Bo Burnham Apr 2015
I want to kiss you all day.
I want to start at dawn.
I want our mouths to dry out by breakfast.
I want our jaws to start cramping by noon.
I want us to question our decision to kiss all day by hour five.
I want to have sex really quickly then seriously stop all this kissing bullshit because you need your personal space, apparently.
l m May 2014
Your scars arent beautiful,
theres no beauty in hurting yourself
no beauty in blades
no beauty in throwing up your food
no beauty in mascara running from your eyes at 2 am
no beauty in eyes that are dead
nobody will kiss your scars
i'm sorry for that.
Wanderer May 2014
A butterfly kiss like a smile in the wind
Echo Dec 2014
~The kiss happened like a dream.
The kiss was ours to embrace.
The kiss I had been waiting for so long was
The kiss that was mine~
I had my first kiss today <3
What a beautiful feeling this is~
Chelsea S May 2014
I have yet to be kissed
in a manner
so passionate and incandescent
that it has yet to leave my lips,
never to be forgotten.
Sarah Kline Aug 2014
a kiss

it's simple really

two lips touching

although it can be complex

just talking about it makes my feelings twist 

but it depends on who with.

with you it would be complex because it would mean something 

but with someone else it would be simple, just two lips touching

I suppose we will figure out the full complexity when we do
Elfor ECH May 2014
May I kiss you?
Just for today
Just for an instant-
A moment-

Just for a day
May I kiss you?

May I kiss you?
In the rain
In the snow-
In the spring-

Just for a season
May I kiss you?

May I kiss you
Just for a moment
For alas I know
Not of the future

And even a kiss today
Is more than I can dream.
This is about all the times where I wanted to ask a stranger or someone I hardly knew for a kiss. All the thoughts of walking down a crowded street and seeing a young beauty and asking her for a kiss. This is a poem about the spontaneity and romanticism that I never took and how everytime I think of that opportunity I never took it reminds me of my mortality slipping away.
Oskar Erikson May 2016
Tongue tied
Sweet talker.
Key's somewhere inside
watering mouth.
Unrequited Love Jul 2014
If I give you a kiss,promise you'll give it back?
You can borrow it when ever you want ;)
mvssbecvming May 2014
shoutout to the girls who have become strangers with their first kiss and held lipsticks like paintbrushes on their fingertips. I am one of you now.
this ones for tyler, you never deserved it but it happened nonetheless. so much for magic carry on.
Styles Oct 2016
When we kissed;
           she used her tongue,
           to write poetry in my,
When you come across a Brick "the wall",
Don't hesitate!
Kiss him!
Maybe he's not so bad at all?
Every obstacle in our life can be defeted with a little love :D
June Dec 2015
I don’t want to kiss you.
I want to breathe into you
and fill you with a fire
that burns passion and love
into every part of your body.
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