Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
I'm on the final trail
Ever since I awoke
Since my mind turned on
I'm destined for cosmic smoke
There's a distance covered
But it took my whole life
I don't know what's left
But I hope I do it right

It's like a winter storm
That doesn't know how to end
It sweeps up some
And never comes back again
This distance here
Has taken me so long
But before I disappear
I'd like to sing you so-long

Send me whispers
From somewhere beyond my place
Maybe I'll understand
When I finally see your face
There's a distance between us
But it's getting closer now
No matter how long it takes
I've got to get there somehow
deep love
dives deeper
deep words we seek
each growing more distant
the nearer that we come
the more we need to speak
aj kamaria Jul 30
i can leave you alone.
i won't text you or call you.
i'll sit as far away as i can from you.
i will no longer tell others of how you're mine.
but the distance cannot stop my brain from recalling memories.
all the distance on the couch cannot stop my eyes from wandering to your messy hair or piercing green eyes.
it won't guard me from remembering your voice
or how in love with you i am.
a love as powerful as mine cannot be damaged by such a measly tool as the distance you want.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I wanna know
About all the places you've been to
I love to see
The woman you've grown into
It's like a mystical thing
How the past is in your skin
All those years of wisdom
And how you learned to let them in

I've gotta place
And it sings like an angel for you
Don't run away
Before I get the chance to explore you
I've seen seven things
Some say they're wonders
But if I could give them a name
They'd be love all the same

Have you flown
To every corner of this starship?
Together or alone
Either way, you've seen your hardships
They're painted in dreams
And stains on your seams
But your dress is in bloom
And smells of sweet perfume

There's talking to do
And I can learn every little secret
If not for you
I'd be sleeping with no one to dream it
Like silhouettes in starlight
Dancing to the song
That we make with stories
Unearthed all night long
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