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Raziel Jan 2018
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Is my face prettiest of all,
Mirror Mirror lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why don’t I like the girl I see,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
When will you leave me be,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell me who’s the biggest fool of all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Why did you leave me to bawl,

Mirror Mirror what do you see,
Please tell me what you decree,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Am I the fairest of them all,

Mirror mirror why do they laugh,
Am I only a false half,
Mirror Mirror why do they stare,
Mirror mirror why do I care,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of them all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s most damaged of them all,

Mirror mirror,
On the wall,
Lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror Mirror,
May I see a little clearer,
On the wall,
Oh how I appal.

All that look my way,
Mirror what do you say,
You should only speak the truth,
You should only speak to sooth,

Mirror mirror why do you lie,
I know I asked, but please don’t make me cry,
Mirror mirror I whisper goodbye,
Mirror Mirror let me die..
Swords and Roses Aug 2015
Mirror, mirror
Said the queen
Not wanting to be seen

Mirror, mirror
Every day
Urging wrinkles
Not to stay

Mirror, mirror
She was taught
If she was ugly
She was naught

Mirror, mirror
She cannot feel
Emotions ruin
Her appeal

Mirror, mirror
She feels dead
To the husband
In her bed

Mirror, mirror
Her heart is failing
Her lungs are gasping
Her kidneys wailing

Mirror, mirror
The doctor said
She has a growth
In her head

Mirror, mirror
She cannot stand
But she's still the most
Beautiful in the land

Mirror, mirror
But not anymore
Her place taken
By the child of a *****

Mirror, mirror
She needs a heart
The child has one
There's a start

Mirror, mirror
She's in so much pain
She doesn't know
How to be humane

Mirror, mirror
The child is dead
The heart is weak
But she has fed

Mirror, mirror
The heart has failed
There is no other
That ship has sailed

Mirror, mirror
She is desperate to live
She finds a corrupt magicker
And gives all she can give

Mirror, mirror
She feeds on death
Each soul she takes
Lies in every breath

Mirror, mirror
She carves words in her skin

Mirror, mirror
She moans in the night
Her husband sleeps in a separate bed
Yet still quakes in fright

Mirror, mirror
The child is not dead
All the lives she has taken
When she could have taken one instead

Mirror, mirror
Look at her now
Twisted and broken
Macabre magick on her brow

Mirror, mirror
The child must pay
Perhaps her soul will be redeemed
It is the only way
Zombee Sep 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Walk with me n be my Friend:
fending oFF thee awful Qualm,
calming all the thoughts of Death.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Talk to me if no one Else.
"tell me what to do aGain?...
...death is gonna Haunchew."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
Waltzing in my ball of Hair;
share the Yarn of all you Bear,
spare the Rod n chop the Sheers.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
"Welcome to the slums of Hell."
help me Speak in bleeding Tongue.
"vi la de Vel".

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:
wall of Talking thought so Clear;
hear the Fall of waldo's Water,
thrall the Call of ocean Odlaw.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
call my Bluff n cuff my Arms,
bar my Cell n sell my Soul,
sow the Seed n reap its Rose.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
flaunt my Card n guard the Door.
Youre the one im steering Clear of...
..."ofCourse you are."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all i Know is no ones Lost,
mossy Oak is all i Know,
frozen Walls i call my Home.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all you Are ish ards of Glass;
lashing Out n always Laughing,
laughing as you watch me Ball.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all you Do is use my Tears.
here you Are with all the Cotton,
swabbing all my flaws n Fears.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
call me what you always Do:
stupid Queer n weird n Ugly."dont
******* Tell me what to Do."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
talk the way you always Have:
Chanting like a ******* Trucker,
Cussing like a ******* Sailor.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Hollow be my only Name.
satan stole my only Halo:
angel of a broken Cross.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Follow me n see my View.
you should see what i have Saw...
...all ive seen is You.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all you Are is all i Am.
have you not a ******* Conscience?...
..."obviously Not."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
walk a long this haunted Path.
after That if you can Laugh... can I.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all youve Done is run n Hide.

'and Then...
...tyler was Gone.

was iaSleep?...
...had  i Slept?'

-  Jack's Medulla Oblongata  

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
call my Parent......scared of School.
whos the Fairest......ferris Bueller?...
...You are.
Chelle Quezon Oct 2014
Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who'll catch me when I fall?

Mirror, mirror I knew this man,
I hear his voice and I feel like ****!

Mirror, mirror everytime he laughs
I just can't explain how he give me crafts.

Mirror, mirror whenever he speaks
I feel like I'm on clouds at its peak.

Mirror, mirror he gives me butterflies
He keeps me happy and never let me cries.

Mirror, mirror he send me shivers
Its overflowing just like other rivers.

Mirror, mirror this is something new
I hope this won't fade and forever please be true.

Mirror, mirror he said he loves me
He'll never hurt me he guarantee.

Mirror, mirror he said I'm all his
With those three words I feel bliss.

Mirror, mirror on his bended knee
He hold my heart and there's no escapee.

Mirror, mirror forever is for fantasy
So that means lifetime is for reality.

Mirror, mirror my heart beats,
If this ain't forever please delete.

Mirror, mirror remove my doubt and my fear
With this man that's gentle and truly sincere.

Mirror, mirror give me my happily ever after
Let me write my own love story and be the master.
Theia Gwen Jan 2014
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the skinniest of them all?
Mirror mirror I don't like what I see
For once, can the skinniest one be me?

Mirror mirror on the wall
I want to be the skinniest of them all
Mirror mirror I'll make you a deal
Will you make me beautiful if I skip all my meals?

Mirror mirror on the wall
I'm still not the skinniest of them all
Mirror mirror I don't like the number on the scale
Can I please skip to the end of this tale?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Why aren't I the skinniest of them all?
Mirror mirror I only ate an apple today
Is that enough to keep the doctor away?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Didn't I deserve to be the skinniest of them all?
Mirror mirror my skin as white as snow
Won't be satisfied until I reach 0

Mirror mirror shattered on the ground
I try to scream but I can't make a sound
Mirror mirror, what have you done to me?
I once was your slave but now I want free

Mirror mirror I lay destroyed just like you
I won't let you take my life too
Mirror mirror I lay barely breathing on the floor
Hoping a prince will find me with a cure
Babygirl Aug 2015
Mirror Mirror on the wall...
Can you see the through the most broken of us all?
Can you look in my eyes and see the pain i hide.
Can you feel the pain of when i bit my tongue so hard i cried?
Mirror Mirror on the wall..
You're the one who can see when i drop the ball..

Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you see the darkness in us all?
Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you see the way i walk the tightrope about to fall.
Broken pieces of myself are all that you reflect back to me.
Pain and Anger all that seem to be...
Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you keep my darkest secret hidden?
Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you see whats been forbidden?

Mirror Mirror on my wall..
You're the reason for death i call.
I see my reflection in you and i hate me more and more.
You show me the imperfections i tried to bury in the deepest drawer.
Mirror Mirror on my wall...can't you see?
You're slowly killing me..

Mirror Mirror on my wall, can you see the pounds going away?
Mirror Mirror on my wall, i havent eaten for weeks, im happpy to say.
I don't think you know just what you're doing to this broken soul.
I don't think you meant to hurt her like you did, that wasn't your end goal.
Mirror Mirror on my wall, do i look good enough for you now?
Mirror Mirror on my wall, i am dying because of our secret vow.

Mirror Mirror on my wall, can you see the crack..?
I am skinny enough for you to see my spine through my back...
I am dying, i know it's to late for me...
I just wanted to be perfect, can't you see?
I close my eyes and fall asleep, only to fly with the angels above.
Broken Mirror on my wall, my casket fit my small body like a glove.
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why must i be so tall and slim
Mirror mirror on the wall
I dont even go to the gym
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do i look like waist
Mirror mirror on the wall
Im so shrunk and defaced
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do i have a double chin
Mirror mirror on the wall
I just wanna grin
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do you lie to my face
Mirror mirror on the wall
Making me displaced
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do i have no friends
Mirror mirror on the wall
Im looking through your lens
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do you say fairest of them all?
Mirror mirror your a ****** fibber
Why are you even hanging on my wall
SkittlesDarken May 2015
Mirror, mirror who am I?
Mirror, mirror, am I beautiful?
Mirror, mirror is society right?
Mirror, mirror are these tears worth crying at night?
Mirror, mirror do you care?
mirror, mirror are you truth?
Mirror, mirror, is this how I really look?
mirror, mirror, should i change
Mirror, mirror my heart is broke.
mirror, mirror my soul is cold.
mirror, mirror should I give in?
Mirror, mirror, is this girl really me?
Can I ever leave this forbidden place?
Have I really let society in my head?
Mirror mirror on the wall please tell me that I have it all.

Mirror mirror on the wall help me look like a doll.

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me that he doesn't hit me at all.

Mirror mirror on the wall what just happened I cannot recall?

Mirror mirror on the wall he loves me it's just the alcohol.

Mirror mirror on the wall he doesn't love I am  a neanderthal.

Mirror mirror on the wall I must leave by nightfall.

Mirror mirror on the wall if people ask I just had a fall.

Mirror mirror on the wall hurry and call the cops before it's my last fall.

Mirror mirror on the wall the person looking back has no power at all.
Joel A Doetsch Apr 2015
Lewis had taken his date antiquing.  It seemed the kind of sophisticated, adult activity that he felt would reinforce the fact that he was, in fact, a sophisticated adult.  Never mind that he knew next to nothing about antiquing...except that it was a thing sophisticated adults apparently did.

It was clear within the first twenty minutes or so that she wasn't really feeling it.

She was friendly and amicable, but it was clear that she was being polite for the sake of being polite.  It was the kind of polite that meant she wouldn't be returning his phone calls tomorrow.  For his part, he didn't make a fuss.  He played his role and continued the date as if it meant something.

He even went so far as to purchase an ornate mirror at the last shop they visited.  A mirror he'd probably never have even looked at on a typical day.

Lewis dropped his date off at her flat, insisted on walking her to her door (had to keep up appearances), and gave her a brief hug before going back to his car.  The mirror was wrapped up in the back seat of his small Toyota, making it impossible to use his rearview mirror.

He didn't even bother taking it out of the car when he got home.  Perhaps, he thought, someone would steal it and save him the trouble of pitching it.

The next morning, to his annoyance, it still filled up his back seat.  He had to go to work, and he figured he'd have to get it out of the car sooner or later, so he pulled it out and awkwardly managed to get it into his front door, where he left it leaning against the wall of his front hallway.

Lewis walked by the mirror almost every day for a week before he finally decided to hang it up.  He had bought it, after all...might as well make use of it.  He hung it up in the hallway and then largely forgot it existed.  It wasn't until several months later that he discovered its strange properties.

He had been running late for work, and in his hurry had spilled coffee over his shirt.  His initial annoyance at having to change was replaced with a sharp pain as the hot coffee burned through his shirt.  He was haphazardly unbuttoning the shirt while walking by the mirror when he stopped.  He looked again.  The coffee stain had disappeared.  Lewis finished unbuttoning the shirt and looked at his chest, where he found no mark or sign he had even had an injury.  Thinking himself crazy, he ran back to the kitchen to find that there was, indeed, spilled coffee still on the table.

That had been the beginning.

The power had gone quickly to his head, as power is wont to do.  He could change just about anything in his environment, so long as he was clever and could do it in front of the mirror.  The more he focused, the more accurate the results were.  He imagined that he was holding the deed to a mansion that was for sale downtown.  He found that not only was this the case, but the mirror had taken care of all the pesky details that would have otherwise conflicted with this.  He imagined his bank account filled to the brim with money.  Lewis imagined a whole new life for himself.  

It was at this point that he decided to test the limits of his new found power.  He stood at the mirror in his underwear.  Not horrible looking by any means, but definitely not an attractive man by most standards.  His hair, oily and unkempt, fell listlessly down on his forehead.  a paunch belly accentuated knobby knees and elbows.  His face was rather round and a bit pudgy, though fairly average overall.  He looked himself over disdainfully, and begin to concentrate.

First his stomach started shrinking, as if someone was letting the air out of it. It flattened, and abdominal muscles etched themselves into the skin.  The rest of his body followed suit, transforming itself into his ideal.  An alpha male.  A leading man.  At the end of it all, he stood in front of a stranger.  Even his eyes had changed.  They looked back at him through the mirror, full of confidence and a spark of defiance.  He almost caught a mischievous smile playing at his lips.

The change was immediate.  Between the money and the new face, he became social elite, hosting parties, attending events.  The mysterious newcomer, whose fortune seemed to have appeared out of thin air.  He relished every minute of it.  Instead of chasing people, begging to be noticed, people were begging to be noticed by him.  It was everything he ever wanted, until she came into his life.

She was an environmental lawyer for a large law firm.  She had it all.  Her name was Claire. She could stare right through him.  She didn't care about his power.  She didn't care about his charm.  The more he tried to win her over, the more she pulled away.  That, of course, did nothing to deter him.  If anything, it made him desire her more.  It was driving him insane.

Things finally broke down.  He was at yet another party, but he was no longer enjoying himself.  He hadn't been enjoying himself for weeks.  He sat at the bar, downing glasses of alcohol almost carelessly.  He saw her outside on the balcony, and he stumbled his way over to her.  He managed to slur out something along the lines of "Hey baby" along with some semblance of a crude pickup line, which earned him a martini hat and five red marks across his perfectly shaped face.

He drove home, managing to get his car mostly in his driveway (that poor mailbox never saw it coming).  He lumbered into his house, intending to fall asleep, when he walked by the mirror.  Suddenly, his inebriated brain had an amazing thought.  Why should he continue chasing her?  He had a mirror that granted him anything he wanted.  

He stood in front of the mirror.  Once again, he almost imagined that his reflection was sneering at him, but he put it out of his mind.  He imagined Claire, in all her perfection, deeply in love with him.  He continued to focus, as much as his mind would allow him, when suddenly he felt hands around his waist.  He turned around, and found her standing behind him, beckoning him forward.

She led him up to his room and laid him upon the bed.   At first, he was ecstatic, but as the night continued, he became uncomfortable.    She was wrong.  She was not natural.  She was focused fully on him as she had her way, but he was unable to meet her gaze.  Every time he did, her face seemed to move out of focus, like a dark shadow was covering her.  He couldn't linger there long, and it filled him with dread.  Eventually the alcohol took its toll, and he fell into a fitful sleep, with her wrapped faithfully around him.

The next morning, Lewis went back to the mirror and wished her away.  Then he panicked.  He called one of his acquaintances and discovered that the actual Claire was still alive and well.  It had not been her.  He felt relieved, but this quickly turned to depression as he fell into a chair, racked with guilt at what he had brought into the world, however briefly.  Unfortunately, he wouldn't get a chance to make any more mistakes.

The next night, Lewis found himself awake.  It was about 3 AM.  He hadn't remembered waking.  Nor did he remember walking down the stairs to the mirror, but here he was.  He stood and stared at the mirror, back to the man he had become.  He smiled that mischievous smile.  Wait.  He hadn't smiled.  Why was he smiling?  Lewis attempted to move away, but he was stuck in place.  The mirror version of himself allowed its smile to widen, and Lewis felt his mouth tugging upwards to accommodate.  The reflection raised its arm, and Lewis helplessly raised his arm as well.  

Lewis vaguely noticed the entire room he was in filling with a dense fog.  The rest of the world blurred out into obscurity except the mirror with the devilish face of Lewis's counterpart.  The reflection spoke, and Lewis's mouth moved along with the words.  "I sure appreciate you helping me out of there.  Hope you don't mind hanging out for awhile."  He flashed that terrible grin.  "I'll see you around"

Lewis waved goodbye, and his reflection stepped away from the mirror...leaving him in darkness.
Written very quickly, probably could be better.  Feel free to offer constructive criticism.
donovan ellis Jan 2013
Mirror mirror on the wall, my hopes are down but my dreams are tall, what do you see in me when i face the wall. Mirror mirror please tell me all, i need you more than ever before is my heart full or can it handle some more. Mirror mirror what do you see, a boy asking for help that's to strong to bleed, or a boy that's helpless who stands to plied. Mirror mirror cant you see, my reflection isn't glowing is there something wrong with me, peer red seems to cover i am not a devils child. Mirror mirror please come rescue me, God is on my side i been to stupid to see, mistakes after mistakes but still he forgives me. Mirror mirror can the boy be me, if so i give it all to see a new day for me, falling to my knees i start to plied. Mirror mirror red little droppings replace my tears, the devil is crying because i am no longer he's, the pain that i feel in my hands and feet is the pain that he felt when he died for me. Mirror mirror now what do you see, mirror mirror please talk to me, My mirror has broken and fell to my feet, now that i see a glowing man in front of me.
unknown Apr 2015
Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Break the logic and make me see a star

Mirror mirror can't you see,  
     the angel you're showing is a demon to me

Mirror mirror despite the truth,
     And show me a lie of my ugly bruise

Mirror mirror hide my scars,
     Maybe then I'll handle the fact

Mirror mirror can't you see,
    What you're showing is destroying me

Mirror mirror why are you so cruel,
    You've ruined life's without making a move

Mirror mirror on the wall,
     The ******* society is responsible for it all

                                             And you know what the funniest thing is?
                                       We blame the society and don't realize we are it.
Mateuš Conrad Jun 2020
for all i care to remember...
        looking into the mirror was more or less...
something akin to:
"squirting"... **** me! SQUINTING...
      well... the contortion of the eyes...
"worrying" about a double-chin...
and of course... enough stealth acne
to make me... the bride of beelzebub
how i'd joke to myself...
         beelzebub sat on my face and *******
a tonne of... dead maggots...

           i never knew i was athletic standing
before a mirror...
i probably know that i am less athletic now...
but... looking into mirror made
sense... once...
   this russian girl...
    in st. petersburg...
   we were in "love"...
       and there was this great aventurine bed...
and... a closet with two mirrors...
and... we'd be at it...
i was looking into the mirror...
and she was looking into the mirror...
it was like: the opposite of *** on l.s.d. -
because it was like...
beyond the missionary -
the "******" of the mirror...
   as in ***... it leaves you wanting
to ******* to the *******...
because... hell...
without a mirror...
could you capture the face moaning
contorting like an experiment out
of the gehenna harem?

     for all the *** toys sold...
all those exceses of... woman's lingerie...
outfits... nurses...
   blah blah... it really takes a mirror
to spice things up...
this dead-eyed mirror canvas...
the dire-dead-necessary...
    tooth-fairy: ref. the red dragon...
i needed to see that she needed to see
that i was ******* her... and that she...
was being ******...

           mirror mirror on the wall...
**** the fair and the fairest and the fairies...
i have come to understand that mirrors...
work best...
when... not stressed to exemplify...
a concern for beauty...
   or... something that is worn...
clothes look... terribly important in a mirror...
esp. by someone wearing them
when allowed to be digested / investigated
by a mirror...

but... a mirror during ***?
when you're not performing inverted missionary...
doggy... and she's lying with clenched ****-cheeks...
i was in love once...
which also implies:
i ****** like a race-champ pony!
the mirror always helps...
i wouldn't know: whether s&m leather
and straps would... and whips...
made much of a difference...
when... the mirror... the ghost ******...
the: satan you could get away with...
if you didn't utter a comprehensive word...
but ensure a strict rigidity to...
onomatopoeias and syllables...
and... exfoliating nouns...

        upon memory being summoned...
i'm getting a bigger hard-on thinking
about all the encounters i've had with the police...
there's always at least two memorable
getting poisoned in a nightclub...
getting on the bus...
getting off the bus... dropping like a pancake
onto the cement...
     being roused... asked by the police officer
whether i was o.k.:
making a slurred and lengthy apology...
giving my address...
and being... taken in a police van... in a cage
for a sinner... like a taxi...
back home...

    losing my virginity to a pair of handcuffs...
for ******* in an alleyway...
getting screamed at...
one officer cuffed me...
the female officer had a pen and pad ready...
in an alleyway where it was discussed:
and who's alleyway is it?
i'm too drunk already...
if i walked into a pub on friday come
10pm i'd be asked to buy a pint
in order to use their toilet...

         it's one sort of luck... gambling...
betting on a horse...
but another... being hand-cuffed...
  and then... having the hand-cuffs...
taken away...
              as this dialogue happened in the...
"invisible" shadow of the alley...
i can't exactly imagine what the onlookers
           a teasing of authority...
drinking a beer on a bench outside
a pub on a friday night...
which is... basically... taking away
the revenue... of being sardine packed...
and pyramid schemed... for failure...
but my... what a glorious night...

so i asked: and where am i... permitted...
and blah blah...
that ******* mirror... and that aventurine bed...
the same thrill during ***...
like... the thrill of stepping into a brothel...
without a need to ***...
the 9 of them: all nazgul attired in scrutiny...
before "the pick"...

   *** toys... can i please get a mirror in here?!
it has to become a standard for a healthy
sexed up relationship...
    a mirror can overpower any...
frivolity of during-***: attire...
  the imitation ******...
a mirror is... just that...
                 *** with: in third person narrative...
but... smirk-giggle:
you catching her eyes getting ******...
and she catching your eyes: ******* her...

so tame tame... unlike reading...
  the tame blushes of marquis the sade...
never to mention... this philosophical adventure
of ******... which it really is...
impeccable... trouble with: thought put into
                yes... that horrid... Fritzl case...
but unlike the idealist scenario...
the mother was notably pushed away from
the grandiosity of the sin...
and it was done... in public... with...
a purview of... shaking established social norms!
it wasn't... a rabbit-hole of horror...

              which is why i'm glad i do not
have children of my own...
   i once spent an afternoon with...
my... grand-aunts son... my uncle...
don't ask...
         and i looked like him and thought...
well... i have most certainly had more
fun with cats and dogs...
i was a complete mute...
i didn't feel like cuddling this piece
of cubism... it looked human and even
contorted like one...
perhaps if it was mine...
i could have... somehow...
            "relegated my inhibitions"?
                 n'est ce pas?
         to have children and begin with...
that ******* of differentiating vowels from
consonants... and then... building consonants...
what... 5 vowels... 21 consonants...
5 x 21 = 105 variations...
       prefix: ab, ac, ad, af, ag...
                     eb, ec, ed, ef, eg...
                           IF only! oof!
                 the suffix - ba, ca, da, fa, go...
                                 bat cat dad fat god...
and then... the 21 x 21 consonant variables...
squared to the power of 5...
because... chinese is... frankly...
so simple...

   - it's summer and...
            since i would otherwise... require ink...
to write... and the paper would somehow
be always readily available...
no need for ink...
the summer months are terrible...
for no requirement of ink...
what is ink?  ink is...
                         i need october...
i need november... december... january...
february... half of march...
i need to borrow ink from the night!
i can't scribble in these arab / kenyan months...
these sun-seeker months
of idle by the dream-pool... load of...
overtly-talked... less thought...
therefore... no need to scribble...

    i need the night for my ink...
                           "punctuation marks are in
the constellations": oh yes... honey sweet...
what's it called? cliche? we've all been there...
i too would sacrifice Hector before the altar
of Achilles if i were Priam...
                   only because: he was called Hector...
and the other was Achilles...
and i was called Priam...
       in such times... what were...
the trully... common-place names...
of stunt-men and extras?
   i'd like to know the equivalent of a john smith
from ancient greece...
what would one call: him?
        perhaps: i tend to think about *** when
i... most probably had a dream...
jerking off is a bit like...
checking one's blood pressure...
or as a diabetic might... ***** his index
to check the sugar levels...
i write about "***" when i've had a dream...
the dream...

i was talking to a man about cars...
notably... cars from...
america and germany...
circa the years... 1920s through to...
                the 1970s...
          and... then... the talk of... a motorcycle...
a specific motorcycle...
   a triump street cup...
                 a BMW R18... but not quiet...
whatever it was...
                    for the love of a double-decker
bus and a pair of legs...
                which is not...
to have emotionally invested
in *** was something a much younger
version of me would have done...
i thank the prostitutes of curing me of this...
debilitating disease / dream...
              which, i, prescribed... myself...
so no... i hardly think...
there were any... mummy or daddy issues...
i would skip several scenarios:
as much as i love riding a double-decker
bus... i abhor... taking a taxi...
       even if it requires me to walk...
2 miles... i'd rather walk:
for the love of legs and... voodoo dolls hanging
like corks... bend the knee: they might say...
bullet to the knee-cap... if you ask me...

     perhaps i wasn't born english...
but... after... 26 years among them...
                          it "sort of" grows on you...

- man can perform a thousand:
dodo project genocides in one sitting:
on the throne of thrones...
before jumping under a baptism:
fully attired in the ganjes pyjamas
in one sitting: on the throne of thrones...
to "squat" while *******...
*******... *******...
"scented candles" of taking a shower...

i write about *** every time i have a dream...
it's to succumb to the lesser...
escapade of me...
i can stomach subjectivity...
but having to stomach idealism...
is another matter: altogether...
i would like to worship the men who
have had their fill...
and settled for the swan blockade
of the widower romance...
the widow swan...
the black widow: a ******* spider...

none of it... i ****** good i ******
well... come the prime of the age 21...
she was a gamer side-kick bedded...
she prescribed me...
              reading a ****** to a prussian...
or reading a ****** to a RUŚ: example: ditto...
                  i have heard of how
love supposedly closed and opened borders...
we are so antithesis "different"...
we aren't... some western "communist"
zoo study:
the people who say and then...
lucky us paupers...
who have to "loot" the infrastructure
of the vacating ****-tunnels...
because... someone has to ****-off...
their tongue and... gerbil fidgety!

albino chimpanzee and...
boxer gorilla fed on...
the promise of bulk... with nothing
but... the promise of fruits of your
labour... and nothing relating
to protein... or fat... of complex sugars
known as bread... none of that!
still: that fudge-packing bulk of
gorilla bicep protein: amass!

   - as ever... the murk: before the deep-water...
the... inverted demigods
of h. p. lovecraft...
because... cthulhu is... "somehow"...
not the ******* son of Poseidon?

acid-quasi-monkey asks...
                a constipated: not funny...
attempts! at solving a crossword!
                        ******* dangling...
                                    (-) - Fatima...
is this... "Syria" yet?
  concerning the second coming...
Syrian civil war... something...
*******... miraculous...
has happened...
or was about to happen...
and that it didn't happen...
better that it did:
but since it... didn't...
best we cover it up...
                corpse bride:
               Khadija **** Khuwaylid...
if ever: Stephen Vizinczey...
was a (prophet) Muhammad...
in praise of older women...

    ...a Fatima... fleeing the Syrian
civil war... because... Ramses II
was... telling apart the 7 good years
from... the 7 ******* years...

tell you what... it's no fun...
when you've been given the need
to bend the knee before the altar
of phantom power...
if i were 16 and she was 14...
if i was 18 and she was 16...
if i was 60! and she was... 20!
would it matter?
               if i was jerking off aged 8...
you want to know...
what... the last prize is...
the last... difference between...
"consent" of two adult adult...
with their *******-riddle
of a theatre of ***?
     you want to know?
the thought of ******* someone...
no! no barbie! no ken!
the theatre of thought...
of ******* someone... underage...
who is... displaying...
teasing ***... in that primodial seance
of grief to ward of mother from
the ******...
and father from the parentage of

               you ever want to see...
what... a kick in the jaw looks like...
omnipresent onlooker...
of some... unpardonable crime...
that it has to be ***-related...
              i wish i performed some
unpardonable crime on a *******...
i guess a kiss is a kiss is an unpardonable
crime against a *******...
i need this heart to shelter itself
in stone! i need: a heart!
of hard-earned: rock!
               with each sentence:
i find it impossible to not....growl!
to howl! to spew a bickering of...
wolves... of hyenas...
a wake of crows!
              i want toi write an echo!
hye! anoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
i want to hear...
the microscope itching
of a marrow...
of maggots working toward
a closure of expressing: scotch fudge!
i want! maggot marrow!
i want! the lost sounds of...
what the fox already minded...
in...                       χαoς! ρει(γ)νς!
yes... the gamma is a surd...
                 in this... english... equation...

last time i checked:
the cognitive theatre of the forbidden...
****** "lax"...
it's enough to tease the affair with
mere thought...
to have... people "bothered"
that one thinks... such "things"!
while the girl... prime... aged... 14...
teases you with...
exfoliations of...
                      script and... censure...
like a skirt...
but of course...
you're the dodo-project genocidal maniac
about to sport a new: cushioning
of an ******* like...
you're minding teasing...
a high-blood pressure!

          can i allow myself a giggle?
a crown of: a dozen demons laughing
as relevant: to the 12 strong cohort of...
cognitive lapses of reason?
  ******* before a mirror is my...
my memory and my last concern for...
a ****** ******* a russian girl so freely...
she fed off of us as...
     spinning a willow to confine itself to:
those rhubarbs in... "retro"...
no... i'm pretty sure... "they"...
the western communists would have minded
it coming across as...
  rhubarb... dreads... stiff 12" drizzle /
drool bits of a tight-knit white sporting ***!
my... oh... wait...
not exactly 16... so... no...

my... what?!
    this has to become one of those...
most... "unspectacularbly": "a least"
in what's to be digested... "fogiven"...
when... there's that teasing-**** of a per-se
readied for her rite of horror to be
met with ******* the...
upper... echelons...
to the queue! to the loiter!
to the...                cue: no dry martini equipped...
sort of... joke as... a variation
of... escapism: to excuse...
fixations... of social hierarchy...

    i am hardly a misogynist...
            it's almost... fake...
how feminists point out... death-pull...
the misogynists...
clinging to philanthropists... i suppose...
it's like...
"someone" forgot...
to... mention...
the benevolent in misanthrophy...
the happily allied to the ivory tower...
whether you're a man or a woman...
or a man pretending to be a woman...
or a woman pretending to be a man...

who is... the misanthrope?
            the solipsist...
the atheist: should you be god?
the altruist... the... fiddly-bit... extreme...
the... autist?
         who is... your... claim for...
******-****** ruleZ the world?
mother of all perfected children...
a bit like jerking off to...
those gravure beijing models...

ava lauren? she is... an aged looking
*******... closure: madame...
she earned it...
her skin is like leather...
you dare to: wear it...
   but... oops: the ubermensch...
these chinese "brides" are not...
they're genetically edited...
it was apparent that china
didn't have a soul...
in its summa summarum...
or in its christ redeemer...
when... india has its rich
polytheism... pedagogy:
shiva the antithesis of vishnu:
the thesis...

    i can feel... at least!
i can feel abbreviated with the raj master...
sending a few "*******" to beijing!
let's hear a story...
no... i'm fuming mad:
i'm dying! to hear that coin-flip
of a tail: of bending the... fuckning knee:
capping... as one might!

there's a <100million of "me"...
there's... a >1billion of "them"...

            i ****** off to...
          genetically edited creatures...
the western world can hide
behind its setting sun: metaphor...
photo-editing... while...
the hot-**** beijing is...
west-world 1972 bronze age:
"staging a coup"..

             yeah: gurran-gu-dag...
the arabs and their bangladeshi...
queen-bee sorted...
           elizabeth II...
royal ascot...
  i.e. lamborghinis raced on knightbridge...
because: arab playboys are to be...

write long... to ensure...
people read short... little chance
of censor-loved-up-pseudo-i.q.-heroes!
100 years later: you become a pseudo-Proust /
a Joyce... but... that also implies:
you're stiff up at the neck...
in death and sand... and worms...
in a grave! so? no turkish kebab:
no malmuk / no janissary resurrection!
Beaux Sep 2014
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
You're too fat
You're too tall
You're not the fairest of them all
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
You're a geek
You're too dark
You're not the fairest of them all
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Why can't I be pretty like them all?
You're worthless
Not good enough
You can't be pretty like them all
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Why can't I be clean like them all?
You're a cutter
A stupid b*tch
You can't be clean like them all
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Is there a reason to stay at all?
You're family hates you
You have no friends
There is no reason to stay at all
Mirror Mirror on the wall
I'm a gonner watch me fall
You deserve it
You're life is gone
You're a gonner hope you fall
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Have you seen my girl at all?
I watched her crumble
I watched her fall
Your girl is gone
All because of the mirror on the wall
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Micheal Wolf Jan 2013
Oh mirror mirror on the wall
I think I'm drunk he's gone the bar
Oh Mirror mirror shut your face
I look like i've been smacked again
Oh Mirror mirror your so **** cruel !
The ***** seems to make me drool
Oh Mirror mirror make up time
Mascara in my ****** eye
Oh Mirror mirror lets make a deal
Just keep still my lipys smeared
Oh Mirror mirror I'm finished now
Off to lure another man
Oh Mirror mirror see you soon
If i need to top this up!
anshika gehani Dec 2017
Mirror, Mirror,
Tell me now,
Do I look beautiful in the crowd?
"No girl,
No girl,
Maybe you need some more curls"

Mirror, Mirror,
Answer me now,
Will I be the most beautiful in the crowd?
"No girl,
No girl,
Maybe your face looks too dull"

Mirror, Mirror,
I have a query,
Does foundation and powder bring in some glory ?
"No girl,
No girl,
Maybe you should know you need to put more stuff on"

Mirror, Mirror,
Now look at me,
Will I bring spark to someone's dreams?
"No girl,
No girl,
Maybe it is your eyes they are too plain...please paint them with some lies"

Mirror, Mirror,
Do I look better,
Will I be like the beautiful queens?
"No girl,
No girl,
Maybe its your lips they should be as red as a rose's skin"

Mirror, Mirror,
Can you answer now,
Am I the perfect girl for the crowd?
"Yes girl, Yes girl,
Yes you are,
As beautiful as a star"

Mirror, Mirror,
But I don't see me,
Have you changed my looks more than I can reckon my own speech?
"Yes girl, Yes girl,
I had to,
Coz I work on the beauty standards of the society"
Becky Littmann Apr 2014
Mirror, mirror on the wall
please don't tell I vomited in this stall
if they found out what I do
my life might as well be through
the names I'll be called are nasty & vicious
that's why I do my best to hide this

Mirror,Mirror over there
I'm so ******* fat its not fair
my arms are huge & jiggle
in the hall they point and smirk with a giggle
I want perfection
I am tired of endless rejection

Mirror, Mirror on your stand
give me answers I demand!
why are my thighs STILL so fat!?!
they almost touch, I'm so disgusted by that
& what's even worse
the scale read 105 pounds I have the obesity curse!!

Mirror, Mirror over my sink
why don't you tell me what you think
what a mess that is, my repulsive face
my lips, chin, cheekbones, & nose I desperately need to replace
I'm a long way from perfection
badly needing a major medical attention

Mirror, Mirror where did you go??
I've searched high & low
without you my reflection is lost
to get you back I'd pay anything, whatever the cost
but since you're need to go on another day
what's the point anyway?

Mirror, Mirror it's a shame that you fell
that girl who you saw daily has given a tragic farewell
her tiny cry for help was screemed so silent
caught by society & the pressure for "a perfect look" was her solitary confinement
a life no longer alive inside
through the mirror, perfection she was unable to find

Mirror, Mirror never hung back up on the wall
this wasn't a fairytale, not one bit at all
through the looking glass a broken image stared back
no magical place can help hide her away from constant attack
she's a painting forgotten in the rain, life being quickly washed away
A voice never heard but it had so much to say
***** dust lines is all that remains
where the mirror used to be
taking down forever, so into it no more eyes will ever see
they blame the mirror, claiming it only reflected hurtful lies
although there's no proof that it ever really reflected any bit of criticize
beyond the mirror image showing through
it won't always be how you hope
your choice is to just smile & keep going or decide its too much, letting go of the end of the rope

perfection doesn't really exist
reality just gives you the picture  & a slight twist
never change who you are
& you're surely be happy & go far
don't search for what never was the end never appears, a no show, it just never does
Lianna Walters May 2015
Mirror, Mirror,* on my wall,
I just want to be thin, pretty and tall.

Mirror, Mirror, if I change my hair,
Maybe someone will start to care?

Mirror, Mirror, if I starve myself,
At least I’ll be beautiful, forget my health.

Mirror, Mirror, if I cut my wrist,
Will I feel like I exist?

Mirror, Mirror, don’t you see?
What you show, is ruining me.
Why do I constantly hate what I see?
Danielle Allen Jun 2011
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who the prettiest of them all
Her head held high; her shoulders tall
Mirror Mirror on the wall
She said she would never fall

Mirror Mirror on the wall
She saw the boy while at the mall
He broke her heart; he made her bawl
Mirror Mirror on the wall
How could she feel so small?

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Watch her break and watch her fall
Her body shakes; she tries to crawl
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Here’s the girl who lost it all
Okay. So I haven't been writing very long, but I would like some feedback.
Thank You to everyone who takes the time to give me some advice!
Hope Dec 2020
I've been talking to the mirror.
Been looking at the mirror.
The mirror of me.

I see the tears on your cheeks.
The red on your skin.
The mirror of me.

Dear mirror,
The cracks as you scream,
The pain that you're in.
Is a mirror of me.

Oh mirror,
I saw you on the street
The rain your only sheen
Was a mirror of me.

So mirror,
The claws at your cheek
The deep open screams
The mirror of me.

Hear me when I speak
The reds and blues I see.
The dark that your making.
Is no mirror of me.

I hope you can hear me.
The lies that I've seen.
Never a mirror,

Of me.
Not all mirrors tell the truth.
606 May 2018
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I want to be pretty, skinny and tall

Mirror, mirror if I change my hair,
Maybe then someone will care?

Mirror, mirror if I starve myself
Maybe I'll be beautiful, minus my health

Mirror, mirror if I slit my wrist
Will I feel that I exist?

Mirror, mirror don't you see?
What you show is killing me

I cannot sleep
I will not eat
All my cuts
Are never to deep

Mirror, mirror don't you see?
All you do is ruin me

No one cares
Yet everyone stares
Wondering why
The cat scratches all the time

Mirror, mirror can't you see?
All you're showing is hurting me

For far too long, it had watched her cry
So the mirror decided to reply:

"What you think you see?
      It isn't true,
         The misery is found inside you.
      Don't lock yourself in a broken soul,
         Or I promise one day, you'll lose control"
ThatSynGirl Feb 2016
Mirror Mirror on the wall
I don't…don't wanna fall
Mirror Mirror, look at me
I'm not who I wanna be

Tell me what I'm doing wrong
I don't wanna do this long
Tell me, please, what I should do
So I can bare to look at you

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
-Just wanna die that's all-
Forgive me God, I've lost control
The devil has my soul

Mirror mirror look at me,
I'm not where I wanna be
Truthfully I am ashamed
I've only got myself to blame

Mother, Father, look at me
Don't know you, you don't know me
Baby sister, listen up
Drop the blade, Don't give up

Older sister, in that jail
Whatchu doin' there, for rayl
Where'd my older sister go
Wasted life, on crack and blo

I'll be something great, I know it.
Even through the hate, I'll show it.
Watch and see, I'll never blow it.
I'll be me, And you'll all know it.
I'll explode. I'll be so loud.
You'll all hear me, there's no doubt.

Everybody look around
Don't look at the ****** ground
Everybody listen up
Life is rough, but don't give up

I've made it this far,
You can too
Believe me, I believe in you.

Mirror Mirror, point me out
I'm leaving, watch
I'll make it out

If you hear me take my hand
I'll reach out the best I can
If you hear me, let me know
Meet me on that lonely road

I've got a lot to share with you
Come and gather round
The things I know inside my heart
They're usually profound

If you knew the things I did,
You'd surely go insane
Let me filter all these thoughts
And leave our demons slain

In the mirror once I looked
And saw an Angel there
I cleared my eyes and looked again
And saw me in the mirror

Falling backwards, grasping air
I suffocate with truth
I need to wake up everyone
I'm screaming, hear me through

Life ain't all about
Try'na be the best
You know, I struggle every day
To put my mind to rest

It aint a question, we all know
              Life's a *****
And far too many times I find myself in a ditch

But I get myself up, I've got goals to reach
But long before that, I've got souls to teach

I've got a purpose in my soul
So won'tcha listen
You ain't meant to be alone
And that 's my mission

Gotta pick yourself up
I know the world is cold
So you've got a choice
Be weak, or bold

This is an actual song I made and posted on youtube - its hiphop- I rap it. I'm incredibly inexperienced with making music so the song itself needs work, but I'm happy with the lyrics.
Cami May 2013
Mirror Mirror, standing big and tall.
Tell me, am I cute enough to be a doll?
With my hair up high in a ponytail of sorts,
My smile lopsided,
My teeth crooked from a recent fall.
Mirror, am I cute enough to be a doll?

Mirror Mirror, standing big and tall.
Tell me, am I pretty enough to end grade six?
My hair is straightened and my teeth have braces,
There's gloss on my lips and a hand on my hip.
Mirror, am I pretty enough to end grade six?

Mirror Mirror, standing big and tall.
Tell me, am I gorgeous enough to become a teen?
There's makeup covering my face and a smile takes it's place,
And now I can hide my feelings with one fake look.
Mirror, am I gorgeous enough to become a teen?

Mirror Mirror, standing big and tall.
Tell me, am I worth enough to live through it all?
No smile on my face and my bones show a bit,
My knees tremble and my tears fall,
Blood streaked thighs and I no longer stand tall.
Mirror, am I worth enough to live through it all?
Far, far beyond the island
We dwelt in shades of twilight
Through dread and weary days
Through grief and endless pain

It lies unknown
The land of mine
A hidden gate
To save us from the shadow fall
The lord of water spoke
In the silence
Words of wisdom
I've seen the end of all
Be aware the storm gets closer

Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a ****** kind can't you see
That the winds will change
Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a ****** kind can't you see
That tomorrows bears insanity

Gone's the wisdom
Of a thousand years
A world in fire and chains and fear
Leads me to a place so far
Deep down it lies my secret vision
I better keep it safe

Shall I leave my friends alone
Hidden in my twilight hall
(I) know the world is lost in fire
Sure there is no way to turn it
Back to the old days
Of bliss and cheerful laughter
We're lost in barren lands
Caught in the running flames
How shall we leave the lost road
Time's getting short so follow me
A leader's task so clearly
To find a path out of the dark

Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a ****** kind can't you see
That the winds will change
Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a ****** kind can't you see
That the winds will change

Even though
The storm calmed down
The bitter end
Is just a matter of time

Shall we dare the dragon
Merciless he's poisoning our hearts
Our hearts

How shall we leave the lost road
Time's getting short so follow me
A leader's task so clearly
To find a path out of the dark

Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a ****** kind can't you see
That the winds will change
Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You're a ****** kind can't you see
That the winds will change
Adrianna Davis Oct 2012
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
hide from me what you show
Mirror, oh, cruel mirror,
why do you torture me so

Mirror mirror on the wall
you make me cry
you make me fall

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest one of all?
Not me?
Not me?
Not you!
Not you!
It echos back to me.

Mirror, mirror, is it true
that you see all that I do.

Mirror, mirror is it right
that you make me hate my sight
The pain you cause it's so real
It makes me not want to feel.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I'm not the fairest one, no, not at all.
Marisa Lu Makil Jul 2015
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
I always break
When I fall

Mirror, mirror
Let me see
What this sick world
Sees in me

Mirror, mirror
Show me, dear
What the gossip
Is to hear

Mirror, mirror
Please, I beg
Save me some of
What you've read

Mirror, mirror
I'm so tied to
And I'm tired of
Being lied to


Mirror, mirror
I will try
To see goodness
Before I die

Mirror, mirror
On the door
You don't own me
Something I need to say every now and then.
Lia Jan 2019
mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest of them all?

mirror mirror can't you see,
this reflection i'm looking at isn't me.

mirror mirror i don't recognise myself anymore,
this reflection pains me to my core.

mirror mirror the cracks are starting to show,
how i will make it, i do not know.

mirror mirror i'm fading now,
unto me, this retraction you will allow.
preservationman Jan 2016
It all started when a business woman mirror glazing at herself
She felt her reflection was somebody else
The mirror just didn’t have the right look
After all, it wasn’t a photo someone took
The woman felt the mirror made her cheeks look fat
The mirror was simply saying what do you think of that?
But the mirror captured the image being a reflection
But the woman thought the mirror was no good
She wanted to get rid of the mirror as fast as she could
In fact the woman gave the mirror away
She felt the mirror image wasn’t ok
No matter what mirror she gets
She will continue to have reflection regrets
Mirror Mirror Mirror with the look
How can I explain to the woman that she is being mistook?
It always will be the same image in which she will see
No need of analysis in what the image should be
A mirror that shows reflection, and will be the actual image in suppose.
Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the fairest of them all

And the mirror replied
my dear my dear
why do you ask
for I've told you the truth
and yet you make this a task

Mirror mirror please tell me
why am I not as sweet
as the honey from the honeybee

And the mirror replied
why ask such complex things
when the answer I give
pain is all it brings

Mirror mirror
as genuine as can be
what exactly do you see
when you look at me

seeing the girl near tears
The mirror replied
why not turn around
and see with your own eyes

as the girl did so
a light so blinding
knocked her to her knees
with a big strong booming voice replying
what do you see

why my Lord
the girl replied
what do I see
I see such beauty, grace,
love beyond compare
why I see so much
its hard not to stare

Exactly my child
your heart is what you see
for your heart
is pure, like mine

but my mirror over here
tells me I'm worthy or beautiful
cant you see
I'm nothing like you
I'm just me

then she covered her ears
at the sound of a dreadful crash
then the voice returned and said
never mind what the mirror once said
for it only brought you dread

but I'm here to bring
great joy to every girl and boy
no one is perfect
as you can see
but you can be happy
if you just accept me
FallenAngel93 Feb 2015
Mirror, Mirror, on my wall,
I just want to be thin, pretty, and tall.

Mirror, Mirror, if I change my hair
Maybe someone will start to care.

Mirror, Mirror, If I starve myself,
at least I'll be beautiful, forget my health.

Mirror, Mirror, If I cut my wrist,
will I feel like I exist.

Mirror, Mirror, Don't you see?
what you show, is ruining me..
Zaineb Nov 2018
Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I this ugly?
Or I’m I imagining this all?

Mirror mirror are you there?
I need your help
Don’t let me sink into dispair

Mirror mirror tell me please
I’m I this awful?
Or is it really a mental disease?

Mirror mirror you’ve taken too long
Answer a simple question
Do I really look this wrong?

Mirror mirror whatever your answer will be
I’ve now decided not to care
And to set my soul free...
Mirror mirror on the wall
I just want to be noticed, that's all
Mirror mirror if I change my hair
maybe someone will start to care?
Mirror mirror if I wear different cloths
maybe I fit in, someone will know?
Mirror mirror if I cut my wrist
will I feel like I exist
Mirror mirror don't you see
what you say is ruining me
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Mirror mirror
On the wall
Who's the fairest
Of them all?

Not you

Mirror mirror
On the wall
Who's the one
About to fall?

You are

I shatter the mirror
And use the shards
To bleed the memories
From my skin

Mirror mirror
On the wall
You pushed me
Off the cliff so tall

*You deserved it
This is really cheesy.....

— The End —