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AS Jul 8
Do not touch!
Am I asking too much?
It's enough that all you seem to do is look.
You don't even give me the grace,
to even look at my face.
Remember I am part of the human race,
not some buffet for you to taste.
As the race of life is a difficult run,
with the objectification and sexualisation.
Remember I am only looking for friends,
I can find who I want and when.

Dreaming of a world where there is no need to defend.
Or where I don't need to lend my voice,
for those who haven't discovered yet that they have a choice.
No I won't smile, lie or let you **** my dignity dry.
I will always fight for what is right, no layer of myself or respect will die.
No longer will those achieve a rise, as behind a community lays.

A strength is growing everyday,
we will have our say.
No longer sitting by in shame,
with our bodies recalling the pain.
As these conditions have gone along too long.
No longer to carry on these remains, with both genders mounting rage.
Young and old to those who have beholden, crying out for these cruelties not to worsen.

Now we are on the same page, let go of your reins and control.
Others boundaries are not your own, even mind, Body and soul.
Respect theirs,
as they respect your own.
Release the conditions unknown,
to protect the ones you love and know.
Let go of the entitlements,
the one's that creates everyone else's pain.
Remember your whole is only your own.
Deliberating in the ways that you go and in the actions which you show.
As Yes,
You don't own or have the right to play a White Knight to those separate to your own.

Remember that their mind, body and soul are not yours to hold.
Let go!
To the entitlement of those who are not your own.
The force, manipulation and those who creepily persist.
Leaving marks,
for years to come.
Making it difficult for the victim to exist.

Hyper vigilant by the hurt,
not the person they once were from birth.
Fear controlling who they let near.
Triggered to tears to the memories,
at the hands who felt it their right to abuse.
Taking away the rights to chose,
being the biggest to lose.
When time drags along,
a broken inside from what went wrong.
These moments messing with your sleep and controlling you by emotional peaks.
Detached from our bodies, disconnected from the beauty we once embodied.

So please think and reframe!
Don't take opportunities each and everyday to someone's size,
age or state.
Don't be the reason they break.
Take accountability in the ways you've betrayed.
As I doubt it will haunting you till your dying day.
Don't be offended by those who've feel it is right to fight.
A hope to protect others,
to the predators unknown.
An experience I would not wish,
no one deserves to walk around half alive with mangled insides.

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
This poem is a thought provoker for both genders, of all ages and backgrounds. As I know we've all been touch by this pain, sadly there is no exclusion for abuse....only if you're very lucky.

I know  that survivors can heal and we can become thrivers.
The point is we shouldn't be wasting years of out lives to do it.
I myself am lucky to be at the thriving stage, but life shouldn't have to be a fight to get by or to become normal to exceptional.

Something I desperately don't want for the next generation!


P.s. My dearest apologies if I triggered anyone.
I am very lucky that my anxiety and depression no longer fully control me, it has taken a lot of hard work though to get to this point.
Cné Oct 2015
Ah yes, the magic of human touch,
Trusting to warm my soul's skin
Tis nature of loves connection, as such.

My body accepts, oh if you only knew
Like an honored guest, I grin
Anticipating the pleasures, one of the few.

Skin to skin, our bodies converse.
Uninhabited, my mind wander
Deep inside, my craving thirsts.

Artful hands sculpt with purpose
Lulling layers open, you're quite the artist
Soothing caress melt my body formless

I'm yours, silently, I surrender.
As my flesh cries out for more
Arching waves of splendor

Rewarded my senses sated.
With newfound clarity reborn
Mind, body and spirit replenished.

I thank you for your gift of touch.
Lovingly, I would return the favor,
as such.
Nothing is spoken, just being open to touch is the reward.
lX0st Aug 2014
Please Midas,
Take the golden gun
And shove the golden bullet
Right through my golden skin
And tell me a story about
"All that glitters.."
Chris Neilson Apr 2016
Longing for the taste of a new lover's lips
gazing upon their silhouette as they undress
craving the scent of their freshly showered skin
aching for the touch of their gentle caress

Hearing their partner's key in the door
I hope you didn't expect that!
MicMag Jul 24
I've witnessed a beauty
I can't describe
That speaks to my soul
As it swims through my eyes
The silent sounds
Sneak into my mind
The taste lingers on
Leaving sweetness behind
The scent creeps up
To slowly remind
Of the touch that once felt
Makes all else fade
Til only your beauty
Pure beauty remains

There's nothing else
Your beauty remains
Old found poem.
rd Jul 24
Your words touch me
    in the most intimate places..



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