JC Moyao May 2015
Sometimes gold clings to the bone
And that's where she comes from
On chariots driven by drunken sages
She'll glide gracefully into existence
and then fade right back out of it
Id like to think shes playing a game with her own shadow
to see who's leading who
As the night rolls on
The glaciers will melt into puddles in our cups
The dust settles into a stool next to mine
And takes on a familiar shape
We both look at her in reserved amusement and snicker like young school boys under our drinks
One of us will end up in her bed tonight
Cheers to that old friend
writerReader Feb 2015
i watched you turn to dust
saying nothing
my eyes screamed for you
Harry Kelly Jun 21
We used to play cards on Tuesday nights
in the small office of a used car lot.
I would look at the old beaters as they came in.
Wonder what their stories were.
Who drove them.
Where they had travelled and what they had seen.
“All rust and dust” my friend used to say.
As they age their value goes down.
Which is what some folks think about people.
But really, the opposite is true.
My friend would ask
why I played cards
with those old geezers.
He didn’t get it.
Many people don’t.
I just told him I always win.
It was true.
Not in terms of money.
But in everything else I got from those guys.
One old guy used to cheat like a bastard.
I let him get away with it.
I hope when I get old
somebody cuts me some slack.
Tom Spencer Jul 18
a serpentine plume
of saharan dust

unveiled by radar
an ocean spanning

of opaque

talcum haze
seeping into and onto

cracks metal glass
amid caustic

and listless

for cicada drill

and aircondtioned din
to mute
At present Austin (my home) is choking on dust from the Sahara. World wide grime.
Amanda Jean Oct 2016
Write me better
Color me everything
Paint me neon and glow in the dark purple

Foolish me
Wasteful too
Trying again to not be blue
Force myself suggest you do too
But if we can't then redo redo...

Galaxy Angel Starship
Shikamaru Soloman
I can't name my cat
I can't do anything
Can't eat, just sleep
Dream of nothing and everything at once

Whats that?
You too?
In this circle of dust and dreaming blue?
I can't imagine without imagining you?

Calm, serene
Life to being, wife of me and
No stumbling or worrying
Just straight forward thinking
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