Greyson Fay Dec 2014
through the glass
this is so pretty.
is this the future?
its stretching in every direction.
"where is the car in front of me" is a good question
flurries cloud her vision
swirling and streaming through the air
its not snowing
but the dust is undoubtedly there
my eyes are wide
focused on the sky above
never have i seen such blazing color
scorching the night sky
When i was driving home in a very polluted area of town the streetlights made the ground glow,and the skyscrapers where going through the (surprisingly) low clouds
no longer where the clouds shone through by the sun.
they gleamed florescent.
Silent Thoughts Aug 2014
I’m constantly trying imagine and control my future
Think I can know if it’ll be sunny tomorrow
But the clouds come anyway
Austin Barlow Apr 2015
Science is a wonderful thing, it is
Science is here, there, and surrounding all.
From the mines below to the rocketships above
Technology surrounds us, one and all
We have mixed substances to make concrete
And use concrete to create our buildings.  
Science is such a magnificent thing
And for a couple reasons you see.  
Today, lasers that can destroy aircrafts
‘Morrow even colonizing planets
But one thing is true and one thing is real,
Science is really our true compassion.  
As we search for extraterrestrials
As we look towards spatial expansion.
First sonnet written ever
Sombro Jan 2015
A middle aged woman,
In love with the past,
Once told me I had my whole future ahead of me.
Well, yeah,
Where else would it be?
2aftermidnight Apr 2014
i’m not afraid of what might future holds for me, i’m  more terrified of what i’m going to lose because of me.
Autumn May 2014
Man has been gifted a great prize
Although they never assumed it would be their demise
Centuries ago the technology produced
Relied upon humans for a little boost
However now it seems every thought by a man
Requires for technology to come up with the plan
It seems man's intelligence has began to backtrack
Similar to being subdued in a flashback
All the knowledge they've acquired
Is something that cannot not be admired
Their lives are corrupted by the media
They get information from the Internet- not by encyclopedia
There is still a chance for them to turn it all around
And use these faults to help with the rebound
However if they continue on as shown
Their advancements will soon be marked with a headstone.
once in a while
you have to say to yourself

"I am beautiful"

because no matter what other people think
always love, believe, and take care of yourself.

Live life to the fullest and
never back down.
Secret life Oct 2014
No future is set in stone, pages are blank make the story how you want it to be don't listen to what other people may say. It's your life live it the way you want. Don't be scared or worried about the future focus on now and here what's going on. Worry about the present and what you have now because you never know when one day it will all disappear
No future it set in stone live in the present.
Caitlin Jul 2014
We are always planning for it-
yearning for it.
Saying things will be better-
in the future,
but what is the future, really?
The next day? The next moment?
The future is what we make of it.
Stop waiting for tomorrow-
for it may never come.
Live your life <3
Nicole Dawn Aug 2015
Don't tell me
To look to the future
Cuz I can look all I want
But I'll never reach it

I'm stuck in the present
It's always the present
So don't tell me to look to the future
When you know I'll never reach it
//And seeing what you'll never reach
Only makes it hurt more//

Sorry again :/ I know this sucks but whatever
Jonathan Sawyer Oct 2014
Always live for the future,
but never in anticipation for it.
12 October 2014 - The now.
J Oct 2014
So many things have happened
in the past four years.
I have loved.
I have lost.
I have been happy.
I have been sad.
I have been used.
But now I am scared.
I am terrified of what lies ahead.
It is like I am standing in the path
of an oncoming train -
I can see it in the distance,
I know it is coming,
but I don't know when it will hit me.
Sara fairmeal Jan 2015
The future lay next to me
Softly drifting to sleep
My future
Your future
Our future to keep
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