Cade Apr 2014
I can feel the cracks,
growing larger,
shifting in my brain,
slowly draining my sanity,
the darkness rises,
and sometimes,
I don’t fight it,
I let it settle,
directly in my soul,
creating it’s own perch,
it scares me, I like it,
I am good,
I am good,
but evil rests within me,
Chloe Apr 2015
"I think you're beautiful. Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

Not when you use the same word to describe every other dark haired, light skinned woman.
Not when you look at me and say
"Of course I think other girls are prettier than you."

"But I still think you're beautiful."

"So my words are just empty to you?"

*Of course.
Traveler Jan 2014
The Devil pursued until his interest failed
He changed his course straight back to hell
Yet I felt to follow through gates and doors
Caught and married his favorite whore...

The beard that hid my bitter face
I took a razor and I did erase
No more hiding from what I can be
How could I embrace such misery...

Darkness plagues the shadows of mind
Light gets broken in the Devil's design
But we are not pawns without a choice
These are my hands and this is my voice...
Just because we change our ways
doesn't mean the darkness fades.
Solaces Jul 2015
PIZZA vs. SUSHI Breaking off course:

Arrival set: 1515-2212
Log... On set for 1515-2212 but with a short delay for minor star drive repair..

" Lizor Why did you lie on the log that we needed to do engine repair.. The star drive is at perfect balance!? " Soler have you ever been to the human planet Teres (Earth) .. We have to stop an retrieve something that will send you're sensory buds past Rapatolian Rapture! And what might that be!? First thing is first.. Punch in these Teres numeric values into the wave length.. 830-583-9864! " Thank you for calling Pizza hut how can we help you!? " Yes we would like a large pepperoni pie and a large Extra Italian Sausage pie.." Dine in or delivery? Delivery will be fine.. Please just leave it at this address.. Ok that will be $22.82 It will be ready in 20 minutes.. Replicate 22 Teres American dollars and 82 hard cents and a 10 dollar tip..

"Behold Soler.. This is Teres Pizza.. take a bite! Everytime I am near Teres I stop to get a pie! By Rapatolian this is by far the best sensory my 4 tongues have ever gathered!
"Next time we will try the sushi! No next time we will get 12 pies instead.. I do not think they can make anything to match such rapatolian rapture.. What is sushi anyway!? Who cares! Set course back for home..

Cosmic taste!!!
Penguinie Apr 2016
A flower sat deep in a mountain hole,
he kept his goals sacred and his petals whole.
They said he was a dreamer,
that had kept his feelings in and became a little meaner.

He was as nice as an angel,
well at first that's what it seemed.
Because he became a flower,
in what he wanted as a dream.

Then one day as he bloomed,
a fish that looked like the sky,
put a cast of magic into his eye,
and just as soon as death came apon him,
just like the wind,
you can never, ever predict its course.
**(Based on the character Asriel Dreemurr from the game Undertale by Toby Fox)

Of Course—I prayed—
And did God Care?
He cared as much as on the Air
A Bird—had stamped her foot—
And cried “Give Me”—
My Reason—Life—
I had not had—but for Yourself—
’Twere better Charity
To leave me in the Atom’s Tomb—
Merry, and Nought, and gay, and numb—
Than this smart Misery.
S R Mats Mar 2015
We shall be water, my love.  For water flows around or through
obstacles that seek to impede it's true course.

It seeks another way to flow in it's coursing desire to go onward,
an effort to reach the sea.

We shall be water, Love, you with me.
I absolutely loved this when I wrote it many years ago.  Now I feel it is just okay.  I know that happens to most poets.
Carolin Nov 2014
I hate tax accounting as
much as I hate white icing
on my cake. For fuck's sake
why do they give us such
complicated courses as
requirements to take* ~
Cinzia Mar 23
No chance to sit and write poems
the day soldiers on
a million little nothings
occupy my time
if it's not the bills it's the dishes
a prayer on my knees
to the dirty floor
what god is this who rests
in the ruins?

I juggle, no, not a metaphor
I juggle 3 rubber balls
red, blue, yellow, primary colors
focus my mind
one can't juggle with a head full of detritus
I'm a joke, a clown
the tear painted under my eye
a mockery of myself
drop the balls and start singing
I'm an angel
my voice a jewel
cutting through the emptiness
Kenna Jun 2012
Our hands and mouths are like boats, they flip about in the turmoil of the sea's final storm.
so indecisive
knowledge is key; key is bankruptcy.
only if you have the key...
can you antelope, I can elephant,  in the tetris island.
YOU FOOL. of course not. try again.
The beeper is left cold.
Only because you have to answer. you could change this you know. there are other possibilities.
like what? ranger ice?? I don't think so.
no I laugh at your incapability of answering this question which is ,oh, so simple.
I'll give you one more chance
One more chance.
Poem for fun with my Friend.
Ellyn k Thaiden Jan 2014
Of course you've left
I don't blame you
Because who could love a girl
Who does not love herself
What man could just stand by
And watch her slowly die
Take razors to her skin
And fight a loosing battle within

Of course you don't want to
Be around for my own demise
I'm only a ticking time bomb
Watching the world pass
Me by while I do nothing
But sit in a puddle of my own self loathing
Who would want to stick around for that

No one would
No one can love a girl
Who doesn't love herself
Due to the voices in her head
Placed there by years of torture and
Genetics, not by choice but
Only by force
Of course you wouldn't love me

Who could love a girl
Who doesn't even love herself?

The answer is obviously
No one
I don't blame you, Levi.
Miguel Muller Sep 2014
An unknown direction
on a day rising
with renewed energy
renewed vitality
so much potential.

Taking that direction
of mind over matter
with retooled perception
toward revitalized perfection.

Taking that direction
promotes deeper reflection
searching the soul
avoiding the role
of misguided rejection.

Keep the direction
keep the mind
keep the energy
keep achievement

mandala lama Jan 2014
whatever.  i'm so clever.  yeah.  whatever.  i can break the lame guys in when they give last rites. the deader the better the girls sigh.  open up to new norms.  electric rules the old worms.  fortune anorexic wonder. blonder, longer, simpler, subtler.  partial to the flower you think and forever after ....
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