when it shouldn’t
And took half of what I

I’d kissed neon again;
Come a night with, “Dylan,”
And vodka when the beer
Went dry.

And I’d kiss neon forever;
Come a’grayed hair’s gossip,
Words ‘bout our first night,
And, “we,”

We’d cackle on our backs, jubilant.
Auralys Apr 2015
The problem with breathing,
is that whenever you're around,
I stop doing it.
Lucy Tonic May 2013
Catch me if you can
When I’m caught
You’ll catch me off guard

Take a bow
Take a bow
I need to get my protein somehow

Catch up with me
When you’re caught
I’ll catch you off guard

Take a bow
Take a bow
I need to get my protein somehow
Take a bow
ALY Jan 2013
how does a dreamcatcher know which
    dreams to catch?
what if it
swallows the good ones
and sneaks them off to another
what if it
holds the bad hostage
to share at the most dreadful
           what is time to a dream?
but just look at how it twists
and ties itself in knots so
a community of individuality
cinching simplicity together to form
a spiderweb of spirit trapped between threads
strung tight like the ties of
showing me reality
far beyond
what we blindly
absorbing the vibes reflecting off
questions of whether a second
                         is time to a dream?
unrecognized reality
mind outside of body
a breath of fresh
a taste of foreign
the touch of a
music note
and a vision of
trickling quiet
tears down the
face of
          a dream
can dance on the
    edge of reality
so when i wake up screaming open my eyes and
my mind momentarily remains
tangled in a realm of
    reality once removed
feathers floating softly
through worlds yet to be
but shadows through breezy windows left ajar
blow my thoughts back to
and the sounds
and sliences
and the colors
and expressions
of my mind
are altered
by a bombardment
of influences
out of control
can be difficult to
now and
we must
                 to a dream
to contemplate the
intertwined strings of
and through
tossing and
turning new leaves
as the seasons cycle
time remains immeasurable
lest by our mere
      thoughts and ideas
so we
a geometrically
stunning display
of unspoken hope
to catch
                      a dream
and it hangs by the window
and if  the
teetering on a tightrope
between worlds
could speak it
would tell of
and there is
no such thing as
off the asphalt
five miles down south
she catches prawn

her skirt the catching net
feet quietly feather weight
she looks a muddy heron

beneath sky grayish pale
swimming wind with fishy smell
on her no man's patch

intent on her solo search
head bowed down cutely arch
she must have her catch

streaks of mud on her hair
only what she does care
a bunch of wriggling store

fire it up when day is dead
have the catch thinly spread
and nothing more
Haunter Mar 2012
Saturday Night.

I have no need to explain myself,
I am what you created.
As the artist who painted this canvas,
you especially should understand
the portrait I call myself.
If you find me to be a disappointment,
it’s your own damn fault.
I catch myself forgetting the
little things about you,
My puzzle is left unfinished.
Secretly, I believe
that I am somewhere in the middle of
Just waiting until
I get the courage to close my eyes
and take the escalator
up and away from
Void's emptiness.
Into the heightened arms of Love.
Catch me, if I fall.

Sunday Morning

Time flies by
and I'm still here lost without you.
I am someone that
came from nothing at all.

All i can remember from that night
running home to the Sun.

I found myself passed out beside a toilet.
I got a hangover and fresh start.
Nick Oh Jul 2014
I will be your dream catcher
As you lie under me
My net will be strong
When I set you free.

I will be your dream catcher
In the darkest of nights
No monsters or evil
Shall lurk, with you in my sights.

I will be your dream catcher
Vigilant and silent
Your happiness I will guard
It will be my eternal assignment.

I will be your dream catcher
I will always be there to catch her.
Sarah Ellis Mar 2010
You hide in night like whispered song
I lie awake for far too long
I see your light, elusive flame
Never flicker twice the same.

I cannot tear my eyes from you
I cannot bear this love you brew
I reach with broken finger tips
You whisper silence on my lips.

"I am a star," I hear you sing
"Something for me you must bring
Pull the moon straight from the sky
And I will love you 'til you die."

How long, how hard, how fast I fell
For such a deep, enchanting spell
I cannot say how high I flew
Just to catch the moon for you.
patella Sep 2012
icicles through my arteries
and a frown resting upon your face
lines losing control
nothing left to be misplaced

i want You, i want You
and lead bits in a plastic bubble
graphite poisoning: your love's humor
wriggling and embracing trouble

she's gone, drunk on confections
and darkness consuming
chocolate wrinkles brushing birthmarks
a skinny boy fuming

be Mine, only Mine now
perch on caulked sandstone blocks
stitched sleeves will scrape bricks
and bricks pulling locks

let's don masks and hastily pretend
the atmosphere is painted with limit
serifs blurring my vision
drive your spaceship into it.
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