nnylhsa May 2014
you're everything i ever needed


i'm nothing you ever wanted

Genevieve Smart May 2014
A thread and it's needle
Bobbing up and down
In silent unison
My flesh is the fabric
Each seam pulled taunt
With intricate ruby rivers
Cascading down
Journal Entry 12/08/2013
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
Any phone call bothers me anytime                                                                       Simply because that's me anytime,anywhere,and everywhere .....                      I like people to call me , but                                                                                     Not as they want ....                                                                                                 Phone calls are great and wonderful ,but                                                               They should be in their accurate times ....                                                              Some people have their phone-calls for just have funny things or                     For just bothering others .................                                                                        A phone-call is pretty thing when                                                                          A caller means it well .
Menelik Mar 2016
We've grown and we're growing.

Don't know where we're going.

My feelings are showing.

I'm flying. I'm floating.

The ocean is cold,

And i'm not losing hope.

I'm anchored to you,

Ain't no rocking this boat.

You see it approaching.

I'm watching you notice.

We both saw this coming.

Binocular focus.

Through hot and through cold.

Polar or solar.

Girl I see your beauty.

And I'm the beholder.

This was a real text message that I sent to someone special.
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
To keep your teeth healthy ,then                                                                             Keep your toothbrush inside any of your pants' pockets                                      Simply because that will save your pretty teeth                                                   For ever and ever ....                                                                                                A toothbrush is a great and brilliant thing that                                                               Does not cost too much money if                                                                            Compared to any visit to a dentist ...                                                                     Listen to me , o good reader , simply because                                                       Never ask a dentist , but go ahead and ask me only .
- Aug 2013
Cuddles with my sis.
Yes, please?
I miss her face.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
B P Aug 2016
I am breaking
but I will not ask for help
I cannot risk someone else
getting cut on my edges.

I am drowning
but I do not cry out
help would mean
filling someone else’s pockets with rocks.

I am suffocating
but no help is called
because help means
taking someone else’s air away.
martin Oct 2013
Paddy's faithful workhorse
It broke down by the gate
And he had forty acres
To plough and cultivate

Paddy lived all alone
Now that was a fact
So he wrote an advert
Somewhat lacking tact

thanks to Craig Parsons for the inspiration
Tom Orr Sep 2012
Hills like waves, frozen in motion
Topped with bulbous trees, frantically frothing.
Homes with minimalist facades,
Bobbing like great trawlers;
Settled in the steep crevices of looming elevations.

The Countryside.
Once a proud land of
of purist words
and poetry .
Now has become the land
where the trolls roam free .
They have caused
the Unicorns tears to flow .
Now they will die within the hour
didn't you know .
Matt Feb 2015
Overdevelopment in Bali
The Farmers lose valuable water
For use in the hotels

The mushrooming developments have clogged irrigation channels
To rice fields inland,
Often driving them up and driving up the cost of tending the land

The shrinking amount of land available
Has threatened Bali's self-sufficiency in rice

Tourism benefits the economy
But the environment should also be respected

A String of letters
The Height of a man stand in the middle of a lush padi field
They spell, "Not for sale,"
Gede Agus says the words
Are meant to scare off investors

This is his land
He inherited from his ancestors

Development must be halted
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Everything got burnt and                                                                                      Everyone got perished                                                                                            Simply because some of us                                                                                     Lacked that pretty wisdom  ...                                                                                Stubbornness and stupidity                                                                                    Prevailed of that pretty wisdom ...                                                                         When owning wisdom,then                                                                                    We own everything that is good ...                                                                         Wisdom still works as a pretty alternative ...
K Jul 2013
"I hate myself.
I'm so fucking worthless."
You know when you think something so much that it becomes a mantra?
You memorize each letter and you write it out a thousand times in your mind and you whisper it to yourself while you fall asleep?
You think it so many times that every time you close your eyes the words are there, painted on the backs of your eyelids and you can't ignore them at all?
Every breath in feels like preparation to say it over again and reply to the not-question posed by the universe at large over what your mantra is and you just know the answer no matter what?
Every thought loops back around to the words swimming in your head to the point you're wondering how you could have started in this world speaking anything else?
You bite your tongue and the blood tastes like those words and you just want to paint them on your skin to show the world your perfect mantra, the words that have forever been with you, that you never doubted once?
My mantra is a bad one.
I've been told, I'm not allowed to feel that way.
I have to love myself.
I have worth.
Even thinking those phrases makes my head hurt.
My mantra doesn't quell the spreading hollowness in my chest or quiet the white-noise of regret and hatred in my head.
But it doesn't make my demons angry, like the ones people force on me.
My mantra reminds me how to deal with the hollow void in my soul that tries and tries to swallow up my body and crush away everything else and leave a black hole in my place.
It tells me that with just a slim line, just a smooth slice to the wrist, I can stave off the void.
With just a small burn I can beat away the demons telling me lies.
I can convince myself to eat.
I can force my lungs to work.
I can make myself live, if I remember my mantra.
There are people who need me, broken though I am.
And I can't just let the void consume me, even if I should.
Even if its better to have this churlish waste of space
This disgusting, grating, barbarous, surly, persnickety, talentless, slow, moronic, lying, cheating scoundrel of a self wither away into nothing.
Even then.
I need to keep going.
I'm needed.
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