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Cyndi Dec 2019
I see that you're in quite a tough spot
How ‘bout I try to change your train of thought

You should be eating less
You should wear makeup more
Stop feeling sad, it's not that bad
No matter if you're sore

And now you say to me,
"Wow, that's pretty obscene."
Then why do you say it
To yourself if you think it's mean?

"No one really likes me"
"I don't want or need help"
"I'm such a circus freak"
So hurtful to yourself

Anyway, I digress
I'll put your strength to the test
Just trust in me, no need to fight
And soon, you'll find you'll see the light

What you need is

Across your arms
Your wrists your thighs
It's scary now
But you'll be fine
Hide them with
Excuses and lies
You'll learn to lust for
Across your arms
Your wrists, your thighs
You'll fall in love with
Every slice
Hide them with
Excuses and lies
You'll learn to lust for

I see that you're feeling a bit scared
It seems a bit extreme and you feel unprepared

Well, let me guide your hand
Soon, you'll feel in command
Sure, it will sting, but it fades fast
Now, don't you feel so good at last?

I see it in your eyes
Your wonder and surprise
The ecstasy of injury
Your new and only prize

Nobody else can know
Keep it on the down-low
If they find out, you’ll be shut out
Abandoned and alone

Across your arms
Your wrists, your thighs
You'll fall in love with
Every slice
Hide them with
Excuses and lies
Undying lust for
Across your arms
Your wrists, your thighs
You'll fall in love with
Every slice
Hide them with
Excuses and lies
Undying lust for
Ben Jones Feb 2015
When Charlie was a young'un with a crayon and some paper
He would scribble til the paper ripped and the crayon turned to vapour
His mother would console him and she'd offer her advice
But just to drive the message home, she'd loudly sing it twice

Follow the lines, my boy, just follow the bleedin' lines
Just pick a side and stay there, always follow the lines
If you're not a fool then fake it
If you show your spine they'll break it
Follow the lines, follow the lines, follow the lines

So when Charlie went to high school, how he tried to walk in stride
But the boredom of geometry provoked his naughty side
His professor would chastise him with a ruler and a cane
And, as an aid to memory, he sang him twice again

Follow the lines, young Charlie, you follow the blasted lines
Give it a try, you'll soon see, never cross over the lines
Don't be smart or play the joker
Aim for mainly mediocre
Follow the lines, follow the lines, follow the lines

When assembling a wardrobe with his Allen key and spanner
He threw himself into his task in an overzealous manner
So when he called his father to report a broken bone
His old man tutted ruefully and sang right down the phone

Follow the lines now Charlie, just follow the ******* lines
Don't improvise or gamble, why didn't you follow the lines
Dodge unnecessary ructions
And adhere to the instructions
Follow the lines, follow the lines, follow the lines

So in time, he raised a family, the lines etched in his head
One day he heard a buzzing from his aging garden shed
As he listened at the planking, how his face was drawn and long
For between the buzz and rustle, squeaked a tiny little song

Follow the lines, buzz-buzz, just follow the buzz-ing lines
Follow the bee before you, just buzz and follow the lines
Find the flowers when it's sunny
Fetch the nectar, make the honey
Follow the lines, follow the lines, follow the lines
Buzz buzz

Macstoire Feb 2014
Lines straight and lines long
From ancient history they're hanging on
For what purpose held is unknown
But certainly some theories have grown
Lines that are curved and lines in shapes
Could be a calendar month, or day
These lines have fingers and are lines with eyes
Yet they can only be seen from the sky
Which is where another theory is born
They are lines of the stars and a map of their lawn
The lines of a belt and lines of a plough?
It's plausible, but not sure quite how
The lines that point are the lines that are straight
And they have a more likely purpose made
Linking Nazcas to a rare touch of rain
The lines spread water on the desert plane
These lines have a reason and these lines answer why
But who knows if that's where the answers lie
Lines lead to more lines and they touch as mates
Curved line, the picture line, links to next by a straight
So shows reason being when lay as lines in their time
But now these lines; lines curved, lines straight and all
Are protected for present day to view more
Nazca, Peru. 13th September 2013
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
They teach us how to draw lines                                                                                 In the beginning of our childhood,but                                                                         We turn these pretty lines into puzzles and                                                                Into zigzag lines anytime ...                                                                                            Lines are like squares and circles ,but                                                                         They are still not shaped ...                                                                                             We shape lines differently turning them                                                                     Into all kinds of shapes                                                                                                   Simply because we want to make                                                                                 Different worlds that don't like our worlds ...                                                            We ,as adults,draw lines and shapes that                                                                 Suit everyone of us' world ...                                                                                       Our intentions draw our life's lines ,but                                                                      With our own hands ...                                                                                                 Our lines might bad or they might be bad                                                              Depending on our intentions ...                                                                                    We have all colorful lines                                                                                             Starting from the rainbow's colors and they never end ...                                        Everyday we draw our lines                                                                                     Openly and secretly ...                                                                                               There are those red lines that some people dare                                                         To cross anytime and                                                                                                   There are those wars' lines that we all draw anytime ...                                             Where are those of any peace's lines ?!                                                                     All of our life is full of many lines ,but                                                                         It depends ...                                                                                                                  Lines can straight lines or zigzag lines ,but                                                                Our minds' lines are vague and difficult ...                                                                We draw our lines with                                                                                             Our hands anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...                                                     We are inevitably the good-doers and                                                                       Some of us are the evil-doers ...                                                                                    ___________________­__
Lists of endless lists listed

Lists of listed horrizonal lines

Lines of horrezonal listed lists

Laid out lines of lists, row after row

Lines, lines, lines, lines, lines

Lists of lists, of lists of lists listed

Lists of lists not yet listed in lines

Listed not yet lines of lists listed

Lines, lines, lines, lines, lines, lines

Lines waiting to be listed in lines of lists

List this list, it hasn’t been listed in

Lists of lines unlisted, hold on I’ll make a

Sjr1000 Sep 2014
Through lines
attach themselves to me
I'm a zip line zipping through the canopy.
Zip lines
through lines
My life in dots and dashes.

There was that darkness
before I was born
don't remember much about that.

Parents were through lines
for a long while
then they died
grandparents before
they all had their time
through lines
zip lines
the true string theory.

Homesickness, school, bullies, too
the Sunday Night Blues
riding those zip lines
through lines
what are you gonna do
they aren't leaving you.

private fantasies
too private to tell
through lines too
on  the old zip line.

The voices in your mind
that's been a through line
through and through.

Poverty that was true too
that's what happens when you
peak too soon
you're a late bloomer too.

Children, the through lines
children of children
and you too
through lines zipping through
along the old zip line.

Poetry, a through line
sharing secrets
sacred circles
those are through lines too.

Body parts
hearts, limbs, lungs, guts and toes
though those tonsils
had to go.
Every breath
Every heart beat.

My through lines
your through lines
we all got'em
parallel points on parallel lines
I can't say
I know we sometimes together zip
along that same highway
then one will fade
and one will go away.

But where we all meet
each day,
I can say,
in the molecules
of every breath we take.
Poetry by MAN Aug 2014
Lines of love..Lines of Hate
Middle is where we instigate
Lines of Life..Lines of Death
Energy released at ones last breath
Lines of Poor..Lines of Rich
Some dreams take flight others die in a ditch
Lines of God..Lines of Men
War with nature peace is not a plan
Lines of the Father..Lines of the Mother
Protect one another as if they were your sister or brother
Lines of Chance..Lines of Fate
Destiny bends to what we create
Lines where we start..Lines where we End
Infinite lines connect begin again and again..
M.A.N 8-22-14
At times it seems that lines are all I've got
not complaining though
'cause I like lines
I like lines a lot
they're sleek and meet you far away.

I walk on these lines everyday
straight lines I find are always best
can't stand the wavy ones
the crazy ones that shuffle,scuffle and take you round the bend
they're enough to send me off the rails
send me on uncharted trails.

I like the lines of beauty
infinite in symmetry
delightful in simplicity
a lack of them in this,the City
but I don't mind
I find the ones I know are here and wander off to some unknown end where other lines that angle off will send me back again
and I refrain from deviating off these lines
into other scrub marked lines which are the lines of older times
well trodden down and almost worn away
but they'll remain and stay as a memory
of what lines should never and not be.

I see those lines scored on your face
a face
a face
I see the grace and beauty too
that is what these lines of times can do
each mile post sign etched by a line and so lovely for me to see
it means I'm on the road on which you live
and heading off to be
another line upon the track
another never looking back
and one more reason why I love
these lines
so left so,so right
so knocking on your door on what is halfway through the night
I hope the future that we see is lit by lines so bright they'll light another
line upon the road
another road upon each line
and one more time that we will be
in Synchronicity
a harmonic playing
in an eternity
of lines.
Lunar Oct 2016
"Read between the lines," they say.

And I watched you stand there; a living, breathing
existence of lines.

You walked right up to me. Lines are moving dots.
Your being is a point in motion.

I looked at your face to see the bold lines
under your eyes and above your brows—the ones
that made me think of your strength and masculinity.
They are all an aspiring bravado exuded on your face
with your years of experience and hard work.

I love the curved lines of your eyes and lips too
as you smiled at me as I called your name.

Sometimes, I owe my success of finding you in crowds
to your tall height and I freeze whenever I do:
Vertical lines can stop eye movement.

Your dancing also catches my attention.
Did you know every part of your body consists of
dynamic and action-oriented lines?

An important line in my life.
Highly directional, and I now know
where to go to
when I draw or write
the edges of my love.

|   LINES   |   ENDING II   |

Lines act as borders
between ideas and concepts.

They also tell me
to "never cross the line."

It goes the same for my mind
which draws your existence
in front of me, in Picasso style:
the single, drunk and confused

Or those psychic lines that your eyes
connect to mine. I feel them there,
when you're not really looking at me
in person.

Lines allow you to quickly visualize
an object, or someone, with a minimum
of time, space and material.
But all I wanted was to feel
your hand in mine forever.

And all the lines I've ever written
about you and for you
will queue up to lines
of waiting, unrequited feelings.

i enjoyed writing this one so so much!!

1) i got inspired looking at wjh's eye bags and the lines on his face and i just thought about how much i love looking at them and every part of him.
2) i used line, the design element and its definitions and properties!!! I'm so happy I can put my knowledge of design elements in my writings.
3) The original draft of this is in my journal!
4) LINES ENDING II is the alternate, sad ending to LINES. It shows that all the lines of him that I was talking about, was all made up in my imagination. Both pieces can be read as a whole, or separately.
5) I hope you enjoy reading as much as I researched for and wrote this :)
Penne Apr 1
Look at your phone
Look at your book
Look at your blanket
Look at your wardrobe
Look at that bar code
Look at that matchstick

They all have lines
They would not be created without lines
Lines can divide
Lines can unite
Lines can organize
Lines can cut
Lines can be rough-edged
Lines can be smooth and refined
Lines are signs
Lines tell you something
Lines contain
Lines can be curvy
And those curves can be ridden and lead into another path

The world would not be complete without lines
The world would not be created without lines

But you can't cross lines
Lines cross you
And lines draw you
just like you
grew up confused
fused into a small hole
quite the ***** up
but focused

we are all like lines

i build escape plans through words
every time I find myself stuck
i find escape within me
i find escape in books
i took from my imagination
and drew inspiration

we are all like lines

lines guided my curvy path
life was a little like math class
nothing but memorization
strangers act like they don't remember that we were once friends
last year, last month, last night
in the past life

we are all like lines

some of us
meet with someone else
and we intersect once
we make contact
and touch
but funny enough
we never really touch
on an atomic level
our atoms repel

we are like lines
never cross paths again

but some of us
meet with someone else
never make contact

we are like lines
we go on forever
never intersect

we are all like lines

i saw lines in the way i manipulated
the pen
the pencil
the brush
the spray can
i spray my pseudonym on your wall
because I can

the paint
dripping from the walls like
blood streaming down my eyes
the pain

a distraction that
kept me alive
kept me awake at night
kept me away from the safety of my home
but also
kept me away from the dangers of my home
a contradiction

i was living in the streets
the days i never came home
i was living in the streets
the days i never came home

i saw lines in capturing moments
the symmetry in architecture
in nature
i saw myself as a temple
a monument

we are all like lines

i saw lines in guitars
how i can change the sound each string makes in endless ways
but in reality
the guitar changed me

it changed the way i tune myself

i finally felt in tune with the world

the fire was inside me
when i took the first breath of air
the water was inside of me
science and religion  
i was never thirsty

the earth is really old is all i know

growing up i never learned

never learned how to say no

always afraid of getting old

i forgot the lines i forever rehearsed

the day my mom found out i smoke ****
my eyes were low
so was
Caterina Correia Aug 2018
Red lines,
They mark up one big object.
Red lines,
They drip red liquid.
Red lines,
They leave a big mess.
Red lines,
They manipulate a soft surface.
Red lines,
They tear apart the strength.
Red lines,
It pierces because of pressure.
Red lines,
The arm is the object.
Red lines,
The red liquid is blood.
Red lines,
The mess is the scratches.
Red lines,
The soft surface is the skin.
Red lines,
The strength was replaced with weakness & dizziness.
Red lines,
The pressure was depression.
These red lines will never leave the body.
Because happiness will never be welcomed into the soul.
Molly Bartlett Jan 2013
Read between the lines
running theme
running in and out
and inbetween
moments in my life.
Taunting me is Miss Mystery
and her sweet moments of ecstacy
carry me
to questions of implied imagery.
The space between each line I
write and read;
each line I wait on, drive on;
each line I listen between;
each line spoken to and from me-

Endless misunderstanding
undertaking me.
Undertaken me!
We never say
We never sing
what we really mean.
We never reach a destination
on these lines driven between.

The answer is hiding
for her benefit.
The answer has
Nothing to do with you
Nothing to do with me
Us, barbaric human beings
being  arrogant with the lines
we speak.
Arrogance thriving between lines
paved with housing establishments
while the space between mountain ranges
sits vibrant,
All made of sunshine
All made of peace of mind

All made between the
thin line of atmosphere.
I actively disrupt her.
Mindlessly disregarding the
space between lines.
I act so possessively towards this
life of mine.

Yet, observant
I try to be.
I try to be.
And I try
to read between the lines
my mind project before my eyes.
My eyes: with lines protruding from all sides,
when I'm the least bit pleased.

Oh, least bit of knowledge I've gained
from these meditative rants that my
subconscious recalls only when there are
no designated lines to write between.

Lack of lines let's my subconscious free.
Selfish as each human being;
each human being free
I wait
more or less
for someone to
read between my worn eye-lines

I wait to
want me
wait to
watch me.

I wait for the nameless to see me.

Desire's undertaking me,
Undertaken me!
I never say,
I never sing,
what I really mean.
Desire turned nameless me needy.

Me, the
Nameless human being
Nameless between
lines of Nameless Humans
being free,
being greedy.
Sometimes im writing lines
To get her out of my head
Other times
Im doing lines
Zac C Mar 2013
Lines are just lines
until you give those lines
Give those lines
meaning, and you give
those lines life.
Lines with life tell
stories of worlds
within worlds and
dreams only obtained
in our youth.
Lines are a gateway
to the depths of our
Lines let your heart
breathe sweet air.
Lines will dream and
dream until the dream is
done and all is
Lines are life, if
you let lines live.

Supposed to be underlined... ohwell
Kept in line by the lines that you've drawn
You cannot go above and beyond
What these lines have drawn for us
We cannot let these lines define
Our time within this perpetual climb
We must break our ranks
And shred our files
No longer will we be held on trial
For the lines we've crossed
Lines drawn in sand
For while we wander these lands
We are not lost
We simply refuse to follow
These lines that leave us so hollow
Like a coloring book left empty
So don't sit there and tell me
The lines behind which I should stay
For in my mind I envision a better day
Where the only lines that we see
Are the lines that form on our cheeks
And the lines that we put on paper
To create poetry to express what we believe in
Not laws to persecute the so-called "heathens"
Let us erase these lines that divide us
And draw new ones to connect and unite us
raen Sep 2011
Everyday she looks at herself in the mirror
but doesn't really see
             ...until today

Never realized until now
just how much depth
        superficial lines can behold...

She  t
                along the scar on her left cheek

and remembers
just how much it hurt that day...
...the wound has healed,
though the heart is taking
a longer time to catch up

She   t...r...a...c...e...s...
the lines on her palm,
mulling over what fate has dealt her,
heart and mind interconnected
by the invisible lines of reason and feeling
fate lines to heart lines to life lines

worry lines, age lines and laugh lines
each tell a story
each a silent witness to her life
of sadness, of growing up, of happiness
...of loving and living

Crossing that finish line
is inevitable
She's getting there...
ever so slowly, and she savors each step
completely content with the etched lines
that she gathers along the way...
Aaron LaLux Aug 2018
No Judgements [37]

judged upon men,
cast upon him,
cast a wide net,
haven't we realized yet,
that if he without sin,
shall cast the first stone,
then obviously,
no stones shall ever be thrown.

We've all sinned so who are you to judge the actions of another mortal man?

judged upon men,
what is sin,
where is that line,
& how does one know,
they’ve crossed it once they've crossed it?

What's the difference between ingenuity & insanity,
between those that have it together & those that have lost it?

Only difference between a Genius & a Mad Man,
is one is more successful than the other in society,
one made a way to express their insanity in the form of productive creativity,
while the other finds communicating effectively to be an impossibility.

Possibly there is no such thing as sanity,
possibly there's no such thing as individual things,
possibly there's only one & we're all part of The Mandala,
possibly there is nothing at all except everything.

I mean,

What is Good?

What is Evil?

What are Blessings?

What are Curses?

Where do we define these fine lines,
& if we do define these lines where are these lines defined & who can say,
& how can we have divisions within the different religions,
when all of everything & everyone is just One with The Divine anyways?

until we make up our minds I'll just continue to write these lines upon lines,
writing lines on lines,
to try & define the Divine of this present point in time,

I write lines between lines,
so when you read between the lines,
of the lines written with lines you’ll eventually find,
that in order to find your Self you must first lose your Mind,

listen in order to feed your Soul you must first starve your Ego,
you are not who you think you are so just let your idea of your Self go,

let no line no matter how fine or well refined,
come between you your design & your connection with The Divine.

attempting to explain the unexplainable line by line,
please have some patience because translating something ancient takes time,
& yes enlightenment is elusive but it is attainable if you just take your time,

it just takes exercising your virtues,
it just takes holding onto your morals,
it just takes letting go of your sins,
it just takes letting go of your judgements,

no need to pinch your penchants,
or itch your itching,
let go of your wants let go of your desires,
let go of your hopes & all of your selfish wishings,

there’s an abundance of loveness,
& you’ll get it all if you just start giving,
there's love yes & Love, yes, to be one with the Oneness,
you must confess then forgive your sinning & forget all your misgivings,

along with forgiving all the rest of our Collective's wicked shortcomings,

give up on giving in to their terror of errors,
& instead give love & hugs & start living as a radiant personal public prayer,

one word at a time word for word verse by verse layer after layer,
attempting to explain in measured frames the pain & the pleasure,
the spirals in this ****** cycle of survival commonly known as Samsara,
this alliance of violence & gestures from aggressors that'll continue forever,
until we alleviate the pressure from the oppressors by correcting our karma,
with the power of positive energy which when measured together,
will overcome all oppressors with gestures of open-ended pleasure,
as we become Treasures of Unmeasured Tremors in Splendor,
Senders of Centers of Lovers not tempered by the spectrum of gender,
The Bearers of Stellar Nectar straight from The Creator,
the entire Light Spectrum that comes from us Interstellar Specters,
plus every other thing & soul that’s breathing in this entire epic adventure,

as we embark,
on this endeavor together from then till now till forever,

but just when I start,
to think it’s all going to get better,
& I start to repent & give thanks to The Inventor,
I find myself sink back into the lair of Sin & Terror,
that place where we are hastily judged biasly by our errors,
& all our accomplishments are overlooked,
just because of a few miscalculated risks that we mistakingly took,
& all of our merits seem to be in vain & we feel shook like moral crooks,

because it seems we messed up once more are deemed ******,
instantly judged discriminately & forced to repeat the whole cycle again!

judged upon men,
cast upon him,
cast a wide net,
haven't we realized yet,
that if he without sin,
shall cast the first stone,
then obviously,
no stones shall ever be thrown.

We've all sinned so who are you to judge the actions of another mortal man?

judged upon men,
what is sin,
where is that line,
& how does one know,
they’ve crossed it once they've crossed it?

judged upon men,
what is sin,
where is that line,
& how does one know,
they’ve crossed it once they've crossed it?

What's the difference between ingenuity & insanity,
between those that have it together & those that have lost it?

just when I think I’ve lost it,
I find judgement,
in the form of the Self imagined Sins of this Prophet,

I am not pure,
none of us are,
never will be nor were,

but we’re,
human beings,
being human,
just as we are & were,

naturally we make some mistakes along the way,
naturally we take each phase case by case stage by stage,

see we are all our own worst critics,
we are all our own harshest judge jury & executioner,
citizen’s self arrested mid-sentence while in progressive development,
which in turn then threatens to take all of our merits in forfeiture,
as the fat lady sings the gavel is hit,
we're sentenced but still we don't seem to be any closer to closure,

for us or for them or for him or for her,
because the jury’s still hung,
even when everyone’s gone home,
& the cage bird as well as the fat lady has already sung,

times I’m,
wishing I could escape,
out of these self projected personal persecutions,

times I’m,
wishing I could escape the spiritual surgery that these perjurious clergies, attempt to perform on me by inserting their ideals into me by way of intrusion,

times I'm,
wishing I could be an explosion of pure Light,
infinitely expanding into the infinity of The Divine inclusions,

instantly a Super Nova,
riding the high seas like Noah,
instantly I see how beautiful & innocent you are in your confusion,

instantly I see how beautiful & innocent I am as well,
how beautiful & innocent we all are,
& how even just to be living in this miracle called Life,
is honestly a proper privilege, a true pleasure, & real honor,

it's an honor to be here & make your acquaintance,
so why waste time with biased judgements that're made with impatience?

See usually,
assumptions aren’t worth the bother,
see we’ve all had trials & tribulations in this hard life,
so we all deserve to treat & be treated a little bit softer & with more honor.

So let me be the first to say I honor you,
& I honor your magnificent existence in every way.

I Love You,
there is no higher truth,
please there is no need to judge me,
for I promise I will never ever judge you.

I love you,
so much,
& when you love someone this much,
there is no time or room to judge.

I love you,
so much,
always have, always will, it's always love,
I'll never stab, never ****, & will never judge,

I love your every atom,
ethereal I wonder if you are even real,
either way you're real enough to me,
to still have feelings & to still feel,



times we must,
trust enough to break our own rules,
realize that,
actually there are no rules,

we are all free,
we are all gifted,
we are all cursed,
we are all art we are all artist,
we are all dead last & alive first,
we are all everything that’s never been,
we are all everything that ever was & ever were as you were,
& of course we are all of everything in every sense of the word,
we are every story ever told we are every song ever sung or heard,
we're every word in every book ever read we're every line in every verse,
& we often leave last & arrive first arriving in a Benz & leaving in a hearse,
& we will be love non stop & always help heal each other even when it hurts,

& that is why,
I write all of this for you,
because when the world feels like a lie,
I need you to know you can always reach for these words & feel the truth,

just move,

& do anything,

& do it for the love,
just please don’t hate,
& please don’t judge,
because this is true love,

as it be below so it be above.

So let’s move with the movements & love the moments of love,
let’s let the judgements pass & let whatever lays in the past be what it was,
left to lay in the grass that way once everything’s been said & done,
we’ll still have this emotional epitaph to remind us like a photograph of us,

& I will always have your back,
even when our bodies are gone & we have no backs to have because,
when it's all said & done & we've righted all our wrongs,
all that will be left is us,

when it’s all over all you’ll be left with is you,
& me & all of our virtues because death doesn't separate us from our virtues,
& everyone & everything we loved will exist eternally except our enemies,
& in the end my friend you’ll I'm standing in the Light of Truth with you,

no judgements,
no enemies,
only unconditional love,
& all of it’s intensities,

for once you remove the obstruction of the illusion of judgements,
only then will you find where the love went,


patiently for you to return,
so remember we reap what we sow,
& we get what we earn,

so no no worries & no hurries,
no stress all bless for sure,
& don't worry Love no rush because I will be here,
always have always will waiting patiently for your glorious return…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

from The Holy Trilogy Vol. 2: Mandalas
Hungry Envelope Oct 2013
Simple divisions are the most dangerous.
Lines that cut
us apart.
I feel and see too many of them;
spaces we don't want to explore
with great high walls between them
signed in red as "discovered".
And people with too many angers
for their simple faces to tell.

I say it shows too plainly
that blood is only skin deep.
Outside ourselves we are content
to differ at a glance
and fit and bundle and suffocate
all manner of things into one.
In a comparison of many to many
the lines get thicker and sharper
and because blood is only skin deep
we see it more often than we might.

Why does it not register?
Why should its message seem so obscure?
It screams and stains,
thickens and stains,
heals and stains,
it stains us.

Perhaps blood, only skin deep,
is still buried beyond our reach
and in a fit of obsession
we change and twist what we can.
A desperate struggle to rid ourselves
of ourselves.

The blood we know is safe,
or perhaps just too close
to take apart and reinvent
And so we look elsewhere
to sever our connection
with lines we cling to
lines that bind
lines to divide
lines can describe
lines that listen
lines can inspire
lines to imprison
lines at the very edges of our vision
catching all the light for the sake of easy decision.

Our blood is only skin deep
but our lines are held deeper
and so much harder to spill.
Bryn May 2013
My dad has lines. He has lines around his eyes and on his forehead.
But they aren't frown lines, they are laugh lines. They represent good times.
My mother has them too.
They represent dancing with us in the early morning, with the music turned all the way up.

My laugh lines aren't showing yet, but when they do, I am going to be proud.
Proud because I have proof of a well lived life.
No frown lines for me, just laugh lines.
Lines that have meaning.
Going through old journals and finding poems that I wrote when I was 10
Nothing May 2018
I draw all the time.
Not using paper.
Nor a pen.


That all I can seem to draw.


In till I have no more room.


Going every directions.


In till I see her.

She what I have longed for,
she everything I needed.
Matt Bancroft Feb 2013
Where along did the line become dotted?
When did the line become crossable through gaps?

Steady white line, double parallel yellows
Following this lined street till I find the end,
Till I get to the bottom,
Till this drawn line stays constant and cannot be crossed.

Who was the first to cross this line that is so drawn on my soul?
That so moves me to boil with red convection and spill
Drips down my pan side face. Third degree flame ignited pain
In every line of bone and vain in my body.

Walking by playground filled with shouts and laughs,
Stomping little feet, hands of monkeys.
Nothing but joy and impressions, pressed into the skin.
Children are so easily impressed.

The blacktop filled with lines is the child’s whole world
Of lines to frolic at four-square or hop-scotch to the jungle bars.
On the way to the cafeteria to lunch with pink and blue tennis shoes
And lunch boxes of Snow White and Buzz Lightyear
Listen when told to stay in line.

Listen to:
Lines of scratched skin. Lines crossed.
Lines of makeup drips. Lines crossed always remembered.
Lines of people trying to forget
Being line crossed by one who found a gap.

In the middle of that same bad dream
I always try to wake you up before it happens.

To you who veers the line, you who crossed
You who stings, you who injures:
When and where I meet you,
I will show you these lines.
I will teach you.
LylexRose Aug 2018

I think it's about time we go back to the basics, ever since I joined this I've risen and I'll take it, met people who called me out on ******* what you think that I fake this, everything everytime and everywhere, I want this bad and I really wanna make it, been a few years since I've been at this, but been through hell since age of age six, eyes looking to the light looking for the oasis, but I guess I'm the let down, seeds of our past are long since sown, the king of me never owned a throne, just turned twenty but it feeling like millennia I've been around, some days I still feel like I'm drowning, mostly just feels like I'm surrounded, by my family looking up from the ground...dead is where I'll end up, don't try to interrupt, glass half empty , half full cup, I'm still taking baby steps, been 4 weeks since I've slept, love what I'm doing but I'm still just an adept, but it's the ones closest to you you should protect...

Lines and lies...
I've watched as time goes by...
Where came from and where I hide...
Lines and lies...
Lines and lies...

Now let's rewind 13 years, back when I had no clue why I'm here, don't try say that this isn't real, really you have no clue how I feel, how I'm dealing with this fear, a kid whose life was torture for years, fond memories of being beaten by the stairs, only escape I could see was rope, letting my head hang loose, from the end of a noose, but the reason I didn't choose it, it's because I'm not ******* stupid, what I did instead, was jot all of my thoughts in my notepad, making my life feel a little less sad, a little less mad, a little less lost, a little more like home, yo, choosing to lose my myself in the lyrics, you hear what I said, feeling the music through my veins, trying to feel no pain, now from listening, bless this, hip hop mended all the wrong what I did, do not try to fight this, fall into the abyss, just a kid with the ability to resist, now sing a prayer for this, yeah...

Lines and lies...
I've watched as time goes by...
Where came from and where I hide...
Lines and lies...
Lines and lies...

Addicted to these drugs, addicted to this love, through this war I'm the white dove, I'm never giving in, never giving up, sometimes wondering if I go to sleep will I ever wake up, nah, made a lot of mistakes but I let God do the judging, lying under oath, trying to do both, never try to swim when you can float, set sail on this boat, out to sea, out to see if my life is mine, state of mind, make my worth writing these lines, never need to chase lines, it's my life I've gotta find, limited edition, one of a kind, yeah, addicted to a life I don't really understand, grinding through life ain't never making plans, but how you gonna say, I'll just make it on my way yeah.

Lines and lies...
I've watched as time goes by...
Where came from and where I hide...

It's a little bit twisted, if you learn this, teach this, hold this, keep this. Quieter's quiet won't this, don't try to predict my actions, this is what I'm left with, lost my in own feelings, Closed curtains , doors with railings, jailing me in the current of condition of my state of mind, I can't find, let the light of God shine, clear a path through time, where I'll end up will be redefined, a path walked but always blind...
In short it's the story of my life and also a message to not give up on your dream...
Pearl smoke Nov 2014
I'm Craving Meths Euphoria flow
I'm Sorry Baby
if your reading this But I can't resist to hold this thought in.
Knock knock
It's My Dealer At The door
delivering a Fat sack of
Crystal Rocks
Drop Some, Cut it, line it
One Line
Snort it Fast
Crushed Up Well, Burns like hell
Sniff After Sniffs
Eyes Turned Glossy, Shred A Tear. Seconds later
Felt the Drip Tingle
Down my Throat bitter taste
One Line Two Lines
I'm Beginning To Feel Heightened a sense of Pride and Self Worth Very Confident Awake and Alert.
One Line Two Lines Three Lines
I'm Feeling Amazing, energetic, Talkative
One Line Two Lines Three Lines four
I feel As if I Own And Accomplished Everything in This Word.
Unlimited Happiness all in Just
One Dose.
One Line
I Fell In Love With Its Every Effect.
I forever want to feel this way
One Line Two Lines
IDont Ever Want to stop I'm sprung
I want to continue on
One Line Two Lines Three Lines
I'll Keep Using, it's so strong Fantastic iDc if iOver Dose
One Line Two Lines Three Lines four.
I want More I Need More.
veritas Aug 2018
red stains, fading, cracked, scented

     if i kissed your prints, would they kiss me back?

sighs, thoughts, spaces between prints

     spaces between words, between parted lips and floating thoughts the world! is so crowded with space but yours is the one i want to fill .

     but where are the lines? lines of loss, lines of lawns, lines of ink and rips and more stains and letters, in the hands and on the pavement

where are the lines?

why won't you go there?

why do you hover in these foul, indomitable spaces? why do you seek that which you should not?

     if the shadow of lines slinks in your quiet expression, then why are you still here?

     if the echo of your soft face lingers in my hands, if the whisper of your breath and the heat of your skin still singes my own, then why do you disappear?

lovely wraith, lovely memory of a thing that once was, why do you sit so alone?

because i am coming to your space, and if you can see me, of shadow and fog, then i will meet you there,

     on a line of our own.

>because it's a death premeditated and i can see it unfolding,

     sharp wounding painful

and the discourse in the sky is telling me so, yet why do i keep walking west?
lots of questions (this isn't a poem of answers. don't look for one).
Emma May 2015
whoever is reading this, whoever is listening, I am going to tell you about what some of us will come across in our lifetime. it is about the red lines. those ******* red lines. those ******* red lines do not just "appear". they are put there by the minds of the bodies that they litter. no, they do not want them to be there, for they think that they are some what of an imperfection. however, they are nothing of the sort. those ******* red lines are what some of us think we need to help us grow, to get through tough times. although when the red lines disappear, in their place comes silver lines. and those silver lines are beautiful. and those silver lines are valuable. and those silver lines are truly made of silver, they make our skin more interesting and even stronger than that whiskey you picked up last night. and these silver lines on my thighs and my wrists and my shoulders and my hips are the things that make me who i am and i ******* love them. i love my silver lines.
Darby Crosby Dec 2013
You’re taught to
Color inside them
Read between them
Write on them
But for what purpose?
Do these lines hold the necessary pieces of the universe together?
They must
I mean…
Why else pay them
Any mind?
They’re just
Manmade things
On paper
Dictating how we
And color
What happens when we take away
The lines?
What happens
When we tell the lines:
“You don’t rule me!
...Not anymore.”
You abandon a world
Taught to you since birth
Shoved into a
Chaotic world
Nothing you’ve ever imagined
Because everything is made up of lines
Your entire world
Bent and broken lines
So if you take away the lines
You’re left without
The limitations
Limitations that
Strap onto you like
Cast iron weights
So go
Be free
From the lines
Joseph Kurr Sep 2014
Just do it.
This is who you are.
You hate yourself.
And nobody loves you.
You're fat and pathetic.
You're a waste of time.
You're better off dead.
Just **** yourself.
Everybody will be so much happier if you did.
Why won't you listen to me?

Because these ten lines make me feel more alive.
These ten lines make me feel more alive.
These lines make me feel more alive.
These lines make me feel alive.
These lines make me feel.
These lines make me.

Accept who I am, except these lines.

Except who I am.

Accept these lines.
Verdana Oct 2013
Now, you look at me
and spot my arm
across the kitchen table,
and instead
you look
you see
those older lines in blazing white.
These sentiments they mark mean more to you
than the lines around my eyes,
from a brow furrowed in frustration for twenty years.
Or, the mottled lines across my thighs
from where my body grew to fit my mind.

Why does my upper arm reflect my general attitude to life?
Any more than the lines around my mouth
from fits of laughter flying out,
or in my careworn hands
seen grasping tight to other hands
so much that there are lines.

And even though as children we write lines at school
until we cannot help but see that
"repetition will leave a mark".
And even though in every day
we all suffer - loss, grief and pain
in equal measure to our
joy, relief and gain cannot see a line for what it is
a telltale sign of that desperate condition
known as life.

And after all the lines we draw
define us in relation to everything else
and the lines I drew upon myself defined me in relation
to the pain I felt not
as the pain I felt.
And if you look at me now
am I not a specimen of perfect health?

So why do you draw lines on me
that arrow point to labels
because my wounds take on this milky hue,
where yours were clear tinged salt tracks from your eyes
that filled a swollen belly, bony thigh or toned physique.
And all results of hollowness significant as mine.

And tell me,
what crime do I stand accused of but for feeling
with the true extent of who I am -

and leaving marks to show that I
am not afraid to feel tender
cry out,
sob gently,
and even
when I'm pushed too far
get ******* angry.

And are you telling me you don't know what I mean?
That across your body, mind - there are not lines you drew
in reaction to people, places, circumstance you knew.

And if not then may I suggest
you get in line
for a new mind
and a brand new pair of eyes
...before you wryly look across
the table at my upper arm
and ask me where I got my scars.
labyrinths Sep 2015

blue lines on paper, running from one side of the page to the other
blank white rectangles in between where words are meant to go
but i can't think of the right way to tell you i love you
(years later, i will be in the same situation
but instead, i'll be trying to figure out
the right way to tell you i was
wrong about you


dark red lines against pale white skin
from every time you told me i wasn't enough
from every single time i feared you didn't love me as much as you said
and from the days where your love wasn't enough.
dark red fades to a light, wilted pink
lines that will stay forever, lines that will always remind me of you
no matter how much time passes and no matter how much
i promise myself i don't care


lines on the palms of my hands that are meant to tell me
how long i'll live, how many children i'll have, how my love life will go
a long curved line from one end of my palm to the other
how do you translate that into years?
and you used to run your fingers up and down those lines
you used to tell me i was going to have three children
and i always used to think they would be yours

W H I T E*

white lines spread across the table
just to get you out of my mind
i say goodbye to my brain cells when i inhale
i wonder if the long pink line
on the inside of my palm
shrinks as i shorten my life
after i decide one line isn't enough
and i need at least four more
because i can't stop thinking
about the line i drew
between you and i
and how you crossed it
like you never even saw it
in the first place
spysgrandson Mar 2012
Goodbye Charlie, Hello Vietnam.

Nineteen. I was ten and nine. Two A.M. Landed in some muggy, putrid place. Between honor and complete disgrace. Smelled like that for sure.  Issued tools of our trade. Heard the true sound of “rockets red glare”. Had us hunkering in bunkers all night. ******* in our helmets. Holding our ears. ****, the first night. Welcome to Vee-et-nam.

Morning. Sunshine and quiet. Except the rap from old timers. “Newbies“. New jungle fatigues. Newbies. New M-16. Clean boots. All day the old timers, telling each other how these newbies had their cherry popped. First night in country and the biggest *** mortar attack they had ever seen. Heard. Heard, I said. Yeah. What newbie? Now you have heard the real rockets’ red glare. That’s what you heard, Newbie.

I get it. Newbies are ****. We are **** and they aren’t going to waste a breath telling us anything. Watch. Watch and learn. I hope. Lines. Lines to get our teeth rinsed with fluoride. Lines. To chow. To get more shots. To in country orientation. Lines. Memorize lines. Lines to get ammo. Lines to get orders.

No line at the outhouse. Gray three seater. Heat roasting our ****. Old timer kicked the planks before he sat down beside me in the stench. I asked the question but only with my eyes. Kick the planks before you sit down so rats won’t bite your ***** off. Kick the planks to scare off the rats. Rats. The size of possum. Not an exaggeration. Possum rats. Rat possums. Who the hell knew? Just kick the planks. Save your *****.

More lines. Then darkness. Then more booms. Not incoming. Our own. 1-5-5s. Learn the difference newbie so you don’t crap your drawers for nothing. That’s the boys in that artillery firebase keeping Charlie awake for the night. Returning the favor. Charlie. Sounds like a name you would call someone who was a buddy doesn’t it? Charlie. Victor Charlie. V C. ***** Charlie. **** Charlie. Charlie this and Charlie that. Oh, Charlie would eat that rat.

My first duty. Guarding Charlie. Prisoner with leg blown off at the knee in our clean smelling dispensary. Hands strapped to bed rails. MP and I assigned night shift. Keep each other awake . Looked at Charlie. Charlie looked at me. Smirk. Then spit. Landed on my boot. My newbie boot. Not a newbie boot anymore. Charlie squirms. Spits again and misses. MP gets up and threatens to bash Charlie in Charlie’s little head. Medic comes and gives squirming, smirking, spitting Charlie shot of good drugs. Charlie doesn’t spit on medic. Charlie gets drowsy. I get drowsy. MP falls asleep. I stand up. Newbie afraid to fall asleep on guard duty. I wake the MP before shift change. Charlie is up. Smirk, smirk. Thus spoke Charlie. The only conversation I ever had with Charlie.

Medic says Charlie getting on a bird to someplace. Can’t remember where. Anyplace.   Charlie leaving and me staying. Ain’t that a hoot--all it cost him was a boot. Envy is a word I learned that day. Cost him part of a leg medic says when I tell him I wish I was Charlie just then. Had heard tales about people shooting off their toes to get out of the ‘nam. “**** tales” I would call them, since I heard so many in those gray crappers. Rats. Possum rats and your *****. ***** or a limb? Did I really want to be him? I don’t really remember. I didn’t want to be there--somewhere between honor and complete disgrace. Bye Charlie. Hello Vietnam.
mostly true story from a while ago--the only short story I have posted here
Devyn Batchelder Jan 2012
I'm drawing
I don't know what, where
I'm drawing these lines somewhere
I'm thinking of the past
I'm trying to predict the future
I'm drawing

I'm trying to find my own blood
I'm trying to fit it in my own veins
I'm drawing these lines somewhere

A fottress in my mind
A sanctuary for all I find
I'm drawing

These lines dictate who I am
These lines are extensions of me
I'm drawing these lines somewhere

Without these I am not me
Without them I cannot see
I'm drawing
I'm drawing these lines somewhere
Big Virge Oct 2014
Folks It Is A ... " Fine Line " ... !!!
The Road That I Walk ...
With Words That I Rhyme ...

Cos' Words That I Talk May See Me In Court ... !!!
WITHOUT Sean Or ... " Just Cause " ... !!!

Because of YES THEM Those In Governments ...
And Those Who They Send ...
To Enforce ... POOR Judgements ... !!!!!

But Of Course They'll Contend ...
That My Wordplay ... OFFENDS ...
And May Well STIR UP TROUBLE ...
And Cause .... " VIOLENCE " .... !!!!!

But It's Okay For THEM To Say What They Like ... !???!
And Declare Their War Fights As Forms of Defence ...
When Plans They Design Keep Causing PROBLEMS ... !!?!!

Well It Doesn't Seem Like Their Actions Are Right ... !?!
When Every News Night The Things In Our Sight ...
KEEP Showing Us VISIONS of People Who ... DIE ... !!!!!

Now That's A Fine Line I Have Re-Designed ...
From Princes' Great Song The ... " Sign 'o' The Times " ... !!!

So Don't Get Me Wrong My Lines Are Refined ...
And Clearly BELONG Where Fine Lines RECLINE ... !!!

Each Line That I Write Proves My Mind Is Inclined ...
To Write About Crimes Affecting Our lives ....

And It Is A Fine Line That Helps Me To FIND ...
A Way To  Express My Anger And Stress ...
About How We TRY To Do What Is RIGHT ... !!!!

But What Does This Mean ... ?!?
In A World So ... UNCLEAN ... !!!!!

What Do We Stand For ... ?
When Going To ... WAR ... !?!

We Should Take A .................

...... Pause ..............

And THINK of Our Cause ...
Is Making Blood POUR ....
What We're Really Here For ... ?!!!?

If You're Thinking ... YES ...
Are You .... REALLY SURE .... ???

How Would You Feel ... ?
If The Blood Poured Was ... YOURS ... !!!

Or Someone YOU LOVED ... !!!
And REALLY ... CARED FOR ... !!!!!!

Well As These Lines State ...

It Is A Thin Line Between YES ...
...... " Love and Hate " ......

But Hating For REAL ...
WON'T Help Us ... Relate ... !!!

These Days It's Quite CLEAR The Dangers of FEAR ... !!!!!
But That's Nothing New The Past's Given Clues ...
of How IGNORANCE Fuels Individuals To USE ...
Torture And Abuse Through Crews Filled With FOOLS ...
Who THINK ... Hatred IS COOL ... !!!!?!!!!

Well Hatred Profiled ...
Does NOT Lead To Smiles ...

It Leads To A Place ...
That's NOT Quite So Great ...
And Leads Us Through Leaders ...
Who Like To .... DICTATE ....

Like Those Around NOW .... !!!
Who Want To CLAMP DOWN ...
On People Like Me ....
Whose Wordplay's So Neat ...

That .... Our Poetry ....
Gives Policemen A Beat ...
That Makes Them ... RETREAT ... !!!!!

See What I Mean ... !!!

My Poetry Seams Are Suitably Clean ...
And Walk A Fine Line of Quality Rhymes ...
That ... BYPASS Extremes ... !!!

Because They're Inclined To UNIFY Minds ....
See That's How I'd Like My Wordplay DEFINED ... !!!

Speaking Your Mind Should NOT BE A Crime ... !!!
UNLESS What You Say Divides And Spreads HATE ... !!!

I'd Rather Spread LOVE ...
Through Kisses And Hugs ... !!!
While Most Now Indulge ...
In Acting Like THUGS ...
And Taking HARD DRUGS ...
When They've Had Quite ENOUGH ... !!!!!

People Like THESE ...
Make Me Want To CUSS ... !!!!!!!

But These Days I'm TRYING ...
To ... Rise uP ABOVE ....
These ... Wannabee Thugs ... !!!

Who Spread Talk of Dying ...
Cos' Their Words NEED ... !!!

....... " REFINING " ....... !!!!!!

Things You Put Out ...
Come Back Son DON'T DOUBT ... !!!!!

Now That's A ... FINE LINE ...
That's Got ... LOTS of CLOUT ... !!!
So Think CAREFULLY ... !!!
BEFORE ... Running Your Mouth ... !!!!!

Fine Lines That I Write of Upsetting Designs ...
Are NOT To Start Fights So REMEMBER That Line ... !!!

They May Cause Offence ...
And May Cause Arguments ...
And REJECT ... VIOLENCE ... !!!

Keep A Cool Head ...
Like Des Dekker Said ... !!!!!

Then Pick Up A PEN ...
Rather Than Make Attempts ...
To Bring Me DISTRESS .... !!!!!!!
Cos' You Want To SUPPRESS
A View I've Expressed ...
That's Left You ... UPSET ... !!!!!

THAT Message Is SENT ...
To Those ... JEALOUS Gents ...
Who Think They're The BEST ...
At Writing Fine Lines ...
With Words That They Rhyme ... !!!

Well CLEARLY They're BLIND ... !!!
And ... OUT of Their Mind ... !!!!!!
To Think That Their Rhymes ...
Are ... BETTER Than MINE ...  ?!?

Those Causing Us STRESS ...
Are Those In GOVERNMENTS ... !!!

NOT See Us ... " UNITE " ... !!!!!

THINK About That ...
Before Starting FIGHTS ... !!!!!

Black On Black Crime ...
Has Been ... LONG DESIGNED ...

Don't You  Think It's Time ...  ?!?
We Start To Fight THEM ... ?!?!?
And Their BOGUS Systems ... !!!

That's Where I Will END This Simple Poem ...  

Cos' ...

Words In Those Lines ...
May Cause Me PROBLEMS ... !!!!!

Even Though Their JUST Rhymes
That Flow And DEFINE ...
How The Words I Transcribe ...


.... " A Fine Line " ....
An early foray into rhyming, that delves into a number of interesting subjects ......

— The End —