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A-nonymous Dec 2011
Touch me not say the morning due to the sunrise disappearing as the sun grew
Touch me not say the coconut tree with its fruits hanging aloof,
Touch me not say the frog with bright red spots corking under the Buttress roots,
Touch me not says the indulging and then eluding dreams.

Touch me not says the maiden, playfully resisting her lover’s every move
Touch me not say the open shore to the teasing ocean waves,
Touch me not say the blood colored fruit to the naive traveler,
Touch me not say the blazing sun to Icarus, son you can’t fly to the sun,  
Touch me not says the peeved kid pouting and showing it’s irk.  

Touch me not says the volcano, feigning to be at rest
Touch me not says the deranged dog, to anyone who dare to come nearer
Touch me not says the humble cosmos, hiding all its beauty on a dark and cloudy night  
Touch me not says the hissing cobra, I can **** an elephant.  

Touch me not says the steaming ice
Touch me not says the thorny bushes,
Touch me not says the porcupine,
Touch me not says the diffident butterfly
Touch me not says the poet, can’t you see i am working i can’t be in distress  
Touch me not, touch me not I am fine ……
because you can.
because you want to.
because it's the only rememberance you have.
because in another life you won't.
because in another time you wouldn't.
but don't touch this time.
it's the touch that melts you down.
mends your soul.
not her but him also.
but to make her safe not hound her.
it's the touch,
or the essence of touch
that melts her down.
it's the touch,
and the essence of touch
that brings her back.

but don't touch.

because it is the most sensual art
that ever existed.
Vonshay Jan 2014
Touch me deeper then a needle, that digs in your skin, when you decided to ink your soul
touch me deeper the the pastors word on a Sunday.  
touch me deeper then the titanic after it sunk,  touch me deep
Touch me deeper then the lost lives on 91l
Touch me deeper then a sink hole
Touch Me deeper then a paper cut
Stare into by soul as If it was a motion picture
& touch me deep

Touch me deep like a threat,  like your afraid of what might happen next. .. touch me deep
Deep inside to where I feel my body intertwining with yours.. touch me deep, pure & true.
Touch Me deep like yellow submarine,  like a navy seal perfect dream. ...touch me deep.
In trying to feel your touch run deep like a Chevy,  don't trip, just fall for me heavy

              Is This love or Is it lust. ..... trust me ...touch me
Satan Dec 2010
I see you there.
Having some drink with her.
Looking so happy and all out.
With the music thundering out loud.

She takes your hand and puts it on her.
As she looks deep into your eyes.
Such a longing and hopeful gaze.
But my heart runs cold as ice.

Then she kisses you.
Like the last drop of autumn dew.
You put your hand on her thigh.
Lingers there for a while.

I sip my last drop of wine.
Feel it seeping through this heart of mine.
People dancing on the dance floor distracting me.
But you're the only one i have come to see.

She kisses you again more.
And you touch her passionately as she jerks off like an innocent *****.
I touch my self dancing the night away.
Touch me touch her i want to say.

Touch her like you touch me
Let her in like you embrace me.
Tonight my blood would dry very soon.
With the rhythm of your passion.

Touch her like you touch me...
Touch her...
Touch her...
I want you to touch her...
Dana Taylor May 2014
Just touch me and that first electric contact sparks a chaotic chain reaction of desire for the next touch in every place I can be touched.
In other places that will never be touched, knowing that the desire will never be sated is almost too much for this eager body to tolerate.

Just touch me and my trembling body opens to you like a flower stretching toward the sun. The center of my femininity oozes hotness like lava from a volcano.

Just touch me and all my inhibitions drop to the ground like dry, shriveled leaves fall from the mighty oak in autumn.
I become free to completely accept your touch as an ongoing gift to my ever hungry body.

Just touch me because I'm not always certain when the next touch may come.
Your touch can be as elusive as a four-leaf clover in a field of green. Sometimes your touch can last so long that it becomes as vital to me as oxygen.

Just touch me because you want to.
Just touch me because I want you to.
Just touch me because you can.
Just touch me.
Satan May 2011
I see you there.
Having some drink with her.
Looking so happy and all out.
With the music thundering out loud.

She takes your hand and puts it on her.
As she looks deep into your eyes.
Such a longing and hopeful gaze.
But my heart runs cold as ice.

Then she kisses you.
Like the last drop of autumn dew.
You put your hand on her thigh.
Lingers there for a while.

I sip my last drop of wine.
Feel it seeping through this heart of mine.
People dancing on the dance floor distracting me.
But you're the only one i have come to see.

She kisses you again more.
And you touch her passionately as she jerks off like an innocent *****.
I touch my self dancing the night away.
Touch me touch her i want to say.

Touch her like you touch me
Let her in like you embrace me.
Tonight my blood would dry very soon.
With the rhythm of your passion.

Touch her like you touch me...
Touch her...
Touch her...
I want you to touch her...
Terry Collett Nov 2013
The bell from the cloister rang. Echoed around and settled upon nun in bed cosy in blanket against morning’s cold and frost. Stirred. Head raised. Eyes peered into the dawn’s light, sighed, shivered, moved arms against body’s length. Closed eyes. Wished for more sleep. None to have. Bell rang. Time, ladies, please. Time and tide. Stirred again. Lifted head. Sighed. Gazed at bedside table. Clock tick tock, tick tock. Moved to edge of the bed. Feet dangled. Toes wiggled. Hands joined for prayer. Breath stilled. Silence of the room. Bell stopped. Sighed. Breathed air, cold air. Wake up, rise, and shine. Funny words. Tired still. Wished to sleep, but no time. Dangled feet rose and fell. Toes wriggled. Rose from bed and knelt on wooden floor. Hard floor. Cold floor. Polished to a shine floor. Knees slid on smooth surface. Back stiff from straw-stuffed bedding. Sighed. Sister Teresa joined hands. Let fingers touch. Let flesh touch flesh. Sin on sin once maybe. Long ago. Sighed. Opened eyes. Gazed at crucifix on wall above bed. Old Christ, battered by time and grime. Eyes closed image held in mind’s eye. Prayer began. Words searched for amongst the wordless zones. Reaching through darkness for an inch of light. Light upon light. Darkness upon darkness. Who felt this she does not know. None speak except Sister John. Word upon word built. Holy upon holy. Sit here, she’d say. Rest a while. Rest in cloister. Rest on bench by cloister wall. You and she. Her hands old and wrinkled by time and age. Her eyes glassy. Her voice thin and worn, yet warm. Want to be close to warm. Especially in dark cold mornings like this, Teresa mused, lifting head and opening eyes to dawn’s light and cold’s chill in bone and skin. She stood and dressed. Disrobed from nightgown and into habit. Black as death with white wimple of innocence. Laughed softly. Such times. Such times. Harsh serge against soft flesh. Stiff whiteness on skin’s paleness. Sighed. Coughed. Made sign of cross from head to breast to breast. Never to touch, mama said, never let be touched. Words, long ago. Mama is dead. Rest in peace. No mirror. No image of seventeen-year old face or features now. Vanity of vanities. Sighed. Papa said, some men would deceive. Deceived by what? She often asked but none would tell. Ding **** bell. Silence now. Go now. Moved to door and down the cloister to the church and the dawn’s welcome cold and still. Teresa closed door and walked at pace soft and motionless seeming. None shall speak. Sing and chant and raise eyes and maybe a smile briefly, but none shall speak. Nor touch. For none may touch. Not as much as a sleeve felt or breath sensed. Each one an island. Water upon water none shall cross. Teresa sighed. Walked down the steps one by one, not to rush but not to lag sloth-like, lazily or drag wearily. Mother Abbess would know.Knows all. Sensed all. Next to God most feared. Most loved maybe if truth were known. Teresa sighed. Chill of cloister ate at bones and flesh. Nimble walking might ease, but walk as nuns do and cold bites like violent fish. Breathed in the air. The moon still out. Stuck out on a corner bright and white. The sun’s colour fed the dawn’s light. Brightness promised. Warmer weather. Warmer than Sister John. Who knows, Teresa mused, touching the cloister wall for sense of touch. Absence of touch can mean so much, Jude said, years before. Jude’s image faded now. No longer haunting as before. Teresa brushed her finger on the cloister wall. Rough and smooth. Rough and smooth. Men may deceive, papa said. Let none touch, mama advised. Long ago or seeming so. Seventeen-years old and innocent as innocence allowed. Jude laughed, feeling such. Wanting to touch. Over much. Entered church. Cool air. Sense of aloneness. Choir stalls. Smell of incense and polish mixed. Sense upon sense. Smell upon smell. Walked slowly. Genuflected to Christ. High on high. All seeing. Like Mother abbess. But less human. Less human all too human. The Crucified for all to see. Half naked there. Stretched wide arms. Head dangling lifeless or so seeming. Genuflection over moved to place in choir stall, stood, and stared at vacant wall. Brick upon brick. Sounds held. Chants upon chants sang once, held here. Chill in bone and flesh. Breviary held. Pages turned. Find the place and mark it well. Bell pulled sounds now. Nuns enter and gather round. Sister upon sister, elbow near elbow, but none may touch. None touch. None touch.Sister Rose eyes dim searched yours for morning joy. Smiled. Coughed. Awaited tap from Abbess. Smiled. Nodded. Hands held beneath black serge. Wanting to hold something, someone, but none may do so. None may touch. Tap, tap, wood on wood. Chant came as if from the cold air settled on ears. Felt in breast. Sensed and blessed, but none may touch. The sense to sing. The voice raised. The ear tuned. The mouth and lips employed, but none may touch. At least, said Sister Rose, not over much. Not over much. Still air. Cold air. Warmth wanted. Sister John or Sister Rose. None shall touch.
briannah rae Sep 2017
touch me.
touch my heart.
touch my soul.
touch my body.
touch me
touch me
touch me.
fill me with your love.
fill me with your passion.
fill me with your.....
just give me your all.
give me the things that i have been craving.
and you know what i've been craving.
i don't need to whisper it seductively in your ear for you to know.
just quietly lead me to your bedroom and block the world out with your gray blanket.
our bodies are co-written poetry, the words blending together perfectly with just the right imagery and style.
i don't know why i want you so badly.
but i just can't help myself.
thinking about you makes my heart rate increase 1092 times.
nothing can satisfy my like your touch.
touch me.
touch my heart.
touch my soul.
touch my body.
touch me
touch me
touch me.
31 Day Writing Challenge
Something Beginning with T
Echoes Of A Mind May 2016
I want to touch you
I really want to
But I'm afraid
That I'll lose you
If I ever do...

I want to touch you
You always let me play
With your hair
But what if I said
That I want to touch you elsewhere...

I want to touch you
I want to stroke your cheek
While looking into your eyes
I wanna know how it feels
To feel your lips against mine....

I want to touch you
I really do
I wanna let my hands
Run all over you
To feel every muscle and every bone...

I want to touch you
And I want to feel you too
I want to feel your hands
All over me
Feeling my curves...

I want to touch you
Would you let me
If I asked you?
Or should I skip the asking
And then just do it?...

I want to touch you
To let my tongue
Tickle the edge of your ear
To let my hands
Run down between your legs...

I want to touch you
I want our bodies
To be tangled together
Let's make the neighbour angry
Because of the noises we're making...

I want to touch you
I want to press my body
Against yours
I want to stay close to you
For hours...

I want to touch you
I relly want to
But I fear
That I'll lose you
If I ever do...
I want to feel you.....
Written 26th of march, published 29th of may
Simon Clark Aug 2012
Please call me,
In touch,
Please ring me,
In touch,
Please phone me,
In touch.

Keeping in touch,
A contact sport,
A game we play,
Without much thought,
Keeping in touch.

Please touch me,
In touch,
Please kiss me,
In touch,
Please love me,
In touch.
written in 2006
That touch that surrounds
My heart, my head, my body, my soul
That touch that makes me laugh,
at everything and nothing,
both at the same time,
in a space where there is no time -

That touch that penetrates lifetimes,
and squeezes the cord of metamorphic sky
screaming "I don't want to die"
but no matter how hard I try,
I know there's no place to hide,
Life is death, as death is Life

And that Touch -
That touch I've known for many many lifetimes before
And many many lifetimes to come
That touch, that touch that makes me want to cry
That touch that soothes my worried mind
The touch that gives me the light of sight and a love so kind

That touch, dreaming backwards,
Through possible pre-time times,
Remembering how to fly
And how to always let go -
For nothing is forever,
nothing but the earth and sky -
matter and space
Save the human race
Go now

Touch the World
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
In touch with you inner feelings
You create a beautiful world
The charisma of your touch
Will create beautiful ripples
The placid lake of love
Will come alive with the beautiful touch
Genuine touch touches the heart
Creating a lasting impression
A touch that becomes a remembrance
From heart to heart
Touch that cradles with loving hands
That touch etched in memory
Forever, a touch, that inspires
Love and beauty in your touch
Mike Hauser Jul 2018
What takes a moment and moves it beyond
... a touch of love

What is the one thing you can always count on
... a touch of love

Can change the direction of any given day
... a touch of love

When in an argument, has the last say
... a touch of love

Able to bring beasts to their knees
... a touch of love

Grabs hold the captive and sets them free
... a touch of love

Surpasses understanding to the warm hearts delight
... a touch of love

Never demanding always just right
... a touch of love

Can calm any fear, true or made up
... a touch of love

Perfectly balanced, the perfect touch
... a touch of love
n Feb 2016
I bet you're wondering what A weird thing to be spoken about, touch? we all know what touch is. We all know how touch is one of the multitude 5 senses a human can have, we all know how it can make us or break us, but they don't know about your touch. They don't know that once you decide to touch anything around you, life appears from it. They don't know how once you touch any living and non living thing around you, the world glooms up and throws bliss into everyones souls. The day you brushed your hands into mine.. I knew how god created rainbows and how every shade gradually shifted to the other simply taking our breaths away. The day you brushed your hands on my face, I knew why god put the stars in the sky. How could one possible touch of yours bring back life to a person who is already living? Have I been living the wrong kind of feels before you? How could a touch of yours let me doubt all my years before you.. is this some kind of sorcery? I know that if I live by your touch forever, I will have that rainbow that gradually shifts into breathtaking colours in my everyday life. I know that if You let me by your side forever holding your hands, I will forever remember why god put those stars in our sky and appreciate every reason for it. It's your touch that brought me sane, hope, compassion and warmth within my life.
Brian Turner Oct 5
Touch symmetry
Touch you and me
Touch a pleasant view
Touch the axis of dew

Touch symmetry
Touch you and me
Touch parochial existence
Touch homicidal resistance

Touch symmetry
Touch you and me
Touch love and light
Touch a galaxy of delight
We need touch, touch defines us
PoeticPresident Jul 2017
Your fingertips
Heal me…
Just that soft touch to my face
When my tears stream down my face
Defining that my whole world
Had a hurricane
And that no sunny days
Are approaching
Just the rain
And the wind
And that bad vibe

But you can heal me…
Your fingertips
Have that soft touch
That mends my heart together
Without plasters but with magic
It’s touch turns my hair
Into fine wool
And my skin into soft silk
My eyes then become
Your favourite colour,
And all the rags become riches
And all the tears become
Nourishing water that heals
Only because of your touch

Please heal me
With your fingertips
That lay a soft touch on my body
Just caress the scars
And let them turn to brave soldiers
On my skin that fight back
To whatever tries to hurt me
I don’t want that depression
I don’t want that hurt

I just want your soft touch
I want your fingertips to heal me
I want them to spin my heart into gold
Just like the miller’s daughter with straw
In Rumpelstiltskin
Can you do that?
My back is brutally beaten
With twigs that have thorns
And bullets always pierce
Through my body
But knives constantly stab
Through my heart
Just stabbing
And stabbing
And stabbing
I need that to stop!
My back is hurting
And my body is numbing
But my heart no longer has
Oxygenated blood in it
Will you be able to touch it?
Will you be able to put
Your hand through my chest
And just touch my heart
With your soft bare hands
That feel like cotton candy
Not because it’s healing is sweet
But because it’s healing is gentle

Fact is
That your fingertips heal
They have a soft touch
So soft that they can turn
My heart amnesiac
I need to forget,
But I only need you
And your soft touch
To help me…
I see the flowers are blooming again
Bees are humming around
Beauty is now no more hidden
Nature plays its role silently

I touch, touch and feel again
I touch, touch the time
That fills my heart again

Butterflies are rounding me
Grasshoppers are playing through the garden
As if my memories play with my springtime

I touch, touch and feel again
I touch, touch the time
That fills my heart again

There is no pain no sorrow
As if I am playing with my pal
When I was a boy and mother
Waiting for me at the end of the tract

I touch, touch and feel again
I touch, touch the time
That fills my heart again
In A Spring Garden
A Thomas Hawkins Aug 2010
Touch me,
it doesn't matter where
and it doesnt matter how
I need to know I'm still alive
so someone touch me now
Shake my hand and say hello
or pat me on the back
kiss me on the cheek
that I may feel this sense I lack
slap my face and pull my hair
make me bleed I just don't care
dig your nails into my skin
so I can feed this need within
I've been numb for such a time
that even pain would be sublime
so touch me, touch me now
I don't care where, I don't care how
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My arms are aching
Not from excess, but from a lack
I do not touch

I do not touch you
Something stops me every time
I do not touch

I do not touch you
But I can't stop wanting
I do not touch

I do not touch you
I do not touch
I do not touch I do not touch

But my arms are aching
I am sore from a lack of reaching
I do not touch.
Benji James May 2017
In the darkness
of an empty room,
I cry in the corner
seeing visions of you.

I want to feel your touch.
Feel your touch, feel your touch.
You held out your hand,
but I couldn't grab on.
These guilty pleasures
are held, in front of me.
These guilty pleasures
are taking a hold on me.
I can't break free,
Can't get back up
There are no pieces
left to pick up.

As I lay in the dark
of a nice warm bath.
Planning how to take my life away,
I breathe in deeply
drift beneath the water
Until I struggle to breathe
That is when visions of you
resurrect me.

I want to feel your touch.
Feel your touch, feel your touch.
You held out your hand,
but I couldn't grab on.
These guilty pleasures
are held, in front of me.
These guilty pleasures
are taking a hold on me.
I can't break free,
Can't get back up
There are no pieces
left to pick up.

Kneeling in the shower
praying to a God
that doesn't exist.
Don't know the difference
between reality and make believe.
As I look towards the shower head
I still can't see.
These scars that cover me
may need rebandaging.
He's a lost cause,
an abomination.
He's a disgrace
to the human race.
We've been here before
I'm all alone, in this empty room,
Crying in the corner
seeing visions of you

I want to feel your touch.
Feel your touch, feel your touch.
You held out your hand,
but I couldn't grab on.
These guilty pleasures
are held, in front of me.
These guilty pleasures
are taking a hold on me.
I can't break free,
Can't get back up
There are no pieces
left to pick up.

Oh, I've lost myself
everything makes no sense.
I think about the time
you said that you'd be there,
I'm not sure you even cared.
But your smile saved my life
a million times before.
I'm in need of you,
but this time you're gone.
Not sure I will survive anymore.
As I kneel in the shower
praying to a God that doesn't exist,
This razor penetrates my skin.
The blood trickles down the drain,
He falls to the floor,
crucified he cried
Crucify me tonight.

I want to feel your touch.
Feel your touch, feel your touch.
You held out your hand,
but I couldn't grab on.
These guilty pleasures
are held, in front of me.
These guilty pleasures
are taking a hold on me.
I can't break free,
Can't get back up
There are no pieces
left to pick up.

Oh! My star has fallen tonight,
If they were there,
he might still be alive
every night,
he died a little more inside,
my star has fallen tonight

As I lay in the darkness
of an empty room
staring at the ceiling
seeing visions of you
I see your smile
it puts my mind at rest
I fall asleep
knowing I truly was blessed.

©2017 Written By Benji James
Blue Orchid Aug 2018
When I say I want to touch you,  I don't mean the physical entity you're disguised as.
I want to touch the heart that beats the love out of you and in to me.
I want to touch the soul that is as broken and heavy as a cloudy sky.
I want to touch your sadness,  where the real you started forming.
I want to touch your mind so I can finally find the secretes to your thoughts.
I want to touch the rare moments when you finally laughed a heart filled laugh.
I want to touch your sight to understand how you explained all the books you tell me about.
I want to touch your blood so I can feel where all that poetry comes from.
I want to touch the essence of who you are so I can make us in to one person.

I just really want to touch you.
Gabrielle Isa Nov 2016
Please Don't Touch My Hair.

It's amazing,
It's beautiful,
Maybe its the first time you'll see;
Hair so dark and 'puffy'
As the hair God gave to me.

But my hair is not a commodity;
A thing for you to gather round and see.
It is not something I pull out once a while
Just so you can take a peek.

Please Don't Touch My Hair.

Don't run your hands through it,
Don't ask me why it act's like that,
Don't ask me if you can pull it,
Don't pet me like I'm your cat.
Don't touch it without asking,
And worst of all ask and not wait,
Are your manners really that lacking?

Please Don't Touch My Hair.

Don't stare like I am some exhibit
Brought for you from far away,
Don't mock the way it looks on me
Don't say 'I don't like the way it looks today'.

It's My hair
On MY head,
So don't you even dare.
You're not the one that spends hours
Looking after my luscious hair.

Please Don't Touch My Hair.

Because many years ago
My ancestors were put in zoos
So people like you could know
How our hair felt, and our skin looked
Instead of just seeing old photos.
As if we were not human beings
With minds, and hearts and souls.

So my hair is not on display
For your viewing pleasure,
My hair is on my head for ME
And it has worth that you can never measure.

It represents Who I Am
My Tribe, My Land, My Culture.
So don't hover around with oily hands
Like a flock of curious vultures.

So for the love of all that I know
And don't ask me why you can't,
Don't say it isn't fair.
Because would I walk up to a stranger
And ask, only to receive a no
Then go on and touch it anyway?
...I didn't think so.

Please Don't Touch My Hair.

This is the last time I'll say it,
I cannot be silent any longer
I will not tolerate it.
I've given it all I can
I have been very patient
But I will not let this continue
This I will not permit.
If you say you are my friend
You will respect this
Its My Hair, on My Head
And that's all there is to it.
Please respect people's different cultures and backgrounds; do not touch anyones hair without asking - its uncomfortable and honestly it makes me feel like I'm a zoo animal.
Cydney Something Nov 2018
Touch me
With the tips of your fingers
Across the small of my back

Touch me
With both hands
Fastened to my hips

Touch me
With the rise of your chest
Pressing against mine

Touch me
With your lips, your tongue
Tasting the salt on my neck

Touch me
With the rest of you
Becoming who you touch

Those little electric currents
That pass from your skin to mine
Keep me alive

That's why I'm dying
Ken Pepiton Mar 2018
Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel know Sense touch feel  

Lying spirits. Those are real you know. You know? Don't you?

Mad is ill defined, dis-ease, decease, desistere, eh? You Roman?
You serve a mad man you know.
And the Roman said,'I serve the empire, a' and he stopped…

Might right be virtuous and power called might
be not-right,
like hands, chirality? Right and not.

Shame, we should not know that.

Perhaps the vector was the chirality connection.
Hers was upgraded.
So when the shame bomb hit, it was him,
not her, who blew it?
He did that?
Yeh, I see how now,
It's the hypo-thalish, estrogen receptor steward system.
Who named that ****** thing?

No, left-right brain variablity was designed
to counter the estrogen-tester if it went mal.
This is the Left HIS Branch, a resistor,
it changed the way breath gets to that "It is,
good" receptor complex just inside
the ventricles
where the first sparks releaze
the ozone reaction.
The reaction to that lost loving feeling,
That was the shame bomb.
The action taken to a switch burned out
in a rush of knowledge of good and evil beyond
the heart's experience with expansion.
The opposite seems to have happened in the wombedman,
he comprehends hope is a new treasure.
Hope. Who coulda seen that coming?

A witness.
Some mind saw that happen and it was never washed into the sea of forgetfulness, so


Like in the mountains, that ozone,
first breath feeling, that's great!
No, like that first free hit. That's it. You will pay…

Like, this first reaction is not "That's wonder-filled",
but it's
"that was not deep enough,
not good enough,
too shallow,
faked it".

On every breath the man takes,
a voice in his head is saying,
"not good enough, keep
Sweat it all.
Shame on you."
That was the trick.
Make him think he is not related to God,
on any level?
Make him think he does not have a knower
in good working order,
save for that tiny electrical glitch in the
official HIS bundle builder gene. That's nothing,
Who told him she was naked?
That's evil.
What he knew was good, what he believed was evil.

How did it work out?

Okeh. It took several millennia longer
than first estimates.
Starts out kinda dun'dat, don't it?
Things get brighter near the end.
According to the legend I learned.

Knowing liars lie does not make every man a liar, I think,
Only the ones who say they do not
lie have no truth in them,
if they can truly believe that.

It's a chapter, a colloquy of consciousness grounding out.

The story is told,
this is the way men were built, original specs,
able to do anything they agreed to do.
But their hearts had been corrupted because
the whole heart building system in Adam
was dis - turbed, mixed up with that sweet deceit.
If it weren't for mitichondria the sifting needed,
could have taken forever.

By Noah's first beard, the gene pool was so turbid, no one could see the bottom.

Living water flowing from men's bellies,
ta, lemme say,
that be some evolvin' involvin' some
a priori
somethin' or anotha.
Ax that wombedman at the well, what the hell?

There, here, is a whole story about ****** and the seeds of all the myths that point so straight
to Jesus as they red-shift into historical
mysteriums twisted and warped by time and chance tyrannies.
Holiness hierarchical hegemony funds
that sprang from Eve's first hope,
have no hope at all for
cowards and fools and fraidy cats.

Heroes, those compound interest, all things are possible,
God can't lie, or die, or fail.

Is living heroic, no. We choose to live.
Life favors life.
That's easy.
All things are possible with life,
as a whole.
Very complex plots and schemes and schemas and media
and magi-level tech
this is working, you know.
We agree. Who could make us enemies?

Still, any plan men made was clear in the minds of all the planners
and the builders and the men they used as tools to
multiply the strength of the ideas that possessed them.
They built cities that way.
By agreeing together to do it. Gobekli Tepi?
You know, what was that ? A
thousand years of CCC park bench building and trail
marking benignly buried with never a mark of destruction?
They, the men planners and builders and laborers, right after the Ice pulled back from the Caucusus
or the Levant lifted up, 12,000 years ago, or so,
somebody builds this place called Gobekli Tepi
about a morning walk, a Sabbath Day's Journey, from
Terah's Local god shoppe in Urfa
the Turks are said to say..

Original specs, reset, it's all software.
We can cipher this out,
if we keep our heads
while others about us are losing theirs.

Men with the new softer hearts can do that, they can,
when they put their heads together,
they can make anything happen.
Knowledge is increasing, as we know it.

Nothin''s done in darkness that shan't be made known.

That's no threat.
Never was.
It's a promise. Like, the meek inherit the earth.
This is raw. I am hoping for feed back that tells me if the voice and time and pov swirl I am attempting harmonizes with the idea of a golden meaning in life that spins out from the source of life it self. It is a sc-fi-fantasy poetic philo-loving essay, esse. How can it be better?
Touch me
I need to know I'm alive
Touch me
For the reminder that I'm loved
Touch me
with a hug of support
Touch me
for no reason
Touch me
I'll feel the most in my heart
Touch me
with your
Grace Sep 28
Touch me, if you please
Use your fingers and let me hear you speak.
As they emphasize your unspoken words to me,
Those of tender or lustful need.

Touch me when I’m angry,
When I seem to shelter myself in steel.
Touch me when I’m struggling,
And I’m unsure what I feel.
Touch me when you’re feeling playful,
And you thrive on my giggles and squeals.
Just touch me, if you please,
And I only pray that you will.

Touch me when my body is in pain,
Telling me that you’re still there.
Touch me to bring my mind back with you,
When I wake shaking from nightmares.

Touch me when you desire me
When your hunger for me is so strong.
When the skin on your very hands tingle,
Knowing that it won’t be long,
Until our bodies will once again mingle
And we are only one flesh.
Lost in only one another
All other worries laid to rest.

Touch me when you need me,
To draw upon my strength.
To feel that like you, I’m invested,
With you for a time without measurable length.

Although I feel I may not offer you much,
I pray that you find the same comfort in my touch.
Relying on me as I do with you,
Seeking only the next moment when you choose
To once again grace my skin with your touch
Regardless of its purpose,
The very moment I crave and just,
Lay practically begging for any small measure
Of the antidote you offer for my troubles,
Your love, your lust, your touch.

Turquoise Mist Feb 2014
This sense
Is forever changed for me
Forever changed,
Inside of me

It has been
Utterly wrecked
Completely stolen
Thoroughly clawed
Out of my body

My whole life
I have been confused by
I have been misled by
I have been deceived by
I have been violated by
I have been irreversibly

So I don't let

For some inexplicable reason,
Is different.

When you hug me
When you lay close
And pull me in
And put your head on my shoulder
And wrap your arms around me
I feel

In the past
I have pushed myself
And forced myself to
To hug
To show my love
But the whole time
It's painful
The whole time
I am fighting
My mind is


Get out.
But my body stays
Because I so desperately
For it to feel normal
And right
To enjoy it
To be like everyone else

But with you
I don't have to fight
I don't feel like I am going to
If I don't run
If I don't escape
Opening up to you
It's easy
It's comfortable
I say things
I've never said
And I'm not afraid
It feels good
I've known you for a sliver of this life
But I trust you
Like you've always been here
When I'm talking to you
When you're holding me
I feel
So safe
So protected
So secure
So content
So loved

And it scares the **** out of me.

Because never,
Never has
Felt this way

I do not understand.

And that's why I ask you
To leave
That's why sometimes
I distance myself
Because after awhile
I can't handle it
I need a break
From your

Unsettling safety
anastasiad Dec 2016
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Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
May I ask,
If I even dare to,
Is it okay
If I touch you?...

No, No...
What are you
I didn't mean it
Like that...

I just want
To stroke your cheek,
Pat your back
Or something
Like that...

It's really okay?
Well then...
I won't
Hold back...

I said
As I let my fingers
Run through your hair's soft
Just like a newborn's...

I stroked your cheek
While looking
Into your eyes
And suddenly I
Found myself blushing...

Why was it
That I wanted
To touch you?
And why do I always smile
When I'm near you?...

The truth hit me
Like a lightning bolt
Finally after years
I discovered
That I was
In love...

I'm still looking
Into your eyes
And I feel that I
Had a raise
In my body temperature...

Longing to touch you
This time
In a not so decent way
I looked once more
Into your eyes
And then I said...

Can I touch you?...
And if possible
Can you touch me

And is it okay
If I tell you
That I
Love you...?

Can we whisper
Soft words
To each other
And never let go
Of each others hands?...

Can we become
Old together?...
Just like the relationship
You have
With your minivan?...

But right now
Let's not speak
About the future
Let's just focus
On the here and now
And just enjoy
Each other....

'Cause all
That I want to do
Right now
Is to touch you
And feel your touch
On me too...

So I'll ask you
Once more
Is it okay
If I touch you?...
Wanting to show your affection for the person you love/like through actions, but you're not sure if they're okay with it....Or if they even feel as you do...
Sarah Williams Apr 2012
You with the sad eyes,
isn't that a song?
It flitted fast across your face, the pain
you hide from everyone
and especially from
Guarding me from it
shielding me, you stand in front of me,
block my
it is too terrible,
won't let me see the
Uncover my eyes please -
let me look.
Does it hurt when I press here?
Right here,
over your heart?
You're only going to stare on straight ahead,
I'm quite alright.
And walk on by, quickly now, flash a smile, then hold her tight
Maybe she won't ask questions.
But she wants to.

Running, run after you and I'll probably
trip over my own feet
trying to keep up with you because you move
so quick, snap your fingers and
everything changes.
Caught you.
Reaching out to grab your hand
to make you turn and face me, grasp your face with both my hands
Look at me.
Angry eyes now, so cold, fire would be better,
I touched you once and you pulled away, now I'm
petrified in place.
Pure hot anger is better, you feel
something that way
like love maybe, you feel
and you feel
Cold anger, frozen anger is the worst
kind, the kind you
can't talk about, the kind you
can't feel, nothing can touch you
nothing can make you warm.
Let me touch you, touch you again
I'm warm from trying so **** hard.
I could make you feel okay again,
good again,
wonderful maybe, if you would let me?
Stop trying to do that
Words like ice and I'm stuck in this spot I can't even dodge
the frozen shards, sinking into, tearing
my skin, my
eyes freeze wide open, as the
tears turn to icy trails on my cheeks.
Don't touch her, don't go too close with the
ice cold fury because you might
freeze her
but you've done it anyways when you wouldn't tell her,
when you turned
so touch her,
touch me.

In the midst of this frigid cold comes your
breath, warm on my cheeks.
Whisper, whisper.  
With the sweetest tongue, the softest mouth and
you love me.
Again and again you love me.  
I love you.  
I love you.
The tune fits so flawlessly, slips
from your tongue to mine
and back again,
again please?  Kiss me, harder
slower every time, show me
please, how you love me,
need me.  
Sing to me, play
for me, sing the song of how
you love me.
I'll beg if I have to,
please God please.

What do they call it?
Love, I mean.
A rollercoaster
well that is much too slow
the incline not steep enough
the falls not hard enough
but I suppose it will do for a metaphor.
You don't like heights but if you hold my
hand, maybe we could stay up here
a while?  No chance
we drop and hit the ground
then we're tossed back up
skywards, flailing for one another
for a hand for a heartbeat.
With a roller coaster at least you know,
you're never going to hit the ground.  
Please wait until the train has come to a complete
stop before exiting the ride
but I don't want to leave
don't want to let go
I can't, I won't
Promise, okay?
Because I would rather hit the ground in your
arms on this ride
than be anywhere else
I'm safest with you.
I guess it's not so much like a roller coaster after all
but I like what I've written there
so I'm letting you read it.

I never wanted to make anyone
smile, as much as I want to make you.
Your smile, sometimes rare,
occasionally common
is the most wonderful thing
I can think of.
So smile please?
Laugh for me, when you're not
happy I hurt, I want to
curl my body so tight around yours, wrap you up
inside of me
until you stop hurting, and then I'll feel
alright again.
I'll **** it out through your nose, through your mouth,
take the sadness right out of your lungs, see
how I made that sound poetic, when
it's only an inside joke?
Smile please?  
There you go.  
It's not so hard, is it?  Just
do what I do, follow me.
Your smile is so
How could I not
when you are happy?  Because all I ever
want, all that I
need, is for you to
And not a fake smile, not so forced -
try again,
a real, genuine smile because you are
to be alive, to be
with me, to be
the most wonderful person in my life, to be
the only one that can make me
smile, really

And I see that smile,
surfacing from behind that glare that is
'just your face' (it's not your face)
and when it happens, when it
splits open, and you look so happy (that is your face)
I smile and I want to be
close to you,
Let me touch you, run my
fingers over your
face, and through your
hair and down your body let me
touch you,
touch me?
Touch my face, with your
fingers, with your
lips, tell me how you cannot let me
because you need me like I need
you, I can't stay
away from you, can't keep my hands off of
you, sink my fingers hard into the
soft skin of your back because I won't let you
leave, I could not live if you
If you let go of me I will never
make it, not
alone, not without you,
you cannot let go.
Hold me, close to you
next to your heart and never
let me move from there, it is where
I am happiest.
Amethyst Fyre Feb 2017
I'm sitting on my bed, wrapped up in a red, fluffy blanket and I'm thinking about how touch confuses me
Any touch, between the shoulders of friends, a soft punch at your sibling, an arm wound tightly around you by someone who doesn't want to let go-
It's all so intimate
Yet it lacks intention, direction
I mean, is it a touch of compassion? Is it playfulness, or something with much more gravity, emotions too powerful to wear a name?
Sometimes the situation lends itself to interpretation, but most of the times it is more like the way the clouds seem to caress the moon at night
And I don't comprehend
I freeze.
I find myself looking out of the corners of my eyes more often
Other people never seem to react this way, but even with the simplicity of physical connection, I can't help but look for an ulterior meaning
Fearing the untamed world of touch almost as much as I crave to be a part of it

And maybe that's why I don't understand it

Maybe I'm confusing touch with my desire to feel something, anything at all
Maybe I'm confusing touch with the feel of someone noticing I'm slipping away and anchoring me to the ground
Maybe I'm thinking that every touch I gather is another rung on the ladder to climbing out of this hellish land titled depression, where the silver glimmers of light cut almost as deep as the darkness itself, and where only once a year you remember to love yourself
I know that touch can't do that, but

Somewhere between my ears, a voice tells me it can.
It tells me to hold very, very still, holding my breath until stars explode before my sight,
Until I am kneeling before the boy with endless eyes
He smiles, wrapped in the cloak of the night and reaches between my ribs to stroke away the beating of my heart
It silences
And Death reaches down to wrap me in his arms, cradling my soul into eternity...

I abruptly climb off my bed, unwinding myself from the suffocating grip of my red blanket
The touch of its fabric against my skin too much right now
Too much right now
I think I've done enough thinking for tonight.
Touch her softly,
Feel her silken hair,
Touch her softly,
Feel her smooth cheeks,
Touch her softly,
Feel her gentle kiss,
Touch her softly,
Feel the soft curve of her breast,
Touch her softly,
Feel the soft skin of her belly,
Touch her softly,
Feel the gentle curve of her hips,
Touch her softly,
Feel the smoothness of her legs,
Touch her softly,
Feel the Love in her heart,
Touch her softly.
The Broken Poet Jul 2015
There is something comforting in a simple graze
I have always felt alone
But the touch from another person energizes me
It lets me know I am not lonely
Touch will ignite a fire up and down my soul
It will warm my heart
It will let me know I have not been deserted
I love holding hands with strangers
To feel their warmth against mine
To make them and I feel welcomed
When flesh touches flesh
The warmth of their skin will forever burn
When the soul collides with another soul
You will forever be accompanied
The flames growing and yearning for more
I love touch in the most simplest of ways
Whether it's a hug, a hand shake, or a kiss
Touch is something beautiful and sacred
It lets me know I am not alone
But once we touch for the very first time
My skin will forever remember the touch of your embrace
The burning that you have left
The love that still stays and will never fade
Touch me as if you'll never love another
Hug me as if you'll always stay
Kiss me as if you'll leave forever
My body burns for the touch of another
The simple comfort that comes with it
The innocence I love
Oh, what a wonderful thing touch is.
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
Touch me Touch me coz thats the only thing that will make me whole again a usually fyl these  un explainable feeling when your hands go through the parts you know best u make me go nuts with your seductive eyes every time you touch me a fyl am on another planet planet of love and not wishing to ever come back to earth again....touch me touch me and i will also touch you your soft hands make my body expirience a shock....the doc told me i have a sickness (didnt tell me the name) but everytym you touch me am well so TOUCH ME TOUCH ME
Let et Scar Nov 2018

Don't shake my hand,
Don't bump into me,
For every touch is a hurtful reminder,
Every sound becomes a hightened panic attack,
Just don't touch me.
For every graze of the fingers is a stinging ache,
Every flinch a silent reminder....
Of helplessness,
Every stare becomes a question of:
Do they know?
Can they smell him on me?...
Who told?
Who knows?
The shame bestowed upon me... .. .
Don't look at me!
Or in my direction... In fact do not acknowledge me,
I'd like to remain invisible for now,
Don't hug me for embrace is no longer a comfort,
Just what feels like a forced entrapment,
Don't you look at me, for it feels like nausea and a razor's edge that cuts thru and thru,
For I am not yours to touch,
and NO.... you are not welcomed,
That's for ANYONE that seeks me,
Just don't touch me,
For every touch is just another agonizing miserable moment I could not escape even if I wanted to...
And the human touch has become now my biggest FEAR.
Jimmy Hegan Nov 2015
Just one touch as He moves along,
Pushed and pressed by the jostling throng,
Just one touch and the weak are strong,
Cured by the Healer divine.

Just one touch as the He passes by,
He will list to the faintest  cry,
Come and be saved while the Lord is nigh,
Christ is the Healer divine.

Just one touch and He makes me whole,
Speaks sweet peace to my sin sick soul,
At His feet all my burdens roll,
Cured by the Healer divine.

Just one touch and the work is done,
I am saved  by the blessed Son,
I  will  sing while the ages run,
Cured by the Healer divine.

Just one touch and He turns to me,
O, the love in His eyes I see,
I am His for He hears my plea,
Cured by the Healer divine.

Just one touch by the Saviour great,
He will hear thee, upon Him wait,
Own your guilt and your sins forsake,
Cured by the Healer divine.

Just one touch by His mighty power,
He can heal thee this very hour;
Give sweet peace , though the tempests low'r,
Cured by the Healer divine.
Please master can I touch your cheeck
please master can I kneel at  your feet
please master can I loosen your blue pants
please master can I gaze at your golden haired belly
please master can I have your thighs bare to my eyes
please master can I take off my clothes below your chair
please master can I can I kiss your ankles and soul
please master can I touch lips to your hard muscle hairless thigh
please master can I lay my ear pressed to your stomach
please master can I wrap my arms around your white ***
please master can I lick your groin gurled with blond soft fur
please master can I touch my tongue to your rosy *******
please master may I pass my face to your *****,
please master order me down on the floor,
please master tell me to lick your thick shaft
please master put your rough hands on my bald hairy skull
please master press my mouth to your *****-heart
please master press my face into your belly, pull me slowly strong thumbed
till your dumb hardness fills my throat to the base
till I swallow and taste your delicate flesh-hot ***** barrel veined Please
Mater push my shoulders away and stare in my eyes, & make me bend over
        the table
please master grab my thighs and lift my *** to your waist
please master your hand's rough stroke on my neck your palm down to my
please master push me, my feet on chairs, till my hole feels the breath of
        your spit and your thumb stroke
please master make my say Please Master **** me now Please
Master grease my ***** and hairmouth with sweet vaselines
please master stroke your shaft with white creams
please master touch your **** head to my wrinkled self-hole
please master push it in gently, your elbows enwrapped round my breast
your arms passing down to my belly, my ***** you touch w/ your fingers
please master shove it in me a little, a little, a little,
please master sink your droor thing down my behind
& please master make me wiggle my rear to eat up the ***** trunk
till my asshalfs cuddle your thighs, my back bent over,
till I'm alone sticking out, your sword stuck throbbing in me
please master pull out and slowly roll onto the bottom
please master lunge it again, and withdraw the tip
please please master **** me again with your self, please **** me Please
Master drive down till it hurts me the softness the
Softness please master make love to my ***, give body to center, & **** me
        for good like a girl,
tenderly clasp me please master I take me to thee,
& drive in my belly your selfsame sweet heat-rood
you fingered in solitude Denver or Brooklyn or ****** in a maiden in Paris
please master drive me thy vehicle, body of love drops, sweat ****
body of tenderness, Give me your dogh **** faster
please master make me go moan on the table
Go moan O please master do **** me like that
in your rhythm thrill-plunge & pull-back-bounce & push down
till I loosen my ******* a dog on the table yelping with terror delight to be
Please master call me a dog, an *** beast, a wet *******,
& **** me more violent, my eyes hid with your palms round my skull
& plunge down in a brutal hard lash thru soft drip-fish
& throb thru five seconds to spurt out your ***** heat
over & over, bamming it in while I cry out your name I do love you
please Master.

                                        May 1968

— The End —