marïama Dec 2013
part of me wants to scream... i want to scream out to the world to get them to understand.
I want to scream until there isn’t a single breath left in my lungs, until they sting with the energy i’ve expended and my words hang in the air for all  to hear.
to be poet you must write with a certain passion
live with the satisfaction that you can constantly assemble phrases, words and lines
because to truly write you must feel..
you must freely write your emotion
you must learn to let go of your darkest secrets
allow the words to flow from your mind
emancipate yourselves from mental salvery
they cannot comprehend why I write,
I am working for inner peace,
fighting for the freedom of my soul
writing is my form of release , because sometimes
poetry is not a turning loose of emotion but an escape of emotion
moments when I start writing and yet know what I am even to write of
poetry is about discovering , just like happiness
these aren't things ready made
we fear what we know but do not understand
we are loose at the seems
pretending to fine
Ralph Bobian Jul 2015
What can I tell you
About how I feel?
I can express I'm aware of every emotion,
And I know I need to heal.
I can tell you exactly where they came from
And what exactly caused them.
I can describe how they're so unbearably painful
And that I'm working to resolve them
I can explain in the most poetic and lyrically gifted way
How hard it is to face my emotions,
Each and every day.
I can weave my words on how I feel,
In ways that nobody can say
Just to make you comprehend the stress
That my mind and body pays

I’m a thousand miles from my own words
But the first to understand
It's like I'm fixing you a puzzle,
But the pieces are too far
from my reaching hand.
It's like I'm writing you a story,
But run out of ink to write the end.
It's like I'm without a paintbrush
Trying to paint an image in your head

So although I'm self-aware
Of every emotion that I've expressed
I'd rather be completely clueless,
And unaware instead.

Even though I can explain my emotions
Down to the finite and the specifics,
Even though
I can admit that I know
I've become undone and feel unfinished,
This entire time
I know you've tried,
But there's a point that you've been missing.
I want so badly to feel completed,
But the tools required

...are non-existent.
I feel everyone has a hard time expressing their emotions or even admitting or knowing that they need healing.  What I find even harder, being VERY self-aware of what's going on or knowing that things need to get better, and then you don't know how. That sucks. This is for everyone lost in their own translation
Benji James Jul 22
Benji...this is your conscience speaking...

"You'll never be good enough for her,
Who are you kidding?
You aren't attractive enough,
To obtain her love.
What are you thinking boy...?
Why are you trying to destroy
everything left inside yourself.
Do you want to be addicted to this drug?
Better stop praying to the sky above...
Get back up Benji, move a little faster
or this storm is going to catch up with ya.
I know you don't give a f**k,
But you better start
Or you'll end up back in that slump
and this time...I'm not sure you'll get back up
And pull yourself back out of that dump."

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

Just can't seem to get a grip
People all around me
Are gritting their teeth
Waiting for my next slip
Trying to anticipate my next trip
That just ain't cool...
Why don't you worry about yourself?
I don't need your help.
I've dealt with everything else on my own
People catch me in public
speaking to myself
I'm just talking to the inner me
trying to work out my inner being
Haven't you ever been confused?
Feeling self-accused, hurt and bruised.

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

"Benji look at you now...
You crashed yourself into the ground
You tried to rebound
Back from the darkness of life
You just drowned in the blackness inside
You are losing parts of yourself
Every time you're inflicted with pain
Your soul melts
You die a little more inside
You're trying to ride this tide
But you keep running out of time
So you better decide
If you're willing to climb
This jagged cliff edge
One last time."

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

©2018 Written By Benji James
Dania Elmayer Jul 29
A dismal , dystopia.

A -dissociative - place
pure ,pure

Abducted; from normality
suppressed my thoughts , cunning

In a dark , dark ,dark world .
My ,mind -craves-

An eerie, valley
streams beyond the tide .

In a place were birds do not fly .
I crumble in my , desolation
pleading , for my, time .
My , time seeks urgency.

Heinous voices arise ,
I resuscitate , revive.

If this was pre -determined
why does my -fatality- never, arise
Diana Garcia Oct 2017
Written by Diana Garcia**
My brain waves are like a storm
I wish i could sit in silence
I wish i wasnt so fucking torn
I tried to understand you but whats the use
it's my turn to talk but will you listen?
When you look at me what do you see
Your daughter, your sister or am I the punching bag that youve been missin'?
let me show you the scars you gave me
those wonderful gifts
that keep me up at night
the reoccurring hate
those angry tears.
All the times i went hungry
cause i refused to come home for years.
Over and over again i was told.
Theres nobody to blame other than myself.
YES! cause it is I who but my well being up on the shelf.
Ive checked out, to this i do admit.
I am numb and I simply exist.
How can I love, hate, or any of those words in the adjective list
when all I know is how to roll with the punches, how to roll with waves in the stormy ocean with all these god damn dusty emotions..
Martial Teacher Dec 2017
She had been there when no one else was
I gave her a false hope
And than silently killed it
A pathetic man
Who received love
From someone who was always there
She held my heart in the darkest of times
Listened to my choked voice
As tears endlessly fell from my eyes
Like a rainfall after a long drought.

The bitterness turned my heart black
I felt fear of loving someone
Only to lose them again
All this time
All i wanted was to share happiness
With someone again
Yet i cannot move on
From the fears of once again
Losing someone who means the world to me.

Everyday i tell myself
What i'm feeling for her is one big lie
A delusion to forcefully shut myself into darkness
Love it's so beautiful
But as beautiful as it is
It can kill just as easily
Slaughtering all your feelings
And than leaving you to remain
As an empty shell of who you once were
Forever damned by love
Your fear of it grows and grows
Solace remains hidden
In the night life
Deathlessly wandering.

A masquerade of emotions
Causes one to lose their self
Stare into the forbidden fruit
The necter falls
And the intoxication
Can't help but drag your attention
Ambushed by what's been long lost
The inferno takes her away
The crimson outline is all that remains
In dreams to haunt
All of this plays through my head
My heart sours
And i continue to run away
From all these emotions i feel.
Wayward Jul 25
What is it about you that haunts me?
I let you go so I can set you free.
You mean everything to me and we are forever,
But it isn't our time to be together.  

I was completely lost before I met you.
You gave me reason to live and direction to follow.
Now we're back at square one,
And the loneliness has already begun.

I promised you I'd never leave.
You promised never to let go of me.
Yet here we are, far apart in distance and in thought.
I wonder how we'd be if we hadn't fought.

Blocking is a blessing, and you used it well.
I regret my decision, now I'm in hell.
A life without you, is no life at all.
I just wish you'd pick up my call.

With several attempts I lost faith.
I think it's goodbye, this is our fate.
I'll always wonder if I made a mistake,
If I could've avoided all our heartache.

                                                     ­             -Wayward❤
I didn't really know how else to let go of my emotions. Its really bad, I agree, but I needed some sort of an outlet for the hurt I was feeling. Much love.
Daisy Marrow Aug 2013
Once I was a king loathed by my kingdom.
I was a machine built from the toughest iron nothing could break through.
I left my emotions to rust in the rain and murdered them in the cold night.
But I let my ego hold my strings and now I can't even treat a human right.
I meet a manic on the south side of town.
With a cane in hand and his mind locked in a bird cage since war.
He was a maniac for trusting me and loving me and all my iron core.
I don't believe his tales for,
he is dead on the inside.
Departed from his heart,
He says he feels more alive this way.
With a cigarette in my hand I hope for his life to never feel alone again.
Sherlock BBC
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