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Richard Barnes Aug 2018
In one hand time’s pencil, the other hand time’s eraser
and line by line, written events are  erased, forgotten in
history;  Read what love dictates, sweet thoughts of love
before time’s eraser turns words into forgotten dust.
multi sumus Aug 2018
From the darkness came a voice "For what has brought you here!?"

Full of fear and still weak from her journey she replied "Love"

"And from where shall this be found!?"

With trembling lips and softened tongue she answered, "in you"

   "Pray! Speak thy name!" The shadow bellowed shaking the ground beneath her.

"Elizabeth!" she cried "And by what name shall ye be called?!"

"It is by many names We are known, none of which are you found worthy to utter!"

Although terrified at what may be revealed she still screamed out
"Then show yourself demon!"

"Hahaha...demon, you know not of what you speak, We serve no lord nor master, it is they that looks to
sara May 2014
Down the back alley
on the cold winter evenings
your eyes stared only at me

I didn't smoke
as my father gave up
yet i didn't dare disagree

you parted your lips
you drew in a breath
and your body relaxed in turn

exhaling slowly,
you grin and you show me
how much your body did yearn

for the taste of a cigarette
the embers and ashes
matches and lighters, causing flickering flashes

you said I didn't have to
but I said I didn't mind
that the smoke in your mouth would soon be in mine

I did not draw back
my mouth- under attack
I just had to last the duration

because I didn't smoke
the taste scorched my throat
and gave off a burning sensation

It must have felt different
as just in an insant
You stub out the cigarette with a hiss

silently relieved
and now more at ease
oh, the things that you do for a kiss
ryn Jan 2015
      I hope you know
how much happiness    
you bring into my life...      
              When all hope
           seem to have failed,
                       you were there
               keeping me alive...
    I'm so grateful for what
     you have added to me...
              I couldn't have asked
                     for a better friend,
             to help open my eyes
          so I could finally see...

My days            
were filled with
tearful gazes.
Eyes drifted
    to far off places.
But today        
            the sun brought out
            the green in mine,
A promise
of a future...
                   In my heart does shine.

                 You and me
         Hand in hand
anything is possible...
                      This is only
                             a bump
                     in the road.
                  With you
here next to me,
       is impossible...

We could leap
        tomorrow's rays.
Without care,
We now rule
the fate      
of our days.
           Sceptres in hand
                 flames in our hearts
that burn.

Cat aka catbrd
Our second collaboration...
A big thank you to Cat for her fantastic verses! Her talent, honesty and heart made it so easy for this piece to come together. Here's to you Cat! Applause!
Steve Page Nov 2018
I love the warm smell more than baked bread.
I love the old stories flooding back through my head.
I love the middle-age chatter, with child like mutters,
finding old favorites in old familiar covers.

I love the personalised fountain-penned message,
carefully scribed and meticulously dated.
I don't care about the number of dog eared pages,
or the tell-tale signs of well worn aging.

Tea stains and small tears - they don't bother me,
each tell a new tale beyond what I can see.
I love the weight of the years sitting in my hand,
I love the tether to past lives multi-second-hand.

With memories of libraries with warm worn carpets,
wall to wall adventures and sun faded artists,
battered yellow seats, shooshed conversations,
quietly spoken protests at the books being rationed.

I stayed past closing, riding trains of free thought
with Tin Tin, Asterix and old Mrs Pepperpot.
I'm still drawn to the pages and the feeling inside
second-hand stories where memories reside.
My dad taught me to love reading. My kids learnt it for me.
King Panda Feb 2016
I say blood
marbled floors
and boats
somewhere on the Ganges River
wait—I think it’s
that flows out every hole
onto the plain
into the water
out of the well
all of the elephants swallowed
and digested
down to the bones
on colors
on sky diamonds
on lovely wax and wane
this river
these people
blood and guts
that it’s the last meal
to throw to the gods
in the water
Pyrrha Feb 8
You held my hand today
I'll spend the rest of the week
Thinking of everything it could mean
sara Jun 2014
I swore that I knew you
just like the back of my hand
every blemish, every freckle,
every scar, was you

But now
My blemishes begin to even out
My freckles, rearranging themselves
And any old scars are fading.
ryn Sep 2014
Life is full of mischief and artful trickery
The way through never made easy for the foolhardy

Misleading gestures only employed to solely distract
Left up to you to decipher and hopefully extract

Experiences teach much, had you only been accepting and learning
That a dove could be made to appear; out of thin air, out of nothing

When the road ahead offers no more than mere misdirections
Altered trajectories stemming from convenient misinterpretations

Your cards may have been dealt revealing astonishing outcomes
"Not the hand you get but the game you play," said some

Depending on deft wrists and a flick of the wand
Overnight you'll wake to find that a new day had dawned

Only would happen if into the wind you hadn't spat
Hope would emerge like a hare out of a top hat

The play on light and shadow, nothing short of dramatic
You volunteer onstage, accompanied by apprehension and suspenseful music

Faced with an eager audience; you realise that alone you stand
Be not surprised to learn that love is life's sleight of hand...
ryn Aug 2014
Hold my hand
And lead me through
Traverse this land
Together we two.

Over unknown terrains
Under weeping skies
Through unforgiving plains
Through pain and lies.

Between grieving mountains
And screaming valleys
Feeding fevered delusions
Fraught with delays and tarries.

Beyond the hills and knolls
Hopeful of salvation
Surviving pits and falls
Not knowing the destination.

My hand still in yours
An arduous odyssey
Must stay the course
Must complete this journey.

Bright skies up ahead
Or so they promise
Soon shall pass they said
Soon will come release.

Still in this; still walking
Not soon expecting the end
Still in this; still trudging
Round this obscured treacherous bend.

Doubtful mad endeavour
I dragged you with me
When this finally is over
We'll look back and see.

Glad that we were together
Glad that together we came
Never cease from being near
Keep holding my hand, just the same.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2013
I don't want a secondhand love,
a hand me down of yesterday's dreams.
I want a firsthand love,
one with whom I can make my dreams.

The love I search for is deep and long
an ocean deep and long as the sky.
The love I long for is more than just strong,
it's one that will last 'til the time that I die.

Hope has seen me through this time,
when I wished for heaven above,
for lack of a priceless love.  But now I'm
shot through by your timeless love.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
MU May 2017
How does it taste
My hand...?
The hand that fed you...!
You have been chewing on it
Through and through
For a while now...

The hand that hurts
From providing...
So much
That it came close to breaking
Just to protect you
From starving

The hand that hurts
And shakes
So much
That I can't even eat with it anymore
And as such
Will remain
And probably die

I'm angry

I am angry with you
But the worst thing is
That I can't hate you
Because hating somebody you love
Hurts even more

I am angry
Because in my core
I was sure that you would do that
And all I did was
And you thought I didn't have a clue?
I gave you the cue
For this to happen
And I didn't pull my hand
And accepted for it to remain soar
Full of marks from your bites
And the endless nights
Of providing..
For such a long time
Telling myself
It’s fine
Because the bite
Of somebody you love
Is sweet
As honey

But now you are full
And it doesn't matter if I pull
Or leave my hand there
For you to take a last bite
You are just waiting for the fight
So that you can run away
And never look at me again

How does it feel
To be a traiter
How does it taste?
Only my tongue
My hand is sweet

Hand biter...!
Helping somebody who doesn't deserve it, is really bad. Falling in love with somebody who doesn't love you, is even worse. The worst is to help somebody you love but who doesn't love you back while you know in your heart that it is wrong, but nevertheless do it, because you love being in love...

But the absolutely worst is to love somebody who doesn't love you, and helping her so much on your own expense so that you can't even help yourself anymore and are in trouble now because of her, and she is waiting for a confrontation so that she has an excuse to never speak to you again.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
It's far
far beyond
I can ever reach.
But the sun is shining
up in the sky.
How can I ever say
it's mine.

Hand on heart
but how can I deny
Indeed there is one.
Even far from so far
shows me a light!
Gloom Sep 2015
Take my hand,
I'll help you stand.
Together we cry, together we love
I'll take you to a far away land.

Where I'll mend your broken heart,
and have a brand new start.
Together, you and me,
In this place, we will build our own destiny.
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
You looked me in the eye
With the same smile you gave me
A long time ago.
You let me order your coffee for you
I knew which one
It's still the same
From a long time ago.

I laughed about the jokes you told me
You laughed at how unfunny
Mine were
And you playfully hit me
I frowned, you laughed,
I laughed, you laughed again
And said sorry
Just like you did
A long time ago.

The worst of it all
Was that when your hand
Accidentally brushed mine
I shivered
Just like I did
A long long time ago.

-- Eleanor
multi sumus Dec 2018
"What curse be cast upon thee be it thy burden not mine"


         How long shall i suffer you!?"

   "i am your..."


   Worthy of neither my pity nor my praise!
   Be gone with you!
Unto shadow you are cast...

    If not for flame of Hell thy soul be cold and in darkness shall ye sit!
   Be it by tears through smoke and ash thy ember extinguished"...


   "Follow me no further...For what light carried...i do so no longer"
Alexis Feb 26
My soul is exhausted,
it whispers for me to rest
But my heart says, “Fight. Don't give in. This is a test.”

My brain says “Do whatever you want.”
and  it wasn't a lie
So I dropped my head, held your hand tight
while I hoped to die
H3L3 Nov 2016
Dear Sister, you chose to leave.
You let me grieve upon loss.
You let me put myself last and yourself first.
You let me worry when I shouldn't.
You let me cry for you.
You let me get angry.
You let me feel pain.
You let me feel anxious.
You let.. you didn't let me do anything.
I chose to be the one to do that for you. To feel that with you.
You decided to take that for granted, and for that.. I owe you nothing.
I don't owe you a place to stay.
I don't owe you my love.
I don't owe you kindness.
I don't owe you anything.
Nobody owes you their time of day.
Nobody owes you the physical items you hold in your hand.
So why go around treating everyone like dirt?
To make the people that care about you suffer.
If it's to make yourself feel better, then I hope you feel worse.
To my.. *dear* sister.
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
I never understood the hype about memes
But I search for them now
Just so I can tag you and maybe
Make you smile a little more today
Because your smile is the brightest thing
And it makes my heart sing

I know I make everything complicated
I can't promise that won't keep happening
But I will try to take the sting away from pain
Because you deserve the sun
And I'm only human
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