Awesome Annie Jul 2014
The sweetest of words escape your lips and leave me breathless.
Butterflies flutter inside,
fill day dreams with your static covered voice,
So smooth and masculine.

Never have I been so drawn to the corners of another's mind,
wanting to fill myself into the creaks of your heartache.
I could heal you....
shower you in affection and adoration.

Your brilliance captivates me,
leaving me wanting more.
I'm to caught up in what ifs...
What lingers between that I can't confess,
is that I'm afraid,
I could get completely lost in you.
David Ian Baker May 2010
A brisk pace set makes my heart beat so fast
The thrill of the run means I feel no pain
With every step onward, strong as the last
I'm lost in my head with the drops of the rain
Wet as the puddles my feet slip into
I glide through the air, floating on pride
The prints in the ground show where I've been through
The grin on my face shows where in my mind
I love the feeling you get on a run
When nothing else matters but what you see
The sights I notice before I am done
The feeling of such raw intensity
The passion inside burns the creator
But I save its hot embers for extinguishing later
John Dodson Oct 2014
not for or from
not to or fro
just one foot in front of the other.
not really counting
not steps
not miles
not minutes, seconds, or calories
just a rhythm
pulse quickening
breathing deeply
settling steadily to the sound of my footfalls
the mindless carrying on of my legs
a welcome counter to the emptying of my head
Untitled Jan 2015
Heart pounding
Arms pumping
Adrenaline rushing
Breathing rushing
Legs rushing
I'm rushing
Away from all that ever
And will be
Nicole Dawn Jun 2015
The tears run down my face
The thoughts run through my head
The fear runs through my veins

My heart races
My feet run
My soul runs out

I'm running

When will it end?
When will I stop running?
Nothing Much Jan 2015
I've always had itchy feet
Never can sit still
Or let the soles of my shoes fuse to the ground

I keep my home around my neck
Wear it in a golden heart shaped locket
I misplaced my compass but never lost myself

I crave the ground passing beneath my feet
Beneath wheels and airplane shadows
I measure my age in miles acquired

I've seen the Milky Way from every angle
And swam in every sea
I keep going, going, going
And I never stop to wonder what I'm running from
Wrote this on a train!
allie Apr 2014
Pat-Pat-Pitter Pat
The rain is running on my roof.
I'm wondering,I'm wondering
Do I go out and play with the rain?
  Or do I stay inside?
I used to call runners crazy fitness freaks.
Now I've become one as well.
When running was mentioned I would shriek.
Now I run to excel.
Brad Lambert Dec 2012
I always feel like I’m running.
Not running away, there’s no such thing.
Just running forward towards something.


There’s no such place.

With how long I've been running
surely I'd have found it by now.

I've though of what it must look like.

Something could be a field
buried in a brilliant, sunlit cloud of alfalfa.

It could be a tundra,
frozen and without borders.

A rainforest,
vivid with life, green and flourishing.

A mountain, lurching
over a city,
and in the city there would be nothing but good men.

No liars, nor cheats.

Just good men and good women,
good drink and bad bars,
blocks and city blocks of motels
riddled, reeking with  the smoke of cigarettes
smoked sometime post-sex.

And in the city there would be nothing but goodmen
good men
raving and ranting, chanting for more

These stairs sure are steep,
I best not fall.

Something could be a desert.
The dunes would stretch, immaculate, across my vision.
The horizon would be sun, sand, and sun again.

Is the sky still blue in a desert?
Is desert wind built of language and faith, or just oxygen heated to boiling?
Is the night full of hushed whispered deviance?
Is the night bent over the day's sofa?
Is he waiting for sunrise?

Rise, sun, rise,
what are you waiting for?

Do it.
Walking quickly,
Just to catch up with you,
So we can talk for a few more minutes,
So I can see your eyes just one more time,
Before tomorrow.

Walking slowly,
Just to make it last longer,
So I can feel your hand in mine for another eternity,
So I can see you smiling for another second,
Before tomorrow.

Holding you closer,
Just to feel your heart,
So I can hear the sound of every gentle breath,
So you can keep me warm for another moment,
Before tomorrow.

Looking back,
Just to see you step inside,
So I can catch another glimpse of your hair,
So I hear the last thing you say,
Before tomorrow.

Running home,
Just to make the time go faster,
So that the adrenaline can make each minute rush by,
So I don't have to wait quite as long,
Before tomorrow.
Steele Dec 2014
For my morning run, it rains again.
I run into town every morning anyway.
Some day they'll be flooding, I think, when
the rain realizes it won't stop my foray.
Oddly, no one in this town would blame me then.
I think that's what keeps me on my merry way.

It's hard to step out of my sunny shell, and let the rain soak my hide.
Yet I'll keep smiling when it rains; that means once again I made it outside.
Introverts gonna introvert, yo. #dealwithit
Bijan Nowain Feb 2015
Longing to abscond with time
Run away to breathe and live
Looking for truth beyond the horizon
Restless soul breaking free

This heart wants to settle
For it’s run an emotional gamut
Tattered, worn out like old shoes
Quietly ticking, limping along

Then, like electrical therapy
You ignited a spark deep inside
Blood flows with purpose
Deliberate beating with resilience

It keeps on running
For you
Poetry by MAN Jun 2013
Here we go again
Just you and I
Running in a circle I just keep wondering why
We play these games
With no shame
I was the one who took the first look
You never saw my face
I was so out of place
your lips I wanted to taste.
I finally caught your eye
I wasn't an average guy
Fates intertwine as the circle starts to connect
Like the infinity sign my love for you forever set
To keep running in a circle I just keep wondering why....
6-25-13 M.A.N
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