liza Apr 2014
it hurts because it matters
it hurts because you know that it wasn't a mistake
it hurts because you understand that it's kind of your fault anyways
it hurts because they mattered
JadedSoul Aug 2014
Life hurts
It just hurts
What was once
a crystal jug
pouring love and life
has been knocked and broken
and is now just a dangerous
piece of broken glass
I guess it's true;
Hurt people, hurt people
Anna Sep 2015
It still hurts..
How do you forget
the thing that crushed your heart?
The pain is still there,
haunting me.
It goes away,
but it always come back.

and it still hurts the same way it hurt before
Chloe Elizabeth May 2014
I look at you and longing overwhelms me. It's the only way I can describe it. When someone you had is so quickly ripped from your grip, it feels as if a hole were punched in the middle of your chest and what once filled that space now walks around outside of you. Seeing you feels like you're beside me but you haven't filled that emptiness in months. When I look at you it hurts because you don't look at me back.

By Chloe Elizabeth
To that boy again, the one whose name starts with an A
Ruthie Jun 2014
Love hurts whether it's right or wrong.
liza Aug 2014
You don't realize how bad it hurts until it does. The ranting heteros wearing rainbows and yelling "just ignore them" ring in your head like a chant. At first, all you see is feminism and equality on every news page. They've turned your sexual birth defect into a fad. And it's only ok because, now you see the pre-teens want to be "#samelove" instead of  "#thin". And just as you've forgotten the way your father spit the word "dike" at the dinner table, you've forgotten that you can't legally marry the love of your life in the town that you grew up. And that your mother will cry when she realizes your best friend is actually your partner. Somehow it slips your mind that the cheering equalist aren't your family or the place you work, when there are gay beaches and gay clubs and explicit gay franchises. When did they gay society accept segregation of sexuality? You'll always have to grocery shop and change your oil. Eventually the positive chants of the evolving present, and promise land of the future will morph into sobs. Today is not the day to hold your girlfriendʻs hand in the frozen treats aisle. Or the aisle lined with roses and white tinsel bows tied to edge of the pews.
You'll forget for a while the pain, but today isn't the day that it's gone forever. It still hurts. And it's going to hurt.
Ashley Somebody Nov 2014
It's that cold, small lump
Lying in my stomach here
Keeping me away.
I wish I had the guts to
I wish I had bravery.
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
It never hurts to be kind.

So sacrifice a little of your time just to be kind.

It never hurts to say hello.

So sacrafice a little of your comfort just to say hello.

It almost always  hurts to say goodbye.

But you gotta sacrifice your past sometimes to have a future so sacrifice your relief from pain and just. Say. Goodbye....
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Young people
really feel
a lot of pain
as do older people
who have more time
to get used to it,
and I have found
that I always hurt
and the best I can do
is to sit in a chair,
even sleep
is painful
and I think
that everybody else
and even maybe
everything else
has this kind of pain,
like the fly
in the basement
probably has
and a Zen master
once said
"Even if you get
to the very bottom
of Zen meditation,
there is still
so oh well,
no pain,
no something or other.
Alexis Apr 2014
Society is so focused on being flawless.  Perfect.  No one is flawless, not even Beyonce.  We will forget who we are on the inside, and soon that won’t even matter because the physical appearance is the main priority.  Women these days are spending so much effort trying to look perfect, which hurts.  Pretty hurts.  Society is expecting women to look perfect, otherwise people will judge.  ‘Perfection is a disease of a nation’. The showbiz industry is giving a negative message to the world.  Photoshop is one of them.  Making a celebrity look flawless is fooling the world into thinking we must look like that.  Spending so much money on clothes, hair etc. but we don’t need to focus on that because all that matters is on the inside, which most people don’t seem to see anymore.  We are constantly getting the messages in our mind that we must be flawless, and sooner or later, this is a disease.  Some of us can’t take it anymore, which leads to anorexia, bulimia, insecurities, and issues with body image.  Pain also takes over our minds, which is ridiculous.  Even celebrities have gone through this because in our naïve little minds, we are thinking we have to be pretty.  There is so much pressure it takes over our minds, and that’s the only thing we think about.  We look into the mirror despising ourselves, because we are who we are.  Society has created us into thinking there’s a certain way we must look, which there is not.  Our flaws make us who we are, makes us positively different.  Unique.  But we aren’t allowed to think that way because the media isn’t allowing us to.  When people change, they are only cheating on themselves because media displays images of what we should and shouldn’t look like.  It’s not their fault though.  They can’t help it.  Changing, like getting botox or body implant is only giving us a masquerade.  It’s a mask to hide our real, inner beauty, which the media has taken the idea away from us, to become people who we actually aren’t.
And in the end, we know that pretty hurts.
this probably sucked
blythe Oct 2014
When you
Are no longer
To someone
Who made you feel
Like you are
The most special
People do change.

20W :)

Not my usual. This one is quite sad and heartbreaking. Just tried to write something different. Anyways, thanks for reading ;)
Natalie R Jun 2014
Pretty is what people say you are
It's a status
Pretty is limiting your meals
Limiting yourself to two celery sticks for dinner
Pretty is whether boys like you or not
Pretty is throwing up at the end of the day
Pretty determines who your friends are
Who talks to you
Who looks at you
Who knows you exist
Pretty is what you wear
Pretty is having the spot light
Pretty fathoms your mere existence
Pretty hurts
Inspired by Beyoncé :)
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