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Armand-DeamoJC Aug 2018
To all the goodbyes
I say goodnight
To everyone that dies
I hope it's bright

To everyone;
With a razor
Hand of pills
Tied rope
Dangling keys
Extreme height below
Finger over a light trigger
Electricity at hand
Open propane tank
Empty plate, with full glass

Stop, think about who you're leaving behind
I know my words aren't going to stop you, but just read
Did you bother to write and leave a note?
Is it worth it then?
Saying you're sorry, knowing you'll leave someone behind?
Stop. Think about why you're doing it
Do you have nobody?
Think about your opportunities that'll fly past
The chance of ever meeting someone?
Did you lose someone?
Think about if you'll actually see them again?
Being bullied?
Fight back, with whatever you have
Life shoved you down?
No, I'm not asking you to get up!
I'm telling you to get your *** into a nap
Think about all the possibilities that might not be
Think of all the opportunities and people in the future
Think of your legacy
Think of anything except the pain
Now balance the pain and everything else
Want to jump? Skyfall
Want to shoot? Paintball and games
Want to hang? Bungee
Want to overdose? Take 10% of it and party
Suffocate in propane gas, or blow up? Cook a nice meal, invite a friend or family. Surround yourself. No friends and family? Find a friend, build a family.
Want to speed wrong side of the road? Speed on the right side of the road and get carried with the wind, do it over again
Want to cut yourself? Cut off the pain and wrong influences
Electrocute yourself? Rather save electricity and watch a good movie with friends or family. Have none? Watch a movie alone, play a game online. Make friends, build a family
Want to starve yourself so you can get drunker and finally forget it all, when your liver gives in? Eat a lot more, blow off some steam at the gym and build a body that girls/guys would like, attract them and make new friends. Drink with friends.

I've tried many things, some of them didn't work out, or I couldn't stay awake longer. Create new dreams if the old ones died. Work hard for them. Achieve something
"At least leave a ******* legacy behind" is what my bestfriend, Steph used to say
"You can get out of this alive, but maybe a little ****** up, but anything damaged can be repaired" My bestfriend Josh used to say
"Life can carry you away without what you thought you needed" my bestfriend Divene used to say

Even more quotes from people I've lost in my life, so I ask you just think about it all
Still going through with it? Remember it's a one way ticket
I'm suicidal myself. Been for a long time. Just speak to me. Speak to someone. Let's fix this ****
An Answer

You ask ME,
why there is War?
My love, I will tell thee of humanity.
When thou ask me of humanity.
I will tell thee of Love.
  Ask me of Love, And I shall tell thee
of Pain.
To speak of Pain,
I will teach you to Fear.

   To speak of Fear, thou must learn of Need.
To learn of Need. I must answer in
  When I tell you of Want,
thou shall Know of Longing.

When you understand
what it is, to ..Long.
  I will tell you of Children, and you
shall learn of Beauty.

   When you learn of Beauty.
We will speak of Peace.
   When you know Peace,
Then Love, I shall take your hand.
   When you ask, 
"Do I Love?".
I shall Kiss you.
When you ask,
"Have I Loved"
I shall answer,
"You are here.".
   I will hold you in your Pain.
I will Fear that you should know War.
   I will Pray that your children,
Create Art of their Love.

I will long that they shall grow old,
And Know more,..Peace
Then I have yet, Learn.
And when I learn, I shall know god,
An Answer I Pray.
Feeling mortality and Futility. And most of all.  HOPE
karin naude Oct 2013
Why does the moth flutter around the flame?
Why does the river flow to the sea?
Why does the moon kiss the earth each dawn?
Why does the sea tease the shore?

So many questions with one single answer
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2016
The answer to your question is yes...
I will love you.
Now until you’re grey as ash.
I will love you into the future and beyond your past.
Even when passion, pleasure, and pain do not last...our love will be everlasting as the sun and moon.
I'll rise to any occasion and spread warmth within your soul, whilst being dark as the nights sky.
I'll be the knight in your eye.
As the sun and moon...
I will love you as I have since I noticed it first bloom.
The feeling was unnatural to me...but hands against hands, hearts connected and tangled like vines quickly changed my mind in no time.
I will love you even if you aren't mine.
Yes if someone can love you better, they are welcome to try, but I have loved you without bounds or lies.
I will love you with happiness or tears within my eyes.
I will love you because loving you comes as easy as my breath...I do it and do not notice or wonder why.
I will love you now and forever...until the day i die.
seethroughme Dec 2009
Containment defied
Scatter yourself
As far and as wide as possible
Without losing your mind
Look back
And you will find your answer
Nylee Jul 2018
If I had all the questions
                   entire universe
    and every answer
          full dimension space                    
what would be tomorrow
      the end is just today          
         the world wouldn't suffice          
        I'll be on my own device    
     nothing to rule      

    my soul would be full.
Lone Luna Nov 2015
I seek the answer to the conundrum
you have  long become.
Dr zik Nov 2017
You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness!
I recall You!
In deep city noises
I request You!
In deep dark nights
I talk with You!
In a solitude
I smell You!
Every where
When I wander about
I have You!
When I need You, Lord!
You are the answer!
Of unseen questions
You are the solution!
Of upcoming problems
O' my Lord!
As You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness
For the heart
That recalls You!
With and within heartbeats.
Dr Zik's Poetry
Kevin J Taylor May 2017
I think a thought
(I sometimes do)
I think a thought
from start to through.
And when I'm done,
if it was fun,
I think me up
another one.

And if it wasn't
I doesn't.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry from common things.)
Please come and find me
Playful whispers in the dark.
Who am I calling?
I suppose...
My baby,
Can I call you baby?

Oh sweet lullabyes in the night,
Hold me tight in constriction.
Squeeze a little bit tighter, love.
I don't know how much time I have left.
Oh bitterly hopeless
Alone on the void
Scratching at air for any oxygen my depraved lungs can find,
Suffocating on your love,
Choking on your divinity.

Oh darling,
My sweet crimson lover
Dancing on the bridge of death at the break of dawn,
You swing me in your arms,
Torched tongue behind your tight toothed grin,
Your hair grows stars, and your arms bend time,
my fatal partner in a tango to the edge of the earth.

Darkness as you torture me
Wrench my soul willingly
Foolishly and ignorantly
Pulling my strings
Through obligation
And autopilot daydreams
Painting patterns
On an inky black sky

Orange slices on existential beach
Sparkling warm coast,
The cosmos like a bright sunny day above.
Bitter ashes mix and churn with the sand,
I'm sinking,
Help me!
But you just watch.
I sink until I hit the bottom
And there I lie,
Falling asleep to my tears.

The zodiac locked fate,
Fish and Virgins! Fish and Virgins!
Poets and failures,
Academics and frauds,
Spring and summer to autumn and sadness,
My eternal indigo diary,
My blueberry lipstick,
Leaving light stains on my love-lorn letters,
Lavender scattered in the envelope,
Mailed to you on Sunday,
Delivered along the milky way,
A sickly jazmine blend,
Of cherry blossom confusion.

Blood red,
Soaked through,
The same old colours fill my thoughts.
So many clouds for a sunny day.
Raining garnets,
Thick and playful,
Flooding the streets with sweet poison,
Bathing in my deep obsession,
Drowning in my addiction.

Waiting emptily,
In an empty white asylum,
With an empty mind,
Waiting for you,
My answer,
My meaning,
My red and blue jumper.
Not standing up to stretch,
But sitting still,
Letting my bones grow stiff,
To creak under my weight,
Like an old back porch,
Made for a pair of old lovers,
Desolate and dilapidated,
Withered by neglect,

A pointless pray for solace,
In hope you will come,
My prince of milk,
My fifth science,
My escape from this never ending sporadic spiral down into the murky, dusty, purple fog of asinine and inane.
My peace of mind.
My baby.
Can I call you baby?
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Still single?

I feel blessed
Ordinary humans
Can't handle

I'm destined for.
Genre: Viva
Theme: If the question is concerning, let the answer be divine
How is it?
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
When I was asked

Where is your home?
Who is your idol?
Anyone alike you?
What matters the most?
The hardest goodbye

I didn’t reply

For all
I remember
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The connection

were only a sentence away
of letters that could be said
but of words that could not be.
the blanks in my heart
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
He is athetist's God
He just date Angel

Don't embarrass yourself
By asking
Does he have girl friend?
Genre: Fantasy
Theme: Grandeur uploading
jonni inferno Mar 2018
storm winds howl
in fury rage
lash dark clouds
in thunder running
lightning laced
they storm across
her cool
impassive face

she answers
in silence
immortal grace
her face
softly knowing
her smile
sometimes showing
in silence

added link to pic/poem
Neharika Dec 2017
I slept for so long
Dylan lent me his dreams
Now, I wait for the wind.
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