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elle b sun Jul 11
looking at
sedona red
rock layered majesties

against bright, cerulean sky
and marshmallow clouds
droplets dripping, pecking our cheeks

sitting on
the balcony of a casita
holding hands with my peace

surrounded by forest green
and buzzing honey bees
they mingle with the flowers

and i mingle with my peace
Troy Feb 8
All i feel is time passing.
Just Moments ..
Blurred images..
Of my life..
Where did it go.  
Im Lost in a sea
Of  Turquois dream,
Waiting drowning
In its Color
Hopeless against it's
I'm constantly being
Pulled against the tide
Swimming to stay alive,,
My mind is not my own.
Like most
My heart ripped and torn.
In my
Moments of  Clarity
I See the beautifully  Cruel
Sculpted hand of ***
In everything.
As I drift alone in my turquoise dream
Lady Luna Aug 5
The color of envy, the color of ivy, the color of greed.
But energy flows;
positive and negative
would cease to exist
without the other .

The color of growth, and trees, and prosperity.
Maybe that's why I was so set
on making you love me.

You are green. An emerald buried under dirt.
And now I sit here wondering
did you ever love me at all, or only my shovel.
LittleFreeBird Jan 2015
He looked down sadly
Staring at his hands
"I'm covered in heart break."
I touched his arm
And he looked up at me
"I know."
"Its the color of your eyes."
*"I know that, too."
Piece of a short story I'm writing
Bullet 7d
Passing out love
Eyes closed
Seeing the world
In a view of Red

Waking up dead
Eyes opened
Seeing the world
In a view of Blues

The way these people
Belittle the energy
That can bring peace
They have mixed feelings
Seeing the world
In view of Purple

Stripped of caring and worrying
Exchanged for depression and disguises
Running from a red loved past
To obtaining blues of the present mind
The world viewing in purple
But my eyes can no longer
Hold a hue
Matt Shade Feb 9
The color of the sea is black-
and yet it's becoming crystal clear
that we were never meant to be here.
Cold and sore, I'll pull my slack
for Poseidon's next attack-
the waves roll back
and *****!
I'm swept away
from dark, storm grey
to the deepest black abyss;
godless silence dethrones the hiss
and the spray and salty kiss
of the sea, my mistress!
I wouldn't dare miss
her lovely sight.
I will fight.
I will find might
in me to **** my fright,
and push until I see the light-
then I'll push on through the night,
then push right on to shore
and push 'til I'm so sore
I'd die if I push for
any more.
I reach the floor.
To my final breath I flail
like a fish- but by *** a whale
has come! I reach out and hug it's tail.
It surfaces; white bubbles trail
behind my back as I inhale-
then through the gale
I spot a sail.
There's not a tale
whose word could hold
this gratitude, however told;
My greatest joy will be growing old.
As now I see the clouds unfold-
the color of the sea is gold.
Chelsea Primera Sep 2017
The city spearheads the futures we sincerely sold,
As it pluckers your pennies and your coins of gold.

I felt poor amid the auras of their fearsome metals,
Cowering in the clothes of our daily struggles.

I am destitute enough
To bleach out the interests of my cards,
To shatter your savings for a disabled future,
To rummage the stock markets for apertures.

Yet within you exhales tentacles of the color Yellow.

Yellow as in,
The scattered stars that scorch the injured sky,
The mellowing voices of neon artificial lights,
The apex of fire alight in frostbitten nights,
And the yolk of hope my cheers rely.

So while you chase the sun
with your copper-clad hands,
remember but this:

all that glitters is not gold,
It’s the color Yellow in these eyes I behold.
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