if I should sleep with a lady called death
get another man with firmer lips
to take your new mouth in his teeth
(hips pumping pleasure into hips).

Seeing how the limp huddling string
of your smile over his body squirms
kissingly, I will bring you  every spring
handfuls of little normal worms.

Dress deftly your flesh in stupid stuffs,
phrase the immense weapon of your hair.
Understanding why his eye laughs,
I will bring you every year

something which is worth the whole,
an inch of nothing for your soul.
I like the way you laugh
I like the way you tell corny jokes
The way you sass people
The way you look as you sleep in class
Your cute voice
Your small build
The way you amaze me with your "wise" words

When I see you down
It makes me form a frown

When I hear your abrupt laughter
I smile after

I don't know about you
But all I know is
That I like you
A LOT ♡♡♡
Cliché ... hahaha The thoughts of people who have crushes base on the stories of my friends... hahaha Cause my crush ain't here in the real world ... #Anime4lyfe
"She was an
unusual dresser.
Every night,
she wore bruises
on her heart,
love on her lips,
pain in her eyes,
and ink on her fingers.
They called her poetry."
Aseh Jan 2015
that feeling when (your) finger tips clutch (my) bare skin
veiled in casual apathy
we watch the screen in silence
not knowing what to say

i don't know what went on
behind your flickering eyes
as for me, the moment of contact
sent jumpy tingles up my spine

my mind reeled forward
to unspent nights in dance clubs or backyard barbecues;
the way your hands felt in mine when we leaned in
lips still intact--
III Apr 2015
Amongst the stretches
Of chiseled sidewalk
Stuck with gum and bullet holes,

Waves of black water
Spilled over grass
Dangling in the pull
Of the moon's smirk.

Strung from strands
Of yarn not yet dyed
Hung a bench of sticks
And thorns and buds
With the potential to be

And with shoes cuffing
The ankles of skin
Pale as the shallow murk
Of the wavering sky,
Swinging with the steady
Beat of the croaks
And raspy whispers from
A hat covered head,

A splash of water,
Cool with the gentle peace
Of the final page
Of a book unwritten,
But open to any reader
Who dare choke on the waves themselves.
Zachary Nov 2012
“Love is a serious mental disease"
we're all trapped thinking before our needs. Wishing life wasn't always taken by the thieves, but they're just dressed in black
because its easier to deceive.
Not that they need it,
their tongues will do fine,
but it's only because we have to listen
when they wine.
We can be friends
sure that sounds safe,
but who really wants to be loves
second date.
You're only worth it if I try,
and time doesn't
I can't lie.
We're taught to open doors and be polite,
tuck in our shirts
you know that right?
If she wears something tight,
she won't be the only one adjusting herself tonight.
JJ Hutton Jun 2010
every time we fall in love,
they call it trite,
a false fairy tale.

love is weak.
and weak ain't trending no more.

every time we speak our mind,
they tell us to shut up,
too young to have an opinion.

the youth is unreliable,
too many fresh hormones.

every time we stand up straight,
they cross us,
crucify us.

acquiescing is appropriate,
they gift certificates in frames for that.

every time we subscribe to a higher code of ethics,
they call us radical,
salivate, and spectate as we are torn asunder by lions.

love should never transcend national pride,
here it's guns, god, no homosexuals or mexicans all the time.

if i make a stand, and you make a stand,
and the dominoes begin to fall,

if i inspire a dozen, and you inspire a thousand,
the gears will grind, the tide will turn,

the lions will all be too full,
they surely will run out of nails,
before they've crossed every single one of us.
Copyright 2010 by Joshua J. Hutton
Boot up the computer from a dormant sleep,
A logo strides across the pitch-black screen.
A million lines of Binary code,
All made up from 0's and 1's.
A lifeless character that has life easy.
A plain, flat world easy to traverse lies before him.
The whip of keys instantly splashes color into the grey pixels,
And with the Lines of thought and programming,
Obstacles now stand in his path that he must overcome.
The background is set,
The bugs and glitches are fixed.
All that’s left is for the character to conquer this path,
Then as quickly as it began,
It will begin again.
You did it once not much trouble,
One more try will cost you double .
now your'e stuck your'e soul has baled,
your in jail your'e life has failed,
                  Hard to turn back forget the wack crack.
your'e pore kid whatever he did, You feal cold but once was gold,
Left the family empty handed you went high and never landed.
                       Miss you mommy feal abandend
Need for speed?! plead for lead... Could't quit your'e mind just split.
                                  I'm-still-fit-I-have-a-g­oal To be the BEST ,..
your'e in a whole with mind at rest.
                                            I'm at school it's on my chest It's mommy's day wish you the best.

dedicated  to  my  *brother
skyhow Jun 2013
There is a place called Pampanga
Home of the world's famous sisig
Where people are called kapampangan
And lanterns called "Parol" are big.

Pampanga is where I live
Just outside Manila, capital of the philippines.
Joy and happiness I recieve
When I'm with my family and kin.

I wrote this one to let the world know
A place called Pampanga I call home.
Veemz Aug 2014
Alcohol keeps me distracted
Until i realize
Our love was a drug
And you're  still in my system
Conar McVicker Jan 2013
A funeral for a Great King
Descendants carve their paths
A Demonic mood-killer
A hero answers the call
A vow of aid
Claims become realized
Danger revisits
A journey to the marsh
An underwater duel
The hero departs
A joyous return
A death in the family
50 years prospers the Hero-King
A beast is awoken
The people suffer
An old king rebels
A funeral for a Great King
My assignment was to sum up Beowulf in about a hundred word poem.
David Huggett Nov 2012
I was called a troll today,
I really don't know if I deserved it.
I comment and like but now I feel like shit.

She said I'm sure you never thought I would leave your comment up.
I'm doing so , so that every body can see you this far

So sorry they didn't nominate your ass for the Grand WIZARD
BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME BITCH go crawl like a lizard.

Sorry for this old troll who pay me a visit,
I know some of yall saw him...Lord Have Mercy...
Go to the activity room in the nursing home somewhere in Jersey.

Play BINGO OR SOMETHING don't know what gramps problem was
I think they did it to make you think it is someone
you don't know. Stupid ass people need a real woman

I just do not reply back.
Trolls can make themselves any age any sex
I am blessed not to be sick and homeless.

if they really want views all they have to do is ask
will I help out and share their vid...I will do just that!
depends on what they're talking about....Just dont try to combat.

My guess is Trolls are people looking for views and are bighearted
next time you should think before you sound retarded
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