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Fritzi Melendez Nov 2017
I am tired with the feeling of being dismissed, criticized as to what I'm going to do next.
I am tired of forcing myself to choke back the tears, hide my barb-wired stained arms behind a long sleeve sweater.
I am tired of fidgeting to keep my sleeves past mid fingers, because my knuckles are swollen and bruised green and purple from yesterday's misdemeanor.
I am tired of insomnia always wanting to be held by me, being woken every 2 hours as if I was tending to a crying baby.
I am tired of running around and around my brain, always overthinking until I go past insane.
I am tired of how my energy stops out of the blue, leaving me nothing but to stare into the wall dazed and confused.
I am tired of making people run away from my presence, love and hurt and leave me until I'm left too sick to keep myself barely on balance.
I am tired of walking with wobbly and scraped knees, my palms are bleeding with skin peeling off, barely able to write more sad poetry.
I am tired of being hurt by everything and everyone, they say my heart is a blessing, but it has cursed my life since the day I was born.
I am tired of the cruel criticism towards me, years upon years of insecure comments that developed into PTSD.  
I am tired of having to rely on someone else's heart just to make myself feel worthy and complete, I can't help sharing my entire heart just to get it back again obsolete.
I am tired of the sickness that tells me good morning each day, opening my mouth to cleanse my body of the food from yesterday.
I am tired of looking at my skin in the mirror, as my rib cage becomes more visually clearer.
I am tired of breathing in the oxygen plagued with depression, opening my eyes to a vast blur in my vision.
I am tired of smelling the fear raid out of my body, their eyes watch as I shake and choke on my spit as I drown in the sweat caused by my anxiety.
I am tired of feeling incomplete, my hollow heart filled with thoughts of the night my soul fell to my feet.
I am tired of crying on the bathroom floor alone, shaking with ***** dripping from my mouth whilst trying to type for help on my phone.
I am tired of wanting to be loved and adored, knowing full well they'll leave me when they get bored.
I am tired of scrolling through my phone to fill the space of pleasure, because his name is screamed to me until not my legs, but my brain makes me shake as if I was having a seizure.
I am tired of being vocal about my mental illness, if it only brings me back into a bigger mess.
I am tired of ruining everything I touch, shattering like a fallen sculpture, not being able to fix it much.
I am tired of thinking until I get ******, screaming with every  punch on the wall because I'm alone and won't be missed.
I am tired of dreaming what could have been between him and I, instead I begin to think of different ways to die.
I am tired of seeing my window sill every morning, thinking about how I can just jump from it so I can avoid today's daily dooming.
I am tired of talking without words to speak, instead they're drowned out by wails until everything turns bleak.
I am tired of being told I'm going to be a failure, only because my suicidal thoughts have made me unsure.
I am tired of the pressure for me to do better in school, knowing they are just going to insult me for being an emotionally unstable fool.
I am tired of the tears kissing my cheeks goodnight, only to knock me out with the help of the looming monster that is impossible for me to fight.
I am tired of feeling and being weak and fragile, telling myself I'm strong are only words filled with false hope dripping with vile.
I am tired of the days I feel happy and alive, whilst also telling myself this is temporary and will soon deprive.
I am tired of my mouth being sewn shut as to not mutter a single word, trailed off when it finally unravels to people who refuse to have me heard.
I am tired of the numbness in my body after I break down, realizing the man-made tornado had once again ripped into my lonesome town.
I am tired of being alone and having no friends, because I'm still trying to heal from the knife twisted deep into my spine from the last person that wanted my life to end.
I am tired of keeping myself in captivity, when I know that I can free myself to feel amenity.
I am tired of the bipolarity in my decisions, always asking to be left alone but cry when I'm not given attention.
I am tired of being the family burden, an annoyance who can never do right with flaws that can not be undone.
I am tired of getting tangled into the constant mess I put myself in, they say I keep doing this to myself as I place my problems on my head with a pin.
I am tired of being ******* to the strings, in which exhaustion plays and moves me like a puppet's unescapable fling.
I am tired of being tired all the time, it's becoming so hard to find words that rhyme.
I am tired, I am just so
Lately has been nothing but terrible outcomes and I feel worn out and exhausted. I don't know how much longer I can keep these shallow breaths going.
NoFucksGiven Nov 2016
No one has ever asked
So no one ever knows
How do I feel
It's like I speak in codes
For one I am tired
Of crying and yelling
Of being sad and pretending
Of being alone and angry
Of feeling stuck and angry
Of needing help and remembering
Of being different and missing thing
                                                                ­  I AM TIRED...
                                                        ­                                                    I am tired of being stepping stones
                                                          ­                                                           Of being forgotten and alone
                                                           ­                                                         I tired of all the pain and hurt
                                                            ­                                                         Of being treated just like dirt
                                                            ­                                         I am tired of wanting the easy way out
                                                             ­                                                                Of being pushed around
                                                          ­           TIRED
     ­                   R-
                ­        D-
T - tired of being tormented
I- tired of trying to impress
R- tired of my rage
E- tired of my emotions
D- tired of death

                                                          ­       I AM TIRED
                                                           ­                                             I am tired of sickness that haunts me
                                                              ­                                       I am tired of my own brain that taunts
                                                          ­                                                                 ­ Of being called a coward
                                                          ­                                                                 ­    Of feeling overpowered
                                                     ­                                                           I'm tired of look beyond the bad
                                                             ­                                                                 ­    I'm tired of being sad
                                                             ­                                       I am tired of all the burden to my stress
                                                          ­                                                                 ­   I'm tired of all this mess
                                                            ­                                                           I'm tired of feeling worthless
                                                       ­                                                            I'm tired of having no purpose
                                                         ­ I AM TIRED
I am tired of setting my goals aside
I am tired of the saying "I tried"
I am tired of ending up as a last choice
I am tired of feeling remorse
I am sick and ******* tired of life........
                        always getting the best of me....
                                                          ­                                        I am tired of wondering "what could be"
                                                          I AM TIRED
I am tired of endless hope
I am tired of being the world's biggest joke
                                                          I AM TIRED
                                                           ­                                       I am tired of being tired because you see
Being tired caused these endless emotions...
                                                     ­                                                                 ­                            Out of me...
                                             I AM TIRED OF BEING ME
                                CAN YOU HEAR MY EMOTIONS NOW?
                                        DO YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL?
                              OR DO YOU CHOOSE NOT TO NOTICE
                                                          ­    I AM ...
To All Reader:
I ask of you to give me you critiques on my poems. I want to become a better poet, and i need to know what i need to work on.
The uniVerse Jun 2016
So tired of this feeling
so tired of just being
so tired of thy place
so tired of my face
so tired of frustration
so tired of humiliation
so tired of instant anger
so tired of constant hunger
so tired of feeble jealousy
so tired of peoples infidelity
so tired of running away
so tired of not knowing what to say
so tired of yo yo emotions
so tired of no go solutions
so tired of being tired
so tired of how my brain's wired
so tired of over thinking
so tired of sober drinking
so tired of appeasing obsessions
so tired of these possessions
so tired of saying no
so tired of staying home
so tired of praying alone
so tired of making excuses
so tired of feeling useless
so tired of restless nights
so tired of this pointless plight
so tired of facing fears
so tired or racing tears
so tired of panic attackss
so tired I can't relax
so tired of anxiety
I guess I'm just tired of me.
Originally Written: 11/3/14
I am tired of my grades determining my worth
I am tired of negativity stealing my happiness
I am tired of ******* slicing through my inner peace
I am tired of fixing something when someone always messing with it
I am tired of thinking but still asking
I am tired of looking but still searching
I am tired of sleeping but still dreaming
I am tired of reminiscing but still remembering
I am tired of loving but still wondering
I am tired of admiring but still idolizing
I am tired of everything but still hoping
I am tired of expecting but still waiting
I am tired of living but afraid of dying
I am tired of crying
I am tired of yelling
I am tired of being sad
I am tired of pretending
I am tired of being alone
I am tired of feeling  crazy
I am tired of feeling stuck
I am tired of needing help
I am tired of missing things
I am tired of being different
I am tired of missing people
I am tired of feeling worthless
I am tired of feeling empty inside
I am tired of not being able to just let go
I am tired of wishing i could start all over
I am tired of dreaming of a life i will never have
I'm tired of it
I'm so tired
but most of all
I'm just tired of being tired

I know i'm tired
I know i'm physically and emotionally drained
but I have to keep going
I'm tired!
I'm tired of everything,
I'm tired of all this world,
I'm tired of everything!

I’m tired of every example,
I'm tired of all the effort,
I'm tired of paying the price,
I'm tired of dying of desire!

I'm tired of being late,
I'm tired of being diagnosed,
I'm tired of being cured,
I'm tired of being censored!

I'm tired of having to explain to me,
I'm tired of having to listen,
I’m tired of all words,
I got tired even of poetry!

I'm tired of still life,
I'm tired of alternative medicine,
I'm tired of rich details,
I'm tired!

I'm tired of daydreaming,
I'm tired of sleeping on the train,
I'm tired of feeling pain,
I'm tired of suffering for love!

I'm tired of everything in this world!
Tired tired!
Tired of living tired,
Tired to exhaustion!

Tired out,
I married my old coat
With my fatigue.
Ralph Bobian Sep 2015
Yo...I'm sleepy.
I don't think you have any idea how tiring my life is.

Let me explain...

I'm tired.
God-**** I'm tired.
Tired of crying.
Tired of trying.
Tired of trying to try,
only to fail,
to keep trying.
Tired of feeling like
I only stay alive
just to avoid dying.
Tired of thinking I don't deserve
the talents that I have,
and always stayin' in denial.
Tired of thinking
if I were to show my talents
then you people would think I'm lying.
Tired of motivating everyone else
when I can barely stay inspired.
Tired of thinking I dream too big
because everyone else is thinking smaller.
Tired of being different
than everyone else,
and feeling like I don't belong here.
Tired of my own dreams
being too big to grasp
and making me feel alone and awkward.
Tired of being annoyed and peeved
and on the edge at any little thing
that makes me bothered.
Bothered at the fact
that I'm tired of being tired
and can't stop my thoughts from wandering.
Tired of losing sleep
over trying to catch some rest,
and can't seem to catch my breath,
or take a break,
even if it's offered.

I'm ******* tired.
Tired of not being on top
and feeling like quitting.
Tired of everyone always seeing me
dry my eyes.
Tired of feeling like I'm a walking relapse.

I'm ******* tired.
Tired of working my *** off
and drowning in pity.
Tired feeling like all I do
is complain and whine.
Tired of thinking negative when I know I don't need that.

...******* tired.
Tired of having four ******* items
in three different pawn shops
in two different cities
and one ******' thing on my mind
with zero positive feedback.

Tired of people thinking
that I'm thinkin that I'm ****** special
even though I know I'm not only one
caught in this bind,
or stressing in life.
Tired of venting into this mike,
like it's my only revival.
But it's the only way I can
confess and unwind
and get this stress out my mind though

So thank you for letting me lay down
these lyrics I'm writing,
so I can put these thoughts to sleep
and rest them in peace
to expire
and finally stop being tired.
Moarabi Mar 2016
I am tired, really tired...
I am tired of my talents not being recognized
I am tired of constantly proving myself
I am tired of being disabled

I am so tired...
Tired of not belonging
Tired of being invisible
Tired of being worthless

I am very, very tired...
I am tired of exchanging fake smiles
I am tired of meaningless conversations
I am tired of appearing dumb so as to get help

I am just tired...
Tired of being useless
Tired of failing
Tired of not dreaming

I am extremely tired...
I am tired of being apologetic
I am tired of being left out
I am tired of being ugly

What I am I saying?
What am I really tired of?
Why am I tired?

I am tired...
Tired of being speechless
Tired of being powerless
Tired of being afraid

In fact, I am broken down...
Broken down by being black
Broken down by being African
Broken down by being primitive
Alan JustATG Oct 2017
I’m tired of living this tired way
I’m tired of being too tired to play
I’m tired of alway being the man that’s grey
I’m tired of not saying what I need to say
I’m tired of having to survive another day
I’m tired of always being the one to pay
I’m tired of being just okay, okay

I’m tired of these long nights
I’m tired of these tiring non stop flights
I’m tired of the scribbles and weak writes
I’m tired of fighting other people’s fights
I’m tired of climbing these never ending heights
I’m tired of not making the wrongs rights
I’m tired of these same sights

I’m tired of being nowhere on my own
I’m tired of being a voice on the end of the phone
I’m tired to the bone
I’m tired of being the great unknown
I’m tired of being the last to be shown
I’m tired of sitting on this dark throne
I’m tired of only catching what I’m thrown
I’m tired of carrying this tomb stone
I’m tired of hearing it groan and moan

I’m tired and I’m running alone
I’m tired, but I’m running for home
Alec Astaire Feb 2018
I’m tired of lying that things will work out
I’m tired of telling myself that “Today will
         be the day”
I’m tired of drifting through this world
         feeling so alone
I’m tired of pretending I’m completely OK

I’m tired of learning how to be strong
I’m tired of striving to be something
         I’m not
I’m tired of putting my faith in the things
I’m tired of hoping ‘cause hope’s all I got

I’m tired of slowly forgetting all of the
          good times
I’m tired of wondering if my chance at
          love is gone
I’m tired of waiting for someone to
          save me
I’m tired of singing, for I sing for no one

I’m tired of wishing she could love me
           the same
I’m tired of feeling as though I’ve
           forgotten how to feel
I’m tired of “best friends” that never get
           to know me
I’m tired of thinking any chance of my
           happiness is unreal

I’m tired of this world where both the
           light and the darkness reject me
I’m tired of realizing that my best is
           never good enough
I’m tired of being defined by factors
           that I’ve never controlled
I’m tired of making excuses for why all
            I do is ruin stuff

I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

I’m tired of being tired
And I’m tired of waking up
np Nov 2020
I am

tired of not being respected,
tired of being taken advantage of,
tired of being told what to do,
tired of being accused,
tired of always being wrong,
tired of silent conversations for hours on end,
tired of wondering why i’m not good enough,
tired of apologizing for things that aren’t my fault,
tired of your twisting of words,
tired of your apathy,
tired of your ruthless blunt comments,
tired of missing your hot touch on my bare skin,
tired of wishing you cared,
tired of trying so hard for someone who doesn’t give a **** in return,
tired of analyzing my every move for your “peace of mind”,
tired of jumping through hoops to impress you only to realize you arent at the show,
tired of being on the brink of saying goodbye only for you to win me right back with one of your dazzling smiles and gentle hugs,
tired of being spoken down to,
tired of feeling small,
tired of hiding parts of me that are too loud for you,
tired of frowning when i could be smiling,
tired of sobbing when could be laughing,
tired of hating myself when i could be loving myself.
i’m so **** tired.
i’m so ******* tired.

tired of being tired.
#tired #yawn #breakup #relationships #love #hate #trust #loving
Sol Mar 2015
I'm tired of seeing my face
I'm tired of waking up
I'm tired of going to sleep
I'm tired of being home
I'm tired of going out
I'm tired of my family
I'm tired of friends
I'm tired of people who don't give a ****
I'm tired of people who do
I'm tired of people
I'm tired of sitting on chair
I'm tired of standing up
I'm tired of standing up for myself
I'm tired of being let down
I'm tired of letting people down
I'm tired of letting myself down
I'm tired of all the colors
I'm tired of the sunrise
I'm tired of the sunset
I'm tired of breathing
I'm tired of talking
I'm tired of eating dinner
I'm tired of eating stew
I'm tired of getting thinner
But I'm still not tired of you.
I'm also not tired of my dogs
The Bleak Poet Oct 2015
Do you ever get those feelings of worthlessness?

Or those feelings that you could've tried harder?

What about those feelings that make you just want to crawl in a hole and die?

How about the feelings that you are ugly and you hate what you see in the mirror?

Most people have experienced at least one of these feelings at one point in their lives.

I experience them every day.

I wake up in the mornings dreading to get out of bed, not just because I'm a lazy teenager who doesn't get enough sleep.

But because I am tired.

I'm tired of always feeling worthless.

I'm tired of hating the reflection the mirror shows me.

I'm tired of constantly thinking 'if I had just tried a little harder I wouldn't be a failure.'

I'm tired of wanting to hide away in my room forever, so people can't judge me.

And yes, I'm tired for the obvious reason of lack of sleep.

What I don't understand is why people feel the need to make others feel worse about themselves to make themselves feel better.

Do you really get a satisfactory feeling after putting someone in a ****** mood and ruining their day?

If so, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and your values.

Should we not as a society encourage people to be their best and help one another rather than conforming to social standards and mocking them if they aren't wearing the latest fashion or how big their bodies are?

We mock and tease people because of what they wear, the way they look, the colour of their skin, the size of their bodies, the amount or lack of makeup they wear, their relationships, their hair, shoes, nails, eyebrows, age, gender, sexuality, acne, wealth, weight.

But we never see people going around telling people how great they look, how beautiful their smile is, how wonderful they are to have around, or how happy we are that they were placed on this earth.

We are so quick to judge others just by a quick glance, jumping to conclusions without a second thought.

We are so quick to blame society for our problems, but we tend to forget; we ARE society.

We complain how society has ruined us and it is an injustice.

We complain how society depicts women and men.

We complain that society has given us unrealistic expectations of men,
women, school, jobs, living, and people in general.

Who are we without society?

We are humans living in a world without each other.

We ARE society so WE have the power to change it!

We cannot sit around and wait for things to get better without working for them.

We have to take what we want in this life, we have to change our ways of living to see the results we seek, and we have to change our perspective of others to change their perspectives on us. Nobody is going to hand you things in this life, so work for the changes you want to see.

We don’t know anything about one another until we sit down and talk to each other.

Don’t be so quick to judge me on my looks, body, hair, makeup, clothes, and lifestyle when you know nothing about me other than what you want to see.

I promise you I am so much more than what you perceive me to be.

Don’t judge others when you know nothing about them. In fact don’t judge others, period.

So again I will say, I am tired.

I am tired of the way people look at me when I walk down the street.

I am tired of the way people treat me without knowing a **** thing about me.

I’m tired of hearing people call me fat.

I’m tired of walking up and feeling worthless.

I’m tired of feeling like there is absolutely nothing left to live for in this horrid, judgmental world.

I am tired of hating my body.

I am tired of hating myself.

I am tired of having a simple black line drawn on my eyelid control how I feel about myself.

I am tired of constantly worrying what others think of me.

I am tired of believing that I am ugly.

I am tired of constantly feeling like people are judging me.

I am just tired, plainly, simply, tired.

I. Am. Tired.

– I'm Tired // F.C.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I'm tired of taking off my own belt
I'm tired of feeling what I've felt
I'm tired of giving up so easy
I'm tired of no one trying to see me
I'm tired of complaining and whining
I'm tired of the wanting and pining
I'm tired of sleeping all alone
I'm tired of staying at home
I'm tired of listening my thoughts
I'm tired of everything I've got
I'm tired of staring on the mirror
I'm tired of trying to wipe it clear
I'm tired of silent, early mornings
I'm tired of romantically mourning
I'm tired of my ever-drying lips
I'm tired of my calloused fingertips
I'm tired of listening to happy people
I'm tired of being frail and feeble
I'm tired of being alone
I'm tired of being alone
Someone Apr 2014
She was tired
She was tired of all the homework.
She was tired of all the stress.
She was tired of how all these people would ignore her.
She was tired of her brother fighting with her.
She was tired of how her mom would threaten to **** herself and she didn't know whether to believe it or not.
She was tired of no one appreciating her and what she tried to do for them.
All they did for him.
She was tired of her dad treating her like she was dirt beneath him.
She was tired of her dad acting like he was a king, although he knew nothing.
She was tired of her "friends" always relying on her but none of them would make it so that she could rely on them.
She was tired of not getting recognized for all the things she did for everyone.
She was tired of feeling empty.
She was tired of remembering all the bad past memories she had.
She was tired of all her thoughts.
She was tired of messing up.
She was tired of feeling bad.
She was tired of feeling sad.
She was tired of no one loving her like she thought she deserved to be loved.
She was tired of fighting for everything.
For fighting for others happiness instead of her own.
For fighting for other peoples problems to be heard rather than her own.
She was tired of fighting for people already losing their own battles as she was losing hers.
She was tired of it all.
She was tired of not getting answers.
She was tired of no longer having hope.
She was tired of slipping away and no one noticing.
So she thought:
I can end it all.
No more thinking.
No more pain.
No more stress.
She knew it seemed selfish.
Maybe it would end all of this though.
Maybe it would end others fighting.
Maybe it would end all their stress that she knew she caused for them.
Maybe they would all go on to be happier.
She thought of ending it then.
If I leave they wouldn't miss me after a while.
They would forget.
She would forget.
All she would be doing is going to sleep for a while.
Or maybe longer.
Didn't want to.
But she feels
Like she must...
Hinata Jan 2015
I'm tired of being strong. I'm tired of pretending who I am. I'm tired of my family saying be a doctor or dentist so they can get free visits. I'm tired of being compared to my siblings. I'm tired of being the only hope. I'm tired of college. I'm tired of this downward *****. I'm tired of being jobless. I've never had a job. I'm tired of being pressured to do great and perfect. I'm tired of being ugly. I'm tired of being the fat girl in the group. I'm tired of people taking credit for all of my hardwork. I'm tired of my family putting me as the person to blame when something goes wrong. I'm tired of hearing my dad say it's all about the money. I'm tired of hearing my mom ask if I got my financial aid check. I'm tired of my sister asking me to take care of her son. I'm tired of her telling me to work places so she can benefit. I'm tired of my brother pushing me around while the other stands around. I'm tired of my boyfriend not listening to me. I'm tired of him telling me that I act like a child. I'm tired of him saying that I shouldn't give up when he already has. I'm tired of people giving up on me. I'm tired of everything. I'm tired of life. I just want it all to go away.
This was meant to be saved as private but I ended up saving it as public, sorry to vent out my frustrations, again it was private. I will keep it up just cause maybe I can gain inspiration from this, but other than that, I'll most likely just delete it later on after everything has settled down. I apologize for inconveniencing you with my problems.
Dinodust Oct 2018
I’m tired




I’m tired of over thinking

I’m tired

I’m tired of it all

I’m tired of her

I’m tired of him

I’m tired of this feeling

Deep inside my chest

That makes me want to rip everything out

Tear me to shreads

But I can’t do that

I can’t have another 11 a.m. kitchen sink surgery

I’m tired of crying

Tired of feeling guilty

Tired of feeling unloved

Tired of forcing myself to eat

Tired of shaking

Tired of feeling empty

Tired of being numb

I’m tired.

I’m tired of always sleeping

I’m tired of forcing myself to do things

I’m tired of wanting to be liked

I’m tired of hating my body

I’m tired

I’m tired
naifa aboali Feb 2015
I'm tired of being alive
I'm tired of not wanting to be alive
I'm tired of having responsibilities
I'm tired of pretending like everything is okay
I'm tired of going to a house that 'im suppose to call my “home ” but it’s not that at all
Its a roof over my head to keep me warm but not to keep me sane
I'm insane
I'm tired of thinking i'm insane
I'm tired of arguing
I'm tired of having to put in headphones to block out the world
I'm tired of living in a world where money is the number one priority because without money you have nothing
I'm tired of the world
i'm tired of writing about my feelings
I'm tired of hiding my feelings
I'm tired of feelings
I'm tired of thinking
I'm tired of breathing
I'm tired of being tired ..

Henry David Mar 2014
I was
Not too long ago
Tired of being sad
Tired of being alone
Tired of pretending
Tired of being angry
Tired of being stuck
Tired of needing help
Tired of remembering
Tired of being different
Tired of missing out
Tired of feeling forgotten
Tired of wishing to start over
Tired of feeling aimless
Tired of feeling worthless
Tired of hating myself
Tired of all my problems
Tired of feeling like it was all my fault
Tired of dreaming dreams that would never pass
But most of all I was Tired of being Tired

And then you came into my life
And I became awake
Holly Feb 2015
I'm tired of crying.
I'm tired of yelling.
I'm tired of being sad.
I'm tired of pretending.
I'm tired of being alone.
I'm tired of being angry.
I'm tired of feeling crazy.
I'm tired of feeling stuck.
I'm tired of needing help.
I'm tired of remembering.
I'm tired of missing things.
I'm tired of being different.
I'm tired of missing people.
I'm tired of feeling worthless.
I'm tired of feeling empty inside.
I'm tired of not being able to just let go.
I'm tired of wishing i could just start over.
I'm tired  of dreaming of a life i will never have.
But  Most  Of  All,  I'm  Just  Tired  Of  Being  **Tired
Abigail Stone Mar 2015
I guess I'm just tired.
I'm tired of crying,
of all the whining, ******* and moaning.
I'm tired of yelling,
screaming at the world in an effort to be heard when no one actually wants to listen.
I'm tired of being upset,
of being so sad that my entire chest aches each time the memories replay in my head.
I'm tired of pretending,
of playing a game in which I'm all right,
of wearing a mask to convince others they don't need to waste their time on me.
I'm tired of being alone,
of being so lonely I can hear my heart breaking,
of the quiet so silent that I can hear my hurried pulse as though I actually have somewhere to be.
I'm tired of being angry,
blaming others for what I'm going through,
telling myself that it's not my fault, it's theirs,
claiming that no one is at fault when it's all mine.
I'm tired of feeling crazy,
like there's no rational explanation for what I'm going through,
like no one else can understand what I'm going through.
I'm tired of feeling stuck,
like I can't move on,
like I can't go anywhere but down the hole, swallowed up by the misery and sadness.
I'm tired of needing help,
depending on others for survival,
of depending on the pills I swallow each day as if they're finally going to help me,
as if today they'll change their minds and actually make things better.
I'm tired of remembering,
knowing that you moved on long ago,
that you never really gave a ****,
that you would rather die than see me again.
I'm tired of missing people,
of missing pieces of my heart,
as though one day they're just going to come back on a whim,
suddenly giving a **** about me again.
I'm tired of feeling worthless,
told over and over again by the actions of others that I mean nothing.
I'm tired of feeling empty inside,
feeling my heart beating in an empty cavity,
knowing there's no more emotions that will enter my system,
knowing that my emotions have long ago abandoned me.
I'm tired of not being able to just let go,
even though I know that you're never going to give a ****,
even though I know you're going to do nothing to me but hurt me more.
I'm tired of wishing I could start over,
of praying to God that He'd let me begin anew,
that He'd give me a second chance.
I'm tired of dreaming of a life I will never have,
of those perfect moments that will never be mine because I have never been enough.
But most of all, I'm just tired of being tired.
I am tired.
I am tired of not sleeping. Tired of trying to stay awake, because each time I try to sleep every bad thought and guilty feeling consumes my mind’s fatigue and internalises the stress into energy. My anxiety can keep my mind running all night long. I am tired of running without crossing any distance. Running without moving is an exercise my mind is too out of shape to survive. I’m tired of running away. Each step pounds the point home that I am a coward. Each pound pushes the earth down until it reaches the other-side, causing another step along the way. The eternal footrace soldiers on thanks to the anxiety engine.
I’m tired of fear. Repetitive worry exhausts every other thought from existing, so fear becomes the constant state. I’m so fluent in fear that I twitch at every sound and grip at every surface. My mouth is so prepared to scream that simple phrases of love and compassion, or even pleasantries and common courtesy involve intense concentration to untie my tongue.
I am tired of the silence. Silence from those who don’t have the seconds to spare to consider these issues, silence from the loved ones who refuse to understand, silence from the health professionals who seem to know more about pushing drugs then pushing information. I am tried of the silence I am shackled to by a condition that hides in thousands of names and symptoms.
I am tired of crying. I am tired of being unable to control a torrent of pointless salt and shame every time I need to ask a question in a train station or a bank. Countless scenarios with incalculable varying outcomes drain me, I cannot prepare for technology to fail, for accidents, for unhinged passers by or the end of the world. I cannot prepare for anything. I cannot control anything. Not even tears.
I am tired of not sleeping, I am tired of not waking, I am tired of running and running away, I am tired of crying, I am tired of caring, I am tired of dreaming, I am tired of trying… I am tired of being tired.

So ******* tired.
I am tired;
tired of waking, tired of sleeping,
tired of crying, tired of holding back tears,
tired of breathing, tired of holding my breath,
tired of working hard, tired of being lazy,
tired of living, tired of dying,
tired of love, tired of hate,
tired of dreams, tired of dreamless nights,
tired of thoughts, tired of blankness of mind,
She is not a *****
She is not heartless
She is not selfish
She is not full of herself
She is exhausted
She is worn out
She is done
She is tired of not being heard
She is tired of not being seen
She is tired of trying to be good enough
She is tired of having to take care of everything
She is tired of the late nights staying up worried about her loved ones
She is tried of disappearing and no one noticing her absence
She is tired of being taking advantage of
She is tired of giving advice yet when she needs advice no one seems to be around
She is tired of being disrespected
She is tired of being judged when she needs to be understood
She is tired of holding back because no one wants to hear about her problems
She is tired of being pressured into doing things she doesn't want to do
She is tired of being terrified to let people in
yet no one is giving her a reason to let her fear of vulnerability go
She is tired of working and not getting anywhere
She is tired of encouraging others but when she needs motivation
it's like she doesn't exist
She is tired of her kindness being walked all over
She is tired pushing forward just to be pushed back
She is tired of being everyONE'S HERO
SHE IS...remarkable
She is a rare person to find
She is everyone's hero but sometimes even hero's need help sometimes
Even hero's have bad days and just need someone to remind them of their greatness
She needed a hero
but now it's too late...
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: December. 26, 2015 Saturday 9:17 PM
Mike Hauser Sep 2020
I'm tired of this atmosphere
I'm tired of its people
I'm tired of the traps
And stones being thrown

I'm tired of non bending
I'm tired of the breaking
I'm tired of the liars
Too many to count

I'm tired of the fascists
I'm tired of the Nazis
I'm tired of the racists
With fingers that point

I'm tired of the guilt
That comes with the pleasure
I'm tired of them telling me
They will but they don't

I'm tired of the powers
I'm tired of excuses
I'm tired of the pressure
Being under their thumb

I'm tired of the yelling
I'm tired of impatience
I'm tired of the hate
In the name of love

I'm tired of those sitting
I'm tired of not standing
And those being silent
I'm tired of it all
Francisco DH Feb 2013
Don't leave me behind to pick up the pieces
When All I needed was your kisses
Don't leave me alone to fend for myself
When you go and be with someone else

Cause I am growing tired
Of all these games
of all these names
Why can't you change?

Your name echos in my heart
But I don't listen cause you tore me apart
Your name wants to slip out of my mouth
But I stop it, It mustn't come out

Cause I am tired
of all the games
Of all those names
I stopped and won't play
I don't care if you change

I close my heart but only to you
You will no longer be able to break through
I will no longer melt, no longer feel the way I use to
No matter what you try to say, No matter what you try to do

Cause I have grown tired of everything
Tired of your name
Tired of you antics
Tired of trying to show but then being thrown like a used towel
Tired of trying to ignore
Tired of everything you say
Tired of being in dismay
Tired of thinking of you
Tired of worrying about you
Tried of putting myself out there
Tired of feeling naked when I get near you
Tired of ......
I am just tried of you
SJ Stine Sep 2010
I'm tired.
Tired of reading meanings into words you slurred.
Tired of trying to impress you.
Tired of trying to look hot enough for you.
Tired of being called cute.
Tired of being called nice.
Tired of being called sweet.
I am tired.
Tired of trying to win you over.
Tired of you thinking you are too messed up for me.
Tired of trying to be perfect.
Tired of never getting a second look.
Tired of not having my fun.
Tired of you not being here with me.
Tired of my image.
Tired of my status.
I am so tired.
Please take me in,
Revive me.
We can be reborn together.
Recharge our souls on a playlist,
On a sip of poison,
On a touch of skin.
Take me in,
I am just too tired.
One Simple Soul Aug 2020
"I'm just tired."                                                          ­              Tired of trying, 
"I'm just tired."                                                          ­              Tired of crying.

"I'm just tired."                                                          ­             Tired of smiling,  
"I'm just tired."                                                          ­               Tired of dying.

"I'm fine, just tired."                                                        Tired of saying fine,
"I'm fine, just tired."                                      When I'm way beyond that line.

"I'm fine, just tired."                                              Tired of fighting my mind,
"I'm fine, just tired."                                             Tired of always being kind. 

"I'm ok."                                                             ­              Tired of the faking, 
"I'm ok."                                                             ­            Tired of the shaking.

"I'm ok."                                                             ­               Tired of forgiving,
"I'm not ok!"                                                             ­              Tired of living.
Lauren Rayne Sep 2013
To put it bluntly,
I’m tired.

I’m tired of you
I’m tired of thinking of you
I’m tired of you being in my head
I’m tired of thinking I ever have a chance.

I’m tired of hope
I’m tired of wondering
I’m tired of pretending that things
Aren’t what they are.

I’m tired of the loneliness
I’m tired of how much I care
I’m tired of thinking about our conversations
The ones that meant something
The ones that mattered
The ones I was excited to have with you
Every day.

I’m tired of waiting
I’m tired of feeling
I’m tired of looking and never finding
I’m tired of not knowing.

And I’m tired of you caring less.
Knowing what you're capable of, yet
Giving less than the least.
I’m just
I know this isn't melodious, or thought provoking, or a masterpiece. This is me.

— The End —