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Jaycee Nov 2014
They stare at you.
They judge you.
They talk about you.
They hurt you.


Because they're "jealous"
Because they're "abused"
Because they're "hurting"
Because they're mean.

You cry at night,
You want to fight.
But you're scared,
You hate fear.

Your parents ignore you,
Sometimes THEY bully you.
Your siblings laugh at you,
They usually pick on you.

What do you do about this?
SK Apr 2016
In a sense...
I thought I knew who I was
But I only knew myself in that time
All these years have faded the familiar lines

You never step in the same river twice.
April Mar 7
Two different faces
Who am I?
The one they see
Or who I am
They don’t notice,
So I hide
Behind my
Double faces
Renhui 2d
So many faces -- many same faces
    on and off Alexandria's DASH buses
Each face is writing their own poem
    on life's fleeting roads
Second version
I see faces, i see flowers
on loose pages,
it smiles at me
from a crumpled paper.
this is how i paint the room blue.

I find my delicate side,
i stay in a shipwreck
yet i stay alive,
you might understand
why i put it all on paper,
This is the way i paint the room blue.

You lost something you held
for too long,
It's not your fault anymore
if she'd knew better,
she knew better
she won't leave the embers,
this is how you paint the room blue.

You don't have to close your door,
and let your curtain down
let me stay to tell you,
the moon starts to be whole again
the ghost won't jump out behind,
i see the world in you,
this is how we paint the room blue.
Renhui 2d
I am a seasoned DASH driver
     running on Alexandria streets
I see so many faces -- some same faces
    on and off the buses
Each face is writing their own poem
    on life's fleeting roads
Dan Beyer Aug 12
So many lives in an essence of mind
the possibilities endless
there are so many of me
I don't know which one to give life to
I'm like a dear in the headlights
starring down my inevitable fate
how funny we should die together
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