Attineo Jan 2015
Climate will change, yes
Weather is never the same;
But His love remains.
Gaby Comprés Oct 2014
stars burn out
leaves fall
flowers wilt
time fades
but You're not leaving
You won't fail me
You remain.
Towela Kams Oct 2014
Consider every natural ability, talent and/or strength as something simply borrowed to you.
Guard it.
Make the most out of it.
Use it only for good.
This is the only way to ensure humility.
It's important that we use our gifts for good. There's absolutely no need for conceited character. Are we in agreement?
Remain, ah not in youth alone!
  --Tho' youth, where you are, long will stay--
But when my summer days are gone,
  And my autumnal haste away.
'Can I be always by your side?'
  No; but the hours you can, you must,
Nor rise at Death's approaching stride,
  Nor go when dust is gone to dust.
Nabishka Nov 2015
Travelling down the wrong path
Drastic measures
Slowly becoming a psychopath
During time of leisure
They come to take me away
to a strange land, I'm obliged to stay
Keeping sanity at bay
Tiger in cage I'm put away
Don't question their authority
Sitting with the crazy minority
Split reality/split personality
Some-one get me out of here
Tell them what they want to hear
Sliding down the misguided path again
Gliding away from the grips of sane
Out of touch
or out of luck
Possessing fools gold much
In the heart of mine its stuck
Never have been aromantic
Relate on a higher level
Not part of the extreme demographic
Empathetic, in emotion I revel
Tell them what they want to hear
Past attempts to control with fear
Some-one get me out of here
Light from the tunnel is coming near
Maybe split from reality
Not split personality
To see both sides to the coin
Do both sides of the story join
When my tales don't add up
Beneath a microscope closeup
Discredit in the eyes of society
Attention seeker, not likely
Separated from reality
You see not even half of me
Indifferent to caused confusion
Orderly thought is your conclusion.
New York, Tel Aviv, Moscow, London, Netanya,
Bali, Istanbul, Riyadh, Beslan, Nisanit, Dublin
Londonderry, Glasgow, Manchester,
Spin Boldak (district), Kuta
Kano, Baghdad, Kandahar
Mumbai, Karballa, Boston

All for God, the almighty
God, the inhumanity in his name
God, the creator

I am weeping for the latest terror victims
141 injured in Boston
3 dead in Boston

Jesus Saves...tell that to the dead

When will it end?

I have nothing....just tears, and an emptiness

I leave you all with your prayers, for all of those lost
Over time, to terrorist attacks listed and not listed
I pray for the lost, the living and the future

I remain confident in mankind....
Ann M Johnson Feb 2015
You're gone from this world let remain inside my heart
This is dedicated to our departed loved ones, who are greatly missed and who are alive in a sense through our fond memories of them.
Amina Jade Nov 2013
We are the savages,**
normalities stand from a distance and secretly admire
the domesticated eyeing in envy to our resilience of society's taming shackles
so they reject us with pointed accusing fingers
forever deemed an unworthy animal.
We belong to nature and they're all hunters
fully equipped with  nonfictional weapons to destroy the wilderness with in
poaching our furs and horns
only to hold the satisfying idea we are becoming extinct.
We believe in something greater
its a diamond ring proposal of freedom
sparkling in the sunlight of judgment
unfazed by  starless nights
we still shine bright in total darkness
becoming a beacon of light  to the helpless moths.
We are born as nomads of law and principles
they want to break us, bind us in rules and regulations
take our souls and throw them to the masses of cold blooded creatures
they all swim mindlessly in a wonderland of controlled morality
but to the hot blooded, these cool waters are foreign
forever belonging on land
letting our predator  instincts be the guide
knowing what is right and where to flee when its wrong
but they expect us to drown with the rest
in the materialistic greed infested river of the world.
We will never be broken
we are the wild
we are self thinkers
we are the untouchable spirited winds of the world
rebel eyed with our backs against those who have become the thoughtless corps
filled with animosity and jealousy
we are free and we roam the jungles of prosperity
still shining bright, a true savage.
Pure LOVE Apr 2016
Though others are blind
Loyal and true
To all those who matter
Matter to you
Although things may go wrong
Just remain who you are
And stay true to yourself
And let things remain
If nothing else
When you found your wings
And you could finally fly
You stayed; this was home.
Tim Knight Oct 2013
Your cleavage is the sum
of everything you want to be:
on show and constantly talked about,
but when you have loaded words in
a shotgun mouth, spewing out
miscellaneous shells to the nobodies
of your street, then you’ll
fail to become that gap between your breasts.

Keep quiet and remain dressed;
having numbers next to friends
is a contest you win at,
but count on your hands the mouths
that like you, and you’ll realise you’re
Anna Christine Jul 2013
He’s a complete double negative
Sensitive and competitive
This thing” seems imperative
And when I’m all preventative
and have discourses that are argumentative
He is, to me, like a sedative.

But everything is of course relative.
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014
I put my arms around you
to keep you warm
and you make sure
you remain cold.

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