Sam August Dec 2014
Yes, these seem like my size,
Sew the laces into flesh,
With every prick, I make a pledge,
I will not lose these Tennis Shoes.
Nickols Apr 2014
I wish, wishfully to wish a wishful wish.
© Victoria
My talented tongue
Auditions for the lead role
In your sold out show.
mirandy Jun 2014
i thought
i saw your name
on the bottom
of my last bottle
it wrapped around my tongue
i couldn't speak
couldn't breathe
you were like a snake
who i didn't want to let go
i tried spitting your name
back out
*but i couldn't even give that back
Emma Russell Sep 2014
Your kiss left me breathless
left me woozy, left me weak.
I can honestly say,

*it was only tongue and cheek.
euphoria Jan 2015
if you think words feel intimate, imagine my tongue inside of you
Meztli Apr 2015
Permission to speak, I am the ally of the silenced and unheard.
I am the noise you can't shake.
Two sharp points like the accents I carry on my tongue.
I slither and squirm as I observe what they have done to you.
It's a tragedy what they think of you and how arrogantly they use you for self proclaimed prophecies.
No! I am not that! I yell loudly, but only the echo replies.
Incarceration, deportation, degradation, gentrification some of the words that burn as I spit them out.  
False ideologies are accepted as realities ignoring the facts.
I am not illegal and you don't have the right to label or decide.
I am not a criminal, never was.
Don't obstruct my academic path, I will jump each and every obstacle one by one.
I was born free, you labeled and shackled me with lies and hatred but I broke loose.
With my forked tongue I battle your double sided knife.
I am not content with the destructive pattern that has emerged with your avarice.
I will not kill for you and I will not die in vain.
My snake like tongue has no mercy and will not cease until I see dignity and peace obtained.
Luke Wilson Feb 2015
It coats my tongue in apathy,
After the feeling I get from knowing it's irrelevance.
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
They search my tongue,
individually, old and young.
See my mouth, one by one.
But sadly they find none.
Declare me dumb in turn.
And when all of them return.
I Pull my hand from pocket.
Slowly like bomb or rocket.
I look at right one and smile.
Pax Oct 2014

Sometimes being alone is much better
than in the crowd of judgmental tongue.

© Pax
if only others think of themselves first before throwing ugly judgment.
if only they think twice before saying something.
if only they think of its effects on the person they judge.
If only they asked first, if it’s okay to throw judgment.  
'if only'
Phoebe Seraphine Jan 2015
In the dream, I am Persephone
in the badlands. A cinnamon girl
standing where the Zephyr sways
sage and coral gullies gasp
for one more drop to drink.

I am plucking pizzicato
with saguaro needles
and prick my fingertips.
Ten split figs
bleeding seeds
thicker than sap.

In the dream, you are with me
as Hades wearing a Zeppelin tee.
Your mouth opens
lips surround my slick fingers

sliding through the hollow of your breath.
My blood. A nightshade, a moon flower,
Toloache. You drink until you reach
the bedrock of my bones.

I crumble.

The desert is lonesome
now that I am gone
and you are delirium
with blood in your gums.

In the dream, the universe cracks
open like yolk from Cronus’ head.
Night spreads her dark cape
across the sky. Hades among the stars,
thin-hipped muses glittering like Aladdin Sane.

It is night and you are alone
in the badlands. Nothing to soothe
you but sonorous yips by coyotes
howling like Johnny Cash.
Em Apr 2014
Twisted was her mouth
when it kissed him for the last time
no longer was it the kiss
That made her shake
But that they would not ever kiss
That she would never kiss again
I feel the warm crimson flow over my tongue
I spit out the words I would never say
Let it slide down the side of the sink
Watch it slip away
Drown the darkness of the drain
I spit them out and say goodbye
I will never really understand why
I let so  many things stay bundled up inside.
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