Marisa Hope Feb 2014
Let's play pretend.
Let's pretend we don't know each other.
Let's pretend we were never lovers.
Let's start over.
You can teach me how to sing.
I can teach you how to dance.
You can teach me to play piano.
I can teach you how to love.
Let's start over.
Let's drink.
Let's drink to the good times, to the bad.
Let's get fucked up together and not remember how it ends.
Let's be young, wild, and free.
Let's start over.
Now let's remember.
Let's remember the past.
Let's remember how we used to be.
Let's remember all the fun we had when we pretended.
Andreus Soprano Mar 2013
Reaching a goal, victory in sight.
To be up on that stage, oh what a delight.
Years of hard work coming to fruition.
Now it's time to start paying back tuition.

True character formed, wisdom and knowledge.
Let me tell you what I learned in college.
Forget the status quo, this is all about you
Get up off your couch and create something new.

Success takes hard work, that's not news.
Remember that when you hit the snooze.
So step up your game, get right to action.
Put in the work to find satisfaction.
Wolf Irwin May 2014
I smile all the time because I don't want to be sad,
I work towards my goals because one day I'll be glad,
I'm on a search so ill start with inside,
And I do fail ill be happy I tried,
Shout out to the movers, the getters, the doers,
Leave the old you behind today couldn't be newer,
I can see in your eyes i can feel through your heart,
Nothings to hard just be willing to start,
This life is a risk so please take your chance,
Might not be a party but still we should dance,
You can cuss at the rain or think of the flower,
You can be super use perspective as power,
Hopped in the rocket told Louie to the moon,
Finally got my chance results coming soon.
seasonalskins May 2014
i wish to unmeet you
         only to meet you again.
L H R Jun 2014
Spring time, spend some time
Turning over new leaves
With your footsteps
As you leave

Making my heart drift through the sky
And land on the grass.
As if you needed more to do
Leave me be

Come the Autumn, leaves turn red to brown.
Those leaves have fallen away
The wasted years spent alone in your room
Working for paper
Days we could have spent
Falling in love
Kicking up leaves
Dr zik Mar 2015
Is the start of breathe life?
No! Then what is life?
Start of hope is life…………!
The True Tip of my Tongue,
(Enchanted Bronchial Tree),
holding out the
Cavern of Soft Sultry Silhouettes
that hug the walls.
Clinging to their influence able nature,
tendency to allow pink purity
to fall
to the black blistering blasphemy
of dirty-watered bongs.
Inhaling the Damnation of god
And Magic Meal of
Those residing in Gehenna,
And those scouring the pearly whites of
heaven for their 72 virgin
Booty Calls.
The desperate stench
Of religion
crawling down
my needy trachea
to attach its
sticky suction cup sermons,
trying to trick
My larynx into
Hail Mary’s.
Hoping repetition
will etch it into
our subconscious
like a gravestone
set in stone.
So repent,
saunter back into your pen little sheep.
False Anarchic Prophet,
Pretend Goat.
Throw your brain back into the box,
The Individuality Dishwasher,
They built for your mind from the
Copyright Krystelle Bissonnette
Md May 2014
I want an eraser for my chalk board
I want to see only black.
A fresh slate, for new beauty to begin,
Get rid of that old dust.
So ugly and painful, as it fades away.
Get rid of that old dust.
Give me a god damn eraser for my chalk board.
I want to be surrounded in black.
Let's start over
Begin a new life
Take it all back
Throw it all behind

Let's start over
Take away the pain
Get away from it all
I want to start again.
Get angry with me
yell at me, hit me
do your worse.
no matter what happens I will always love you.
I will always be there
I mean look at you.. how could I say no?
We can fight and make up
what is not to love?
I'm going to hope for the best
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