SE Reimer Jun 2016

think again if you believe
light is but a rapid blur,
consider that the spark
that lives between
two lover-friends, is light
exchanged in slow fashion;
the slow burn of a campfire,
the sparkle of her passion,
the flicker of a candle,
whisperings of the starlight,
the way a moon beam
bends the tides,
and makes her eyes twinkle;
each my confirmation,
of light that moves
so satisfying slow,
allowing flames to ever grow
ever higher, higher,
kindling sparks into a fire,
for love that lasts
is not a spark alone...
love’s passion is a bon fire,
a sunset setting sky aglow;
an ever-building slow,
to effervescent ether;
a gently flowing kiss,
a living, colored tapestry
of drifting twilight mist;
this the speed of light...
my heart’s desire,
mirrored in my lover’s eyes.


*post script.

love at the speed of sunsets and star gazing;
evenings spent round the campfire
with only the light of the fire,
the stars and that sparkle in each other's eyes...
falling in love, all over again!
Paul Donnell Oct 2014
This night drifts slowly towards the dawn.
Such nights are for slow songs and solitude.
To contemplate; create.
To open hidden doors.
To fill blank pages
With oceans of consciousness.
A Saturday, slow and sleepy
Unfolds like old attic linens
And drifts along
Like pipe smoke through the reeds

On a Saturday, bleak and weary
We just can’t get our act together
With hollow talk of book nooks
High seas back road voyages
And pints of Casey’s best bitter

On a Saturday, slow and sleepy
Taking action is hard to do
So slip into a daydream
And meet me out on the fringes
Where the sun and the moon fade from sight
And time is no longer real
Andrew Castillo Oct 2010
Where are we now
At a red light
Time passing by
Slow motion now
Everything, a blur

Where should we go
Lost a sense of direction
No compass to guide
Just intuition
Just looking through a mirror
Akemi Apr 2015
Lily erode
Eros rapture
To dust
To dust
To dust
12:28am, April 26th 2015

Biological life exists solely to reproduce.
How many of us will die, leaving nothing behind?
Death is a slow, subtle process.
It begins with the body, and ends with the self.
After you die, you disconnect from the world.
Your ego cannot reinforce itself in the minds of others, anymore.
The complexities of your self fade. Distort.
You are reduced from human, to figure, to caricature.
Events along a timeline, to be summed as virtue, or vice.
What is the purpose of legacy, then?
Why does anyone even care?
Hajer Oct 2015
Quietly and alone,
a flower blushes
in the cactus garden.

Viciously and slow,
the flower is pricked
by the venomous spines.
Aaron Campbell Oct 2014
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses,
and if there are no roses find something else to smell.
Life moves to fast; don't take it for granted.
Diseases spread and so do legs.
Both can change lives.
One brings life and
one destroys it.
**It's up to you to decide which one is which.
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Life can't afford to move as slow as we do. Maybe that's why we always feel left behind
SøułSurvivør May 2015




(c) 5/24/2014

Thanks to Benton West for the
Just on site a short time.
I want to TRY to get sleep tonight!
Rockie Feb 2015




The clocks
Are ticking

Tick, tick, ticking
Your life away

Your fate;

Your death;

Your breath

Your heart rate;

Your clock;
nonny Nov 2012
i'll tattoo these emotions across my wrists
because they're choking me all the way through my skin
wrapping around my veins
tainting my soul like a sick liquor

and no one will understand this suffocation
this slow sort of cancer spreading along my neurons

the numb stage is over
my smile now appears
but it's warped and it's deranged
just like the scars i create

i've been crying for hours
and there's no end in sight

and my nerves are exposed
innocent words
cut to the bone

i climb higher and higher

i topple over the edge
Mental disorders combining with personality disorders is a passionate, painful thing.
KA Apr 2014
....starting slow
sinking feeling in my stomach.
losing air.
midweek and not a lot of gas.
need to start ...need to start the day.

love life, love love
love to breathe.
i need simple things today.

sex, food , love, air.
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