Pagan Paul Sep 2016
I am
a slight disaffection
from the real.

in my lunar sea
a calm circulating
orbit wheels.

I am
an angle from
the hearts core.

in my love fall
a slow spiral
loops playful.

© Pagan Paul (07/07/16)
Meanings: Moontouched 1) mentally ill, 2) in love.
Tap tap tap

If there could be one punishment
It would surely be this
The effect so sinister yet so innocent
A simple reply would bring the world peace

Tap tap tap

Why should I blame you for my heart's unease?
It not as horrendous as compared to blue ticks
Unless, of course, you deactivated your read receipts
Like a professional crook who covers their prints

Tap tap tap

The wait is driving me insane
But I've to mask my maniacal pettiness
Put on a straight face to feign
Is it that hard to hide my emptiness?

Tap tap tap

anya Jun 11
you wake up
his hair is spilled across the pillow,
the sun slants across his cheekbone
and his breath is slow and even.
he smells like an open field
and his body is wrapped around yours
so he keeps you warm.
you think,
there is no moment better than this,
that he is too perfect to exist.
but you wake up gasping,
skin soaked in sweat.
you lie there for a long time,
in your completely empty bed.
For nights that pass faster than the days dull slow
The lights on your evening road catch your gaze
When gardenias line the garden maze

The center of the room greet you with drinks and rest
For the world around you takes your breath and you can't resist
The soft blur from a beer and lemonade

Continue your stroll and everything's changed
As she is what stands in the center of the maze
So you introduce her to you and the coming days

You're in love
Your evening roams lead to her
To feel more than whole

As your vision clears you start to see
That she has put you back up for sale and for whatever reason you don't mind
As she takes off with your old shirt under varying lights

For nights that pass faster than the days you remember
The summer's embrace is the only grip to keep you warm
As you return to the soft blurs that help you roam

Another gardenia lines the maze
As you stray from prying eyes
Singing to trees in a drunken haze
Only to talk about what is seen as better days
Silken stone
dewed damp
tipping to topple
over outcropping-

balanced buttress
feigning flightlessness
until, unexpected, uphill
avalanche advances
rushing, racing
poised to push-

rock rolls
sailing slow

explosion echoes
crisscross canyon.
Sheep stop,
listen long,
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