A Thomas Hawkins Aug 2010
Touch me,
it doesn't matter where
and it doesnt matter how
I need to know I'm still alive
so someone touch me now
Shake my hand and say hello
or pat me on the back
kiss me on the cheek
that I may feel this sense I lack
slap my face and pull my hair
make me bleed I just don't care
dig your nails into my skin
so I can feed this need within
I've been numb for such a time
that even pain would be sublime
so touch me, touch me now
I don't care where, I don't care how
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Styles Jan 2016
Thinking of you,
wishing you were here
reminiscing about your lips
the sweet scent of your hair
our tongues touching
my mouth, breathing in your air
our bodies so close;
temperatures so hot, we melt the air
     as our flesh mesh      
distance disappears
I can feel your heartbeat,
the feeling insane,
two bodies becoming one
as you take me in vein
Your body paralyzed by my tremors
I whisper your name
you pulling me in closer
deeply impaled by my frame
your pleasure is mine
its ours all the same
two soulmates
together we remain.
Touch me
I need to know I'm alive
Touch me
For the reminder that I'm loved
Touch me
with a hug of support
Touch me
for no reason
Touch me
I'll feel the most in my heart
Touch me
with your
Styles Aug 2016
I want to fill my mouth,
                   with your body, and
                               taste your existence  
                                                for all eternity.
Sofia M Sep 2014
your touch
it ignites my bones
it leaves me breathless
it leaves a trail of love that I once had
and I hope it will come back
Ophelia Jul 2014
I need your touch
Like a drowning man
Needs air
Robert Thompson Oct 2014
Morning Sun heats my skin,
awakening memories of you.
Your fevered touch is forever lost,
although the fiery traces remain.

                                                       ­                                              r thompson
i never got a chance to touch your body the way she did but i did touch you the way she couldn't

sunxset Apr 2015
she spoke to me
with a cold, hard voice
and i looked at her
like a sweet soft
touch on the bare skin,
and i loved her
just like that.
i don't know what to say
Styles Sep 2015
That dress will be fit for you,
when you're undress. Butt -- in my eyes,
you are already undressed.
in my mind, my hands
wrapped around you,
as I touch and caress.
hanging on your curves,
loving your tenderness.
The weight of my body,
smothering you into the mattress.
Goosebumps appearing on your neck,
kiss and tease with my teeth,
finding your spot, is my target.
The taste of your hot breathe,
our tongues twist and turn,
speaking a language that is our secret.
warm whispers,  licking your ears wet
soaking your wetness.
I want your body,
more than I want your sex.
I need to take your body,
in ways you will never forget.
I want to please your body,
so if you leave, you will regret.
If you make me beg for it
I will make sure
You will be begging me to stop.
That's what you make me when we touch.
That's how often touch me.
That's what I'll never be.
Marly Apr 2014
he reads the goosebumps on my skin like an old blind man reads braille.
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