Styles Oct 2016
I want to climb inside your body
move around in your skin
grasp and kiss your body
sending shivers deeper than within
two bodies joined in unison
penetrating heat
melt us from the outside in
sensual movements
you finish twice, before I even begin
Styles Dec 2016
To feel your mouth
on top of my mouth
your succulent lips
pressed into my lips
both of our tongues
speaking in tongues
feeling the weight of your body
pushing down on top of my body
feeling each other
dissolve into each other
souls mating forever
hope this feeling ends; never.
Styles Sep 2016
Bound by flesh; we are,
      oblivious to our minds,
      chemical reactions.
      Enamored with desire,
      our bodies collide,      
      driven by our actions.
      Engrossed by lust; thirsty.
      The primal rush;
      the absolute of attraction
      Prisoners of our passions.
      animal instincts
      of human nature; our habits
      we fashion.
Monkey May 2014
It's cold and the heater isn't on but my heart is on and its love for you is keeping me warm.
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Any pizza can be round                                                                                          In its shape ,but                                                                                                        It should be hot ...                                                                                                     I don't know about a customer's liking                                                                   Of its inches,but                                                                                                       It depends ...                                                                                                             Cheese is main part in a good pizza ,so                                                                  What's your pizza today ?!                                                                                     _____________________
Styles Jul 2017
I miss the rush
of your touch
So much
it's a must that
we touch
no fuss
What's the rush
I'll see you again
Like soul mates
Mating with faith
our paths, will, cross
Like brush against wet paint
we paint the perfect picture
With each stroke
that we stroke
the power of my solid rod
Piercing the depths
of your pearly gates
We seal our fate.
Paul Dec 2014
Coffee ........ Too hot?

Things not to say when feeling poetic!

I need it to be blown upon by 13 fair maidens!

So wrong!
Styles Jun 2015
With an essence of a  sultry indulgence that will entice
as often as it excites;
       my words seek passage --
                       penetrating your psyche,
                       as they crawl across your thoughts.
                       serenading your mind with
                       lustful passages;
                       littering your innocence
                       with filth --
                       saturated in honesty
                       dripping with vivid insight;
                       conceived through insanity.
                       raging with passion.
Styles Jan 27
One sinister thought
An angels grin
lips brush against her neck
Tears run down her chin
Warm breath on her skin
His whispers fill her ear
Her body listening in
her fingernails dig deep
sharp scratches, pierce his skin
moans escaping her mouth, wet lips against bare skin
Juices flowing sensations set in
As his deep thrust cave her world in
Styles Jan 27
He is;
caving in her walls, raising up her hips
tighten his grips, pulling her into him
crashing her body into his like waterfalls
her jaw drops as he massages her walls
motioned by her motions
his motions are
stirred up with deep emotions
It lifts her up to give him a rise
their thirsty bodies capitalize on the synchronized ride
eyes closed like they are hypnotized
her peaks climbing the highest of highs
temperature rising, fire between her thighs
her soothing heat, his body mesmerized
she came so hard even he is satisfied
Styles May 2014
I Say "Hi"
A Beautiful Stranger
She Keeps Walking
We Pass By
I'm Just Looking
Corner Of My eye
Foxy Little Lady
She Is Sly
Lips Stay Sealed
They're My Alibi
Felt Your Eye
Gave A Reply
You Said "Hi"
Not Being Shy
I'm With Her
That's Your Guy
Our Little Secret
Eyes Don't Lie
My Beautiful Stranger
Walk On: Bye.
Styles Jan 27
Born to enter
swollen with desire
thirsty for pleasure
devoted to nature
primal instinct seeking
resounding tenderness
when embraced
resonates heat.
Styles Jan 26
The chemistry so intoxicating,
Lips wet your salavitating
Feeling your vibes
Your as wet
as wet gets
Lovin every second
Not a drip wasted
One finger placed-in,
Your breathing hasten
Two fingers pacin
Your waist whining like the time I'm takin
grinding towards something amazin
A huge explosion in a tiny place;  your haven
You lost in ecstasy while we share the same space
Its only a matter of time before its written all over your face
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