Everyone leaves like the sun at dusk
Attempting to make them stay
Very prepared for another to leave because-
Everyone leaves
hannah Oct 2014
the leaves were falling
the way i was falling
for you. //
ML Detwiler Apr 2015
“Whispering together before a storm,
The leaves take counsel;
And some fly down.”
~ Faelda, from Whispers of Nature
Amy Perry Apr 2014
I sit in solitude, surrounded by trees
That have been standing for ages untold.
I feel the coolness of an Autumn breeze
That grants a leaf to fall that I hold.

With the leaf transfixed in my careful stare,
I examine its transparent tone.
Searching for answers that could be there,
As if the answers are known.

I wish I might show as much grace
Falling to my demise.
I wish another may take my place
And make Mother Gaia nice.

I wish for transitions
That leave me better than before.
It may be intermittent,
But there might be more in store.

I wish my whispers were as sweet
As rustling, falling, tumbling leaves
That make the world complete--
And without them, the forest obsolete.

Someday this forest may be replaced
With a cattle field a mile long.
Gone with a whimper, without a trace
Will be the leaves I once wished on.
Jade May 2015
If words were leaves
Rustling in the breeze
Whispering with ease
Thoughts and feelings
I will then say
There will never be enough leaves
On any tree
To express me
No words would be able to break free
To get to you from me.
BianchiBlue Nov 2014
the daylight declines
to linger as the leaves fall
away with the wind
MonkeyZazu Dec 2015
Naked branches
now scratch
cold wind

Leaves fell
and with them
his coping

with him
thoughts stay
no longer swaying
Austin Barlow Apr 2015
Red and yellow leaves
with varying oranges
Littering my lawn
Fall haiku
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
Never think that dead leaves cannot speak.
Words can be uttered without mouth or beak.
Come in heard to hear and they'll remain mum.
To hear them in solitude you need to come.

Loneliness and silence are their best friend.
You can listen only if truth you seek and intend.
If you've mind and heart to listen, men of clay!
Words more worthy than living they can say.

If your heart is strong and if you have no fear.
Then in storms they are very loud, very clear.
And if your heart is weak in breeze come near.
Truth of this life they will whisper in your ear.
Dark Musings Nov 2014
The words we don’t say
Fall to the ground like dead leaves.
To be trampled and stepped on
Barely making a sound over the wind
Of the lies we whisper;
Too afraid of the truth beneath our feet.
And when storms begin to build,
Lifting the leaves to dance around us;
Those words crawling across our tongues
Fighting to be heard.
The rain of our tears beats them back down,
And the leaves fall flat, soggy, and drenched  
To the cold, hard ground.
Beaten into silence,
To be trampled and stepped on,
Without even a crunch.
Those words we don’t say
Remain on the ground like dead leaves,
A reminder
Of dying souls we meet on these streets.
Madisen Kuhn Oct 2013
Curled up beneath the duvet
knees drawn up to chest
inhaling the smokey scent of my fleece
sown fresh nostalgia
I remembered how
we laughed and ate off chinaware
while sipping out of plastic cups
sitting by the fire pit
in the backyard
my eyes wandered
towards the woods at dusk
and I breathed
realizing we are just specks of dust
that glimmer in the light of our Creator.
Paul Costa Sep 2014
There are

    leaves on the ground.

There are

    few in the trees—

    that hung on during winter;

    that will be the first to go

    come October.
Cassandra Leigh Jul 2014
Autumn crept up on us slowly
We felt the lingering touch of Summer start to fade
And the heat that had seeped into our skin
Was beginning to dissipate

I watched the leaves go from brilliant green
To deep oranges and reds
They were beautiful despite the fact that they were dying
It broke my heart to watch the trees betray them

When the last leaf fell, you were already gone

Summer has returned to me, this time I am aware that it is fleeting.
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