Sara Jones Jun 2015
We thought he'd never see sunrise,
Now sunrise is all he sees.
Up in heaven with our other passed loved ones,
He's smiling cheek to cheek.

With the angels singing hymns,
And he glancing down,
I'm sure he wants to say:
*"It's alright, I'm okay now."
My Uncle David Kinchen, 62, died at 1:30am the morning of Saturday, May 30th, 2015 from Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes). He had GVHD (body attacks stem cells from a stem cell transplant) in his liver. His liver gave out and he passed away peacefully.
Christine May 2010
You're snoring now.
That means you're asleep.
I wonder how drunk you were.
Do you remember
Blaming your first-born daughter
For the mistakes of you and yours?
Do you remember
Calling your first-born son
An alcoholic mental patient?
Do you remember making your children cry?
This never happens.
Maybe this is why you never drink.
my mother insists
she was never a witch
but she gave me a bag of amethyst,
my family is heavily connected to the practice of witchcraft, and my atheist mother insists that she was never a part to it. in part because the rest of my family insists that they are just 'catholic with some personal traditions'. i've gone a little off the deep end with it, not gonna lie, but it makes me feel better about the world and that's something.
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Its that bitch goes walks
In see that she can't knock
Well no prob
I'll just smoke and get backed
you were always fake
For gods sake
For once don't be a sly snake
Slithring with a knife about to stab me
You like watching me be in pain
So , don't hate on me
Because it ain't free
Since when can a bitch be her with out me
Yes I blow o's and always French inhale
And ghost inhale
Now you can't see me
Catch me if you can
I'll Mr waiting in my van
I put in imna box so I don't need an Xbox
Hope u give me a membership
Or I'll brake u into 500 Lil bitches
This is only one part/ demo of my new song
And this comes from my heart decaded to one of my most hated ex's with all my darkness with hate
Wind in my face, skateboard wheels careening toward my destination with a fervent pace, so many groceries on my mind. My music blaring within my ears, filling the world with some gift wrapped three minute long purpose for being. No one else is in my world as I roll along the concrete sides, just enjoy the beauty of the moment. Then tragedy strikes like a viper in the dark, the spot in my mind that I manifested with wood and wheels and speed, all set to a musical soundtrack is shattered with a single blow. Not a pebble or unseen ledge but you. You come into vision, my thief of heart and soul, my dreamtime tormentor, my love that won't or can't subside. Trailing behind you of course is whatever you've replaced me with, some superior person in appearance or attitude. As I roll ever nearer, all can do is imagine our perfect conversation, you know the one... That one makes you fall in love with me again. but as our bodies close in on each other, almost until I could grab you and kiss you with the supreme passion I still feel, my imagination melts back into the part of the brain that keeps me sad and all I do is make a fake smile in your direction give a half hearted waive and continue passed, trying not look back at you and the person beside.

The store I find, has an excellent selection of wine and spirits. I pick one, douse myself in it's forgetful qualities and sleep without dreams. For once leaving you out of where you should no longer reside.
bluestarfall Feb 2015
A year ahead, a year passed by,
The doors are still opened, and the ponds are still dry,
You did say you loved me, you did say goodbye,
Our irrevocable commitments proved promises are a lie.

Its the night recalling the showers in the springs,
And the weekend waltz to the attuned strings,
You revolve around me today, with your name engraved within,
Stop hiding from me, so long where have you been?

But for a second i believed..
As the gush of wind whispered your name,
The clock is ticking beside our picture frame,
You're flowing like the river,in your gown , camouflaging blue,
Lined up a lot of work, I still got seconds for you.
There is always a line between holding on and letting go.The proof is that we are constantly pulled by it.
martin Mar 2014
I passed a milestone on the way
Exactly when, I cannot say
Maybe where the grass grew long,
Or when the wind blew extra strong
I passed it though, of that I'm sure
That one's gone, but there will be more

many  more
Sarah Spang May 2015
Many months had whispered by
Unbeknownst to me
The sheaths of ice retreated slow,
And buds furled from the trees.

I had not stopped to grasp and hold
The notion laying stagnant
Within my chest, there thawing too
A sunken, fading, fragment

This withered seed, this dying shoot
Lay wilting in the dark
Until my sightless, bourbon eyes
Saw what was in my heart.

passed the drawing studio, old  general shop,
passed the chapel, you know who lives there.

passed the man outside his flat, sunbathing, pinkly

passed the lad, kicking dust under the railway.

days passed.

Now, Father lay me down to rest,
And lay a clover to me breast.
I threw countless sheets to the wind,
O’er ninety years, and I loved and sinned.
I’ll hold ye cup higher than most,
For Father, O’ Child, Sacred Ghost.
A toast upon the Holy Gates’ vale-
A striking of bars with the finest of ale.
After work, fights, and songs of class,
You delivered from perdition the finest lass.

Rest now, in the Field of Clovers.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015
Rest in peace, grandma.
Christmas smells like
Peppermint and
Chocolate kisses
But I know that
It will all be
Over soon
And then I will
Be all alone
For the eve
Of Christmas passed
Jacob Resendez Apr 2015
You died,
and a year has passed

I don't know how to explain
how much I miss you
without being stabbed
by needles in my throat
sometimes I wonder
if the pain from losing you
is drawing me closer to you
but I pray it isn't time yet

You died,
and a year has passed

And every time I write those words,
it hurts me inside
because I can't believe them;
it can't be about you,
you're here

You died,
and a year has passed

I loved and I lost,
and I will continue to love
with your memory inside me
with every person I meet

I died,
And a year has passed.
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Another day
passed away
without giving me
enough time
to start my dream

Another night
passed away too
with fright
over nightmare
I dreamt
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