Nylee Jul 6
If I had all the questions
                   entire universe
    and every answer
          full dimension space                    
what would be tomorrow
      the end is just today          
         the world wouldn't suffice          
        I'll be on my own device    
     nothing to rule      

    my soul would be full.
here’s the clunking throb of my heart
and you walk in from work
your hair a fluster of black strands
heels flicked off and keys
tossed into the bowl with a clatter

you flump onto the sofa
say nothing
but listen to the clunking throb
of my heart
and I know we’re both thinking
something has to change
but the answer is hidden
like a note under a stone

we breathe
and the traffic continues outside
we sigh
and the phone shrieks by the door
Written: May 2018.
Explanation: A poem written in my own time. A link to my Facebook writing page can be found on my HP home page.
"As if you were on fire from within

The moon lives in the lining of your skin"

Because your eyes, so beautiful, containing every color an ocean can be, show the light of your soul... and it is kind.

Because your lips, sculpted by angels, turn up at the corners when you smile, and your happiness makes me a child again.

Because your hair, strands of gold commingled with shadow, betrays the brightness of your spirit,
and the darkness, not unlike my own.

Because your name; said in the darkness of my room, to myself, alone, means I am not alone.

This is why.
Pyrrha Jul 15
Someone once asked me why I like poetry so much
If its sometimes hard to understand
And its sometimes confusing to read

In return I asked them why they like to feel
If the feelings are sometimes hard to understand
And sometimes confusing to read

They cocked their to the side and asked what my words meant
They simply didn't understand
That the words from a poet are are tangled by the beat of their heart

Sometimes we can't help but to speak figuratively
Because we like to hide our thoughts and feelings in plain sight
Finding out what weight the words carry is half of the excitement

Just like wearing our feelings for our crush on our sleeve
Or ignoring someone when we're angry
You don't make it obvious, but you leave all the clues in the open
Because just like a poet, you want to be found
Sometimes people write because our thoughts get ahead of us when we speak, but when the words are released through our pens from our heart it all becomes clearer.
nish Jul 22
someone on this earth has asked
to find out what it means to love
i could never answer
for i know just as much

tell us this, don't hold back
if love is blind
how does one feel
love at first sight

what kind of things
does blind love see
someone is asking
someone is me.
have you ever been in love?
Andra May 2015
02:47 am. i am on the bench, alone, waiting...

the stranger sees me, sighs and asks me wheezing:
"you yearn for someone, too. don't you?"
i gasp. he passes by me and stops.
"what do i have to do to get rid of the yearning? i'm not ok..."
i say nothing, but in my eyes he could've read my answer, my cries and my yearn.
my yearns...
"i should go to sleep, right?"
i smile.
„but does it go away?”
„it certainly does not go away, but at some point you will get used to it and it's like a friend new in town that you take out for a walk.”, i answer him.
"you miss him, don't you?"
i gasp again. we look quietly at each other for a few seconds. then my phone rings.
"tell him that. you might be surprised. now i'll go, pick it up. good night!"
i managed to say: "take care of your yearns!" and i picked up the phone.

it was not him.
Jeff Gaines Mar 16
This girl I know
She is just ... like a book.

Her cover is so beautiful
And yet ... forever changing looks.

But this girl's beauty
Is unlike any that you've seen.

It really comes from all those pages
Those pages in between.

Each page tells a story
Some of sorrow oh so sad.

But for every one of those that you read
You'll find one of better time's she's had.

This girl I know
She rules a realm that no one ever see's.

This girl will never show it to you
And she will never show it to me.

This girl is tough
And dauntless and strong.

This girl she sings
The most beautiful songs.

This girl will never let you see her cry.

This girl will never answer you why.

This girl she doesn't need wings to fly.

Because this girl ... She is the sky.

You will find her overhead
Every day and every night.

Her sun will warm the hardest heart
And her stars they shine so bright.

If you should ever catch her and open that book
You'd better read as fast as you can.

Standing still in any one place
Is never in her plans.

But, this girl I know isn't running from something
And it's not that she's some bird on a wire.

She isn't blindly running through time, you see
This girl I know ... She has a world to set on fire.
Written in the Fall of 2012 about a friend of mine that just means the world to me. I'm too shy, or whatever, to show it to her. With my chronic case of Charlie Brown Syndrome, I am forever in fear that I will be somehow misunderstood. I hope one day, if she ever see's it, that she realizes it is about her.

PLEASE, with all due respect, do NOT tell me to give it to her. If I haven't in 5 years ... I am never going to. That's just me. I PROMISE you that I am THEE most stubborn Aries that you will EVER encounter. My stubbornness has made my family and friends, quite often, call me "The Immovable Object".
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