Eleanor Rigby Nov 2014
Entire universes could exist
Between two people, he truthfully said.

Damien Frost Jan 2015
Existence is not life. Existence is not 'to be'. Existence is not something we could derive. By itself, Existence does not mean anything. Existence does not exist.
Clara Romero Apr 2014
Society forces us into boxes
[ ] Male                  [ ] Female
[ ] Straight             [ ] Gay
[ ] Child                 [ ] Adult
[ ] Black                 [ ] White


My existence cannot be simplified into your boxes
I am more than society's simplistic ideas
I am more than the sum of your boxes
ICN Jul 2015
"To exist in this world one must know pain.
Because to exist is to suffer."
jeffrey conyers Feb 2013
Good men exist.
And women must accept this.
Those that chasing the guys already hooked up.
Only telling upon themselves that they can't be trusted.

Good men, are in the world.
And only requesting the love of a certain girl.
One, who knows love.
One, that's willing to accept love.

The men that claims to be.
But trying to get with more then one.
Doesn't fall into this category.

Sill, I know good men exist.
Because I'm one of them.

I'm not intimidated by the men that has women chasing them.
Cause, in life.
We all know many fools.
Where some ladies love being treated like a passionate tool.

But then , there are the good men.
Who loves deep?
Who loves hard?
Who's willing to make one woman the subject of his heart?

By his action.
He becomes known.
With a good woman waiting for him.
He's constantly can't wait to get home.
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
I thought I can hide myself forever. But I forgot **"Forever doesn't exist"
Calvin Watson Feb 2015
You know those times when you're always like
"why are you smiling at me? I didn't even do anything"
But ya know, you did
The day that I found out that you exist
Since that day, I haven't been able to stop smiling
*Your existance fills me with joy
Though life exists but
death is sure
Is called Universal Fact

Going against nature
is followed by calamities
is called Universal Act

Nature deals tactfully with
those not abiding by its rules
is called Universal Tact

(Written by Kishan Negi)
Human needs to follow law of nature to protect itself from anger of nature
Meris King Jul 2014
Why is it that so many people seem to just exist? They neither progress nor regress, and their place in the universal order seems completely neutral.
Some may even say they're obsolete.
Proviquis Feb 2015
To Exist
     is to be.

To Live
     is to be, Freely.
Darling, I hope I'm the cause of your
existential crisis,
opening your mind
in horrifying,

I hope I make you question
and I hope I make you learn.
Maybe I'll rewire your brain--
praise me
let me incarcerate my
writings in your
let my thoughts linger,
let the pads of my finger tips
dwell along
the contours of the railways
in your head,

let me in.
Quick write no edit go
Forgotten Heart May 2015
i'm a girl
in love
with a guy
who wishes
the girl
didn't exist!
what do you guys think about this love???
jeffrey conyers Mar 2013
Women gets together and ask,
where have all the good men gone?
And they states they either marry or taken.

When in truth many exist still in the world.
But they must question many things about themselves.

A man that quiet.
Wouldn't want a woman that argues constantly.
Probably one that hardly does.

Or one that can't trust him.
But wants him to trust her.

Good men live according to those they date.

The kind that gives him space.
And feel secure to let him be him.
Once you assured he's not out to hurt you.

A good man isn't afraid to be with his.
As long as she makes time for him.
But not according to their friends.

Sometimes being alone with one another.
Creates adventures to built upon.
And sometimes the best of friends get in the way.

A good man places the feeling of his woman first.
Always will.
Always have.
That's the quality of a good man.

Words said to harm her.
Is put to a halt by the love of him

It's not that all good men are taken.
It just some women is basing their search on the man of their friends.

Cause before they found him.
He was just an ordinary man.
Changed by the love of a good woman.
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