Poetria Jul 2015
Up above me;
A cloudless sky
In my hand,
Clouded liquor
In my mind
A clouded mess
That's becoming clearer
With each sip I take...

**Who knew clouds could diminish clouds?
Clouds upon clouds upon clouds...
thehiddenwriter Apr 2016
Be clear on
what you say,
How you say,
Where you say,
When you say.
One mistake and its all lost.
Blurryface Apr 2014
Words clouded me
What was going on
The Earth fell and
Nothing was left
I was alone on the
Earth. It was dark
And gloomy like
Nothing I'd seen.
The trees were dead
And the rivers full of dried
Blood. The lone cloud
Was dark, the sun shone
But everything was dark.
Noises came from all
Around but I was alone.
The voices louder as I
Walked towards them
And all at once it was quiet
And it was clear.

This poem was more of my flowing thoughts, but when I reread it, it reminds me of the "Old Earth" or whats left of it at least. I was looking for it to be like this but i like it.
No soldiers in the scenery,
No thoughts of people now dead,
As they were fifty years ago,
Young and living in a live air,
Young and walking in the sunshine,
Bending in blue dresses to touch something,
Today the mind is not part of the weather.

Today the air is clear of everything.
It has no knowledge except of nothingness
And it flows over us without meanings,
As if none of us had ever been here before
And are not now: in this shallow spectacle,
This invisible activity, this sense.
The bodies breakdown.
What aging gathers.
What time it takes.
Piles of leaves,

The drain pipes,
Like the cracks in pavement-
Sip blood.

The movement of fall,
Orange thorns tatter-
Splash closing in on yellow.

The colors trail.

The windows open,
To bricks-
And are overtaken.

Encased by creeps,
The vines that rule the cities.
Running sour-
Lime pastel green

The cool steal makes its way,
Dripping thunder-
Safety is hailed.

Icicles form bars,
Pristine blue and white-
To the touch.

The colors trail.
  You came from clear air
  Pure sky
  Of our being
  Wellspring of desire
  Your fierce intelligence pressing on me
  There are not enough minutes to the day
  Show Yourself
  Your lips
  From which issue
  The flaming tongues
  Of my poem

Aer glan

As aer glan a tháinís
As spéir íon
Ár mbeatha
As tobar ár ndúile
D’éirim á brú orm go fíochmhar
Níl dóthain nóimintí sa lá
Nocht Tú féin
Do bheola
As a séideann
Teangacha lasracha
Mo dháin
falling Jul 2014
what we yearn for.
yet what is
simply there is
such thing as
we have never
how could we know.
the answer of
what we yearn for.
I'm not sure.
I'm unclear.
But I can tell you what I feel.
I feel a passionate cloud stuck in in my chest.
So vague, so foggy, the mist.
Constantly I breathe more in,
as it suffocates me.
Though I know something clear is being built.
Something I fear is being built.
And when I breathe it out.
I will be sure.
This poem is about my future. My powerful future.
Kane Nov 2014
Who should desire
A clear mirror
Of perfect likeness
Lies hideous fear

Look, see what we see
Sad doppelganger
Ethereal clone
Leaning, wall hanger

All flaws magnified
Every evil, too
Simplify ev’ry line
Ever mistake – rue

A mirror well smudged
Truly desired
The traits that are so
Nobly admired
Max Watt Dec 2013
O, to be clear! Rid of all torments.
To see nothing but the future in your world of content.
Blue skies in your mind
Where your thoughts are straight
And never feel envy, disappointment or hate.

But thoughts are thoughts and thoughts
are only ever clouds so
as long as you’re thinking you don’t have a clear sky.
O, to be clear? Of all regrets and shame?
Without those you could not be the same.

Regrets are the train’s rails
And shame is the gravel beneath,
unmemorable, now unnoticeable.

Pain is the storm that strengthens the land.
Shame, regret, anger – the colours of your landscape.
And laughter is the sun as it rises above it all.
A Sep 2014
Same old stories told,
never too loud, never too bold.
The world shifts fast.
It won't be worth it,
If you don't make it last.

But this treacherous journey,
this promise for plenty.
They have corrupted
our fickle minds,
To make stupid decisions,
to love and not to bind.

Stay in focus, keep it clear.
And hold on to everything you call dear.
You don't need to carry everything,
Just to understand the most important thing.
Joanne Fuda Mar 2013
Ok this is me
I am above all else kind
But I can be cruel to be kind
I am compassionate
But humankind has to take responsibility
I am spiritual
But as I the teacher speak I also need to listen
Mostly for myself
I am self and still Self I am
I am Priestess Protector of the Laws of Creation
I buried the book in the sand along with the jewel
I am 1(singular) and I am not coming back
I am funny and bright
Yet cast a shadow
I am innovative, expressive
Provocative and bold
Yet shy
I stand tall but have cowered and had my roots torn out
Still I grow
I am told I am beautiful inside and out
I have a sparkle in my eye and the powers of persuasion
I am passionate but choose abstinence
Like sugar and bread
I hear music in my head but do not play
I hear songs but do not sing them out loud
I write poetry…when I was young mostly about circles
Now love and this stuff
I love to be shocked …
Into new ways of thinking
I am not fearful of what may be just what is
I try to believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast
But I eat late
I am loyal, loving and honest
I used to wear my heart on my sleeve now I keep it under wrap
Except for you
Your journey may take you to a harem in a desert of love
You will eventually stop to replenish in water
I will wait patiently for you to see me there
With no reflection I will wait
Swimming in circles
Myriah May 2015
I'm all out of emotions
There's nothing left
Onside of me
I'm completely
Over you

I'm empty and clear as water
I've no desire for you
Leave me alone
To be with my insanity
By Myriah young & Anthony mooney
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