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ˏˋDalPalˊˎ Mar 2016
Am i weakening?
Still tender about you gone.
It's been five months now.

Do i still feel bad?
For not believing at first?
False anger towards you.

We had just talked though.
You couldn't have left so soon.
I don't understand.

The moment i saw
Your still face, it went silent.
All doubt then vanished.

Everybody else
Walked across the bridge at ease.
I never stepped over.

This time, 2AM
I still ask myself the same thing;
Will closure ever come?
this was written around that 4th haiku. I feel like everybody around me has had closure and moved on but I'm still over here, wondering what went wrong and feeling horrible for being mad at first and thinking it was a joke. Not a day goes by where I don't think about you. I miss you so much. I wish you hadn't done it. I wish I could have done something.

for Desma.
Hadiy Syakir Sep 11
there were
that fought
for the right to
descended off
the stairwell
fell into
the frostlake

and it continues.

they struggled
in the dark

everything's gone.
Andrew Oct 2017
I am in a terrifying tug-of-war
With time
There's an excessive amount of gore
And grime
While time continues to make ground
Pulling gradually until I'm down
I can only lengthen this glorious game
Yet the outcome is always the same

No matter how much I resist
I exist
Allow me to flash my existential credentials
I'm here
I'm alive
I fear
I will die

When existence is the only requirement
Everything else is a possibility
Dependent on our capabilities
And trying to wisely pick our life's priorities
That naturally give way to our inferiority

I didn't insist
To exist
With clenched fists
In this murderous mist
That slowly slits my wrists
So what do I do
In this zigzag zoo?
Hopefully spend time with you
pk tunuri Mar 12
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
We don't accept when people insist
But frankly, they do exist
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

They once stood at your side
Now, They lie and hide
Even though they confide and cried
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

All the thoughts of how'd they betray
All the happiness they took away
All the pain we suffer every day
All the crying they gonna repay
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers

Our pride may want them dead
But then a lot of things will be left unsaid.
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
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