Hello princess,
You're beautiful,
You make me smile,
I'm going to hug you close and deep,
Stare into your soul,
Hold your hand.
But I don't want you,
Remember, we're just friends.
There I was falling in love, then love didn't catch me.
JadedSoul Aug 2014
What a curious thought
to not be led into temptation...
as if I needed help!
As if I needed any assistance!

Lead me not into temptation
it's not needed you see;
I know the path well
it starts on Google
Incognito mode, savvy?

Press a few keys
and voila - temptation found!
My resolve defeated.

I wasn't led here
I found my own way
sadly, temptation bound.

Can I be blamed really?
Would you blame a starving man
for stealing food, offered freely?
Can you blame a starving man
for giving into such temptation
when he's denied the legitimate?
Sean Tierney Jul 2014
seven seconds of your passive aggression
and i snap like pencil lead
Hoarse on headphones
Coyote Siren Sep 2012
Pants tucked into boots,
rolling cigarettes on the front porch as storm clouds form
big black german shepherd,

I haven’t seen anyone happier yesterday morning
you're my brother,
talking up a revolution

we’ll leave this behind soon,
Chasing hopes for a different life
Or survive the collapse of this one

‘Do you think this plastic canteen is dissolving from the inside?’
‘I wouldn’t worry about it,
you know how lead killed the Romans?’
For Derek
You are the fisherman and I am the trout
You cast out sweet compliments as bait
I swim around as temptation grows stronger
I take the bait and it's wonderful for a short time

Soon to find out you were just leading me on
Then stab me, when I thought you were being kind
The pain grows stronger as I try to swim away from you

You reel in my soul and collect another heart
In the end, you were the player who won the game.
SG Holter May 2014
Bullet and blade
Have ended
Many a friend.

Some were warriors
Living by sword, others
Just unlucky.

No one safe from
Anything. I buy her
Pepperspray instead of

Flowers these days.
Keep leaving
Butterfly knives in the

Pockets of her coats.
I am a man of non-violence,
But one with worlds to lose.

I miss the days when the fight
Ended as ground was hit.
Knuckles and bones were

All we needed; men fencing
For themselves with nothing
But themselves,  

And women were there to be
Charmed and fought over. Not
Left torn and terrified

In a ditch, broken beyond repair,
Their men helplessly wielding
Lead and steel at the absence

Of the animal responsible.
I'll buy her flowers today.
Flowers, and walk her home.

Bullet and blade
Have ended
Many a friend.

The weight of their
Tragedies is about the

As that of the crates of ammunition
It takes to keep the world
Safe from the threat of itself.
Malachi Filius Apr 2014
The warm, heavy breath that surrounds every inch of my body
Soaking my skin in a tight, hard shell
I can hardly keep my head above the waters
Taking my last breath
I sink
A cocoon
Wrapped within my heavy leaden thoughts and feelings
I'm consumed by no-thing
Slowly rising to my chest
Consuming as it ascends
Devouring what I considered me
Soon I can't remember what I even means
Slowly slowly slowly
Down down down
I go
Is there a bottom?
Is there a light?
All I can see and feel
Is a grey
That has no boundaries
No limit
As I sink perpetually
In the leaden waters
Taking me down
To god knows where
Annie Coleman Feb 2016
no, no, no
don't go down that road
you know that's not where happiness is found!

no, no, no
don't try to fit her shoes
you weren't made to walk her ground!

no, no, no
don't let them tell you where to go
you weren't meant for the background!

no, no, no, no, no
don't stop kicking now
everyone else has drowned. . .

don't die on me yet
only water does surround!
wes parham Jun 2014
To be strong,
You suppress emotions.

I revel in them.
Just a concept I'm rolling around in other drafts.
(Update: the draft has been released  )
Megan H Dec 2015
Throughout my life,
All the adults would tell me-
Follow your heart
Follow your dreams

But what I really wanted to hear was
**You know what, Megan?
Forget about following,
How about you lead?
It's a separate creature from myself
Something foreign and mysterious to me
And to the world

Whose understanding is spoken in tongues
Described as not only a ruthless cycle
Of ritual impulses and epiphanies
But of beautiful cunning

This creature
Leaves us at times, submissive
And will always be there to shape us relentlessly, consistently
Leading us in awe
Jack Mandala May 2015
Disappointment runs across my face
As your life has gone south and left a bitter trace
The future looked immensely bright for you
A golden crown carved with your name looked true
But enticing decisions inspired by the devil
Pressured you to get on his level
Based on recent experiences with a close friend
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