Sarah Spang Aug 2015
Sometimes beneath close eyelids
I quest to bring you back
As if you were driftwood floating
Downstream on your back.
I dip my hands beneath the veil
And dry away the death
And from my parting, weeping lips
I give you back your breath-
Just like the rising sunset burning
In the summer sky
Paints and saints the mountaintops
And casts their colors bright.

Unrhymed Notes:

Sometimes I dream I can bring you back
Just as simply as dipping my hands into the water
To retrieve a floating piece of driftwood;
Dry the death from your skin
And breath life back into you
The way the sunrise reanimates
The Dark Mountains
Each and every day.

I see your Ocean eyes open
Embrace you like I'm trying to
Fold you into my skin
Where I can keep you always
And feel your summer peach warm flesh
Tangible against my permafrost fingers.

If the dead could talk
Nothing profound would leave your lips
They'd only quirk into a Cheshire smile
And you'd tell me to let go
Move along and stop standing still
Life is for the Living
Death is for the dead
And dreams are for the foolish.

"You dumbass."
Nateive Son Apr 2017
I like to watch health shows,
And mainstream media,
For giggles.

Especially when they discuss,
Topics that require,

And they trot out,
The "experts,"
But never explain,
What it means,
To be such a thing.

Does a degree,
Impart the special knowledge,
Of demi god upon ye?

Can I throw my tuna salad at the wall,
For velocity experiments?

And yet,
They are the sun.

Oh hear ye Joseph,
Does King Bradley want your jester?


It should be public record that,
I'm an expert concerning:

Hammock pitching and,
To name a few.

Make my check out to,

That is all.
Sorry ladies, but I live on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. I'll let you know when I return to the mainland.

Hope you don't mind beards and a wicked tan.

Bring me the sunset in a cup,
Reckon the morning’s flagons up
And say how many Dew,
Tell me how far the morning leaps—
Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
Who spun the breadth of blue!

Write me how many notes there be
In the new Robin’s ecstasy
Among astonished boughs—
How many trips the Tortoise makes—
How many cups the Bee partakes,
The Debauchee of Dews!

Also, who laid the Rainbow’s piers,
Also, who leads the docile spheres
By withes of supple blue?
Whose fingers string the stalactite—
Who counts the wampum of the night
To see that none is due?

Who built this little Alban House
And shut the windows down so close
My spirit cannot see?
Who’ll let me out some gala day
With implements to fly away,
Passing Pomposity?
Rockie Feb 2015
Why won't you bring me
Oh bring me home?
That vile red liquid
Makes you horrible
And mean

It always makes the shadows seem darker
More frightening
More real

This place is dark
This place is scary
This place is dank
This place isn't home
And the only person who can bring me home
Is you
But you're stuck,
Forever looking inside that Monster bottle of yours
And not at *me
This is a poem version of story I am currently writing about a young boy who sees 'Monsters.'
Bring me love
Bring me joy
Don't be a boy
I'm not your toy
Whisper your breath against my neck
Like the wind speaks through the tree leaves.
Feel my pulse beneath your lips,
Over my wrists,
Next to my jawline,
Hovering about my still heart.
Spill blood rushing in my veins,
Into my lungs and send
A tornado of butterflies
Spinning deep within my stomach.
I want to fly into your garden
And flutter in such a harmony
That piano keys long to be touched
With a tenderness that only fingertips can hold.
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Fish The Pig Dec 2014
I don't have a lot of money,
no real talents to trade
I'm left with nothing but the extreme
if I want to achieve my dream
I'd sell my soul
strip down
give my body
sell all my possessions
every last penny
if you'd just bring me a doctor
a doctor who can fix me
who's filthy enough-
kind enough
to accept my extreme,
put me under the knife
slice away
until my ugly is a dream,
because it's all I've ever wanted
all I've ever craved,
make me beautiful.
I want to be beautiful.
starshinelove Aug 2013
As much as I feel a failure at life, I'm not.
The fact that I'm still alive.... is a wonderful thing.
I've been dwelling so much on the mistakes I have made
I haven't taken proper action to correct them.
The pure truth is now is the time the fix them.
I can't think of a better time to fix them.
Life may have thrown some obstacles in my path , but that's because it knows.
It truly knows I like a challenge.
It sees that I'm a fighter
and knows that I will walk away with a lesson learned.
I have been a fool to my own thoughts
and my actions and have shown my foolishness as vividly as the sun in the day sky
and the moon in the night.
Its undeniable that there are things I could have done better
and now I can do better.
There is nothing more for me to do than pull my socks up, put on my fighting gloves and bust out my moves.
I'm stronger than this
So out....I am on to you and your tricks. I won't be a fool anymore
Andy Cave Jun 2012
Emotions run wild, emotions so deep,
my mind grows weary climbing mountains so steep.
Stumbling and falling as I'm climbing so high
I reach, I reach, I reach for the sky.
I'll reach for your hand and pull you down from gods reign
yes I'll do anything just to see you again.
David Watt Jun 2011
Cast all aside burn it and kill,
Dancing in the running reds of massacre.
Waiting for any semblance of humanity,
Burn it all rip it out and let nothing taint.
bring destruction like a demonic saint.
Feel the flow of senseless promise,
casting naivity into uncensored solace.
Bleed your prayers onto every altar.
Watch it discolour every drop of water.
Set your eyes on every ounce of pain,
bring it in and nestle it tightley,
then unleash it in fury divine,
to burn and destroy all that was once mine.
Lora Lee Feb 2016
I want to be wrapped in soft shades
      of shimmering blue
celestial greens
deep, dark violet hues
I want to be
       held firm and steadied
yet rocked by chisled grace
I want my inner light
     to flow right over,
beaming all over the place
I want to be strummed
the tunes reach ethereal notes
      crescendo or staccato
whatever makes time float
I want magic in my palms
       as I cup your gentle face
I want to get electric
inside your firm embrace
      I  want to feel penetration
when your eyes are on my soul
I want to feel that tension
build up and juice my flow
      I am ready for connection
ready for oceans to break down walls
No longer afraid of waiting
Bring it on!
     I want it all

I bring an unaccustomed wine
To lips long parching
Next to mine,
And summon them to drink;

Crackling with fever, they Essay,
I turn my brimming eyes away,
And come next hour to look.

The hands still hug the tardy glass—
The lips I would have cooled, alas—
Are so superfluous Cold—

I would as soon attempt to warm
The bosoms where the frost has lain
Ages beneath the mould—

Some other thirsty there may be
To whom this would have pointed me
Had it remained to speak—

And so I always bear the cup
If, haply, mine may be the drop
Some pilgrim thirst to slake—

If, haply, any say to me
“Unto the little, unto me,”
When I at last awake.
A Watoot Jun 2015
Bring in the storm;
I have stood in the middle of the worst.
Bring in the thunder;
I have slept peacefully through the loudest.
Bring in the flood;
I have walked in many.  It's nothing.

Bring it in.
Bring it on.
You think I'll scamper and fall?

Bring it in.  Bring it all in.
I'll face it head on.

Bring it on if all you can do is shoot.
I tell you.  I never fall.  
I bend your bullets with my thumb.

Bring it on if that's all you have.
You do make me stronger.

Is that all you have?
Is that?

**Bring it on.
Is that all you have-
words that you said are bullets?
You fail us just because?
Is that the best you can do?
Is that the worst you can give?
haha you make me laugh
Just bring it on.
'Cause soon enough, I know I'll grow stronger with every bullet I bend.
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