Both light and shadow
are the dance of Love.

Love has no cause;
it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets.

Lover and Loving are inseparable
and timeless.

Although I may try to describe Love
when I experience it I am speechless.

Although I may try to write about Love
I am rendered helpless;
my pen breaks and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place
where Lover, Loving and Loved are one.

Every moment is made glorious
by the light of Love.
Evan Hoffman Nov 2014
Here it goes again.
Another poem to describe how useless I am.
How tattered my soul is.
How my brain resembles my hands,
callused, numb, and broken dry skin.
I'm a terrible person.
Self indulgent and full of sin.

And here it goes again.
In the mirror I see nothing.
A big steaming pile of nothing.
Full of wasted dreams, 'what ifs' and 'one days.'
The shit that I write never comes out right.
The shit that I dream is just that:
a big steaming pile of nothing.

Here it goes again.
As if I am something.
But I can't get past how useless I am.
A speck in this cosmic dust cloud.
And here I go again, thinking I am a tornado.
How I will crush your dream home
and leave behind a big steaming pile of debris.

Here I go again,
thinking I am nothing.
When really, I am something.
I am a speck in this cosmic cloud,
without me that tornado wouldn't be.
Craig Harrison Nov 2014
What is life if not worth living
What is space if not worth filling
What of the emotions that we all feel
if they are not worth expressing
Are they not things that give us meaning

The air I breath
the food I eat
the water I drink
What are they worth if not worth sharing
Are they not things that give us life
and what is life if not worth living

The emotions we feel
our beliefs, our thoughts
our very essence of who we are
Are they not things that give us meaning

What is life if not worth living
What is space if not worth filling
What of the emotions that we all feel
if they are not worth expressing
Are they not things that give us meaning
Sedoo Ashivor Nov 2015
Love* may be a feeling
Love is not just how you feel,

I love you may be the right words
Love is not just what you say,

Love is a decision
Love is what you do.
I'm thoroughly amazed! A poem of mine has made the daily! I had little to do with it. My thanks go to everyone who saw meaning in this work and shared, liked, added, commented, and even sent me messages. I am grateful to every one of you! You guys here on Hello Poetry are wonderful, wonderful people. Bless you!
Sarah Green May 2014
In between the lines
That is where you should read
Because it is in those spare spaces
Where you create your own meaning
Vanessa Escopin Feb 2016
When I was a kid my definition of the word love is,
Like a rosary full of mystery.
Yes it is.
But love is also selfless
love is not blind, it sees but it don't mind
love is unconditional
love is the most dangerous feeling.

Love is when you feel like crying cos he/she's mad at you.
Love don't mind the height, weight, age and level in life.
As long as you love a person, you love them.

But love is uncontrollable,
you feel hurt when you love.
Hurt, pain will always be there as long as you love.
There are lots of meaning in the world LOVE.
Love is unexplainable feeling.
Hiko zeRo-oNe Aug 2014
"Calcium Phosphorus Oxygen Iodine Sodium Sulfur Tantalum Dysprosium. Oxygen Radium, Protactinium Radium Manganese Nickel Sodium Potassium Oxygen."
know what i mean???

Steve Feb 2017
Old man what are you seeing?
Through those foggy old eyes
When you're smiling at the girls
Do you even realise?
When you walk down the street
And those people you meet
It's not you that they see
But the shell of what you used to be.

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those tired old eyes
When you forget what you were about to say
And you don't remember half of yesterday
When your bones creak
Because your back's weak
It's not you that's there
But the ghost of what you once were

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those wise old eyes
The soul that sailed the ocean
The force life set in motion
The hero when it told
The heat when it was cold
Remember it was you life found
It's for you alone the wheels go round.

© Copyright SE February 2017
Playing with the idea that we are all the centre of our own universe.
Ashen Complexion May 2015
A photo may say a thousand words but they lack as much meaning.
Robert Thompson Mar 2015
My skin rough and red,
my hair unwashed and rumpled.
Dirt and grease,
under my nails.
Eyes heavy and distant,
searching for something lost.
The memory eludes me,
like so many of my dreams.
Which turn was wrong,
sending me down this path?
To wander without purpose,
looking for the question.
While living the answer.

So many wander and no not all are lost.
Madisen Kuhn May 2013
when i'm sitting alone at night
     in the quietness of my large and aging house
i hear so many noises i'm oblivious to
     during the daylight

the clicks of the air conditioning
     switching on and off,
the creaking of the floors and walls,
     the subtle squeaking the fan makes
in the living room

it's as if my house is sighing
     it's sighing at me
disappointed in me
     he asks why i don't notice him
during the day
     why i only notice him late at night
when i'm lonely
     and there are no other noises
to entertain my ears

i tell him that i'll try to listen more closely
     in the morning, but then i fall asleep
and i wake up and i do not remember
     what i promised my sweet house
so he continues to sigh all day long
     hoping that at some point
even if it's late at night when i'm lonely
     and there is no other noises
to entertain my ears
     i will notice him again

if only for a little while
Graff1980 Mar 2015
The makers make
From everything
Hands into the void
Shaping matter
Parsing out particles
Passing electrical
Synapses to deduce
And reduce
To the simplest rules
Then changing the laws
Of science
Not god
But humanity
Making meaning
From the chaos
Imposing order
Through logic
The saving grace
Of this human race
eileen mcgreevy Dec 2009
Again the time has come for all to gather round the fire,
"That time again", we say, while we assess the money drained,
The looks of disappointment from the twats with stupid attire,
And truth will leak from drink fuelled mouths, with need to be restrained.

Your mum is singing drunkenly, while flirting with the vicar,
And dad is out the back sneaking a joint with cousin victor,
The dog is humping aunt Jemima's artificial leg,
And someone just had a turkey fart,the kind that makes you sicker.

The christmas lights have fused again, so grandad's on the roof,
Sheer will power keeps him up there,and of course, martini vermouth,
Grandma's lost her teeth,and someone screams near the eggnog,
They're sent flying across the room and land in the fire on a log,

You feel your patience slipping as the pandamoniem mounts,
With thankless moans of "Oh well, its the bloody thought that counts",
And not forgetting Glenn, invited by your mum, but why?
So you and he can marry, and honeymoon in Hawaii.

With no idea that Glenn is gay, i guess the joke's on her,
I mean, what straight guy wears his y fronts entirely made from fur??
The night draws to a close,as bitter, crying family leave,
And relief is all too short, as there's still new years eve!!!
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