I'll be waiting,
     for the day we become one
I'll be waiting,
     'till the day you return
I'll be waiting,
     with my heart still open for you
No matter how long,
      i'll be waiting for You
Tristan Jan 2015
Waiting for a phone call,

Waiting for a text message,

Waiting for a visit,

Waiting for a time,

When I no longer have to wait.
I am sitting here waiting for you to call me and god, I just want to see you again
Jade Sep 2015
By the bus stop
By the lake
By the curb beside my leg
In the sun
Or in the rain
In the cold
I'm shivering in
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the falling rain
In a drought has never been
I am atoning for my sin
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
In a winter storm has never been
I am barely holding it in
Wait wait wait wait
For the love of god
My soul to take
I cannot run from my fate
If it is to waste away while I wait
Janelle Aug 2014
I was always waiting to catch you if you fall,
He said
Damn right!
I have fallen life times across life times
Too deep to arise from the fall
Where are you?,
I ask
I am waiting.
Skye Mura Nov 2014
It's been 2 months
Since we parted
But we've been
Together for 2 years
It's probably warm
Where you are
But I'm still here
Recovering from
The coldness of
Your words
It's so hard to
Wait for closure
From someone like you
But you're worth it
So I'll wait.
Kujo May 2015
I waited for you.
I wait for you all the time.
When you're with me I'm waiting for you,
in my sleep I wait for you,
in my dreams I wonder where you are.
I look at you, and I wonder where you are.
Patience is my only weapon.
Chloe Tabs May 2014
Time pass by slowly,
Second, minute, hour.
Making me a bit crazy.
Patience and time at war.

Will never get tired of waiting
If I feel like I should give up
I say to myself "Just one more minute"
Then you suddenly show up

You're always worth the wait,
Even if waiting is forever.
You always strengthen my faith,
Still hoping we can be together.
Megan Elliott Sep 2014
I sit and wait
Wait for the leaves to turn golden
Wait for the snow to fall
Wait for the summer heat
Wait for the buzz of the bee
Wait for life to happen
Sam Po Aug 2014
It's five o'clock in the morning
and I'm sitting here at the bench park
-- alone and waiting.
I stared on the green grass but my mind is somewhere.
My body shivers due to the morning air.

Then, suddenly I began to ask questions
why I am here, alone and waiting?
Whom should I be waiting?
do I need to wait this long? or should I just stop waiting and go home?
I know He's waiting.
Sy Lilang Jul 2014
Ang pag-ibig
Hindi parang load
Hindi yan nauubos
Wala sa tindahan
Hindi inuutang.

Ang pag-ibig
Hindi parang gasoline station
Na daraanan mo lang
Na paparkingan mo
Pero iiwan mo
Pag nakuha na ang gusto.

Ang pag-ibig
Hindi parang kalsada
Na malawak pero tatapak-tapakan
Na aayusin at mas mapapansin lang
Pagka may lubak na.

Ang pag-ibig
Hindi parang payong
Na gagamitin mo lang
Para sa pansariling proteksyon
At itatago pag hindi mo na kailangan.

Ang pag-ibig hindi yan sasakyan
Na daraan sayo at hindi mo mapapansin
Na bubusinaan ka
At wala kang tamang pandinig.

Ang pag-ibig
Minsan makukumpara mo
Sa kung anu-anong pumupukaw ng atensyon mo
Minsan kasalungat
Ng kung anong nakikita mo.

Hindi mo na lang mapapansin
Nandyan na pala,
Eh kaso lang, ang layo ng tingin mo
Naghahanap ka pa,
Eh nasa harap mo na pala.
Habang nag-aabang na mapuno yung tricycle sa kanto, nang makauwi na rin.
JP Jun 2015
It's easier to wait
When you're told to wait
Than wait
Without knowing if there's still something worth the wait
Jean Rodriguez Jan 2015
It's funny how people keep on waiting for that certain person to come,
with no guarantee of ever knowing whether they'll show up or not.
It astonishes me to see how far they'd go
for the sake of having that One Fateful Day,
where at last everything they worked so hard waiting on,
will come to fruition.
I have never thought of it as something worth my while
not since I have known what it felt like to be in that familiar line
of waiting and hoping and giving up altogether.
It has been years since I have ever been in this feeling's mercy;
and I doubt I'll ever be in the same situation any time soon.
But when I do, I'll remember that one person
whom I'd give all my forevers
all the strings tied within me
the deepest corners of my soul
and maybe all this time I have been waiting
and I just never felt it all the while
but whoever that person will be,
tell me when you're there
by the crossroads where I used to wait
for someone else.
Watching my phone,
Side by side with my homework.
for a response...
how am i suppose to kno
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