Katrina Jun 2014

a popular response
people are always tired
from what though?
they're tired when they're sad
they're tired when they're mad
they're even tired when they're happy
I can't grasp why the hell everyone's so tired...

KAT COLE Mar 2015

I'm so tired.
Tired of living.
Tired of dying.
Tired of just being so tired.

To not feel is a curse.
& to feel is a blessing.

But what is the in between?
Exhaustion I think.

I'm just so tired.

notapoet Oct 2014

dream, tired
wake up, tired
get up, tired
get going, tired
hi, tired
bye, tired
leave, tired
come, tired
sleep, tired
dream, tired
exhausted, tired

I'm tired to wash up,
So I procrastinate.
I'm tired to stand up,
So I'm sitting here.

I'm tired to walk to bed,
So I remain on the floor.
I'm tired to get myself to sleep.
So I'm still awake.

But I'm tired.

Donna Bella Jun 2014

Tired of this shit
Fuck this bitch

tami Apr 2014

I'm tired
No, not that kind of tired
Where it can simply cured
By sleep

I'm tired
Of all the things
That put me through
And through

I'm tired
Of all the times
Where I've almost
Shed a tear

I'm tired
Of all the friends
That used me
Like my feelings never existed

I'm tired
Of all the life
That makes me suffers
Days and nights

Esmé van Aerden Mar 2014

Even sunflowers grow tired of
praising the sun when it rises
and mourning it when it sets.

Scott Hoogenboom Feb 2015

I'm tired
Tired of you
Not tired of you
But tired of you.

That side that lies
I want it gone
I want the old you
Someone to count on.

NitaAnn Nov 2014

During every stage of life
I am a failure
Stupid,stuttering child
Always messing up
Probably never going to succeed
Pointless to try anymore
Over life as it is
In a dark place
Never anybody's first choice
Totally incompetent
Exiting stage left
Nobody cares
Time to quit.

Is the moon tired? she looks so pale
Within her misty veil:
She scales the sky from east to west,
And takes no rest.

Before the coming of the night
The moon shows papery white;
Before the dawning of the day
She fades away.

Paul Andrews Mar 2015

I'm tired of
feeling bad.
I'm tired of
feeling sad.

Can't we be happy on our own
Instead of needing to be around others?

I'm tired of it all,
Can't it stop?

I recognise
those tired eyes
with fond recollections
how we made them so
by the lush warmth of the fireside
through the night:
decadent movements.
how those eyes and your body glowed.

Jacob Traver Sep 2015

They -- fall
Slowing down sight
I draw closer and closer
Then --
Flutter to stay awake and realize I'm not ready for this
I'm not yet able to enter that dark place of meditation
-- But
I feel it coming more swiftly
My heavy eyes falling
With every
Last shutter
No -- yes

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