Jacob Traver Sep 2015
They -- fall
Slowing down sight
I draw closer and closer
Then --
Flutter to stay awake and realize I'm not ready for this
I'm not yet able to enter that dark place of meditation
-- But
I feel it coming more swiftly
My heavy eyes falling
With every
Last shutter
No -- yes
Matloob Bokhari Sep 2014

When the first time I met you
You were like a nymph from heaven
I looked  into your eyes
And forgot everything else

Then I remembered
I loved you  many times before,
Before coming here, I had promised
You are all I ever wanted
Sarah Edwards Jan 2014
When your eyes meet
That's not love at first sight.
It's when you can't bring yourself to look away
For you've captured the loving soul embodied through their eyes.
It's when the task of looking away is too mighty
For you fear when you avert your eyes
The magical moment will be a thing of the past
The eyes will carry on with their life
And the love you could feel so much
Will be no more.
That's love at first sight.

Blue Apr 2015
I saw something
It made me feel something
The end.
Casual Conversation
schadenfreude Nov 2014
he saw her dancing
in the night, enjoying
with lights, flickering
to the music, singing

she caught his glance,
smile at him in stance,
so he joined her and dance
because he cant lose the chance

they were so caught up in the night
they fell right in love at first sight
they knew the odds and are ready to fight,
because they know what future holds is bright
just a simple poem
kaylynn Jan 2015
They say love at first sight doesn't exist

But when I saw you I couldn't resist

Instead of saying hello, I should of said goodbye

As of that was the night you made me cry

And the first time I wanted to die
Katy Rosentch Feb 2015
Sight is light
Sight is color
Sight is amazing
Sight is an illusion


Sight is a trap
Sight blinds you
Sight lies to you
Sight shields you from reality
Sight only lets you to see what it allows

Sight is an illusion
Sight is amazing
Sight is color
Sight is light

Close your eyes
It's dark, right?
Now you can see
Sight isn't all that it seems. Like your ears, you can't trust everything you see. Looks, they can be decieving.
nivek Jul 2014
lightening fast
Heart fell head over heels
Vicki Jan 2017
at times
unstable as water
yet strong
as the oceans

i pin
down words
and live
in my poems.
Laura Robin Nov 2012
And I recall that when I first l laid my eyes upon him, I knew that he was the one for me. I think he knew too. It was the power of the look we exchanged, the magnetism of it, the electricity, the immense power of the force of attraction. He had something in him that was irresistible and that something drew me to him like a moth to a flame. My heart sunk into the deep confines of my body, my eyes were ravenous for him, my body yearned for him. As if the world had suddenly ceased to exist, as if nothing else mattered in the world and all I wanted was to be with you and know you inside and out, know you better than you know yourself. Love at first sight does not exist, it is impossible to come to love a man at first glance, to understand him, to trust him. It is possible to be infatuated with him. It is possible to be consumed with his face, his nose, his eyes...to be in lust at first sight. But this lust grows, yes this lust swells into love and my life is empty without you here and my heart needs you to pump the blood through my veins and my brain needs you to tell me how to speak again and my hand needs you to be here to firmly hold it. A seed was planted with that first look and was watered with words and touches, and the seed grew to be the size of the universe plus everything in it and more than that. We are on fire and our sparks fuel the flames.
Sarah Spang Jan 2016
Who knew that eyes could hunger?
Mine were starving,
Devouring the sight of you in
Darting, unblinking eyes.
Drawing you in like
Parched lips to a dewy glass.
farahD Oct 2014
In a room,
Of people and colours,
Across the voices and whispers,
My eyes caught,
Just you,
And only you,
Smiling at me.
James Jarrett Jan 2014
Love at first sight
Wasn't for me
Until it was
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