Styles Jul 2017
I'm too bad for you
your too good to me
we were meant to be
you are, baby your my destiny
its so plain to see
the way your drawn to me
like a flower to a bee
you were made for me
R May 2013
It's four o'clock in the morning and I should be far away from this bed
in the land of dreams where anything can happen

Yet I still lay here, replaying your words in my head over and over again
and memorizing each dreadful sentence you spoke

You are a writer, and I guess that I am too
but my thoughts can't pour down onto paper half as well as yours do

Not only can you write though
heck, you can even talk

I've listened to you speak of your hopes and dreams, your past and sorrows
and to be quite honest, it didn't matter what you spoke of

Because every single word flowed out of your mouth so beautifully that I was mesmerized
even if they were words that I didn't want to hear

I... just don't think we're right for each other at this point in time.
Don't you understand? Don't you feel the same way?

Of course I understand.

I knew all along that I would never be good enough for you
a person of such beauty, such wisdom, such potential

I think you're beautiful and have so much potential for greatness but I don't think you see it.

I am not beautiful

I am scared
scared of life and everything in it

I am empty
my heart feels as if it has shrunk down to nothing and I'm numb

I am unworthy
there is not another human being on this earth who could ever be satisfied with someone like me

I'm sorry.

Now, with the tears pouring down my face
I realize that I hate myself

I hate myself for never being good enough
or smart enough, or beautiful enough

But most of all
I hate myself for knowing that I deserve this

What a crappy night.
Julie Oct 2012
Contemplation for days and hours
As all the beautiful flowers devour their worst enemy
Trying to defend me, no decency cause I tell myself I’m horrible
Gravity slams me to the floorboard of a moving car
Let me go, let me breathe
My reality deceives the truth that you and I were once meant to be
I overlook, my eyes force me not to see
All the pain, all the lies
Just fuck you
I despise you and your bullshit ass ways
And I’m still sitting here in this haze
Of my sweet mary jane, that takes away the pain
Because she actually gives a fuck about what I have to say
And she don’t question me
She smooths the depression out of me
There’s not a doubt in me that I won’t see better days
You’re in the past
There’s no way we would have been able to last
But I be me, I do me
I don’t give a fuck about what your eyes want me to see
They see what they want to see and I be what I want to be
I laugh at your failure to attempt to change me
I’m invincible, not dispensable
You can’t just use me, I’m insensible
Good luck finding someone as valuable as me
There’s no next time, there’s no meant to be
Natalie Neo Oct 2014
What's meant to be will be.
(So I don't have to fight for it to be.)

What's meant to be will be.
(So I don't have to be eager to please.)

What's meant to be will be.
(I really hope you still feel it's me.)

What's meant to be will be.
(I assume you will come back to me.)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
This is short and


Just as we
were meant to be.
My love. You are lost.
Jessica Jun 2014
Your my best friend

I tell you everything
And I know you will always be there for me.

But sometimes I wonder
if just maybe deep down under
you think, like me, we were meant to be

Our friendship just seems like such a bore
And I fear one day you'll see it as a chore
and that is why I would rather be so much more.

I would rather hold your hand
And have you be my man

And I be your girl
and I'd let you play with my curls
that you tell me you love

Your my best friend  
and we might not ever be anything more
but I will still be here in the end...
Kerri Mar 2015
You tell her you love her
she says "I know I can see it in your eyes"
you look into hers and beneath the aqua blue
you can see she loves you too.

But she won't say it. She just turns her head and bites her lip.
She's not supposed to say it.
Willpower is something I strip off nonchalantly baring my naked soul
she zips hers up and holds it tight, she's not ready to be free

You share a visible yet impassable love
a beautiful gift kept tied in a bow, never for the world to open
Two stars floating in the universe meant to collide
yet always passing each other by
Chemically balanced, but time is never on your side

The sparks fly spitting out flames
but never catching fire
All that remains is a shorted circuit
because she never could be free.
There was a time where she realized that every sign was there,
She realized that all along she had the choice to set forth in her own path,
She realized that she followed a path that wasn't meant for her,
She noticed that she could have picked a different direction to head towards,

But she didn't,

She picked to be with someone that wasn't meant for her,
And although she had respect for him,
And although she both grew with him,
They were never meant for one another.
Vanessa Escopin Sep 2015
You know whats funny- being you in love with me?
Is you don't know how I  truly feels. You think I'm happy that you're hurting because of me?
I'm damn hurt that I wanna cry a river.
But I'm making it stop.
If you don't want to stop hurting me, we'll then I guess we're not meant to be.
splvrry Apr 2014
i loved you so much that it was hard to see
how we were not meant to be.
i looked up to you alot that i didn't realize
you left me to rot whenever i fall.
i wanted you so bad it was so easy to see
you and i were not meant to be.

Bianca Reyes Sep 2016
I could have
          sworn we were
                             meant to be

We argued
             so perfectly
Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
Krusty Aranda Mar 2014
I wonder if
she was ever
meant to be
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
It's where I'm meant to be,
But you're standing in my way.
You're not a harmful subject,
Yet you're not asking me to stay.

It's where I'm meant to be,
My heart said it's the only way.
You're standing before me,
Turning my mind into your clay.

It's where I'm meant to be,
I thought my final signs were screaming.
At me, of course, who else?
You're standing there listening and watching.

It's where I'm meant to be,
I thought God finally heard my call.
My call to Him was not for you, but for a path,
The one you're still standing in strong and tall.

It's where I'm meant to be,
For how much more must I pray?
You're still my growing obstacle,
Hey Ganesh, lost options for games to play?

It's where I'm meant to be,
I call the place my mother, my home.
You're there standing like a sacred idol,
Hey Ganesh, please make your message to me, more known.
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