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Taylor Rothanzl Mar 2013
In timeless fashion you held the key,
With quivered lip, between your teeth.

I lay and lay and lay and lay,
But full in sleep ive never fell.

Dreams are all I see of you,
With twisted fate you fell from me.

Now I lay in bed asleep,
Under cold sheets you left for we.
Strung Oct 1
You’re forcing my hand, forcing the lungs to constrict,
What will you do
with the bits of love I’ve left to you?

I don’t trust you anymore

“Nothing is wrong”,
Let it be known
I’ve just had a bad week,
Though that’s naive.
A crooked dream
I like to think

I know I’m surrounded.
Blood red hair you dye to stay pretty,
Like the blood drawing sharks in calm waters.

— I guess I deserve it.
Oh, as I lay upon My bed
in the midnight hour
thoughts of You pass through My head
Oh, a phantom of you dances before Me
you are so near and yet so far
those words I'd wish I'd said
a desperate fever takes hold of Me
Oh, how to make you mine?
Oh, how to let You know
that you mean the world to Me?
I toss and turn the whole night through
time passes oh so slowly
the clock ticks at a snail's pace
tomorrow! tomorrow!
Oh, what do I do? what do I say?
I struggle with words in My head
what if the wrong words do not come?
and I lose You forever?
unbearable this timeless agony
Oh, better to just come and say My mind
then if from You I'm parted
life and rime and reason
have lost there meaning
better to die than face that lifeless life
Oh, My sweet tormenter
You have made Me lose all reason
Oh, how you have crucified My heart!
suspended between heaven and earth
in a timeless agony
I stumble over words with stammering lips
Oh, I will pursue You forever
if a fool I am
than a fool I shall ever be
Oh,how all life and limb
are as nothing to Me
for who can bear this timeless agony
and the torture of the snail's pace clock
for You are life to Me
and so Myself and heart revealing
I place all online
like the men who bled and died
upon thermopyae's sands
Oh, how You hold My life
and soul in Your hands
Go to sleep,
my love,
and find your happy place.
Go to sleep,
my love,
i'm sure I'll be okay.

Rest your head,
And darling stop panicking,
I can feel your whole body shaking.
Rest your head,
And know,
That my heart is truly breaking.

My darling,
let me handle all thats coming.
My darling,
While my heart is numbing.

Close your eyes,
My dear,
And let the light carry you away.
Close your eyes,
My dear,
No need to be afraid.

Drift away,
I promise you'll feel nothing.
Drift away,
We both knew this was coming.

My angel,
My beginning and my end.
My angel,
Until we meet again.

Sweet dreams,
Just know,
I love you more than life.
Sweet dreams,
Just know,
T'was an honour to have been your wife.
PS Rowland Jan 2014
The caress of your words against my skin.

The feel of your love as it deepens within.

The passion in your eyes as they bore through my soul.

Our inner connection is what makes me feel whole.

Your wanton desire lay bare before me.

My moans in your ear are my heartfelt plea.

The need for more as our bodies entwine.

Blending into one,  I'm yours and you're mine.
© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
Remember when we chased butterflies,
Ran behind dreams,
Stalked opportunities,
Shadowed hope and trailed desires.

Today, staring at a picture postcard laden desk,
The only thing I chase is the end.
Finality has replaced hope and uncertainty is no longer exciting.

We've grown beyond our age,
And aged beyond our dreams,
We're all but asleep,
With open eyes.

A nightmare as a daydream,
A de-shriveled reality,
A symphony of monotonic cacophony,
Of timelines and deadlines
Where we're all looking for a lifeline.

A throw out to yesterday,
Looked through kaleidoscopic eyes,
Where every tree was green and every sky blue,
Where the future held hope and life held purpose.
jecky May 19
Baby, won’t you lay down beside me
under the dim yellow light
as our songs play in the background.

Baby, won’t you lay down beside me
where we can hold each other close
while our fingers intertwine.

Baby, won’t you lay down beside me
where we can talk about anything –
our feelings, our dreams – Us.

Baby, won’t you lay down beside me
where we wouldn’t give a ****
about what the world is thinking.

Baby, won’t you lay down beside me
where we can be happy
just because we’re together.

Baby, won’t you just lay it all on me?
May 18, 2018

As long as we're together...
bron Jun 17
The ghost of yesterday
Found a home in my mind.
Haunting my every step forward,
And rejoicing in my steps backward.

I can still see it though,
The blues and greens.
And all the colors
That lay between.

Your eyes.
They still glisten,
But now from a distance.
They almost seem brighter,
From the shadows in which you now dwell.

A shadow that covers my face,
When attempting to feel the warmth of the sun.
And a shadow that absorbs me,
When the sun sets and the night draws closer.

They say people are like rain,
Because like rain,
We all eventually fall
In our own ways.

I have fallen,
But not to the ground.
I fell into an ocean of numbness and doubt,
An ocean filled with the deepest of caverns and the darkest of shadows.

But atleast
From these shadows
I can still see the glistening
Of your blues and greens.

And all this time
I was the one looking from the shadows
And you,
you were the one dancing in the sunshine.
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