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Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
In the morning, old becomes new
Birds sing as black slowly turns blue
In the morning, my fears are taken
My faith is stronger, I am not shaken

My fears are taken by morning's rebirth
Fresh as the dew clinging to my feet
In the morning, there is a new me to meet
Whom the blinding night has deemed fit to birth

In the morning, my flaws are still the same
Like the yellow sun, everyday like flame
In the morning, I remember yesterday's mistakes
And I know better what is at stake

In the morning, I let go of the night
I let go of the dark, I embrace the light
In the morning, my eyes are brighter
My dance is better, my laugh is lighter

My smile is warmer, my kiss is softer
My hug is tighter, my speech has no stutter
In the morning, I am all I want to be
Awake, refreshed, hopeful, free
cait-cait Jan 2015
can hearts be heavy like
the bags under my eyes,
or is my
illusion of gratitude
just stronger than
my effort to stay awake
im so tired i hate working and i hate being alone***, and now i have to write more for class ugh ****
Kara Jean Jul 2016
A ceaseless compulsion
Memorizing every mark and story you tell
My destructive ways
Playing the game destroying your name
Anyway to create more pain
Here you stand striking and majestic
You walked away resilient
Disfigured to society
I only see grace
Every mark encompassing you resembles strength
I now respect myself
We are binded together boundless through intertwined life
Our infinite form
My spirit and body
Combine as one

I promise to love
This is about my battle with eating disorders and depression. I was able to defeat my demons. I still struggle but I'm stronger than I once was.
a darkness, dampness
refreshing air

...pinhole on horizon;
in brilliant blue.

Bright, brighter,
brighter still
and day.
The vestigial four o'clock light
nudges me awake
and my eyes obey.
For a moment,
I have no recollection
of where it is that I lie,
until I hear the rasp
in your voice
make the gentlest rumble.
A chill runs down my spine
as I am reminded of the night prior.
I turn over
to blanket myself
in your warmth,
and it seems as though
I have just woken up
to a dream.

"Nite. . ?" Reach for the switch
"Nooooo...don't turn the dark on!"
"My dolly's scared!"

"It's no good...I got no sleeps in me!"
"I better get up 'cos
I'm fast awake!"
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
I have cut my feet
while walking with you,
I have lost all my sleep
while staying awake with you
but my friend, for you
all these are just sweet honeydew
which I will drink & sink my pain into,
as these precious moments
are only for few!
Precious moments with a friend
I don't know whether in the future precious moments will exist with my friend or not.
so enjoying the precious moments in the present
not caring for the future existence at all.
Apathy Aug 2014
A clicking of keys,
The soft, white glow of my screen,
Writing poetry.
Emily Jane Aug 2015
Tick tock
It's 2 am
Rather late
To be contemplating today
And tomorrow
and yesterday
And perhaps last June
When jazz bands played
In the English sun

months stretch on
And yet pile up
in no time at all
And days disappear
And weeks run into each other
meandering (so quickly) away

Yet here I lie
As though time were
an idea
dreamed up
As years fit into a single second
in my pondering mind

And I wonder
what will happen when the clock
slips to 4 am
and waking birds ruffle their feathers

You see, time will take me captive
And only on another rare sleepless night
Days, weeks, years ahead
I will again question
The clocks unending whirr
Ramblings from a rather tired restless mind in the early hours of yet another Tuesday.
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