Aaron Combs Apr 2015
The silver bullets we spread beneath our
eyes, those tears that burst into sparks.
I traded those tears for wisdom,
And the road to glory never seemed so vain.

Now seeing the blank walls in my room, and the sinking ceilings,
I feel there's so much to the world, but like the ocean  
it only leaves me thirsty.

So I trade wisdom for this.....

To hang upside down and see your smile,
to see the stars kiss and flicker in the summer heat,
to feel the rain that pours through your hair,  
to be blinded by your warmth in the Alaskan sky.  

This is wisdom, my dear.  This is wisdom.
Playing hide and seek in the night,
holding your hand while the stars fall.  Yelling our names into the sky.
This is  how legends live on.  Ruling the world with laughter,
and stupid jokes, laying on the blue green grass,
falling into the mud, till' the night is weary to see us at play.    

Holding the candle of your heart,
singing till' the sky falls to the ground.
Love, beauty, tiredness, poetry, interest
Onoma Jul 28
eyes closed and gently singing...

miles of buildings playing

musical lights with no one


perched on a rooftop, the wind

running her fingers through

my hair.

a child wild as ever, smirking indelibly

at concrete modules splattered by their

own brains.

taking in deep breaths of quality alert air--

and puffing out a dragon's fraught column

of fire.

gotta light it up just to see straight, passed and

through...make way, my scene.

a sort of rough draft being smoothed out, you see...

now i gotta fuck half this city to work your energy

out of me.
I caught a sight of lovely Laura
Under the aurora
Her sheen had gleem
Or so it seem
From where I stood to see

Lucky are those northern lights
To catch her, such a sight

I caught a sight of lovely Laura
What a sight to see!
writerReader Jan 2015
When I'm gone
will my name be
pressed against
my tears grow
a willow tree filled with
twinkling lights?
Bird Nov 2017
my ex-lovers mouth is not a
place I'm proud of lurking
drowned in alcohol and cigarettes
he said
were from all the stress of working
remind me again why you liked me? it was faulty at best
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