ellie Dec 2014
I wrote this poem for you to keep
As you lie peacefully asleep
To share the stories you once told
Sat in your chair growing peacefully old

I will always remember those days
When I sat up to the table studying the maze
Of thousands of puzzle pieces in my gaze
However I was never fazed
Because you were always there to guide the way.

I will always remember your trips out and about
Although never adventurous I felt,
McDonald's and M&s; without doubt,
Were you favourite places to walkabout

I will always remember your creative flare,
Your knitting needles and you cross-stitch squares,
how you could sit and chat, yet knit with care
Always seemed so unfair  

But most of all, I wrote this poem to say thankyou
Not just from me but from all the family too
For the wisdom and knowledge you once shared
For showing you loved us and that you cared

I wrote this poem to say goodbye
As you watch us from up high
I remember all the fun times we had
As my friend and as my Nan
And I miss you more than words can say

I hope we can meet again someday
Melody W Nov 2012
A rueful smile quavers
with the gentle movement
of a makeshift swing hanging
from the knarled branch
of a forgotten oak tree,
overlapping lattices
of simple truths

Gathering folds of her dress
in trembling hands, the action undisturbed
as the frenzied swing comes alive
with abandoned alacrity

A voice, the crackling of dead leaves
carrying debris in the wind pauses
as changing seasons stir something
in even the most unfeeling heart

Hello stranger,
Have you come to visit me?
Don’t you know that my shelter
has become my bondage?

Movement never ceasing,
the tortured machinations
of Kronos wringing necks
eager to feel once more

the joy that once lifted
this heart from oblivion
unwittingly revealed as
the final stroke of despair
Julianna Eisner Apr 2014
Inside these dimensions of my prison,
paralyzed, immobilized,
shattered in fragments of fear,
I utter stifled screams
from my body heap,
piled on the hardwood floor





trapped, desolate and
wretched in mind,
what is left of me after invasion and ravage?

Chase away this these vultures and thieves,
so to shut out this duality
blinding me,
a rabbit caught in headlights    
                                                  ­ up
                   ­        pick
For now I have remained silent,
less the words I have spoken to you,
to reconstruct and repair
this shattered Self,
seeking guidance.
(Until further notice)

i love you.


may my naked desire
rest in You
with delight.
10w "naked desire" is a term from Cloud of Unknowing, a book about divine love and contemplation written by an anonymous author.
body aches
heart restless
until I
rest in
resting in God, Divine Light, the Beloved.
firexscape Jul 2014
It's 11.23 am
And I've nothing left to say
I think I'll allow some sleep tonight
So I don't have to feel this way
Attineo Jan 2015
Let the darkness have a rest,
Give yourself a break;
Accept encouragement and respect,
And let go of the ache.

Feel the right outside the wrong,
Don’t do this on your own;
There’s more than dark to run from here,
Just realize you can be home.

Don’t chase yourself in circles—
Insight comes with the dawn;
And when no strength remains within,
Draw from the One you depend on.
Arlo Miller Aug 2015
At the end of the day when I'm spent and expired,
and all energy has clocked out and retired.
I long for your warmth and tender embrace,
my weary eyes to rest upon your face.
A caretaker that without I cannot thrive.
I don't need you to live, but to make me alive. Alive
I can change the world with what you help me to feel.
You are fuel and rest, rejuvenation, zeal.
When my strength is gone and my mind is drifting to sleep,
know that my last few thoughts my mind struggles to keep,
are of you and my family that share my name,
and lastly, how soon they will be one and the same.
I love you. Goodnight.
For my bride to be Diana Ray Poulin
Echoes Of A Mind Sep 2015
is the only thing I hear
is the only thing I see

But there's no fear
since there's only peace
here underwater
where i'm floating half asleep.

I close my eyes
Still underwater
and lured by the peace
I finally fall asleep...
Remember when you're underwater and everything is just silently peaceful?
Peace there is underwater and a warning that even the peace can lure you to your last breath.
Mr Zeal Jun 2014
It's hard to have a Good time,
When your hands cold, soar throat
And Your nose is running away slow....
But these sick days though
Lol 2 Days
Ashley Nicole Jan 2015
If I did it tonight,
I could rest on Sunday
Sleep does not seem to
Be an adequate remedy
For my lethargy.

I long for the deepest slumber;
A coma's freedom.
Rest not only for my eyes,
But for my conscience.

(c) 2016 Brandon Antonio Smith
Kennedy Taylor Dec 2014
My heart still hurts,
My chest’s still in pain,
I still can't make sense
Of what's inside my brain.

I wish there was a way
To mute my mind,
To exist in a moment,
At some point in time.

No thoughts, no doubts,
No attempting to rhyme.
Just an at rest state,
Some peace in my life.

That's all I want right now
Is just some rest,
To ease the pain
Built up in my chest.

To take away
The thoughts and doubts.
To put me at rest,
Inside and out.
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