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Taylor Rothanzl Mar 2013
In timeless fashion you held the key,
With quivered lip, between your teeth.

I lay and lay and lay and lay,
But full in sleep ive never fell.

Dreams are all I see of you,
With twisted fate you fell from me.

Now I lay in bed asleep,
Under cold sheets you left for we.
bron Jun 17
The ghost of yesterday
Found a home in my mind.
Haunting my every step forward,
And rejoicing in my steps backward.

I can still see it though,
The blues and greens.
And all the colors
That lay between.

Your eyes.
They still glisten,
But now from a distance.
They almost seem brighter,
From the shadows in which you now dwell.

A shadow that covers my face,
When attempting to feel the warmth of the sun.
And a shadow that absorbs me,
When the sun sets and the night draws closer.

They say people are like rain,
Because like rain,
We all eventually fall
In our own ways.

I have fallen,
But not to the ground.
I fell into an ocean of numbness and doubt,
An ocean filled with the deepest of caverns and the darkest of shadows.

But atleast
From these shadows
I can still see the glistening
Of your blues and greens.

And all this time
I was the one looking from the shadows
And you,
you were the one dancing in the sunshine.
Brody Blue Aug 2017
In a drunken stupor, the widow lies awake
As she waits quietly for dawn to swiftly break;
As the trumpet hums its chords and loudly plays
I can't even look at where he lay

Kicked from the infantry and stripped of my gun
For knowing that a victory is never truly won,
I scoff at the thankful and their euphoric praise
When I can't even look at where he lay

One must submit to chaos to birth a dancing star
But to walk a narrow path's to swim a pool of tar
We are merely blunders made by our own mistakes
And you want me to look at where he lay?

Well, I'm fully intact but I don't give a damn
Misfortune casts its shadow, a deity so grand
I follow my moonlight's eternal haze
And it won't let me look at where he lay
It won't let me look at where I lay
Robin Lemmen Jul 19
You are liquid fire
Come, sit down
Let me have a sip
I do am parched
Come, lay down
Next to me
And let me explore
Your body made of matches
I am made of pure
Golden desire
Come, take me down
We do burn so beautifully
After 2 am
In the morning light
Cloudi Aug 31
he says
he likes my name
so I lay down
waiting for the rain

it only lasts five minutes
I can't keep secrets from her

I'm stabbing myself in the back
before anyone else does

I got two faces

smiling so weak

I don't want to wake up
to know your still asleep

don't dream without me

love when you wake me up with a kiss

make it last forever

I'm singing myself to death

Diana Sep 10
Does my touch
Give you goosebumps
Like yours does

Does my warm smile
Melt a little of the ice
Surrounding your heart
Like yours does

Does the sound of my name
From another's lips
Cause the corners of yours
To lift upward
Like yours does

Does my existence
Give you comfort
Like yours does
surrendering to the angel you send in the night
tarnishing night with stars you set, of mementos, gems
sweetened into being by the heat of unknown
fun in the warning
sun in the worsening
need to see the warm winds
in your hair, see it myself
my vigil, diadem is a pen
decrees are on each page
that summer endings and I
lay down to
- it's dreaming
of the soul that holds my soul
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
come if you're thirsty, come if you're stained
come if you're weary, come if you're pained
come to the water, the bread and the blood
come to Christ's soul-saving covenant flood
there's no one too dirty, no one too poor
no one too broken whose faith He'll ignore
come if you hear Jesus calling your name
come to be free of all guilt and all shame
come if you're willing to cast out old strife
come lay your burden and take up new life
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