DarkDepriment Apr 2014
And whenever you feel alone
I want you to take comfort in looking at the moon
Cause even though I'm not there with you
I'll be watching the moon too ~
rey Jan 2015
I hope you find comfort in the clouds,
The one you don't find in me.
Shay Lovelace Sep 2014
You’re so beautiful to me
No matter what it is you see

Imaginary flaws and scars all too real
Make you cry and cut to try and feel

Nothing makes the pain go
And everything seems to make it grow

Left alone when you needed a friend
You tried to make your whole life end

They found you there upon death’s door
Laying, bleeding, on the floor

Then flashing lights and sirens’ wail
Told the world your dreary tale

You’re forced to verbalize, to tell
To speak about your private hell

Been taking the hard path all along
I know it’s hard but you’re so strong

But I can hold you; let you cry
‘Til every single tear is dry

And on that day is when you’ll see
That you’re beautiful not just to me
Written for a dear friend.
Anonymous Jul 2014
The elegance of sitting in a coffee shop alone,
With a coffee to your right,
And a biscuit to your left,
Listing to the slow songs on your playlists,
No one to talk to,
Not the lonely kind of no one,
The comforting kind,
Everyone minding their own conversations,
Meanwhile you're all alone,
In the coffee shop,
Ceridwen Jan 2015
I always feared that when he touched me
he would draw back his hand in disgust.
Instead he holds me like old pages
chasing the foxes
he holds me like delicate lace
tracing each vine
and makes me feel rare
and beautiful.
god i know my poetry sucks im sorry
Carlos Ayala Sep 2014
Wanting to
learn the jungle from the mattress,
I set it outside, surrounded,
by a mosquito net
pitched unto two
palm trees, in winter to
avoid coconuts falling by the southern terrace;
you should've joined me
In February, I can tell you
I never slept for carnaval.
Katie Nicole May 2014
your old socks haunt me
as they linger in my drawer

Touching all my innocent matched pairs.

you had slipped them to me
one frosty night when the cold nipped at my toes

An act of a gentleman.

but now what am i to do?
you're gone, but your socks remain

Each opening of my drawer kindles the coldness I feel.

you and your socks betrayed me
none of you comfort me anymore

*But at least the socks decided to stay.
svdgrl Apr 2014
coated with cushions
fall asleep anywhere
without a single care or worry
wish i knew your secret
Captain Comfort.
everything comes easily
easy to withdraw
easy to release
who cares the least?
Captain Comfort.
i wanna feel what it's like
to be in that soft skin
forgetting what is in
forgetting everything
Captain Comfort.
in your own life boat
is there space for me?
or would it only be
Jillian Jesser Dec 2015
a man runs down the road
exercise brings comfort
but who needs comfort
when you have
and a summer afternoon
Rebecca Lynn Feb 2015
The morning sunrise
A baby's precious smile
The cheerful colours of a rainbow
Are all very simple things
But all have the ability
To warm the soul
And to comfort the heart
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
I want to surround myself with photographs at my feet.
I want to explore and have adventures with my camera in hand.
I want to get up early in the morning to see the sun rise and see drops of dew on the grass.
I want to walk around at night and see the city lights shine.
I want to count the stars as I lie down on a field of grass and play Us Against the World.
I want to write in a leather notebook all my thoughts.
I want to have a bonfire and watch all my memories burn in the flames.
I want to curl up on the couch and read as the sun warms my skin.
I want to sleep at 2 am and wake up to the birds chirping outside my window.
I want to remind myself of why I fell in love with photography and writing.
I want to go back to makes me me.
May 22, 2012
Iris Nyx Oct 2014
The hate the kept me in
The self love that drew me out
The day I built the empire
The day I burnt it down

And all with one phrase:

"As an Ally"

Without hesitation
it slid out of my mouth
the familiar words of similar context

So many people know
And so many people hate
None of them say
That to be like this is okay

Even those who claim to love
Even those who claim to care
Will never help me through this

Not ever would they dare

the door is shut again
but this time its translucent
I'm not hidden
behind the sky so laminate
With hate

Side A hates side B
Side B hates side A
What happens if you
Are part of side
Elizabeth Larsen Sep 2014
the air between the notes
as they rush out of my throat
remind me of static granuals,
the comfort of a quiet signal
that hasnt yet reached the tv
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