Jamie Oct 2014
I saw it tonight
In all its glory
The way she looked at him
The way he looked at her
The way you never looked at me
Images of what I wanted to see are blurred
As clutter fills the way
I looked to the path to find a way over
But my step was too large

The heart's wish whispers its words
So gently stating what it would like
I looked to the elders
But that become nothing but memory

Passion aches for a chance to dance
Swaying its hands to sign whats coming
I looked to the moonlight defender
But that was nothing more then a child's admiration

My strength hangs by the thinnest of thread
Waiting for a chance to fight
I looked to a swordsman who fought the same wars
But that too was admiration for forgotten ways

My mind tries to plan the next step
Seeing if it could twist the ropes of reality
I looked towards the bridge
But that was gone in the wages of war

I looked for a hand to hold by my side in this journey
Seeing if they were worthy of the time
I looked to my family for ideas
But that too had faded into lost memories

So I stand
Waiting for wings to grow
To soar above the mess
And meet with the angels I have foresee

Behind I could hear whispers
Chanting various unknowns and tone
I looked to see who is there
To realize the armies I have brought

How am I to truly lead the way
If I am stuck in this hole that never stops getting deeper

Come to me my wings
Allow to soar higher above the forgotten green
So I may once again foresee the angels
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
Paul looked into the mirror
paul looked into the washing machine
and anger he felt so
but love he wanted
the love he knew
but was not wanted
do 'nt give me love that is not wanted.
I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd
THE HIGH horses of the sea broke their white riders
On the walls that held and counted the hours
The wind lasted.
Two landbirds looked on and the north and the east
Looked on and the wind poured cups of foam
And the evening began.
The old men in the shanties looked on and lit their
Pipes and the young men spoke of the girls
For a wild night like this.
The south and the west looked on and the moon came
When the wind went down and the sea was sorry
And the singing slow.
Ask how the sunset looked between the wind going
Down and the moon coming up and I would struggle
To tell the how of it.
I give you fire here, I give you water, I give you
The wind that blew them across and across,
The scooping, mixing wind.
ALamar Jul 2015
Today all the eligible promotees find out if they get promoted
I've been working for this company for over 17 years and YES I feel like I'm owed
Those that got promoted got to hear from the CEO while the rest of us got a canned speech from the CEO's flunky:

He said: I’m sorry you didn’t make it...you’ll get’em next year”
I thought: "Whatever it's the same old routine year after year"
He said: "You’re all great workers, but for now we need you right here"

To this company I've given so much back
This time every year I can't sleep
I get anxiety attacks thinking about being left back...again
And it hurts
I sacrifice everything for my work
When I look back I think its been a nice run
But after all these years of not reaching the next rung
I’m beginning to think that perhaps my time in this job is done
people that mattered didn't stay,

i begged of them not a day
or a night together,

some while,

a pause eye on eye,

hint of a smile
glimpse of a cry,

but they weren't easy,

people that mattered were too busy,

shadows moving, moved away,

while i begged of not a day
not a night together

only a while
eye on eye

to make things better.

The Sun went down—no Man looked on—
The Earth and I, alone,
Were present at the Majesty—
He triumphed, and went on—

The Sun went up—no Man looked on—
The Earth and I and One
A nameless Bird—a Stranger
Were Witness for the Crown—
Ottar Oct 2013
Young men fit for battle,
too young for war but paddled
with swagger down the Skeena.

A week on the water, lakes and rivers,
bodies of water that take if you giver,
but this one this day promised what it delivered.

A vortex, canoes lined up to paddle hard,
as the hole in the middle would drag a canoe,
to the depths, to the depths, without release.

One canoe and wait then another then one more,
three were through, number four went round
and round the eddy they held steady as five went
past, then they, four escaped the mighty swirl without

Six was with the whirl, they paddled hard as
they were drawn near the rocks and cliff,
a broken paddle, and they limped away, clear
of the gulf.

Seven went and were hell bent, to get through,
all experienced paddlers too, what success,
number eight held four of us, weighted low down
with only three paddlers too, round we went and
then again, nine passed us and cleared the danger,
seven came back to encourage and be near...

What happened was what they feared the whirlpool
dragged us closer, we weren't dizzy, but tired of
rounding the same bend, breaking waves but not enough,
tiring out as we were pulled in again, round and in again.

We needed to split the curve cut the outside wave
and across the break, near the rocks and in the wake
of the river wash and the base of the cliff,
we had to all paddle hard and when and if
we broke free we would join our brothers guilt free,
if we did not
we would have
been a story on
a page of some
deaths to drowning
while at a cadet camp.

the boat's bow broke the waves one two and three,
missed the rocks, the cliff, almost free, voices raised,
an angry fight to live and have done battle with no loss,
we were finally free three companions and me, tossed
by the fourth wave, and I looked back into the hole
of the maelstrom, I looked back lesson learned,
passion for life, a must you have to yearn
for life otherwise, for love, point your bow,
dig your paddle in
and look back no more.

There is more rough water ahead.

Whirlpool was a surprise to our leaders too, they told us after, it was an 8 foot vortex and the whole thing was 40 feet across...I can still see some of the fearful expressions on the other 16 year old faces.
Marsha Singh Jul 2011
O useless sky – you disappoint,
brood mutely as I weep and curse;
you've had eternities to meditate, yet
I think of all the answers first.
Ayda Zaire Apr 2015
I looked at you and fell in love;
You smiled because you knew.
Chloe Elizabeth Sep 2014
I looked at him
and saw the eyes of a familiar stranger

His voice was deja vu
for my brain's amnesia

The smell of last September
lingered from the collar of his shirt

And I had never felt
more at home
sitting in his car
in my driveway

By Chloe Elizabeth
cs wondering May 2014
Looked above the heavens
Looked for the man who put us here
Looked at my tears flowing down
Looked at the blood flowing out

Sucked in a deep breath then....

Looked at the starry skies
Looked for the brightest star that's probably dead
Looked at the drawings on my desk
Looked up the ceiling....

And wished for salvation...
And wished for an angel....
And wished to find a direction...

Save me please,
I'm looking for you.

— c.s wondering
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