Amanda Jan 2014
I adored the very action of blowing dust-motes off a box.

Watch it dance in the distilled air.

I like the sight it presents.
One where the past snaps the silence of today.

Slowly but surely
re-etching how much time has passed
on the corners of my bruised heart.

Once, happiness and sweetness, those dust-motes are just greyed out.

They kiss my cheeks and eyelashes.

I never blew the remnants of time again.
Enjoy darling readers!
Lauren Hitchcock Dec 2014
The piano sits abandoned
The keys collecting dust
And how I wish I knew
Just one sweet tune
Madisen Kuhn Apr 2014
it’s difficult
to romanticize the past
or even
remember it as
when i keep discovering
more and more each day
that everything
you said,
and everything you
and everything
i thought was true,
was not.
from drafts
joyce knee Jun 2014
i quake to my bones
to my very core
i shudder and crumble
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

filled to the brim
the very thought of me
Screams you

the slinking corridors hide my addictions,
illusions, distractions,
my convictions
the mirrors reflect nothing
i am weightless, drifting

*ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Liam Jul 2014
a sincere wish that, as each morning breaks, we mend
...a ten word bedtime story...
Pug Rollins Sep 2014
Dust you came from
"Under all this stress?"
Stressing is what most people do
That is still where you came from.

And you will return to ash, too.
"So? I can just keep kicking."
Hell if you don't, and I encourage it.
Ma Cherie Feb 2017
Many moons,
have passed over my headpiece,
as you leave me behind,
in moondust & ashes each night,

You collect on the bookshelves,
I keep here,
collecting on hearts with your light,
dusting my world with your beauty,
diminutives in bits of the white,

This is not the end of the journey,
 this a mere tiny part of the flight,
and I've not seen any more shiny,
or any star nearly as bright,

Though I am unable to see you now,
or touch your skin ever again,
or truly hear you with my ear,
I still miss you so my friend,

I know I cannot be near you now,
I cannot be where you are,
as you are but a twinkling light,
a brilliant & distant, star-

If it was not but for the moon dust,
my heart wouldn't,
be able to see you anymore either.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk inspired....and missing someone who has passed ❤ to you all! X - Ma Cherie!
JWolfeB Dec 2014
Darkness engulfs the morning
Letting the sun rest for a simple moment
Slighting the thought of commitment

On the edge of the earth
The arctic circle spins madly in love
Tilting the earth drunk

Just enough to admit she is shy
That attention never came easy
Going unnoticed
Tucked under the drab sky
Only 3 hours of sunlight each day here in the Arctic circle. It is an interesting thing to adapt to.
Zeus Oct 2014
there is a slump in my life
every thought is with itself in strife
tension that can be cut with a knife
every moment with angst is rife
to do any work, i am lazy
people will soon call me crazy
there is a lot i need to do
and think about too
people are relying on me
been banged on the head like a tee
i am frustrated can’t you see
kind sir, will hear my plea?
it is going much worse than you think
life’s a boat with a hole, going to sink
there are blue skies above me
but I’m headed to the abyss of the sea
darkness hitting me head on
spirit’s taken a dive
life’s so far been a con
slap on the face, not a high five.
years to go before i sleep
or is it? will it be sooner?
the outlook is rather bleak
feel like a dead fish on a schooner.
theres a picture on the wall
blue skies and leaves in the fall
i wish i was there
anywhere but here
i wish i was someone else
anyone but myself
the pressure of disappointment is on me
stinging me time again as a bee
i want to go back to being dust
that is my only lust
Kristen R Dec 2013
This is for the Digimon
This is for the Pokemon Trainers
This is for the schoolyard Duelers and for the childhood Magic
For the Former nerd
For the night time winners and the looser

Shake the dust

This is for the inner child that wants out
but can;t seem to show it
And for the piece of mined
Shake the dust
For the adults

Shake the dust

For the girls with the cap of Ash Ketchum
Shake the dust
For the boys with the Scanner.
For those gym class bullies.
For the Yugioh'ers and Magic'ers
For the people who are afraid and for the people who are uptight

Shake the dust

This is for the PS4 men and the XBOX One women
This is for the parents who think video games make kids violent,
which actually a way to relieve stress
And for the kids who stay on video games and the internet

Shake the dust

This is for the heartbroken and the forgotten
For the families that will never forget family members
For the jerks and for the Douche-bags
This is for you

Make sure that by the time m friend comes you are gone
And if you stay I promise you will regret it
Shake the dust,
and when you leave be sure to take your shades and swag with you do you can shake it again
For this is yours
Make theses words worth it

make this not just about us nerds
Not just fandoms like another hater that makes fun of it
Walk into it, breath it in
Let is absorb into you like the rays from the sun
So when the world sees you
They do not just jug you for being you

Shake the dust
MsAmendable Jul 2015
Craggy rocks gasping silently
Thrusting up small trees
With fluttering leaves,
And dust rising violently
Studded with dry bugs
r0b0t Jul 2014
I don't
Know what I should say
I'm speechless
My words are gone and my mouth is ash and dust
And my lips crack when I try to tell you
I'm sorry.
Sridevi Jan 2011
Crushed Crayons
Strewn pastel shades
Origami boats
Report Cards


No-just a little chalk dust…
Close your eyes
Place your hand
On your heart
There’s Daddy …
No- just a little star dust …

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