Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
There are many faces of                                                                                          That is called poverty ...                                                                                           All poverty's faces are ugly                                                                                      Simply because that's the way with it ...                                                                No one likes poverty ,but                                                                                         It's over there ...                                                                                                        As long as poverty prevails,then                                                                             There are poor people                                                                                               Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                               _____________________
Ninad Kulkarni Apr 2014
Lost in dreams
You see them think
With strands of hair
That seldom link
Eyebrows with
A puckered kink
Eyes that cry
Will also wink
Pointy noses
For fragrant stink
In dismay will they
Often crink
Cheeks that glow
With hues of pink
Have dimples in
Their beauty sink
Lips that frown
And lips that drink
A tooth that aches
And teeth that clink
Even jaws and chins
All move in sync
Formed expressions
All lost in blink
Faces like faces
Can’t be inked
Crinkle is a wrinkle or crease on the surface of something. (esp a face.) Crink is the verb form of the word crinkle. (I created it. Sue me.)
Nandini Aug 2014
Reality masters many faces
Which mask do you wear ??
The almond pearls bounce on the leaves,
Drip to drench me with the heavenly boon,
What magical transformation the sky weaves,
Its wands of clouds creating another monsoon!
There's though a different spell on the ground
Where water flows like a river in high tide,
Silence broken only by a splashing sound
Monstrous holes yawning on all side!
You longed for it in the summer's pain
Hallucinating in agony the coming of it
You curse it now calling it a bane
As it pours from above and deluge the street!
Hannah Holliday Jun 2014
The world is full of people who have beautiful faces with bodies that hold ugly hearts and heads that incase scary minds.
Sarah Spang Sep 2015
Twist my gaze to the side
Through the copper-and chocolate curtain of my hair
Through the sea of faces
And one amongst hundreds
I could pluck you, like the ripest apple
From the lowest branch.

And in this ocean of bobbing heads
Of flapping lips and empty eyes
I'm just floating
Just alone, drifting
Hoping you'll throw me an emerald glance
A lingering lifeline
To reel me in from this
Crowded loneliness.
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Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
How many faces you wish?
For you are not true to your own
Can you bear the burden of many?
Posing as everyone, but you
Even the mirror will be flummoxed
Ashamed to show the real you
Maybe a face forgotten long ago
Waging a war against yourself
An army of many faces adopted
Will bring you to the gallows
That will be the end to your identity
When you will be unmasked
ZinaLisha May 2014
not sure if I am cold
like they believe
or simply numb,
from being treated coldly
for so damn long.

a pretty girl whose smile
is always in rare form
spectators judge
others intriqued
with the quiet storm.

"knock knock,
is anybody home?"
but my emotions
are long gone.
Faces Unknown Jul 2015
It’s me and no one else.

It’s my business and only mine to know.

It’s my life and not yours to judge.

I’m being selfish right about now,

I’m 20 years old, turning 21 in 3 months

I’m thinking about myself and myself only.
amanda martinez Apr 2014
We are each our own moon.
Charismatic souls reflecting sunlight,
As if to illuminate a room,
We glow against black, void; an endless night.
Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, emerging from a tight knit cocoon,
Spreading each wing, confidently slicing the evening air…taking flight.
Or even a flower freshly bloomed on a midsummer’s afternoon.
The moon: a flower, silently smiling despite the plight.

Aside from what each day shuffles in; each night simmers out
No matter how often we feel we have lost ourselves…
Or leave way to fill our heads with doubt.
With recurring assumptions of a worldwide redemption:omnipotent stealth.
Needn't some take longer than others to sprout?
Staring blankly into a mirror, or a moonless night sky: hungry for answers, yet facing an empty shelf.
However, that doesn't infer we embark on a divergent route.
Simply due to lack of clarity, lack of reasoning behind each card dealt.

With that in mind,
Just as the moon,true colors may dwindle…they may fade, yet in essence are always there.
Even on a cloudy day, or when the sunshine is at its peak…and just as well for the blind.
Full moon, half moon, new moon…waxing, waning: dynamic phases the night sky shares.
Moon phases;moody faces…natures way of emphasizing personality defined.
Notwithstanding the dark side, each moon may wear.
Like a guilty pleasure manifesting in a secret shrine,
We all suppress a certain side; to pompous to face reality genuinely bare.

Fragments of our faces may always be hidden,
But there’s one thing that will never absorb into the eclipse: emotion.
Some figure each phase, each wave of vibes … simply fate already written.
Devils advocate begs to differ… let your mind emit all distraction and harmonize with the ocean.
Effervescent rays,warm barrels in which emotions, old and new, have ridden.
Chaotically contradicting thoughts, pulling and pushing, creating the paradox of serene commotion.
A world of words from each moon face: a beautiful encryption.
We are each our own moon, written in the waves, compelled by life’s devotion.
July 24, 2013
Pax Jan 2015
Truth holds many faces, like how fractured mirror show multiplicity.
© Pax
I say this in a review in WC before:

“I believed that truth varies in the complexity of right and wrong depending on our beliefs, culture & tradition, principles and values. So knowing to find balance between all this, you’ll never get lost upon looking into yourself. Finding the courage and strength within – is acceptance and understanding everything of who you are.”
Sy Lilang Aug 2014
Wealthy* is the man
Who gives more than what he has
Than a man who keeps his pocket bulky
And lives in with his pride

Real wealth is of value
The one who boasts his possessions
Will lose what he has
Not now, yet sooner
For the worth he has not known

The other surrendered every thing
Left nothing but his soul
He says his commitment is unto the Father
To whom the Giver of all.

Life is full of lies
One may easily be deceived
And the wealth of the world indeed
Is just a pinch of the Heaven's richness

To where his feet shall stand
The golden pavement in the Sky
And what life would it be?
What profit it would be
If a man gains the whole world
Yet loses his own soul

God studies his heart
The desires and passions that emerge
For wealth shall be poured out
In his spirit that *thirst
Camel faces

Darkness is in every corners  of desert animals
witnessing the faces of donkeys and camels
The owner opens the gate for them to rest
but the unkind wind breaks down from the east
Caravan of camel is not decorated in colours
walking towards the desert without any flowers
Everywhere I see women wearing their veils,
without seeing their lips and simple smiles,
their  white-pink  garment is handmade,
Inside, suffers an  unseen  house maid
She is bold and gentle, but dark by birth ,
Same like God’s own created Earth.
Looking at the distant burning flame
Thirst  for  soft touch  rises to blame
Not grasped by inner heart desires,
Dried ,withered  dreams Disappears

By Williamsji Maveli
The Kallettumakara Gblobal Association (KGA), UAE Chapter has announced their first poetry award for excellence to Williamsji Maveli's  third  poetry collection   titled as “Arramviralthumbath …”  (On the tip of the 6th finger,  published by H & C Books, Trichur) .The award has been declared  by Mathew David, Chairman of KGA at their Executive Committee meeting held recently in Sharjah Emirate of United Arab Emirates.  The award has  also been considered for his poetic works scattered in his recently published book named  as “Maa Salama."  ( means "With peace"  in Arabic). The poems have been gathered from different desert sketches,  focusing on his real-time life experiences ,while he was working in UAE for more than 30 years.  Williamsji, (Williams George),   former Ras Al Khaimah based Journalist and lyricist of tester-years has been nominated for a literary award for the first time for literature. The Award is being formulated by KGA  (Kallettumkara Global Association, UAE Chapter) for  outstanding contributions to literature  from the native writers  of Kallettumkara,  a village town in Trichur, Kerala in India.  The award will be presented by the KGA’s UAE Chapter on the grand occasion of their 11th anniversary, which is being scheduled to be held during November, this year,
according to Mathew David, Chairman of Kallettumkara Global Association.
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