GulRukh Oct 2017
Did you just say i love you
or it's in my head?
Haha, why would you say it
cause you think  I am ugly, I am bad
and I dont listen to your mother
cause I am too busy in my own self and this makes her mad.
Did you just touch me
or its in my head?
Haha, why would you love me
cause you always come near to hit me even in bed,
your hands always touch my face to slap me cause you wanted me dead.
Your hands are hard and they never stop no matter how many tears I shed,
sometimes my healed scars fills me with dread.
Did you just say you miss me
or it's in my head?
Haha, why would you miss me
when I was never part of your life,
I am just a story unread.
Did you just say don't leave
or it's in my head?
Sigh, why would you say that
when I know your cell phone is more dear to you than me and I remember every word that you said.
It's like I am under your debt
now I am slowly coming out of red.
love and abuse
Eva Aloezos Jul 24
As I drove
the rainy, foggy atmosphere wisped me into a long forgotten dream
one in each, for a  momentary while nothing was as it should seem

So I continued down the path less chosen,
where my soul had risen
out of a confining mental prison

it all appeared like a scene from Where the Wild Things Are
I felt as if I could grasp it, yet it was simply too far
longed to make it my home

However, as Pope's Head Road grew windy and dark,
a sense of fear inside me sparked
as the caution tape swirled from an abandoned fence of wood, from a broken down shack
I decided I shouldn't look back
nor keep track
of this seemingly enticing journey

As I passed the final sighting,
chopped up wood in a mushroom's disguise
I scolded myself, as I realized I find much brilliance in stormy skies
When you do the things that you do
Say the things that you say
It’s like clipping my wings
And asking me to fly
But in my plight
I’ll oblige

grace snoddy Jun 16
a body filled with familiar dread
you might say my body is already dead
my head is said to be quite fretful
took moments of quietude for granted;
and now i’m constantly regretful

the restlessness of my emotions
address my state of mind
and the distressed thoughts run around my head like guerrilas
they know they are running out of time
my jittery heart runs rampant
like a broken clock
and my only wish is for all of this to stop

the apprehension creates a detonation
a complete eradication of my elation
because my body is filled with familiar dread
and my body feels like it’s already dead
Sara Kellie May 20
Kiss my bloodied lips before you go.
Remember darling, you reap what you sow.
I gave you that warning a few years ago.
So what's coming to you, you already know.
Now close your eyes and hold on tight.
I'll make it quick when I put out your light.
When you are gone, I might shed some tears.
Remembering back, we had some good years.
You chose a new ally, you made a mistake.
It won't take you long to realise he's fake.

Poetry by Kaydee
The bloodier the poem the better the therapy and yes, she's still alive.
In fact, the poem titled 'Natalie' is about her. We are also still married!
You see, therapy through poetry really works.
Written in 2012.
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